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Introductions & Welcomes / Greetings Fellow Kindle'rs! New Kid Here.....
« on: December 12, 2012, 06:47:32 am »
I am Nikki -
I am 41, and try not to act like it too often.
I am a Boo.
Wife  to my husband Daniel of 13yrs, together 14yrs
Best Friend.
Mother to 4 amazing kiddlings - Robert (11 yrs) Sally (9 yrs), and our twins Kari  and Mike (6 yrs).
Court Jester in the family construction company as needed.
Writer - not published, but diligently working and motivating myself in that direction.
Lover and student of politics.
Movie and music fanatic.
Avid reader & lover of books. (Well duh
Comedian and lover of humor.
General pain in the A**,
and so much more!

Please bear with me when it comes to poking around message boards. I am not as proficient in
them as my husband is. It just comes down to pacing myself, and remembering to visit them when our
4 kids are at school. I look forward to sharing our Kindle adventures, procurements, and everything
that is to share in the ties that bind us as Kindle owners/lovers. I have LOVED and APPRECIATED the posts
and free e-books for my Kindle from "Kindleboards" the Facebook page, and am really glad I stumbled
on this message board when I was looking for some information on my Kindle. I swear, on my honor, pinkie promises
to abide by the rules, and use the grey matter in my cranium to pay attention and give due diligence
to finding/reading already posted topics, questions. So that redundancy isn't something I contribute to as much as

Thank YOU to everyone in advance that runs this message board, and/or contributes.
:D Happy Kindle'ing Everyone!
 :)  ::)  :o - Oh and I am an emoticon

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