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I have two historical novels free today and tomorrow (21st and 22nd July) - they are also in Kindle Unlimited if you are signed up to that.
They are the stories of two foster-brothers separated from their families at the time of the Napoleonic Wars.

The Heir to Marshingdean -

The French Heir -

The Book Bazaar / Regency historical novel - The Heir to Marshingdean
« on: August 16, 2018, 03:23:49 am »
I have just published the first in a planned series of historical novels which weave together mystery, adventure, history and romance. 'The Heir to Marshingdean' by Cecilia Peartree tells the story of a young man whose station in life goes through a dramatic change.
A boy is lost and then found again. As the long Napoleonic conflict seems to be coming to an end, Jack Preston, who works in a newspaper office in Brighton, is whisked away from his old life by a mysterious stranger. He begins to get used to his new life at the country estate called Marshingdean, and meanwhile his old employer’s daughter Thea goes through a transformation in her own fortunes. Will their paths ever cross again? Jack finds that acceptance of his new life does not prevent him from revisiting the old one, particularly when his brother Sebastian persists in crossing the Channel again and again, apparently in search of an imaginary past in France.
This is the first in a series of novels that tell the stories of Jack and his family during a time when the repercussions of war and unrest bring unexpected problems into their lives.

'The Heir to Marshingdean' is currently available in KDP Select and as a printed book. There are free days scheduled for this weekend (17th - 19th August)!

The Book Bazaar / Two Edwardian Adventures
« on: August 02, 2014, 04:18:56 am »
This is to announce the publication of 'Two Edwardian Adventures' (Two Edwardian Adventures), a book consisting of two related novellas set in Edwardian times, mostly in Edinburgh.

‘Adventure at the National Exhibition’ is a tale of old and new illusions, some of which are shattered by the end of the story. Betsy Martin is captivated by the acts at Edinburgh’s Empire Palace of Varieties, but she isn’t so keen on her older sister Kirstie’s friend Mr Hamilton, who is with them. Later, at the National Exhibition of 1908, the girls encounter one of the performers from the variety show again, along with two policemen and a lady from Corstorphine, but they have no idea how adventurous the day will be or how much it will change at least one of their lives.

‘Adventure on the Scotch Express’ was first published in ‘Off the KUF volume 3’, an anthology produced by the UK Kindle Users Forum. It’s a tale of several people with something to hide who share a compartment on the Special Scotch Express between York and Edinburgh in 1909. Suffragette Kirstie Martin has persuaded her brother to put on a disguise to travel with her, but they have no idea that the young artist in the corner isn’t what he seems either. Even the respectable ladies from Morningside and the ticket collector are acting strangely, and the two policemen are at their wits’ end. It isn’t until the suffragette march in Edinburgh the following day that everything is finally sorted out.

Just out today - a sequel to 'The Lion and Unicorn Quest' - 'The Four Seasons Quest' is a mystery/thriller novel set in 1952.
Starting the day the King died and concluding soon after the Harrow and Wealdstone rail disaster of October 1952, 'The Four Seasons Quest' is the story of a mysterious death and its aftermath.

Is Aunt Caroline’s murder just an isolated incident or could it be part of a much larger web of crime and intrigue? The case spawns secrets of its own which threaten to separate Flora and Oliver almost as soon as they get engaged.
Flora’s wartime past still hasn’t quite let go of her, but in this novel it becomes clear that there are dark secrets in Oliver Quest’s family too. The action in this mystery/thriller ranges over the length and breadth of Britain and all the seasons of the year.

Here's a link to the novel on
and on Amazon UK:
and one to my 1950s Pinterest board:

Just out this weekend - 'The Lion and Unicorn Quest', a mystery novel set in 1951 in London. Flora and her friend Oliver Quest get involved in the preparations for the Festival of Britain. Their work leads them into the investigation of a murder and related art theft, and puts them in danger from Irish gangsters, an ex-Nazi whom Flora has already encountered in her former life as a British agent, and eventually from quite an unexpected source.

The Book Bazaar / Song of Vanora - new historical fantasy novel
« on: February 18, 2013, 10:36:54 am »
After working on it on and off for several years, I have finally got my act together and released 'Song of Vanora' for Kindle.
This is a slightly off-the-wall historical fantasy novel which includes some or all of the following: time travel in more than one direction; Scotland in the mid 14th century; family tragedy; reference to Arthurian legend; a magic stone; monks; tower houses; chase scenes.
This is the link to it on
and on

'Song of Vanora' and 'The Mountain and the Flood', a Scottish sci-fi novel by Sheila Perry should both be available as free downloads on Wednesday, 20th February and Thursday 21st (but please double-check before downloading!).

The Book Bazaar / Frozen in Crime - the fifth in a quirky mystery series
« on: October 06, 2012, 01:36:42 am »
In the depths of a particularly harsh Scottish winter, a jewel robbery takes place, a man disappears and a small town is cut off from the rest of the world. A homeless man and his dog seem to know something about what's going on, but will they get the chance to divulge their information? And why is an ex-soldier lurking in a minor stately home and looking at maps?
These are just some of the events the main characters have to try and make sense of in this quirky mystery novel. Amaryllis, Christopher and a hapless policeman who happens to be on duty over Christmas need to work together on this one.
This is the 5th in the popular Pitkirtly mystery series.
On Amazon now at

'Death at the Happiness Club', the fourth in my series of quirky mysteries set in a small town in Scotland, was published for Kindle yesterday.
Previous novels in the series are 'Crime in the Community', 'Reunited in Death' and 'A Reformed Character'.

When the Happiness Club comes to town, Maisie Sue sees it as an opportunity to rediscover romance, Jock McLean regards it with suspicion, and Jemima and Dave look forward to taking part in new activities with their friends. Amaryllis and Chief Inspector Smith go along to keep an eye on developments on their patch. As for Christopher, he misses the start of the excitement because of a prior engagement - walking the Fife Coastal Path with a figure from his past.
But before anyone has had very much fun, it becomes clear that while the Happiness Club brings good times to some, to others it offers only desolation and death.

I love living in Scotland and writing about it, but sometimes I feel like a change. Inspired by holidays in the south of France and by a challenge earlier in the year to write an opening paragraph in the style of Mary Stewart, I have written a romantic suspense novel, 'Murder in the Midi.'
Isabelle's summer job in France turns into a nightmare when she sees something she isn't supposed to see, and is accused of something she didn't do. The mysterious Nathan comes to her rescue, and later she meets his friend Josh, a retired war reporter. Having lost all her possessions, she finds herself fighting for her life without knowing who is on her side and who isn't.
Without giving too much away, I can reveal that things get much worse for Isabelle before they get better!

I would like to announce the publication of 'A Reformed Character', the latest in my Pitkirtly mystery series, sequel to 'Crime in the Community' and 'Reunited in Death'.

When a young man they know as a troublemaker knocks at the door of their holiday caravan, Christopher and Amaryllis can't decide whether he really has changed or not. Their attempt to find out takes them and their friends on a dangerous journey from an ice-cream shop to a knitting club and then to a cattery before reaching a deadly conclusion in an old railway yard.

If you like quirky characters and a mystery where most of the violence happens offstage, then you might enjoy this novel and perhaps the others in the series too.

Writers' Cafe / Hurray! Climbing the free download charts
« on: August 03, 2011, 11:24:17 pm »
I think this could be a high point so I will post now before the slide starts! - my novel 'Crime in the Community', now a free download on Kindle, has this morning reached #49 in the free charts (also #5 in 'Mystery' and #1 in the very small category 'British Detectives'). I really like seeing the download numbers stack up, and I think this is a huge boost to my visibility.
Thanks to everyone who has previously posted about free downloads, as otherwise I wouldn't have known what was happening.
Does anyone know how long the free ride usually lasts?

The Book Bazaar / Crime in the Community - a cosy thriller?
« on: July 24, 2011, 02:28:11 am »
Christopher thinks he has his life under control until the exotic Amaryllis arrives in his small coastal town. It could just be coincidence, but soon after she comes along he and his friends are plunged into a world of kidnapping, shooting and general mayhem which destroys their tranquility, perhaps for ever.

'Crime in the Community' is a prequel to 'Reunited in Death' and others in the series, but at the same time a standalone novel with an intriguing cast of characters.
Out now on Kindle!

The Book Bazaar / 'Reunited in Death' - a family history mystery
« on: June 21, 2011, 10:28:53 am »
I suddenly realised I hadn't announced the arrival on Kindle of my quirky mystery novel 'Reunited in Death'.

When Jemima Stevenson helps to organise a Pitkirtly Homecoming day she has no idea that she has invited some of her long-lost cousins into danger.
REUNITED IN DEATH is a cautionary tale for family historians and an entertaining read for others. Don't forget, there are some family occasions you won't want to put in your scrapbook!

Other novels in the series will be available just as soon as I spend some time actually editing and writing them.

Thank you for reading this post.
best wishes,
Sheila (Cecilia Peartree)

The Book Bazaar / The Mountain and the Flood - near future sci-fi
« on: December 29, 2010, 08:57:54 am »
Hello all,
This is my first post about my first Kindle book, so I apologise in advance if I make mistakes in this post - and in my signature which I don't seem to be able to preview!
My Kindle novel 'The Mountain and the Flood' has just gone live. It's a science fiction novel set in a possible future Scotland which is independent but has undergone environmental changes making it more vulnerable to weather-related disaster.
Not everyone will agree with my political or climate predictions! But many may be able to identify with the family at the heart of the novel.
Any comments welcome.
Thanks for reading this.

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