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I'm an old geezer for this board and was around when it first started.  I remember what it was like in the beginning with the struggle and... oh, well, I won't go into my stuff as you probably aren't that interested.  But if you're like me when I got started, you need contacts, credits, and some favors or income, if possible.  Suffice it to say that I've been there and done that and loved it and hated it.... now I need a little help that can help you and I'm giggling like a little girl to be able to come back here (where I started) and offer it up.  

I've fallen into a few projects that I can't do on my own.  They're too big.  I need more writers.  I know that Kindleboards writers are some of the more determined, hungriest and most diligent writers around.   I will not ask you to buy, market, or otherwise publish anything.  I will not steal your work and call it my own.  You will be required to give up copyright of the story but you will be compensated for it.

To be clear, I need 70-200 short stories from varied authors.  1200 words of less, first person where it is either your story or introducing a friend's story.  It should be uplifting or moving, motivational or hillarious.  Dry humor is fine, bitter is not.  Heart-felt is good, my-church-is-better-than-yours is not.  No fiction.

Subject/Project One: Employment Interviews.  Give me your funniest, stupidest, most moving, most successful, and/or just plain amazing interview stories from the perspective of the boss preferably, but I'd also take a few from the interviewee if it's really good.  I need less than 20 of these.  If you give me a story I can use, I'll give you a free copy of the finished book, you'll be able to link your name to the book, and you'll be listed as a contributing author.    

Subject/Project Two: Unemployed But Fighting Back/Unemployed and It's the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me/Unemployed and Making It -- Again, funny, stupid, moving, inspirational or amazing about your experience or the experience of a person that inspired you not to give up.  These need to be hopeful.  If you're accepted, you will get $150 cash plus 5 copies of the book when it is published.  I need 70-100 of these.

Subject/Project Three:  The Boss.  Stories exclusively from the Boss's perspective about life as the BOSS (Manager, CEO etc.).  Again, funny, stupid, moving, inspirational or amazing about your experience or the experience of a person who was a great boss dealing with employees.  These need to be about heart more than stupidity.  I will accept a few that are Thanks for Being the Boss Who Saved My Life/What an Inspiring Boss/The Boss I Never Got to Say Thank You To stories.  If you're accepted, you will get $150 cash plus 5 copies of the book when it is published.  I need 70-100 of these.

Believe it or not, there's an even bigger project for which these are a test.  I'll publish between 20-250 short stories over the next 6 months to a year in 3-10 different books.  That's a given.  Impress me and I may have an even bigger project for 1-2 special writers.  I will reiterate that I will not ever try to sell you anything and if I use your work, you will be compensated (I only say this because there were a lot of little shark people out there trying to milk my last 10 cents off of me when I was getting started and it sucks).

I'll open this up to other authors later at submissions(at)vipblackcardpublishing(dot)com, but for you folks, send it to my personal email at trishlamoree(at)hotmail(dot)com.  If you get it in by Friday, you'll get a headstart (as I'll be opening submissions to others after that).  Need to research us?  Email me for what I can't put here.  Discretion is key.  Multiple submissions accepted from the same author but only if you mention that you came from Kindleboards.  Don't be greedy, please pass this along.  I want my fellow authors to be from word-of-mouth to keep my slush pile down.  Thanks.  Bump this because we need LOTS of authors and Ed, if you don't send me a story personally, I'll come and whack you with a stupid stick.

Hugs all,

The Book Bazaar / New! PSI Consulting 5 -- Love's First Kiss $2.99
« on: August 22, 2011, 01:48:33 pm »
Love's First Kiss by Trish Lamoree
 - PSI Consulting 5 for $2.99

Rianna and Damian have been trying to open a portal back into the Weaver's world for months, but for all their newfound powers, they've failed. As PSI Consulting's newest and now only client, Damian has their full attention, except for the wedding.

Four Men Walk into a Strip Club...

Marcus has been looking forward to taking Rianna away from all this magic stuff for a real quiet honeymoon. All Marcus has to do is survive Jordan's idea of a bachelor party and get to the church on time.

Book 5 of the PSI Consulting series takes us deeper into Damian's world, the Weaver's world.

Love's First Kiss is Book 5 of the PSI Consulting Series.  (Book1: Painting the Roses Red, Book 2: Never Smile at a Crocodile, Book 3: Poor Unfortunate Souls, Book 4: Court of Miracles, Book 4.5: Once Upon a November (a short story contained within a FREE Anthology called Cross Council and PSIgns 3 in 1 is a compilation of Books 1-3 at a discount price available only to ebook readers!)  

Author Info: Join Me on Facebook.  Send a text for email.  Post comments or questions here.  I love to talk to readers and other writers.

Going to see the grandkids?  Want to get the kids involved with your Kindle?  Download a few children's books by Trish Terrell for the trip...

Where Wishes Come True is FREE Monday (today) in order to celebrate the release of two new picture books.  And to all those who bought it in black and white, you can upgrade your version of Where Wishes Come True to a Full color version for new Kindles and phone apps!!!

You dream of me,
And I’ll dream of you.
We’ll meet in the place,
Where wishes come true.

A Children's picture book designed for the Kindle with sweet pictures and original illustrations. 16 Print pages and a sweet poem to help put any child to sleep. As of April 2012, now in full color for newer Kindles, Kindle PC and IPhone Kindle App.

The waves go up.
The waves come down.
The tide goes in and out.
The ocean can be a magical place
to laugh and dream about.

Take your toddler on a magical journey to the ocean and back. Twenty-six full color, high-quality photographs of children at the beach covering 27 pages in all. Still beautiful in black and white for classic kindles.

I can’t say rhinoceros just now.
I’m just a kid. That’s what they say.
I can’t spell hippopotamus just now.
But that’s okay. I can practice.
Maybe I will be a teacher someday.

27 Full color, professional photos illustrate this introduction into many things that a child can hope to be. Most of all, it encourages kids to reach high and dream big dreams. Building on the knowledge that most young children don't understand negatives, this picture book encourages them to explore what they can do even when adults tell them they can't do it "just now."

Monsters in My Pocket -- a 2nd - 3rd grade reader with 14 illustrations!  Clancy blames everything on the monsters in her pocket but now that she's growing up, she'll try to learn about taking responsibility for her own actions.  This one stole my heart because don't we all want to know - what's normal? It's an easy reader but on the longer side (13 chapters that equal about 55-60 print pages). 14 Original Illustrations make the reading feel faster.  
New School Blues -- a 2nd - 3rd grade chapter book reader with illustrations.  Sarah's a precocious 2nd grader who doesn't want to go to a new school.  My daughter didn't stop buzzing like a bee for days after hearing about "bee boys."  It includes 9 chapters (32-ish printed pages) with a few imbedded illustrations and review questions at the end of each chapter. There's even a simple maze at the end of the book.
Wishing Wizard -- a 2nd - 3rd grade chapter book reader with a few illustrations.  What would you do if all your wishes came true?  Joey learns that wishes cause more problems than they solve.  When I read this to my 4-year-old daughter, she held still, totally engrossed for 5 full chapters.  She then wanted me to read this book over the Magic Tree House that has been her favorite for over a year now. (9 short chapters and 20-25 print pages)
Lucky Penny and the Time Trip -- a 3rd to 4th grade reader.  Penny is having trouble dealing with her parents divorce and to make it worse, she finds out that her mother lives farther away than she could have imagined.  Divorce issues are hidden in a time travel story that seems more centered about making friends than the divorce.  Ten Chapters (45-ish printed pages) with study questions for each chapter and activities to help keep the book alive.

All of them are more engaging than preachy, but they all lure new readers into stories that speak right to them, literally.  I wrote most of them for my step-daughter who was having trouble dealing with questions that "just talking" didn't address.  They've been sitting on a lonely shelf since then.  This week, I conquered my fear of publishing illustrations and these near-to-my-heart stories.  In order to keep someone from confusing them with my adult work, I used my father's last name (and it's also a tribute to my father who taught me these lessons with wonderfully engaging stories for me so long ago).

Click here for a list of all five books.

Writers' Cafe / Inspiring Quotes for Authors
« on: January 24, 2011, 04:30:57 pm »
I found this quote and had to share it with my fellow authors here on Kindleboards....

Creative writing teachers should be purged until every last instructor who has uttered the words "Write what you know" is confined to a labor camp. Please, talented scribblers, write what you don't. The blind guy with the funny little harp who composed The Iliad , how much combat do you think he saw?
-- P.J. O'Rourke in The Washington Post

Share your favorite quote for authors. =)

The Book Bazaar / PSI Consulting 1, 2, AND 3 in ONE Book!
« on: December 12, 2010, 01:58:16 pm »

I've created PSIgns, a compilation of ALL THREE of the first PSI Consulting books!  Let me be specific here.  This is not a sample of each of the books.  This is not three short stories.  This is not even three novellas.  This is the first three books in the PSI Consulting series.  If you have been sitting on the fence about this series, this is the book to get you started and it's three books for the price of two.

That's Painting the Roses Red, Never Smile at a Crocodile AND Poor Unfortunate Souls which each sell for $2.99 on and  I just know that if you read the first three books in the PSI Consulting series, you'll fall in love with this crew of misfits in their adventures into romance, mystery, and thrills.

Follow the link - to and use the code or go to here for $5.98 (which is 3 books for the price of 2).

Note: This is actually a re-post of something I put up before that got mistakenly put in the category of a promotion rather than being recognized as a new book.  It's all fixed now though with these posts from the other thread.
From that other thread.  This book was free for a limited time, but that offer expired (I came to my senses after Christmas), but it's still a good deal.


It's a great series, I have read and enjoyed each one, and they just keep getting better! I recommend them all.

I just grabbed them!  Thank you!

Thank you for the books


The Book Bazaar / Court of Miracles (PSI Consulting Book 4) New $2.99
« on: November 28, 2010, 10:37:26 am »

Damian seemed to walk straight out of a fairytale, but he didn't come from Rianna's imagination. No, Damian came from a world parallel to our own where intrigue and corruption threaten to tear apart all that Damian has ever known and loved.

What happens when all your dreams come true?
Bigger dreams find you.

Court of Miracles is Book 4 of the PSI Consulting Series.  (Book1: Painting the Roses Red, Book 2: Never Smile at a Crocodile, Book 3: Poor Unfortunate Souls)  You can now buy all three of the first books for PSI Consulting in a special Kindle Only edition called PSIgns 3 in 1 (PSI Consulting) for a special discount of $5.98 (That's 3 for the price of 2 - so if you haven't started the series yet, PSIgns is your discounted way to catch up quick)!

Author Info: Join Me on Facebook, Cover Art Picture Gallery, Send a text for email.  Post comments or questions here.  I love to talk to readers and other writers.

Spoiler Alert: This book contains spoilers for Painting the Roses Red, Never Smile at a Crocodile and Poor Unfortunate Souls.  But the spoilers are mild and just enough to inform anyone just picking up the series.  

The Book Bazaar / Poor Unfortunate Souls - PSI Consulting 3 - $2.99
« on: August 29, 2010, 11:42:21 am »

Friend or Foe?
Who can walk the dreams like Jordan, use magic like Damian and is stalking Wiccan women?

Trick or Treat?
Tiara’s nightmares have always been scary… But they couldn’t kill, could they?

Proof or Poof?
Rianna’s always wanted to learn magic… But can she handle the real thing?  Damian doesn’t think so.

The PSI Consulting team is going to have to get their act together fast before someone kills again.

Poor Unfortunate Souls is Book 3 of the PSI Consulting Series.  (Book1: Painting the Roses Red, Book 2: Never Smile at a Crocodile)  

Author Info: Join Me on Facebook, Cover Art Picture Gallery, Send a text for email.  Post comments or questions here.  I love to talk to readers and other writers.

Spoiler Alert: This book contains spoilers for both Painting the Roses Red and Never Smile at a Crocodile.  Secrets are revealed about each of our beloved PSI Consulting players that will shock and amaze you.  

The Book Bazaar / Chasing Illusions - New and Improved! Free Fri-Tues!
« on: January 28, 2010, 10:58:19 am »

Chasing Illusions

A lone crow takes a winding journey in search of the legendary Howard Christy Crow.  The biplane beckons, but it’s her own road that leads her through imagination and into the elusive grasp of the real world, a grasp that threatens the rules of physics and philosophy.  From adolescent angst to a fragile acceptance of reality, Raven spends years in the enchanted lands growing up, but those years of experience are only months of dreams in the real world.  When she appears to a lonely trucker and a weary author, she’s ready to change the world, one mover and one shaker at a time.

No one’s been able to touch the subtle philosophical manipulation of the most famous barnstormer of our times for over twenty years.  No one’s seen through the corruption of the Californian mob since it got its grass roots in migrant farm workers for just as long.  They’ve tried and you’re sick of sifting through their failures or reading their obituaries.  No one lives up to their advertising.

Meet No One.

What could seriously happen if you walked out to the little shed in the woods and met the bear instead?  What always happens when you read an old fairy tale that delighted you as a child only to find that it held heart-breaking truths for you as an adult?  Add a few simply charming characters that will make you feel like you’re literally sitting at the booth next to them?  No one can do all that.
No One can and No One did.

CHASING ILLUSIONS… is an adult fiction novel of 92,900 words, 1523 old ideas, 714 new ideas, a few good ideas, and 9 unique perspectives on life and how we choose to live it.  

Gently now… gently set it down and walk away slowly…

New and improved with twice the content as before and a full journey of discovery.  :D

Writers' Cafe / Kindle to PC?!?!? Yes!
« on: January 26, 2010, 11:47:07 am »
This is fantastic news for Kindle authors!  I don't know if anyone else heard but I just found it this morning and I haven't seen anyone else post it (forgive me and I'll delete this is they have).

Amazon now has a feature to allow ANYONE to download Kindle books to their PC.  This is fantastic since this will now increase our audience.

Let's Talk Kindle! / They Got me!
« on: January 20, 2010, 10:56:14 am »
I've been a Kindle author for a while, but sadly without a Kindle of my own.  I would borrow my mother's Kindle from time to time, but I had no stars upon my belly.  Money's been tight so I buckled down and borrowed like a responsible Mom....

Christmas came (no don't guess yet, it'll spoil it) and I got some wonderful presents.  Knowing there was no money in the Christmas budget for a Kindle, I was happy with my new fold-up deck chair and I was delighted with couple of kitchen items from my Mom... so I wasn't suspicious when they set up the cameras for the last present....

They got me a Kindle!!!  I'm so happy!!  My very own Kindle!  They found a way... I don't know how and don't want to know but I was so happy and surprised that I cried.  It's hard to catch me by surprise... this Christmas they did.

Hugs all,


Rianna was having the luckiest day of her life. Oh, it started out as good luck. She opened a portal. She got a great guy. She made the earth move and the heavens open with rain. It was a pretty good day, but just as she gets her miracle guy home, she's got trouble. Dead Body Trouble! Who'd want to put a dead body on her couch? And why'd they have to pick today?

Never Smile at a Crocodile is Book 2 of the PSI Consulting Series.  (Book1: Painting the Roses Red, Book 2: Never Smile at a Crocodile, Book 3: Poor Unfortunate Souls and PSIgns 3 in 1 is a compilation of Books 1-3 at a discount price available only to ebook readers!)  

Author Info: Join Me on Facebook, Cover Art Picture Gallery, Send a text for email.  Post comments or questions here.  I love to talk to readers and other writers.

This book can be a stand-alone or read in the series.  I've had several readers pick the series up here with Never Smile at a Crocodile and go back to Painting the Roses Red to pick it up.  

Not Quite Kindle / Fibromyalgia Support
« on: July 22, 2009, 12:38:35 pm »
I don't know if this should go in introductions or here, but ....

I post here a lot (maybe not as much as others, but a LOT for me).  I disappear for weeks at a time.  Sometimes I disappear to write, but sometimes I disappear because I'm too sick.  When I post (just like when I work/write), I do a lot at once, but then I drop everything for a week or two.  I'm not a flake.  I have fibromyalgia.  If you don't know what it is, that makes two of us.  It's a lot of different things for different people.  The overall qualifying symptom is constant, daily, pain.  For me, it means the pain plus... the plus is why I'm writing this here. 

Plus... I crash once a month or so.  Crash means that when I work hard at something, I then spend from 3-5 days as a drooling moron who can barely remember her own name and barely get out of bed.  After a bad crash, I don't remember what I was doing for the past six months or so.  They call it a fibrofog, I guess, though no one else I've talked with about fibromyalgia has fogs this bad.

Now I hate sob stories, I really do.  The sob story I hate the most is my own.  I hate telling it more than I hate living it.  But who takes you seriously when you can't build relationships with daily attention?  So, it's hard, but I'm asking... I'm asking for understanding.  Please mods, help me, because I even forget the rules... I've read them four times now.

I just wrote a book.  I wrote 7000 words per day on average.  It took me 20 days with breaks for minor brain fogs.  I hurt so bad, it's hard to breath at night, but I finished it.  I don't remember the four day crash that came at the end of it.  I just lost those days.  If I'd hit that big crash before the end of the book I was writing, I would have lost the whole book and where I was going with it.  This is my second book and a miracle to me for which I thank God.

So if I seem intense and driven one week, and almost a zombie the next, can we overlook the idea that I'm ... I don't know... but sometimes I feel like a stranger every time I come back...  I'm not mad at anyone really, just asking for help... and anyone else who has fibromyalgia or thinks they may, I'd love to talk with you, whether you know less or more than I do on it.

Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting (Kindle) / Updating Issue
« on: May 17, 2009, 02:08:03 pm »
I bought and downloaded a short story to Mom's Kindle.  Then I made changes as an author of that book.  On the author page, it says that it's live (updated), but on Mom's Kindle, it's still the old version of the file.

I tried deleting the file on the Kindle and sending it again from the Amazon account page, but I still get the old version.

I deleted and resent the sample from the book's page and THAT has the updated version, but I didn't want to have to try re-buying the book... that's next if you folks don't have a suggestion soon.

I want this short story to come up perfectly on the Kindle before I tell anyone about it, but it's just not cooperating.


Writers' Cafe / Author Chat...
« on: May 16, 2009, 09:56:21 pm »
Thumper said in another post "I am really uncomfortable with too much self promotion, but a place to connect with other writers, where anyone can lurk whether they write or not, that would be awesome."

That thread turned ugly, but this concept never really took root...

Such as:

My character is taking over my book.  I'm writing the sequel to Painting the Roses Red and Rianna doesn't want to do anything I ask her to do.  Now, I'm not this kind of writer.  I don't have characters that boss me around.  I'm the writer.  They do what I say... until now... until Rianna... if I let her keep this up, I'm afraid I won't have a plot at the end of the book?


The Book Corner / If Piers Anthony Self-Published -- Would you Buy it?
« on: April 18, 2009, 10:43:05 am »
According to an author's note in the back of the latest of Piers Anthony's Incarnations book, he has a bunch of books that he can't convince a publisher to publish.  This amazes me with the ease of self-publishing, so I'm asking customers...

If one of your favorite authors self-published a dozen of their 'slush pile' books, would you pick up a copy?

Trish Lamoree
(though it appears through his website that Piers Anthony is researching and possibly considering self-publishing)

The Book Bazaar / Painting the Roses Red -- A Paranormal Romance
« on: April 09, 2009, 07:47:37 pm »
Check it out at Amazon - Painting the Roses Red by Trish Lamoree
 - Bargain Price $2.99

Tiara wakes alone to strange psychic powers, bloody visions, and no memory of who she is.

As she seeks to find herself, she is haunted by a phantom seducer in her mind.  It would seem that he is leading her on a merry adventure to find her identity, but is he the lover whose touch she craves or a madman intent on destroying her mind?

He sends her pristine white roses but their purity is tainted by the bright red blood upon their petals.

Check out the interview with the author at:

Introductions & Welcomes / Hi from Las Vegas, NV
« on: April 09, 2009, 07:16:57 pm »
Hi everyone!

First... thanks to Ed for suggesting this board!!

I peeked around for a bit and so now... here it is... I'm Trish Lamoree and I'm the author of Painting the Roses Red, a paranormal romance on Kindle.  I live in Las Vegas with my loving husband, great brother and my sweet adorable little girl (2 yrs old).  I like to write a little dark and a lot unpredictable.

I've written for my own pleasure, in the deep, dark caves of my computer hard drives since high school.  I got a poetry scholarship from a poem that was published in our high school literary magazine.  My parents were both high school teachers (one history/government, the other special ed/english).  I've only recently come out of the closet with my writing and published.

I'm currently working on a horror/psych thriller because after writing the romance, I needed to go the other way.  I write and promote around my daughter's naps and husband's school break schedule.  Ah heck, I can write 78,000 in a book that flows and twists, but ask me to write about me and I kinda flake, so I'm ending it here before I start babbling... Hi all... nice to meet you,

Trish Lamoree ( Painting the Roses Red )

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