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Fire Talk / Digital Download NOT supported with this book ??????
« on: May 27, 2014, 08:35:50 am »
I use an original Kindle fire and I;ve never ran into the above message from Amazon before ... I attempted to buy 3 books and have them delivered first to my Fire then to my ipad ...never happened once in the past but it happened 3 times...???? Told me I could use my computer and download the book however...

Just want ot know what was going on...??? I did not use my computer but IF I did could I have then used my kindle to search my library then downloaded the book...

Confused old

Bob G

due to the heat (and loss of power) I have been spending a lot of time outside by the pool and much prefer the regular kindle for reading in the sunlight....BUT when I switch from the kindle to the Fire or between the fire and the kindle I find that my sync function is NOT working as it should...

I always run the Kindle with 3G turned on..and i always run the fire with the WiFi on.. it does work occasionally one out of 10 times ...

Another problem with my Android Cell Phone (EVO 4G) I can't access my archives via the kindle app itself...

Anyone one have any clues or reasons for these problems...

Bob G

Finished reading a book last night...

I  then went to see what I want to purchase to read next...

So far so good... BUT

What surprised me is that I see most of them now listed at  $14.99 ..

I honestly was expecting to see most of them listed for $9.99

did the prices jump up that much... ?????

Bob G


Fire Talk / Lunar Map app....!!!
« on: March 11, 2012, 09:50:29 am »
Well I was just browsing one of my astronomy forums this morning  and discovered that Amazon now has the Lunar Map HD offered...

IF you have 99 cents to blow.... and have any interest at all in the lunar surface and the names of various creators etc this app is for you...zoom right in for a close up look...

Seriously the members of the 3 astronomy forums I read on a regular basis all like this app..

I HAVE NO CONNECTION with the developer or his/her business I'm just a lunatic backyard observer with a  domed observatory in my  back yard

Bob G.

Fire Talk / Icons ????
« on: January 09, 2012, 10:16:15 am »
I have a good number of apps on my fire and also on my smart phone BUT I am having trouble when selecting the app I want to use on my fire..(old age ??) Now some are easy sports illustrated has a big SI for an icon..

My smart phone displays the name of the app below the icon ..anyway is there any way to have the name displayed or do I keep on guessing UNTIL I have them all memorized...

Bob G

Fire Talk / Cost of Magazine subscriptions.. why higher then print ??
« on: December 23, 2011, 12:55:37 pm »
The only magazine that I have subscribed to so far is Sports Illustrated which cost me nothing as I am a print subscriber

BUT is it common to have to pay more for digital then for print???

I just received an offer for Car and Driver for all of $8.00 a year for the  Print edition....

Zaino or whatever their name is wants $12.00 a year for the digital edition only

And Amazons Newsstand wants $1.99 PER offer for a yearly subscription that I saw....

Guess who ordered the print edition

Bob G

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