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Let's Talk Kindle! / Oasis dust under screen?
« on: May 09, 2017, 04:05:42 pm »
I decided to bite the bullet and try another Oasis since my wife picked up my Voyage and liked it. 

I am noticing, however, that if I look at the screen at an angle, looking toward the lights, I can see white specks showing up on the dark backgrounds.  If I am looking straight on, I don't see them.

I did not notice it on my Voyage. 

Has anyone else had that issue with the Oasis? Is it normal, or is there dust under the screen?

If anyone had that problem, and if you tried to get a replacement, did you finally get one with no issues?

Now that the Oasis has been out for a while, and many have had time to read and charge multiple times, do you find the Oasis and cover are still holding their charges very well? 

I tried an Oasis (very, very briefly) but ended up sending it back when it first came out.  Today it is on sale for $50 off, so I am thinking of biting the bullet and trying one again (longer this time). 

Thanks for your thoughts!

My Kindle Voyage just downloaded a software update.

If I remember correctly, before the update, if I wanted to remove a book, I would choose something like "remove from device."

Now, it says "delete book."  I just did that to remove a book from my device, and it is not registering that I have it in my library.  If I go to the book on the store, it says to go to my library, but when I go there, I cannot find the book.

Anyone else having these issues?  It is update

Let's Talk Kindle! / Pay to remove ads?
« on: December 20, 2016, 05:33:31 pm »
When I originally got my Kindle, I paid $20 less and stuck with the ads.  The longer I have had it, the more frustrated I am getting with having them, not being able to just open and read, etc. 

I am thinking of paying the $20 to have them removed, but I also keep thinking that is money I could use for books and so on.

Has anyone else decided later to pay to remove ads?  Do you not mind having them?  What are your thoughts?

I realize nobody can tell me what is right for me, but I like hearing what others have to say.

I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone can help me with.

1) I currently have my Amazon account under an e-mail address that I rarely use anymore due to a large amount of spam.  My father also shares my account with me (his Kindle is on my account).  Can I go in and change my account e-mail address to the address I use most?  If I do, will both Kindles still be on the account and will all of the books I already have be kept.  Or if I change my e-mail address will I essentially start a new Kindle account?  I hope that makes sense.

2) I am a teacher, and I just got done with a training workshop that is asking me to get a few books on Kindle.  They are giving us an iPad to use, and they recommend that we start a new account for work through our district.  We don't have the iPads yet, so I thought about creating the account using my work e-mail, downloading the Kindle for PC app, and reading the book that way.  If I do, how hard will it be later to get the Kindle book on the iPad they give me?  Should I just wait until I actually have the iPad? 



Not Quite Kindle / HD TV and BluRay question
« on: September 18, 2010, 10:43:24 am »
I'm hoping someone who is more technologically inclined than I am can help me with this question.

I just recently purchased a 40-inch HD TV from Samsung.  It is 1080p and 120 hz. 

I also purchased a Samsung BluRay player to go with it.

When I set it up, I put in a DVD I am very familiar with.  It was definitely clearer and better looking, but it appears that the movement and everything is a little faster.  It's not as if it is being fast forwarded, but it seems faster than it used to.  The sound is not off or faster, and it is staying in sync with the video, so I'm not really sure what is going on. 

I tried a BluRay disc last night, and I didn't notice any speed issues with it.  It seems to only be with DVDs. 

Can anyone tell me why that might be happening?  Is it okay?  If so, is it just something I'll have to get used to?


Let's Talk Kindle! / Kindle 3 WiFi + 3G question
« on: September 05, 2010, 11:44:16 am »
My dad just got the new Kindle 3 graphite, WiFi + 3G, and he had a question I was hoping you guys could help with.

Whenever he turns on the wireless feature, it is currently (at my house, where he watches my daughter) going automatically to WiFi, as I have a router at home.  Is there a way to make it go to 3G automatically, or does it go to WiFi if available and 3G otherwise? 


I have the original K2 with the Sprint whispernet.

It has been working fine at my house until just last week.  My dad also has the Sprint whispernet K2.

Last week, both of ours stopped working in my house.  If my dad went outside it was fine, and his has worked at his house.  Mine still doesn't work at my house (I haven't tried going outside or using it somehwere else yet). 

I already tried resetting my Kindle twice, but it didn't do any good.

Any ideas?


Let's Talk Kindle! / Kindle mentioned in article on dining out alone.
« on: January 21, 2010, 08:36:36 am »
Just saw this article on tips on dining alone:

"In fact, frequent dining alone might be the real motivation for investing in a Kindle although be wary of spilled beverages!"

Woo hoo!

Not Quite Kindle / An article on books, e-books, and owning vs. licensing.
« on: December 30, 2009, 06:23:15 am »
There is discussion here of the existence of pirating, whether or not DRM is good, etc.  It does not advocate anything illegal, however, to the best of my recollection.

It is an article discussing the idea that when one buys a physical book, one owns it.  But when one gets an e-book, one has a license to use it.  I found it fascinating.

The Book Corner / Howie Mandel's new book
« on: December 22, 2009, 09:51:37 am »
Has anyone downloaded Mandel's new book, Here's the Deal, Don't Touch Me

If so, are the pictures there and somewhat clear on the K2?


Not Quite Kindle / Infant carrier handle recall (repair kit offered)
« on: December 19, 2009, 08:35:44 am »
My wife found the following on the Internet yesterday:,-CPSC-and-Dorel-Juvenile-Group-to-Announce-Recall-of-Infant-Car-Seat-Carriers

Apparently the handle can come partially or fully loose, and some infants have been hurt in the process. 

The model numbers are listed on the site, and there is a place you can go to check and see if yours is one of the affected ones. 


Not Quite Kindle / I've finally reached Shakespeare status!
« on: December 17, 2009, 11:51:47 am »
With this post, I should finally be at Shakespeare status!  Woo hoo!

It only took me 12 days, 20 hours, and 45 minutes of time logged in.  LOL


The Book Corner / Trying to find a title.
« on: December 17, 2009, 06:05:26 am »
A friend of mine was asking about something he had read back in high school.  He thinks it's a play, but I've never heard of it.  He was trying to remember the title, so I figured that with all of the readers here, perhaps someone would know what it is.

I'm going based on what I remember from our phone conversation a few days ago, and that is based on a book he read probably 10 years ago or so, so we may not be very accurate.  LOL

It had something to do with a thief who got out of prison (by escaping, I think).  He then goes either to a monastery or a monk's house and has dinner with him.  I guess the next day he steals the silverware and runs away, only to get caught again.  As the police or whoever are about to take him away, the monk comes up and hands him some more stuff from the monk's house, telling the theif that he forgot to take it, too.

That's all he could remember, and it doesn't ring any bells for me. 

Any ideas?



Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting (Kindle) / Deleting highlights from K2.
« on: December 14, 2009, 11:36:53 am »
I have a K2, and I was trying to figure out how to delete highlights from it.

With a K1, you just re-highlight the portion, and tell it to remove the highlight. 

It doesn't seem to work that way with the K2.

Any help would be appreciated.



Not Quite Kindle / How Amazon can sell at cost and make money.
« on: December 10, 2009, 06:53:50 am »
I am not at all familiar with this type of material, so I cannot verify its accuracy, but I found it interesting.

It is an explanation of how Amazon can sell items at cost and still make money.

Not Quite Kindle / Monk series finale
« on: December 04, 2009, 08:23:32 pm »
I have an odd question.  My wife and I are both in to the TV show Monk. 

I know that the last episode aired tonight.  I don't have cable or satellite, so I won't know what happened until the DVDs are released, and I am fine to wait that long.

My wife, however, is about to go crazy to learn what happened (specifically with Trudy's murder, Monk's OCD, and any other important loose ends). 

If anyone watched the finale and is willing, could you please pm me with all of the information in the show's resolution. 

Again, I do not want to know what happened, so if you will, please use spoiler text or something so that I won't accidentally see anything.  I'll just let my wife look at it and delete it.

Thanks so much.


I posted this somewhere else, but I thought it might get more attention here.

Question for those who have a K2. 

Two of the keys/buttons seem "loose."  The two on the left are not loose, and so pushing them turns the page.

Two on the right, however, (Home and Next Page) seem a little loose.  They have a little give in them before I even turn the page or return to the home screen.  They are not broken at all, but they are loose.

Is anyone else's K2 like that? 


Kindle 2 reviews / Kindle 2 review (comparing to Kindle 1)
« on: November 23, 2009, 08:12:16 am »
Okay, so I received a refurbished K2 the other day.  I have been using the K1 since about this time last year, so I have a lot of experience with it already.  That being said, I am not sure whether I think the K2 is a big improvement or not. 

The K2 is about the same size as the K1, it's just a little longer.  For some reason, however, it feels heavier.  Perhaps it's the metal back on it.  In my opinion, the K1 is easier to hold, though, as the wedge shape seems more fit for my hand if I'm holding it with my left hand (as I often do). 

The 16 shades of gray in the K2 make pictures and diagrams a lot clearer, though I only have a few books that this applies to.  Other than that, the text is, in my opinion, about the same for either the K1 or the K2.  No real improvement on text.

The page turns are definitely faster in the K2.  For the K1, I usually have to anticipate when I will need to turn the page to continue reading smoothly, but the K2 is almost instantaneous.  This is a big improvement to me. 

So far, the battery life doesn't seem to be much better on the K2.  In fact, it almost seems like the battery on my K1 lasts longer before I even notice a depletion.  Perhaps I've just been using the K2 more the last few days, but I'm not sure.

Yes, the K2 can hold more books in the device itself, but I've heard mixed reviews about what this does to the battery life on the K2, so I'm not sure I would ever really put more than the amount the K1 can hold internally anyway. 

The biggest plus so far is that Whispernet does work at my house with the K2, while it does not with the K1.  The downside, however, is that it drains the K2 battery a lot faster, so I don't know if I would use it all that much.  I may very well end up just downloading with the USB as often (especially now that I can get samples that way, too).  I don't take my Kindle with me very much, as I don't have anywhere to keep it when I'm out, so Whispernet doesn't matter that much in those cases (and it usually works with my K1 anyway). 

I like the way the K2 underlines text for highlighting rather than putting a box around it.  I think that is a definite improvement.

I read a few books with endnotes, and the K2 seems to be more of a hassle to read a footnote/endnote than the K1.  With the K1, I just scroll up to the line and click the scrollwheel.  Then I scroll down to the note number, and I'm at the note.  This doesn't take as long as it sounds, and is actually quite smooth to accomplish.  The K2, however, requires that I move the cursor word by word and line by line up to the note in order to go to it.  So far, that seems to take much longer, and it interrupts my train of thought more than with the K1. 

At the same time, the ability to look up a single word with the cursor in the K2 is better than having to wait for the K1 to look up an entire line of words. 

I'm still concerned that the K2 does not have a user-replaceable battery (at least not one that I want to try to get to without damaging the Kindle). 

All in all, I like both the K1 and the K2 for different reasons.  They both have strengths and weaknesses.  I'm not sure whether I consider the K2 a large improvement over the K1.  I just got my Kindle on Friday, so I have time to decide whether I want to keep it.  At this point, however, I may end up sticking with the K1. 

I hope this review was somewhat helpful and not just confusing.  LOL

Let's Talk Kindle! / Getting a K2 refurbished.
« on: November 20, 2009, 06:37:25 am »
I finally decided to order a refurbished K2.  My parents told me they would buy it for me for Christmas, so I couldn't resist.  

Since I didn't get to open my first one (my father opened it and got it set up for me), I told him that I wanted to actually open this one.  I have no idea why that's so important to me, but I'm sure you fellow Kindlers understand.

I had it shipped overnight, and it will be delivered today.  Unfortunately, my wife told me that I cannot actually have it until Christmas.  LOL  So all I get to do is open it, turn off Whispernet and put it in sleep mode, and check to be sure it's actually registered to my account (the last two we got, a K1 for me and the K2 for my father, were not).  I then have to hand it back.   :'(

Oh well.  I still have the K1 for now.  LOL

Can't wait until Christmas.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Question on book limits.
« on: November 12, 2009, 12:17:43 pm »
I know that Kindle books have a limited number of simultaneous devices that they can be on. 

At one point, if a person wanted to free up a book license if that person got rid of a Kindle because of a new one, he or she would have to call Amazon CS with a list of books and go one by one to have a license opened up.

Is that still the case, or does simply deleting the books off of the Kindle and deregistering it automatically free them up?

My dad just recently got a Kindle 2, and he had almost every book we have purchased on his Kindle 1 at some point.  It will be a pain if I have to call CS and go through each of the probably 400 books we have to free up a license.



Not Quite Kindle / Xbox 360 profile and warranty questions.
« on: November 12, 2009, 10:32:53 am »
I just purchased an Xbox 360 yesterday.

I have two questions that I'm hoping experienced users can help me with.

1) What do I have to do to activate the warranty?  With the possibility of the E74 error or the Red Ring of Death issue, I want to be sure the warranty is activated.

2) Can I add another profile to the 360?  I set it up offline, and it had me create an initial account.  My wife and dad, however, may want to play it under their own personal accounts.  I don't know how to create anymore.  Can someone explain how to do this?



On Amazon, I saw this statement for the International Kindle:

"U.S. customers will be charged a fee of $1.99 for international downloads."

This doesn't seem to be what I've heard before.  I thought that all international users are charged a download fee. 

Did I misunderstand? 

Let's Talk Kindle! / Searching differences between K1 and K2
« on: October 21, 2009, 10:43:09 am »
This is a very basic question, but I'm not sure if I have the facts confused or not.

My understanding is that the K1 can only search all of the books at one time for, say, a word or phrase, while the K2 allows you to do a word/phrase search within individual books, correct?


Kindle Accessories / Question on M-Edge K2 cover (hinges)
« on: October 18, 2009, 04:39:12 pm »
I have two questions regarding the M-Edge covers for the K2. 

1) Are any available with four corner straps instead of hinges on the left and straps on the right?

If not...

2) Has anyone had any bad experiences with the hinges in the K2?  I know that the Amazon Kindle covers have damaged some of the Kindles because of the hinges in the side (cracks in the Kindle, etc.).  Has anyone heard of this with the M-Edge covers?

Thanks for any information.


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