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I've had a DecalGirl skin on my basic Kindle for the last two years.  I've never taken a skin off before, is there anything that I can do to not have it stretch out?  I'm replacing that Kindle and I'd like to resue the skin if I can.

Thanks!   :)

Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod...) / US iPhone Users
« on: September 15, 2013, 02:13:25 am »
I'm thinking about getting a new iPhone and am looking at carrier plans and would like to know what you think of your carrier.

Which iPhone carrier do you have?

When talking to someone on the phone how is the sound quality of the person talking to you?  Can you understand them, are they constantly breaking up?

When listening to a voice message, do you have the option of going back a few seconds to hear something again or do you have to listen to the entire message and then start over?

Are you happy with your carrier or do you want to switch?

Thanks!   :)

Let's Talk Kindle! / Same Font Settings are Different
« on: August 16, 2013, 11:37:32 pm »
When my Paperwhite arrived, I set the font, font size and margins and have left it alone.

I just finished reading a book in a series and bought the next one.  With the exact same settings, the font on the new book is too small for me to read and the next size up is way too large (I use the third largest font).  There is a teaser for the new book in the book I just finished and looking at the same page in both books, the font is indeed smaller in the new one.

I changed the font and line spacing in the new book to something that might work... and when I go to another book on my Paperwhite that book has the new settings which is a drag because I only changed the settings because on the new book it is not the same as it has been.

I deleted the new book from the Kindle, restarted the Kindle, downloaded the book again and the font is still too small.

I would expect the exact same font settings to produce the exact same font size on each book.  Has anyone else run into this?

Let's Talk Kindle! / Fewer Kindle Library Books?
« on: March 17, 2013, 12:07:25 pm »
Has anybody else noticed that there seems to be fewer new books available in the Kindle format to check out from their library?  The latest book in one of the series I read is audio only, the latest in another series is ePub and overdrive but the earlier books are all available in Kindle.  A back series that just arrived to my library has only one out of eight books in Kindle format.

Have the publishers stopped allowing Kindle library books or raised the price higher?

Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod...) / Buy iPad 4 or wait for iPad 5
« on: February 02, 2013, 11:58:55 pm »
I really wanted to love my Kindle HD 8.9 but ended up taking it back.  I like the iPhone experience much more than the Kindle Fire and will get an iPad, but I'm not sure when to jump in. 

At the moment, I really like the mini and I think I'll eventually get one down the line, but I want a retina display.  Today I loaded the same web page on a demo mini and iPad 4, and found the iPad 4 much easier to see.

I love the retina display of the new iPad, the only thing holding me back right now is the weight.  I know saying a pound and a half might be too much sounds like a joke, but this is not intended as a stay at home device.  I haven't dragged my laptop out in years because they were too heavy to carry and don't want to buy an iPad and then leave it at home most of the time.  I've noticed a lot of people have said the iPad, despite being smaller then laptops, is actually not very portable.

I'm trying to decide between the iPad 4 and waiting for the iPad 5 (and mini 2).  Every rumor I've seen says the iPad 5 will be lighter and I suspect that is correct.  Other than the size and weight, I'm ready to jump in now.  I'm on the fence.

Decisions, decisions...

I deleted the samples off my Paperwhite, but when it is plugged into the computer the samples still show up in the documents folder.  Books seem to be deleting without a problem, it is just samples that stay.  Have other people seen this?

Let's Talk Kindle! / Is One Handed Reading with No Buttons Easily Done?
« on: September 07, 2012, 10:11:23 am »
Haven't ordered the Paperwhite yet, I'm trying to figure out the cover to get and want them both here during the 30 day trial period.

I would use the Paperwhite while I am out of the house, mostly while eating so I need to operate it one handed.

My Kindle Touch is underused, after reading a book on it I thought about returning it but decided to keep it but haven't read anything else on it; I use my K3 and $79 Kindle almost daily.

Today I tried reading my Touch in its Oberon cover holding and operating it in my left hand.  It didn't go smoothly.  Tapping with my left thumb usually turns the page back.  Swiping it takes a lot of effort, sometimes doesn't do anything and sometimes moves to the next chapter.  I've tried holding the Kindle with different positions but nothing was comfortable and the my hand feels a little irritated from the unnatural position and gestures of my thumb, don't think this would work long term.

I like having my Kindles in a cover incase they fall, and I've found them easier to hold in a cover than without.

I really want the built in light but I'm very concerned that one handed reading on the Paperwhite will not be easy and might cause strain to my wrist/hand.

Is one handed reading without page turn buttons something you easily do?  Which cover do you have on your Touch?

Other (non-Kindle) eReaders / Do Nooks sync across devices?
« on: May 14, 2012, 01:18:08 am »
Do notes, highlights and bookmarks sync between iPhone, iPad, and eInk Nooks?

I would try this but don't have the Nook app on my iPhone and can't download it because I don't have the current OS.  Since all my apps and everything works, I don't want to update unless I have to.

I'm thinking about getting an iPad to read certain Nook books on it and want to make sure notes, highlights and bookmarks will go to the other device.  I asked at B&N and they said they won't sync, but I'm wondering if they are correct.

If I have a Kobo or Sony book on a tablet (probably iPad) and Nook Simple Touch, would the notes and highlights I make sync to the other device? 

I'm thinking they won't but thought I would ask instead of assume.

The Book Corner / Freebie Recommendations
« on: April 30, 2012, 11:53:15 am »
There are a ton of free books on Amazon!  Have you read one that was really, really good and would recommend?

The one I recommend is from the Janie Austen Mysteries by Laura Levine:

This entire series is hysterical.  These books have made me laugh so hard I was afraid I was going to be evicted from my apartment for noise pollution.   :D

Have you found any gems?

I made my first iTunes purchase ever... and it is all messed up.  Is there a way to talk to a human?

Let's Talk Kindle! / eBooks with lousy formatting - keep or return
« on: March 06, 2011, 01:46:06 am »
This week I bought a series.  The first book is nicely formatted with an active table of contents and the five way controller will jump to the previous or next chapter.  I love books formatted like this.

The rest of the series has no table of contents and the five way controller doesn't jump to the next chapter.  Normally, I would call Amazon and return the books right away, but I have wanted these books for quite awhile.  I'm  really not sure if I should keep them or not.  These are Random House books and if I return them and buy them later, the price will be higher.  On the other hand, I really enjoy jumping around with the five way controller and don't enjoy the eBook experience with books that don't have it. 

Let's Talk Kindle! / Amazon Did A Price Match On A Freebie I Called In
« on: February 08, 2011, 02:46:11 am »
When Kobo made Admit One: My Life In Film By Emmett James free, I tried to let Amazon know about the free version on the website.  I didn't think my attempts made it through to Amazon, so I called Kindle customer service and a rep took down the name of the book and the author.  He said he would pass it along but there was no guarantees that it would be made free.  I've checked every now and then and today it came up free.   :D

I don't know if it became free because of my call, but I am thrilled.

Other (non-Kindle) eReaders / Question About New Sonys and Library Books
« on: November 23, 2010, 05:17:54 pm »
Do the new Sonys (the x50 line) have the bug with library books where only ePubs or only PDFs will load, or has that been fixed so both can be on the eReader at the same time?

Other (non-Kindle) eReaders / Nook 1.5
« on: November 22, 2010, 06:13:39 pm »
The big Nook update has started to roll out.  I can't to hear what our Nook users think about it.   :)

Other (non-Kindle) eReaders / Nook and Kobo Compatibility
« on: October 28, 2010, 02:35:45 pm »
Can books bought from Borders go onto the Nook (original)?

Can books bought from B&N go onto the Kobo?

I was browsing the App Store and noticed Bejeweled, Bookworm, Chuzzle and Peggle are on sale for 0.99c each until October 20th for Popcap's ten year anniversary.   :)

Let's Talk Kindle! / Kindle 3 Battery Life
« on: September 14, 2010, 08:40:09 am »
How long has the battery on your K3 lasted between charges and how have you been using it?

Mine has lasted nine days.  I have only downloaded ten books to the K3.  I keep wireless off except for the book downloads and syncing between the K3 and my K2.  When I connect to whispernet I am using WiFi.  I have not used the browser.

My Kindle software was version 3.0.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Is there a way to stop books being sent to the K3?
« on: August 28, 2010, 07:30:43 pm »
Before I changed my default one click back to my K2, I clicked on a bunch of freebie books that are going to be sent to the K3 and show as pending.  None of these books are books that I want on the K3 and I'd like to cancel the download if possible.  If not, I'll delete them from the K3, but I'd rather not tax the battery and indexing with these books.

Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod...) / My Apps Exploded
« on: July 20, 2010, 09:53:59 am »
I have a lot of apps on my iPhone.  More apps than would fit on the iPhone without folders.

Last night, after backing the phone up, I tweaked the organization of all my apps and downloaded a bunch more, organizing those as I downloaded them.  As I was finishing up hours later, I thought I would back up my phone again after I downloaded the final app. 

Poof!  The screen flashed a few times and now there is chaos.

All my folders disappeared, the only folder is the original folder which has only the Apple apps in it.  Most of my apps have disappeared.  The settings have apps that I downloaded last night so I think all my apps are still on the phone and just can't be seen right now.

I'm not looking forward to reorganizing hundreds of apps from scratch.  I put similar apps in a folder by my order of preference.

At the moment, assuming all the apps are on the phone, I don't have access to them because they have scrolled off the home screens.  When I create a folder a space appears on the last page, but an app doesn't slide in to take its spot.

I was loving my iPhone until this happened.  Assuming all my apps are still there and I can get access to them, this is going to be such a time waster getting it organized.

I noticed a problem with Bejeweled 2 and was wondering if it is the game, or if it is my iPhone 4.

I am usually able to select the gem that I want to move but certain gems will not become active, instead a gem next to them will.  I can touch that square over and over and it will not become active.  There are only three or four squares that have this problem, the rest are normal.

I deleted the game and re-downloaded it but I still have this problem.

I went to Best Buy and when they get their next shipments of iPhones in I can exchange mine for another one, but before I do that I would like to know if this is normal for Bejeweled 2.

I am thinking about getting the new iPhone 4. 

I've never had an iPod or iPhone before, which warranty/ies would be best to get?  There is Apple Care, the Best Buy insurance, Square Trade...  I will be under the two year contract so I want my phone to work for two years, and if it gets dropped and damaged I would like that covered as well.

Also, who makes good cases?  I know older cases won't fit the new iPhone but I am looking to see which companies have offered a good product.  I am most interested in protecting the iPhone in case it is dropped.  I have seen some iPhones in cases that look like rubber and come over to the front of the phone.  They don't look great, but they do seem like they protect the phone.

Special Deals and Discounts / 50% off J'Tote
« on: June 03, 2010, 08:09:07 am »
J'Tote's Summer Sale-ebration!

50% off all full priced laptop bags in June!

Enter SUMMER2010 at checkout.

Archives / For Sale: Noreve Ambition Ebony
« on: May 27, 2010, 07:03:43 am »
Hi Everyone,

I have the Noreve Kindle 2 Ambition Ebony for sale.  I received it on May 4th and it has been sharing Kindle time with my other Noreve covers so it is very lightly used, I would say it is pretty much new/mint condition.  I have a non-smoking household and it smells like brand new leather.  The stitching on it is top notch, the magnetic snap is very snappy.  The reason I am selling it is because I just don't enjoy using it as much as my other covers and hope someone else will love it.

I am asking $69.00 plus shipping.

PM me if interested or if you have any questions.   :)

Let's Talk Kindle! / PDF Help
« on: May 07, 2010, 04:10:34 pm »
When I first got my Kindle I dragged a PDF over to it as an experiment.  The print was small and I couldn't change the size of the text.  I figured that was because I didn't use Amazon to convert the PDF.

Now I have PDFs that  I actually need to read on my Kindle.  I sent them to Amazon and had them converted and put those onto my Kindle.  The text is still small and can't be resized.  What was the point of sending it to Amazon?

I thought the PDF support had improved when the Nook came out.  I'm skipping a step to have readable PDFs?

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