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Looking to sell or trade a K2 Cole Haan Hand-Woven Patent Leather Kindle Cover Ruby Sugar. I didn't use it very long and it's in near perfect shape. I have been in a bit of a cover frenzy and the precious ruby is on the chopping block.

Looking for $65.00 $60.00 (shipped) in either an amazon giftcard or paypal. I might consider trading for a OCTOVO Vintage Leather K2 Cover depending on how it looks.

Sold! Thanks

Not sure how many of these are in stock but not too bad a price if you're dead set on ordering from Amazon themselves.

Sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Kindle DX International $415.99
Kindle 2 International $219.99

Bought off another member who tried it on his kindle DX and didn't like it. I purchased it to pair with a DX but I decided the DX wasn't for me so now I am stuck with an unused cover.

Includes original documentation, charm, original brown paper wrapping, and extra bungie. Pretty much brand new.

Looking to get what I paid. $90.00 shipped within the US. How bout $80.00 shipped? I'll accept paypal or an amazon giftcard.

Sold, thanks.

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