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Yes, my series of young-adult historical novels, The Foreigners Isle Saga, is set in Ireland. But it’s about more than just the Irish--it’s about the foreign wayfarers who end up on Eire’s shores, usually unwanted and uninvited, who nevertheless become part of the country’s history, culture and DNA pool. Each book is set on the tiny mythical isle of Inis Ghall (‘isle of foreigners’), set on the outer edge of Galway Bay. The series spans over 1500 years, with each age bringing different strangers and invaders to the hapless isle, beginning with pagan-era pirates, Roman slaves, (remember Saint Patrick, a former British slave stranded in Ireland?) Vikings, Normans, Basques, returning Crusaders, Spanish Armadans… until the final poignant era when the islanders themselves are forced to leave and become foreigners themselves in faraway lands such as America and Australia.

Two novels in the series have been published so far: The Raven Girl, set in 15th century Ireland, features a very unusual visitor to Inis Ghall, a raven-dark girl in her teens, who literally washes ashore, perhaps from a world yet to be discovered. The Hounds of Nemhain jumps back to 4th century pagan-Celtic Eire, a coming of age tale in which a homeless boy falls in with a gang of coastal pirates based on Inis Ghall and discovers the world that lies beyond Eire through his encounters with the pirates’ captives. His rapport and gift for working with wolfhounds plays a key role in the plot, hence the title (Nemhain is an Irish-Celtic goddess of war). More books are on the way!

The Raven Girl has been well-reviewed, and purchased by a number of schools and libraries across the US.  I spent years researching every detail of these novels, both in Ireland and the US; and I’ve taken pains to ensure they are as accurate as possible. As a high-school English and reading tutor, I decided to aim these books at a young audience, for students interested in world history and the evolution of people in general. But many of my readers are older adults, just looking for a good story!

--Kathy Cecala

Introductions & Welcomes / Taking the plunge! (splash!)
« on: August 24, 2011, 06:36:45 am »
Well, after lurking around the edges for most of August, I'm finally jumping into the big blue KB swimming pool! Hello! I'm Kathy Cecala, and I write historical fiction for teens and young adults (and old adults too). I just published my first-ever Kindle book, The Raven Girl, which is the first in a loose-knit series of historical novels set in western Ireland. (I live in New Jersey, but try to visit Eire whenever I can). It's not my first novel--I published a book years ago with a big publisher, and found the experience disheartening and discouraging. I love being an indie writer! I'm a big history buff, love doing research and I love those huge 'old-school' historical novels of the 1950s and '60s; but--with Kindle installed on my PC--I'm always looking for new releases, too. I'm discovering there's a lot of talent here! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the Signature tutorial...

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