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The Book Bazaar / Butterlfy Lady Stories (children's fiction)
« on: March 30, 2012, 03:40:29 pm »
Free today and tomorrow as a kids Kindle book on Amazon  :)

Mystery of the Missing Butterflies (Butterfly Lady Stories)

A series of stories inspired by my Mother, the real "Butterfly Lady".  Short children's fiction books for early readers to middle readers with full color illustrations on every page. The stories also include interesting facts about the creatures who make cameo appearances in all the books. So they are not only cute but also educational.

Book 1 "Mystery of the Missing Butterflies" the Butterfly Lady discovers her precious butterflies are disappearing and calls on her friend, Safari Sam, to help her solve the mystery. In addition, this story will also cover interesting facts about the monarch caterpillar and how it becomes a monarch butterfly.

Enjoy "n_n"

Rebecca Brooks-Guelfi

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