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Hey there, folks!    I'm glad to be here.

My name is Gareth-Michael Skarka (the double-barrelled name is purely for bylines -- "Gareth" is just fine in conversation).   I've been doing digital publishing since 2003 (even was covered in an AP story on the topic in 2007:,4675,BusinessofLife,00.html  ), but only in the past year have I made the leap to Kindle, and I'm loving it.  My experience is mostly in tabletop role-playing games (like D&D), but my first fiction release (TALES OF THE FAR WEST, a short story anthology which I edited, featuring myself and a bunch of other great folks like Scott Lynch, Matt Forbeck, Ari Marmell and Tessa Gratton) came out last year, and I've got a bunch more on the way!

Looking forward to lots of great conversations on this site, especially in the Writer's Cafe.


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