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Not Quite Kindle / Topic Serendipity
« on: March 26, 2011, 03:48:56 pm »
For a moment these two topics were listed one after the other.
Favorite Zombie Book
Favorite Recipe book?
I hoped there was a favorite, How to Cook Brains, book on the recipe list.

Has anyone else notices any chance list serendipities that caught their funny bone?

I have several descriptions for Gladiator Girl.

The short one: Girls get to play with swords—boys don't.

The one I wrote for the book jacket doesn't give anything away that you don't know by the end of chapter three:

Lucy Star is a hot, up and coming rookie guardian in the sport of Blood Battle. A sport built around a new genetic procedure that allows girls, and only girls, to survive extraordinary injuries up until the age of 25, when they stop growing.

Her budding fame catches the eye of Jayzen, favored son of the wealthiest family in the city, entangling her in his and his sister Francine’s fortunes. She struggles with career and relationships, and doesn’t recognize the spark of love growing under her nose.

But she has a dark past: a family history and childhood she had escaped from when she was 14. With the help of her best friend Charlotte—the only person who ever knew her secret—she had successfully put that life behind her. It was all but forgotten.

Then her younger brother, who she hadn’t seen since he was 10 years old, walks back into her life, harboring a dark secret of his own, one that threatens to suck her into the past she thought she had escaped, and destroy her and everyone she loves.

But some people, mostly guys, tell me this doesn't touch on what, to them, is the most interesting part of the story. So I wrote another teaser. The problem is, there's no way to write this teaser without giving away a lot of the plot, so I'll spoiler it. Do not read this if you do not want spoilers!

Thanks to quirky genetic engineering, women gain the ability to fully recover from devastating injuries. This only works while they are still growing—up to about the age of 25—and only if they have access to their specialized artificial wombs within hours of death.

Young women take over the most dangerous civilian, military, and policing jobs.
Gunda Thorstenson, the famous opera impresario, and master of the spectacular, is commissioned to create a team sport, blood battle, that "takes full advantage of this ability to put humpty-dumptied girls back together again." The result: Girls get to play with swords; boys don't.

The rookie, Lucy Star, plays the position of guardian for the Beta League club, Burning Desire. She's a rising talent; everyone has their eye on her, including an underground cult of men who intend to reclaim their dominant role as society's protectors. They're looking for someone to make an example of. They intend to prove that without access to their wombs—when faced with a true death—these girls are no match for a male warrior.

There you have it. I'd like to know what readers here think of these teasers, and of course, I'd especially love to know what you think of the book.


R. H. Watson

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