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Prior Sins is now available for 99 cents

He hunts monstrous criminals

Psychologist and Oxford University Professor Hadrian Prior helps the British police catch violent criminals. Understanding the dark impulses that drive men to maim and kill comes easily to him. When he temporarily swaps teaching positions with a University of Michigan colleague, Hadrian assumes he’ll be on a sabbatical from crime. Then a series of disturbing assaults occur on campus and the Ann Arbor police ask him to consult on the case. Pursuing a link between the perpetrator and ancient mythology leads Hadrian to Sarah Roth. His reaction to her challenges his long held assumption that emotional intimacy is beyond him.

She believes she’s a monster

University of Michigan Classics Professor Sarah Roth dreams of blood and death. Her mother warned her to never share her dreams or she’d be locked away. Sarah pours her passion into teaching as a relationship is out of reach. When Hadrian approaches her for information, she is shocked by her attraction to him. Hadrian is dangerous to her but the demons inside her like to live dangerously. As Sarah struggles to keep her distance from Hadrian, her dreams become more vivid and violent.

The real monster is hunting her

Someone on campus is secretly obsessed with Sarah. He is recreating the Labors of Hercules, violent feats of power and strength, to prove worthy of her love. Once he’s completed his quest, Sarah will be his forever.

Praise for my first novel, Stolen Justice

"Seriously top notch."  Romance Junkies

"DJ Gross made it so you just had absolutely no idea what would happen next!"
Shameless Romance Reviews on Stolen Justice

"For anyone who enjoys Romantic Suspense - this is a must read."
The Book Pimp Blogs on Stolen Justice

Happy Reading!


The Book Bazaar / Stolen Justice: 5 star romantic suspense
« on: May 24, 2011, 12:10:04 pm »
Greetings Fellow Readers!

I am writing to tell you about my romantic suspense: Stolen Justice.  Stolen Justice is centered on an Ocean’s Eleven-esque heist, and combines suspense, passion and adventure.    

He's a thief
JT Flynn stole high end art from the world's worst criminals until he lost a member of his team. When a beautiful stranger threatens to expose his thefts unless he steals a Van Gogh, he calls his team together for one last job.

She's a liar
Computer hacker Laura Danvers has many secrets and one goal:  to destroy Rob Autrey's money laundering operation at any cost. She needs JT's team of thieves to divert Autrey's attention so she can get the job done.

They’ve got trouble
Forced to work together, Laura and JT come to a grudging mutual respect which heats to a combustible attraction they work to ignore.  Passion can’t get in the way of pulling off the high risk heist.  Then a feud between Autrey and one of his clients makes the job even more dangerous.  Now the cost of stealing justice may be their lives.

Stolen Justice took first place in the Golden Gateway contest and second place in the Daphne du Maurier contest (under the name Payment in Blood).    Stolen Justice was also a finalist in the Spring into Romance and Great Expectations contests.  

I published Stolen Justice on Amazon in order to be able to offer the book at $.99.  I love to read and know how quickly buying books can add up.  

Happy Reading!

DJ Gross
Stolen Justice

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