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The Book Bazaar / Advance Read - Free Books for Reviewers
« on: March 05, 2018, 06:25:25 am »
Do you like getting free books?

Do you like getting your hands on books that sometimes aren't even published yet?

Do you like leaving open, honest reviews that help give authors important feedback so they can create more of what you want?

If you said yes to all of the above, then by golly, you should check out Advance Read!

What is Advance Read?

Quite simply, it's an Advance Review Copy (ARC) service. The aim is to provide readers like yourself with totally free books that they'll enjoy while also helping authors get much-needed, honest reviews.

What makes Advance Read different from all those other ARC sites?

Well, for starters, there's:

-No registration required
-No mandatory mailing list / newsletter that sends you emails all the time
-You pick the books you want from the site at your leisure

Advance Read was designed with readers in mind. I know you all probably get way too many emails already. When we do roll out a newsletter it will be totally optional. Readers will always be able to browse the site as a guest and choose what they want, whenever they feel like doing it.

What genres does Advance Read offer?

Currently, we offer the following genres:

Thrillers & Suspense
Science Fiction (including Post-Apocalyptic)
Fantasy (Urban and Epic)
Literature & General Fiction
Children's & Young Adults
Contemporary & New Adult Romance
Paranormal & Science Fiction Romance
Historical Romance
LGBT Romance

...and we already have lots of these titles available to choose from on the site. More get added just about every day.

So how does it work?


Go to the site:

Click on "books".

Choose the genre(s) you are most interested in.

Browse the books. If you find one (or more) that you'd like to read, click the signup link.

Fill out a 2-question form and submit it.

You're now signed up for the book you selected. After the signup deadline passes, you'll be sent an email with a link where you can download the book to your device.

7 days later, we'll send you one last email to remind you to please leave a review for the book on Amazon, along with a link that takes you directly to the book for this purpose. You'll also be asked to fill out a super-short "wrap up" form letting us know if you left a review and if you have any additional input for the author. After that, we won't bother you again. The process is the same every time you signup for another book.

Leaving a review is completely voluntary.

That's it. Rinse and repeat as often as you like.  ;D

Want to learn more? Check out our "About" page for readers here:

Writers' Cafe / Advance Read ARC Reviews
« on: February 27, 2018, 09:47:59 am »

There just isn't enough interest from authors and it is prohibitively expensive to continue trying to get readers to signup as reviewers.

Service will continue as usual for those who recently ordered and the site will remain open until the last ARC is sent out.

Thanks to all who participated. Sorry this thing didn't work out! I'm getting out of the ARC business entirely because I just don't have the patience for it now after 2 failed attempts. Mad respect to those who can do this on a daily basis and not tear out all their hair.


Hi everyone! Advance Read is an idea/project I've been toying around with for the last few weeks and I think I'm finally ready to fire up the engines.

Some fairly massive ad campaigns are already underway to bring in readers. I plan to continue most of these ad campaigns indefinitely, or at least until all genres reach a respectable number of consistent reviewers. My goal with Advance Read is to create a more open ARC site centered primarily on readers -- and make their experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

So, check out the site, let me know what you think, order some ARCs, sign up as a reader for any books you might like to read & review, etc. I look forward to growing Advance Read and providing a much needed service to everyone!


Using Advance Read is incredibly simple, both for authors and readers.

For authors:

You submit a simple form with information about your title along with the deposit, I email you back to confirm, you send me the manuscript files and Amazon link as soon as you have them (and before the date you chose on the form).

After the deadline passes and all the readers have signed up, you'll be billed $2 per signup, less the $20 deposit which you already paid. The maximum you can be charged is $100, and that doesn't change even if you get more than 50 signups.

Authors are capable of placing a cap on the number of readers who can sign up to receive an ARC of their book. This will naturally limit how many copies go out and reduce the cost at the same time - because not everyone wants to spend $100 on reviews or give out infinite copies.

For readers:

Readers don't need to create an account or pay a dime to participate. All they have to do is browse through the current selections and sign up for the ones they want to read & review.

After the signup deadline passes, readers will get an email which includes only the books they signed up for. Readers will then have 7 days to read the book and provide a review on Amazon.

Readers who signup for a book but fail to provide a review will be removed from all mailing lists and be unable to participate in the future.

Readers will not get any advertisement emails, spam, or any extra emails at all for that matter. Most readers probably already get enough emails already, don't you think?

Other stuff:

Advance Read does not currently offer ARC service for non-romance or erotica titles. Also, we will not be able to accept short stories (under 7500 words) or bundles/collections/anthologies.

Cover art and a short blurb are REQUIRED upon submission, so I can create your listing for readers. Note: you can use a placeholder image for your cover art if you really need to, but it will likely reduce how many signups you get.

There will be availability for two books per genre/subgenre every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As the service evolves, I plan to add more dates and more room for additional books.

Advance Read accepts old or new titles, just so long as you have an Amazon link available before the reader signup deadline.

You will be required to submit your manuscript files in .EPUB, .PDF, and .MOBI formats. Please be sure that none of these files is greater than 5MB or we won't be able to send them.

Complete payment of your invoice is required before we'll send out your ARC to readers.

If you get less than 10 reviews, you'll be issued a prorated refund on your deposit.

If you have any questions or comments at all about Advance Read please post them in the thread. Or, if you wish to contact me directly, you can do so via PM here or email me at [email protected] or [email protected]



UPDATE: Ram's Promo Stacker is now an optional "build your own" service within Book Rank (still managed and operated by yours truly).

*** Need to promote your book but don't want any of the hassle involved with doing it yourself?

*** Not sure which promo sites will give you the most bang for your buck?

*** Short on time and need a hand so you can meet your deadlines?

*** Having trouble getting all your promotions scheduled when you want them?

*** ...or maybe you just need a gosh-darn BREAK and want someone else to handle the marketing for your book?

Book Rank's got you covered!


About the tiered (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond) "We Build It" pre-priced packages:

-Paid promotional ad space in multiple newsletters. I submit to the venues I believe will be most beneficial to your campaign based on your budget, dates & availability, genre, and other factors.

-Submission to dozens of unpaid newsletters, websites and Facebook Groups which promote authors and ebooks.

-Promotion of your title within a few of my own private resources, some of which are only accessible to Book Rank clients.

-Paid advertising on Facebook (Gold+ only). [This part of the ad budget can be left off upon request and I'll spend that part of the budget on more paid newsletter venues instead.]

-Before your promotions begin, you'll receive a list of the paid venues where your book will be advertised and when. Clients also receive links to the social media ads I'm running for them so they can like/share/etc. I do not share the scheduling or data from my own private resources or any of the unpaid venues.

-Promotion Packages are designed to meet most budgets and range from $200 - $2500.


About the "You Build It" service (aka The Promo Stacker):

Want to choose all the venues where your book will promoted yourself instead?

-Fill out the form with your book's information (title, blurb, links, etc.) and pay $50 to retain my services.

-You'll receive an itemized invoice from me sometime soon afterwards listing the total charges for all the venues you've selected to have promote your book. A small 6.9% fee will be added to your total order to cover handling and administrative fees so I don't go broke.

-After your payment is complete, I'll go and schedule all your promotions for you on the dates you want. When everything is confirmed, I'll send you an email listing the venues and the dates your promotion is scheduled to run.

-Sit back, relax, and enjoy your day.  8)

I'll contact you immediately if I have any questions or run into any difficulties scheduling your promotions. If any venues reject your promotion, you'll be promptly refunded that amount when I send out your finalized scheduling sheet at the end.



I love Venue Y and I really want you to use them!

Great! Just be sure to communicate that to me via the additional comments section at the bottom of the order form.

I really hate Venue X! Don't use them to promote my book!

No problem. Just let me know via the additional comments section at the bottom of the form and I'll avoid that venue like the plague.

Do you guarantee my book will be accepted for promotion at X or Y venue?

Nope. No one else can, either. I can try to influence these venues to the best of my ability, but ultimately your book must stand on its own. Great covers and blurbs are super important.

Do you guarantee positive ROI/great results/etc. at the venues I selected?

Nope. Most of these venues won't even guarantee you'll have success with them, so how could I? If you need guidance, ask me and I'll try to help direct you towards the venues I think will work best. However, you will see the greatest benefit by doing your own research and learning which venues offer the best service.

What about refunds for failed/underwhelming promotions?

If you had an failed or underwhelming promotion somewhere, I will gladly represent you and do everything possible to secure a refund for you.

Do you track if my ad ran or not? Do you track how successful my promotion at each venue was?

No. You'll want to check this yourself. You'll be provided with a list from me of the venues and the dates your promotion is slated to run at each of them. If you find that any venue screwed up and didn't send out your promotion (or sent it out incorrectly), contact me immediately. I will officially kick people in the butt for you, as needed.

Why should I use this service? I mean, all you do is save me time! ::) I could book these promotions myself if I wanted!

Well, I can also save you money! In some cases, clients save enough to essentially hire me for free.

I'm able to pass along part of the discounted pricing I enjoy at all of the follow venues:

(UPDATED 02/10/2020)

-My Romance Reads
-Book Cave
-Just Kindle Books
-Brazen Bookshelf
-Shifted Sheets & Uncarved Book Promotions
-Hot Stuff Romance
-Hidden Gems
-Ebook Betty (Betty Book Freak)
-ShareBear Newsletter
-Full Hearts Romance
-Awesomegang (Multi-site Promo Option Only)
-Romance Devoured
-The Wolf Pack Newsletter
-Ebook Itch
-New In Books
-Crave Romance
-Love Kissed Books
-Ebook Stage
-Bad Boy Update Newsletter
-Red Roses Romance
-Shameless Book Deals
-Author's XP
-Ebook Itch
-Masque of the Red Pen
-Pillow Talk Books
-Book Runes
-Book Doggy
-Fussy Librarian
-Smexy Librarian
-Book Gorilla
-Kindle Nation Daily
-KU Addicts Express

Most of the above discounts are completely exclusive and only available to Book Rank clients.

These aren't the only venues we book promotions at, but they are the ones that we can pass along some of the discount on to our clients. For our full, current venue list just check out one of the order forms here:


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