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The Book Bazaar / Official Master list of Kboards Authors
« on: August 20, 2012, 04:57:35 pm »

The Book Bazaar / Official list of KB Authors by Genre
« on: August 20, 2012, 04:50:30 pm »
Official list of KB Authors by Genre


Action and AdventureApocalyptic FictionChildren's Adventure
Children and Young AdultContemporaryDrama
FantasyGay & Lesbian
General FictionHistorical FictionHorror
HumorLiterary FictionMystery
PoetryTrue Crime/Police ProceduralReligious
RomanceScience FictionShort Stories
Speculative FictionSportsSuspense
WesternWomen's FictionPuzzles and Games


If your book does not appear in the KB Books under the correct genre, go to your KB book profile pages* and at the bottom right, click (author control panel). Now select the genre from the drop-down list. Your book will be added to the selected genre when you save the page.

* To access any KB book page use the following where XXXX is the Amazon ASIN:

Writers' Cafe / KBoards Yellow Pages for Authors
« on: August 20, 2012, 07:00:46 am »
Important note! We've replaced our Yellow Pages listing of services, with a new self-service page.

Read more about it here:,195313.0.html

... or go straight to the Yellow Pages here:

THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS ARE OBSOLETE and this thread will be removed (or at least un-stickied) in a few days.

Click on a category to jump to the list
To be included, click here.

Advertising and advertising specialties
    * Magazines, Trade Journals, Website banners and other media offers
    * Bookmarks, t-shirts, mugs and other book signing giveaways
Art and design
    * Cover art and photography
    * Advertising art and photography to include website design
    * Cover layout for paperbacks and hardcovers
    * Stock photos
Audio Books - publishing and production
    * Audio book publishers
    * Voice talent
    * Audio technical services and software
Beta Reading, Manuscript Critiquing
    * Free or fee based reading service for new work.
Copy writing.
    * Advertising copy writing
    * Blurbs
    * Back cover text
    * Press releases
    * In depth hand-holding
    * Basic copy editing
    * Permissions editing
    * Proofreading
Formatting and file conversion
    * Conversion to and from various formats
    * Encoding to Kindle format
    * Encoding to PDF
    * Encoding to ePUB
Legal and Financial
    * Accountants
    * Lawyers
    * POD providers
    * Posters, banners, brochures and point of sale booth giveaways.
Publicity, Press release distribution and Public Relations
    * Publicists
    * Press release distribution
    * Trade reporters (print or electronic media)
    * Writing software
    * Proofreading software
    * Custom software that may be useful to writers
    * Apps
Video Production
    * Videography
    * Book trailer production
    * Actors and models
Virtual Assistants
    * Professionals and those looking for a little part time work
    * Required tasks might include scanning or manually typing existing back-listed paper books
Website hosting and related services
    * Web hosts
    * Domain name registrars
General Publishing Services

Free Tutorials and "How-To" Guides

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