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Hi Everyone,

I'd like to put the word out, if anyone is interested: I'm participating in the ongoing Writing Process Blog Tour, and I need three authors to be the next stops on the tour after me. You would need to be able to commit to doing the tour by April 6 (so you can send your blog link to me to be included in my post on April 7) and do your post on Monday, April 14. For the post, you blog on a few simple questions about your writing process and link to three authors who'll be posting on the blog tour next week.

Comment here, and I'll PM you with the details. Thanks!



The Book Bazaar / New Dark Epic Fantasy: The Tribe of Ishmael
« on: January 05, 2014, 03:36:22 pm »
Welcome to the official thread for the brand-new dark epic fantasy, THE TRIBE OF ISHMAEL.

There are no heroes. Only villains...

Ishmael Abajian has always been a play-by-the-rules kind of guy, so when he stows aboard a train to escape from dangerous pursuers, he figures his guardian angel will overlook it. Except each train car appears to represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins. And the demon conductor informs him that he is no longer alive, deepest condolences. Not to mention the accidentally-going-to-Hell part—tough break. Too bad there’s no better luck next time.

Now trapped in a dark authoritarian world embroiled in power struggles and dreams of liberation, Ishmael teams up with a girl who may-or-may-not be a murderer in order to recover their lost memories and escape. However, as a free soul condemned neither to Hell nor Paradise, Ishmael is something that some demons have been waiting for, while others will stop at nothing to destroy: change.

The first installment in a brand-new epic fantasy series, THE TRIBE OF ISHMAEL is a dark metaphysical adventure containing hellhounds with nasty frost-bites and lots of adult content.

Welcome aboard the Sunnyside Express.
Next stop: the Afterlife.
Whatever you do, please don’t abandon all hope.
That wouldn’t be as much fun.

Afterlife Chronicles:

THE STAFF OF AARON (Forthcoming)

Take the train ride on
Keep up with the latest on my Author Facebook Page:

The Book Bazaar / Year of the Wolf: New NA Urban Fantasy Series
« on: March 12, 2013, 02:54:44 pm »

Hi All!

Welcome to the thread for YEAR OF THE WOLF, the first book in the urban fantasy Changeling Sisters Series, about a sister duo's adventures in Seoul, South Korea:

“Many years ago, when I was young and still human, a shadow took my older sister—a dark queen from a mysterious spirit world, who clings to life by stealing the bodies of young girls. Now she’s returned again to hunt my family…

“But this time, I will be the one hunting her.”

Citlalli Alvarez thought the hardest thing about her family’s move to Seoul, South Korea would be adjusting to the food. And flirting with boys in a language she can barely speak, but mostly, the food.

But when the son of an old enemy kidnaps her younger half-sister, Citlalli can’t afford to hide from her new life any longer. With the help of a spirit gatekeeper, a nine-tailed fox, and a gorgeous werewolf with his own personal vendetta, Citlalli dares to enter a dangerous spirit world in search of her sister, one in which creatures of myth are alive and well, ghosts pray for answers (and prey on humans), and all question why they end up here—in the purgatorial night world of Eve.

Available on

Thanks everyone, and I look forward to participating in this great community!

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