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I download content from several free sources available through Calibre, including news sources such as Associated Press.  Occasionally, when I try to read an article, the Kindle will lock up, and all keys become unresponsive.  After several seconds, I can get back to the home screen.  The item I was viewing is still listed, but if I try to select it, I get the following pop-up message: 

"The selected item could not be opened.  If you purchased this item from Amazon, delete the item and redownload it from Archived Items available in Home."

Since this has only happened with free downloads, it hasn't bothered me too much, but it is annoying.  It happens about once every couple of weeks.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Is it a problem with the Kindle, with Calibre, or just a bad download?

Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting (Kindle) / Playing music on a Kindle
« on: October 22, 2010, 03:01:16 pm »
Kindle lets you copy mp3 files into the Music folder and then play them as background music while reading (from the home page, open the menu, select Experimental, then Play music).  However, you cannot view the music list or select which songs to play.  I found that you can also copy mp3 files into the Audible folder.  They will then appear on your home page (I organize them into an Audio collection) and you can select which files to play.  However, you cannot read and play music at the same time.  If you want to have both options, i.e., play background music while reading or pick and choose which songs to play (but not read at the same time), you need to put a copy of the mp3 files in both folders.

One of the reasons I bought a Kindle DX was to use it in meetings where I often have to review large numbers of Word and pdf files. I got my Kindle a couple of days ago and just tried e-mailing my first Word documents to it.  I have to say I'm disappointed with the conversion results.  The first document was written in an outline format.  Virtually none of the outline formatting was retained in the conversion, making the document unusable on the Kindle.  The other Word document was a file containing several tables.  In most cases, the tables came out too wide in the converted document and were cut off on the right side.  Apparently the conversion software can't properly adjust the size of the table to fit the screen.  I also tried copying over a pdf file to my Kindle.  That file looks fine on the Kindle, including tables and graphics.  I might need to convert my Word documents to pdf as a workaround in order to use it in meetings.  Unfortunately, you can't make notes or highlights on pdf documents.  I hope that Amazon can improve the conversion capability in the future, but right now, based on my initial trials, I have to grade it as not ready for business use.

I'm getting ready to order a Kindle DX, and was wondering what might be considered essential accessories to get with it, as sort of a starter kit.  I plan on using the Kindle primarily at business meetings where I have numerous pdf and Word files to review, and at home for general reading.  I figure some sort of protective cover is a must have, and I want a stand that will let me set the Kindle on a table and use it hands free.  The M-Edge Platform Jacket ( looks like it will let me do both of these.  Are there any other alternatives worth considering?  Are screen protectors worth getting?  I've seen mixed reviews about them causing increased glare.  Are there any other accessories I should be thinking of?

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