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Writers' Cafe / ACCUSATIONS of BOOK being FULL OF LIES on Review
« on: January 08, 2014, 02:04:53 pm »
I am not sure what to do here guys and so I am hoping for some feedback. I am the author of Not Easily Washed Away  If you read the description you will understand how this review came about. Basically, the book is about abuse that my co-author suffered through. Her stepmother have gone on here and posted this review on all the books on Amazon, B&N and Goodreads(fake screen-name). On Amazon she goes as far as to use her real name which I left anonymous in the book and went as far as to use my co-authors real name. Now one of my friends back home that lives near them have notified me of all this so people will soon know who they are. Here is the review “I am Deborah the stepmother who Hina supposedly got me/her father to marry so she could come to America. Now pray tell me, why would she want to come and live with us when she was so sexually abused at home in Pakistan? Why would she want to come and be back with this evil father and now a stepmother me/Diane who also abuses her? Shame on Hina, and more shame on the author, Brian Levene who fell for the lies or perhaps made them up to try to get a best seller. This book is written terribly and one would assume that perhaps a person of low intelligence wrote it given the way sentences are put together, yet alone the paragraphs and chapters. Strange that getting a purse also is the best thing ever to happen, rather than giving birth to child... Sick.”

Once again, I am not sure what to do here. It  bothers me that she accusing me of lying about such a touchy subject like this. I have a written a pretty lengthy comment but have been contemplating posting it. Because I do not want Amazon to say I am disobeying their guidelines. This is some of what I wrote “Nothing in the book is slander or lies. Sadly, it is 100% true, and if you expect me to unpublish the book because you are posting these reviews on here B&N, Goodreads(Salmanda, fake screen name), you have another thing coming. The truth needs to be told what you and your husband did. The truth needs to be told about predators like yourselves. As a matter a fact, maybe after you go to jail for what you have done (Bigamy, Immigration Fraud, Arson, and Insurance Fraud) then maybe I will write another book about that, since you want your name in the public’s eye Mrs. ..... Yes, the statute of limitations on what you have done is still in place.”

Honestly I do not know if I should post this. How do would you deal with this?

« on: January 04, 2014, 11:02:34 am »
Greetings all writers and readers.  Writing this book probably saved my life. When I had nothing left, when the love of my life had sucked the life out of me and left me depraved and depressed, feeling suicidal, I turned to my writing and found solace. Funny thing though; now it seems that my downfall will probably pave the road to my redemption. Readers are already hitting me up and showing support. 

Real Beast promises to be one of the most interesting and unique reads of 2014! I have gift copies for anyone who wants a free copy. Just log on to

First Reader Reviews:Elizabeth rated it 4 stars: I won this book off...... and WOW - this book is crazy! - Talk about a dysfunctional relationship. Even though the cover says it is a true story, I hope that this book is fictional. I have never read anything like it - It is a good read and I finished it quickly. I will look for the next installment as I am interested as to what happens to these characters.   Chris Dec 31, 2013.  Chris rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
One of the most interesting books I read. Very unique! :) Brian does a good job with writing his books. I'm looking forward to volume 2 of this book whenever it my be.

I AM Brian Levene, THE CO-AUTHOR of the book Not Easily Washed Away: Memoirs of a Muslim's Daughter. Everyone that has come across this author David H.Fears has referred to him as a nuisance, except for his three friends who he admits to being “buddies” with that’s been stalking the Amazon pages. Therefore, I will ignore this garbage but what I WILL NOT IGNORE is someone referring to myself and my wife as writing “Kiddie Porn, Anti-Islamic sentiments, and Pornography,” OR TRYING TO BAN THIS BOOK and you and your friends will see that in the upcoming weeks Mr.Fears. But I don’t understand how a person who claims he was a professor in a university can make these claims about the book I wrote with my wife. I will let the book speak for itself. I have slashed the price to half for 48 hours of every version of the book so that people can see the contents and not just the excerpt and decide what is really going on here. Afterwards, you are welcome to post any negative reviews or comments. Really, this is not about my book but more about me standing up to Fake Book Editors, Online Stalkers, Scammers, Jealous authors, and people who cant sell books and everyone will see that soon enough.  Here is the blog he has started on here along with several reviews on and blogs on Facebook.,69939.0.html

The Book Bazaar / Not Easily Washed Away: Memoirs Of A Muslim's Daughter
« on: February 18, 2011, 06:13:42 pm »
Incest and Child Abuse rarely ever discussed or chastised in Muslim culture because it is a male dominated society so what happens to these women and girls that suffer from this scourge? Scarred for life? Women with serious baggage? Or something else?

New Book On Kindle tells all

Synopsis: Not Easily Washed Away: Memoirs Of A Muslim's Daughter is the true story of a young girl who was born to a Muslim family in Pakistan. She suffered through sexual, mental and physical abuse for fifteen years, which was perpetrated by her father Abdulla. Laila decides to take advantage of her father’s incestuous addiction by having him acquire a visa for her to the United States, where she feels as if she can rid herself of a putrid past. The book is written from a psychological perspective in first person, as Laila shares her painful past with the reader, sparing no details of her ordeal as a child, teenager and young adult.

After she realizes her father’s diabolical plan is to keep her in Pakistan for himself, Laila decides to take fate into her own hands. Her new attitude helps her to turn the tables on her father, now living in America, and manipulate him into marrying an American woman to get Laila’s visa to the United States.

The United States is not the instantaneous answer to Laila's plight. She arrived in Seattle, Washington, in 2004 to start a new life away from her father, but ends up being unable to stop the incestuous relationship with him and later on, with her stepmother. Things get even worse for Laila, as she is now twenty years old, depressed, and worried that her family’s fate back in Pakistan might be jeopardized if she leaves home. In the Spring of 2007 Laila’s life changes when her younger sister arrived from Pakistan and when she meets an interesting, Christian, Jamaican man at school. The young man confronts Laila about the abuse, and when she realizes she has feelings for him, she tells him everything. The young man tries to convince Laila that she can become mentally stronger and free herself of her abusive father and stepmother by running away with him.

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