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Not Quite Kindle / What's your favorite single-serve coffee machine??
« on: November 07, 2017, 12:08:44 pm »
I currently have a Keurig and I've had it for years. They had to replace my first one within the first year, but this machine has lasted for many years and I'm starting to have problems. I've started searching & reading reviews and of course, they are mixed for every machine. There is a BUNN that is supposed to be good. Anyone own that? Thoughts?

There are many different Keurigs out there and it seems a lot of stores have their own model.  Trying to decide if I want to go the Keurig route again or try another. They seem to have a lot of options that are nice, but quality seems to be an issue. I see Sam's Club has a Keurig that comes with a reusable Kcup. I don't see others with that. Can all of the newer 2.0 versions use a reusable kcup? That is basically all we use here. I very rarely actually buy the kcups.

What do you think is the best single serve coffee machine?


Help! I can't find where to import collections from my original Oasis to my new Oasis! I know it's simple, but I'm going crazy trying to find where that is! I don't remember where it is and my searches are not coming up with anything helpful. I remember seeing a place where I could choose from what device I wanted to copy them from in the past, but my brain is just not helping me today!

Not Quite Kindle / Need help with HP printers going offline constantly
« on: October 19, 2017, 04:53:28 pm »
Recently we changed our router from WEP to WPA2 security and ever since we've had problems with our printers. We have 2 HP printers and they constantly go "offline" or are in "error" status. The only way we can get them back online is to reboot the router and that's just crazy. We have walked thru the HP support troubleshooting and have tweaked just about everything that's been suggested. Each printer has their own IP static address assigned to it so that's not the problem. I know there are many possibilities as to why they go offline, but I'm hoping someone has a piece of advice I haven't heard yet, as nothing else has worked! We are so frustrated at this point that I'm surprised I have any hair left.

If you've had a similar problem or any idea what the problem could be, please share! Any ideas are appreciated!!

I upgraded to the Oasis recently so I no longer have a use for these Paperwhite leather covers. They are from Amazon and gently used but in good condition. I see nothing wrong with the pink one at all. The purple one has a few scuff marks on the spine and a couple small ones on the front. It also has a tiny spot of glitter on the back. I will sell the pink one for $25 plus actual shipping cost. I will sell the purple one for $20 plus actual shipping cost  I prefer to receive an Amazon gift card as payment to avoid paypal fees. PM if you're interested or have any questions.

I know I'm going to feel really stupid after I get this answer, but for the life of me I cannot figure it out right now. I have just downloaded some books from Amazon to my current Oasis. Now I cannot find them.  I have it set to see collections by title. It used to be that any books downloaded that weren't in a collection already would show up at the end of the collections. I could then find them there and put into a collection. However, nothing shows up now after my collections. The books I want do not show as any of the 3 main books pictured on the home page and they don't show up at the end of collections, so where did they go? I know I can probably search and find them, but I don't want to have to do that for every book I download. Help!

I'm considering upgrading from my iphone 5 but wondering how the battery is lasting on the iphone 6. What is your experience? My sister has an iphone 6 that she got to replace the 4s and seems to think the 6 drains faster. I know with the larger screen than her old one, I would expect it to drain faster. She may have apps running that she doesn't know about also. I guess I would be fine with the battery if it lasted through my day that consists of some usage, but certainly not heavy use each day. I text and maybe talk for short periods. Maybe access the web a few times and some apps.

Reviews seem to be pretty good on the battery, although they say it doesn't compare to some androids with the larger screens. I've had an Android in the past and like the iPhone better. I'm just trying to get a feel for opinions on the battery life in people who have used it for a while now.

Not Quite Kindle / How to cope with the loss of our beloved Corgi
« on: December 02, 2014, 10:26:39 am »
We had to say goodbye to our beloved Corgi, Leah, this morning. Yesterday she suddenly started acting not like herself and while we watched her closely, it didn't seem an emergency. She was still not herself this morning so we made an appt to take her to the vet this morning and shortly before that time, she passed away. She was only 12. She grew up with my kids and was dearly loved. She was so funny with our black Lab. I'm having a hard time with this and only 2 of our kids know so far. The other 2 will find out after school. My daughter was close to her as well as I. We had a "girls club" just the 3 of us since we live in a house with 4 guys plus the male Lab. I don't even begin to know how to break it to her as I can't even keep it together myself. Our lab is 14 and doing well, but I had somewhat prepped myself knowing that this day would probably be coming sooner than later for him. I had not even thought about this with Leah. Guess it goes to show how unpredictable life can be. Any tips for a family coping with the loss of our dear Leah?

Archives / FS: New DecalGirl skins for Kindle Touch - matte finish
« on: March 10, 2014, 10:54:07 am »
I am selling 2 DecalGirl skins for the Kindle Touch that I bought but have never used. I no longer own the Touch, so time to clean stuff out. They are both in the original packages and they are both the matte finish. The first one is called "Sea Horse" and the second one is "Stories of the Sea".

I will sell them for $13.00 EACH, including shipping within the US. I prefer being paid with an Amazon gift card. PM if interested or if you have any questions.

Yesterday I purchased an app with coins and today I got the free Halloween app. I purchased both from my computer, not the Fire. However, when I go to my Fire HDX and HD, neither one shows either app. They show up in my "digital orders" and "manage my kindle" but they do not show up in the library of the kindles. If I go to the page to purchase again it shows that I already own them and if I try to purchase again it won't let me and tells me to find them in my library. I'd love to but they aren't there! I've synced both Fires multiple times and I've restarted them also. I sent a note to Amazon last night but so far no response. Anyone have any other tricks to try?? Since it is affecting both of my Fires I am really baffled. After restarting my HD it no longer showed the SO, which is strange. My HDX did show the SO as it should.

We use the frontier yahoo email system and I'm trying to find out how I can sync my emails between the iphone and pc. I have the email set up on my iphone/ipad & I can read and delete the emails from my iphone/ipad, but I want them to also be deleted from the pc so I don't have to read thru them twice and delete when I switch devices. I've tried to google it and check the frontier help site, but not really finding much. This used to work great between my ipad and pc, and now it doesn't. Is there a setting I need to change? Any ideas?  I can call Frontier, but thought someone here may have an idea before I go that route.

Not Quite Kindle / Must-see places in Maryland??
« on: February 24, 2013, 07:39:04 am »
We are planning a family vacation to Maryland this summer so I would like to get some opinions from people who live there or have vacationed there themselves. What are some must-see places? We are planning to spend a day in Washington, DC and will probably be staying somewhere around the Baltimore area. We would like to take a day to do some hiking, maybe some fishing for my park for that? We would like to do a little of, outdoor stuff, historical things, etc. so I'd love to hear every suggestion. We have a travel guide from Maryland which has given us some ideas, but it's really hard to tell from brochures what might be great sites to see. We will be there for about 5 days. What do you feel are the highlights of Maryland??

Archives / SOLD: Apple Wireless Keyboard - like new!
« on: January 28, 2013, 11:08:30 am »
I no longer need this keyboard, although it worked great with my iPad! It's in excellent condition and was only used a few times. It comes in the original box, with the booklet and batteries installed. #MC184LL/A

I am asking $50, shipping included. I prefer payment thru paypal.

Please PM me if interested or if you have any further questions.

I have upgraded to a newer iPad so I have decided to part with my first iPad. It is a 64 gb, WIFI ONLY, 1st generation. We purchased it from Apple as refurbished. It arrived looking brand new and has never given us any problems. I have a Zagg Invisible Shield screen protector on it that Best Buy installed within a couple days after we got it. I will leave this on, but you can remove it if you choose. It is in excellent condition. No scratches on the front or back, no dings, etc. It has been in a case/cover at all times. It comes in the original box, with the original charger & instructions.

Also incuded are 3 M-edge covers. The pink and red ones are leather and are used and do show wear and some dirt. I loved these covers and used them all the time. I also have the Leisure Jacket in lime green and it is brand new, never used.

I am asking $230 for all of it, shipping via Priority Mail included. I will accept payment thru Paypal.

Please PM me if you have any questions, would like more pictures or are interested in purchasing.

Fire Talk / Apps keep appearing in the carousel problem...
« on: November 02, 2012, 05:52:56 am »
I have the 7" HD Fire and there are some apps that keep appearing in the carousel. I delete them from the carousel, go to my book or game, come back and they are in the carousel again! I've tried deleting and then syncing and I think that worked once. But the 2nd time I went back to the carousel they were there again! I'm not opening those apps so they shouldn't be appearing on the carousel once I delete them from it, right? It's getting rather frustrating as I don't want them cluttering up the carousel. It's the same 6 apps over and over again. Do I need to go somewhere else to close them out? Are they perhaps somehow running in the background even though I've not played them ever?? Any help would be appreciated.

Archives / SOLD: DecalGirl "leopard spots" matte skin for K4 - New!
« on: October 23, 2012, 06:27:30 am »
I purchased this skin for my K4, but I ended up selling it so I no longer need the skin. It is new and has never been used. It is the matte finish.

I am asking $12 which includes shipping in the original DG packaging. I prefer an Amazon gift card as payment.

PM me if interested.

Other (non-Kindle) eReaders / Reading library epub on rooted nook color
« on: February 12, 2012, 07:35:52 am »
I am new at the nook color thing so I'm a little baffled what to do. I'm probably missing something really obvious, but I'm not seeing it right now. I have a nook color that I rooted with an n2a card, but really haven't used it much. I checked out an epub library book because it wasn't available on the kindle. I opened the book in ADE and so far so good. Then when I connected my nook color to my computer it didn't recognize the device and said it did not have a driver. Do I need to find a driver for it, or is there another way to get the epub book onto the nook? Is there an app that would work? Help please!

We've upgraded our kindles and now I find myself with a cover that's no longer needed. It is the M-edge platform cover in the fuschia pebbled leather (purchased this while they were still selling real leather covers). It is in excellent condition with no scuff marks or scratches.

I am asking $25 $20 shipped within the U.S. I would prefer an Amazon gift card for payment.

PM me if you have a question or are interested.

I am handing down my K3 and need to clear out a couple covers. These are both lighted covers from Amazon and work great. They are both in perfect condition. They were used for a short time, but I am very gentle with my kindle and covers. The elastic is not stretched out either. The red one will ship in the original amazon box, the black will ship in a regular amazon box.

I am asking $28 each, shipped within the U.S.  I would like an amazon gift card as payment. PM me if interested or if you have any questions.

Archives / FS: Decal Girl skin (matte) for K3 - aloha pink
« on: November 27, 2011, 05:04:50 pm »
I am handing down my K3 to my daughter and she does not want these skins, so it's time to clear them out.  They are both brand new and in the matte finish. I will ship them out in the original DG packaging.

I am asking $13 $11 each, shipped within the U.S. I would like an amazon gift card as payment. PM me if interested.

Not Quite Kindle / What fun family board game would you recommend??
« on: November 26, 2011, 12:52:41 pm »
Our family likes to play board games during the holidays. Life kinda slows down after Christmas and the kids are off school, which gives us more time to play games we don't normally have time for. A few years ago I picked up the Smart A** game at Barnes and Noble and it has been a lot of fun! I would like to pick up a new game this year....anyone have a really fun game to recommend? I've heard Loaded Questions is a lot of fun. Any others?? Our kids range in age from 14-20.

I'm trying to find a skin to match my new Touch cover but not having much luck. Decal Girl has a lot of purple, but I'm not really seeing much in the way of the purplish wine color. It's hard when you can't see them in person. Does anyone have a skin on another device that would match the wine cover?

Kindle Accessories / Amazon lighted covers for K4 delayed to December 19!
« on: November 16, 2011, 05:10:48 am »
Did anyone else received an email from Amazon saying that the lighted cover for the K4 would be delayed until December 19? I had to give my approval to wait on it and let them know I still wanted it.  >:(  I'm pretty happy with my Belkin cover, but I did want to try the Amazon one out and see if I liked it better. I loved my lighted cover for the K3 and was hoping this one would be as great. Guess it will be a while before I find out.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Official Kindle TOUCH watch -- MERGED thread
« on: November 13, 2011, 12:57:44 pm »
I just received an email from amazon saying that the Touch would now arrive earlier than expected.....this Tues or Wednesday!!! A Fire and Touch all in the same week?? Wow!!

It's that time again....time to sample some books and come back to place your vote for the January book club! Our fearless leader, Geoffrey, is leading the discussion in January and he has chosen apocalypse/distopia books. Take a look and be sure to come back to vote! Voting ends in 2 weeks.

From Publishers Weekly
What is the foundation of our civilization? asks Stirling (Conquistador) in this rousing tale of the aftermath of an uncanny event, "the Change," that renders electronics and explosives (including firearms) inoperative. As American society disintegrates, without either a government able to maintain order or an economy capable of sustaining a large population, most of the world dies off from a combination of famine, plague, brigandage and just plain bad luck. The survivors are those who adapt most quickly, either by making it to the country and growing their own crops—or by taking those crops from others by force. Chief among the latter is a former professor of medieval history with visions of empire, who sends bicycling hordes of street thugs into the countryside. Those opposing him include an ex-Marine bush pilot, who teams up with a Texas horse wrangler and a teenage Tolkien fanatic to create something very much like the Riders of Rohan. Ultimately, Stirling shows that while our technology influences the means by which we live, it is the myths we believe in that determine how we live. The novel's dual themes—myth and technology—should appeal to both fantasy and hard SF readers as well as to techno-thriller fans.
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved

Classic fantasy from the amazing Sheri S. Tepper. Women rule in Women's Country. Women live apart from men, sheltering the remains of civilization They have cut themselves off with walls and by ordinance from marauding males. Waging war is all men are good for. Men are allowed to fight their barbaric battles! amongst themselves, garrison against garrison. For the sake of his pride, each boy child ritualistically rejects his mother when he comes of age to be a warrior. But all the secrets of civilization are strictly the possession of women. Naturally, there are men who want to know what the women know! And when Stavia meets Chernon, the battle of the sexes begins all over again. Foolishly, she provides books for Chernon to read. Before long, Chernon is hatching a plan of revenge against women! Review
Gordon Krantz survived the Doomwar only to spend years crossing a post-apocalypse United States looking for something or someone he could believe in again. Ironically, when he's inadvertently forced to assume the made-up role of a "Restored United States" postal inspector, he becomes the very thing he's been seeking: a symbol of hope and rebirth for a desperate nation. Gordon goes through the motions of establishing a new postal route in the Pacific Northwest, uniting secluded towns and enclaves that are starved for communication with the rest of the world. And even though inside he feels like a fraud, eventually he will have to stand up for the new society he's helping to build or see it destroyed by fanatic survivalists. This classic reprint is not one of David Brin's best books, but the moving story he presents overcomes mediocre writing and contrived plots.

I downloaded the new updated software from Overdrive that they just put up on 10/21 that was supposed to fix the problem with iOS 5. Now my library audiobooks look like they are transferring ok (they now show the name of the book instead of a number) and I don't get an error message when it's done, but they still aren't right. I can't even get to them on my iPod. When I have my ipod attached to the computer and look at iTunes, it shows me that the audiobooks are in the "book" folder on my ipod just like they are supposed to be, but.....when I look at my ipod it says there are no audiobooks on it and I finally found where it listed the name of the "playlists"!  But it just shows me the name of the books, there is nothing there under playlists! I've looked under the music section, under podcasts, etc. and the books are nowhere to be found, just in playlists that really aren't there anyway. I'm assuming the software still needs some work yet, but has anyone else had this problem? I've tried searching the internet for others with the same problem, but as of this afternoon I wasn't having any luck with that.

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