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Writers' Cafe / Sharing: NEWS YOU CAN USE
« on: June 07, 2016, 12:11:14 pm »
June 07, 2016.

I have learned so much from the posts on Kboards. Savvy authors who share their expertise has been invaluable to me as a newbie and even more so as I sort of found my feet. Kboards pointed me to needs in our industry. I founded a network of indie authors, eNovel Authors at Work to help me and others just starting out. The site is helpful and popular in a small way. One of the member of #eNovAaW just set up a Go-to site that will help even more. The site is still in its infancy...just have a look. The part I'm excited about is an avenue towards author newsletter cross-promoting.

Here is what Amy Vansant has to say.  "If you are an EDITOR, REVIEWER, COVER DESIGNER, BOOK PROMOTER, or would be willing to do NEWSLETTER CROSS-PROMOTION with other authors - please go add yourself to the appropriate lists! Any problems let me know! (or any suggestions - still working on things...) email: [email protected]  Everyone who registers during the next week or two gets FREE MEMBERSHIP for the first 6 months and then big discount after that."

Also on the site is an extraordinary list of promoters. Authors may anonymously rate their experiences with each promoter listed. If you have used a promoter not on the site, let Amy know. Visit the site while it is in beta. There is no obligation to buy a subscription now or in the future.

Other: I am very interested in newsletter co-op cross-promoting with romance authors. I can't do erotica or racy covers because my newsletter is work-place friendly. But sweet and spicy content is fine. Also paranormal, chicklit, humor, cosy mystery, thrillers and police procedurals are fine. I have an eclectic subscriber list because I've pumped #eNovel member books and we write across many genres including non-fiction.  I'm scheduling my newsletter in 21 day cycles to take advantage of promos in KDP Select.  I also will trade newsletter slots about Rafflecopters. email me at [email protected] Please sign your email with your author name and aka if any and a link to your Amazon author page.

That's it. Have a good one.

I have this link to promote audio books: but I haven't heard of anyone using it recently. Thanks.

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