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Writers' Cafe / What can I do with a short story?
« on: May 19, 2015, 01:22:56 am »
I finished a short story. I was think of putting it up on wattpad and my own site, but then I thought about maybe trying to submit it to some magazines.
I think if I put it up on my site in it's entirety or a place like wattpad it's considered published correct? And I can't submit to most magazines unless they say they submit work that previously published?

I just want to make sure before I do something I'll regret later.

The local branch of my state writers group has asked me to give a presentation in a couple weeks on technology available to help writers.
I'm looking for ideas!!!!

So far I plan on talking about having a backup plan in place first. That would include talking about things like dropbox, google drive, skydrive, and even dedicated backup software like carbonite and crashplan.

I think I'll spend most of the talk on Scrivener. (I think I'm the only who uses it.) Also Calibre, and Aeon Timeline ( I just recently found this).

I'm not sure if I should talk about websites or podcasts.

If anyone has any other ideas I'm open to anything!!

Let's Talk Kindle! / Generic Kindle software question
« on: October 31, 2014, 07:17:05 pm »
I still have a nook e-ink reader. It works great but I have been thinking about moving to a paperwhite.

One of my pet peeves with B&N nook is that in my library it put samples of books that it thinks I want. it's really frustrating when going through books and suddenly there are 2-4 books I don't remember being there and I have to squint to see the little "sample" banner.

Does the kindle do this? I don't care about ads. What I don't what are books that aren't really mine mixed in my library.

I use scrivener. For my critique group we submit to each other in DOC or RTF format.

What I have been doing is opening up scrivener and then either importing the doc/rtf file into scrivener and using the side by side windows to go through each document at the same time, or opening up the critique in MS Word and going back and forth between Word and Scrivener.

I was wondering if anyone had a different or better method they use? It seems like I lose my place often. When you have multiple critiques to deal with it sometimes gets confusing. Especially after I make changes.

Writers' Cafe / Nook -- Delayed payments -- MERGED THREAD
« on: September 08, 2014, 06:16:54 am »

It says there that some authors haven't been paid and can't get a response from Nook Press.
has this happened to anyone here?

I've never been to a con and want to go from what I've heard about some of them and the opportunities to meet other authors. I'm not sure there's much for writer's at this one.
The website is horrible. It doesn't tell you when they events are.

I'm just wondering if anyone had been to it and knew anything else?

Writers' Cafe / Novella or push to get it to novel length?
« on: May 24, 2014, 02:08:05 pm »
I'm nearing the end of my fist book. What started out as a short story turned into a novella... that I thought would be a novel.
BUT I found what I think is a good place to end it.

 I'm at around 37,000 words and will probably a little over 40,000 when I'm done editing.
I've set up the start of a major arc for the next part. this will either be the second book or  I could just keep going until the story is done.

I'll admit as the first book I've done I'm still learning and I need to find and editor and book cover for it still. I look at it as a lot of baby steps at this point. I'm really leaning towards stopping the story where I am and working on finding an editor and cover for it.

Can anyone think of a good reason to push on and either aim for 50,000 words OR to finish the story arc I've set up. it might end up at 80,000 words then.


Writers' Cafe / When should I introduce my antagonist/ adversary
« on: March 19, 2014, 11:35:41 pm »
I'm working on my first book. I was planning on novella length but we will see where it ends up.
It's a near future thriller, a little cyberpunkish I think.
I've written about 25k so far. My main character is a private bodyguard/mercenary type. I have yet to have a main adversary or antagonist. I've had him doing some short jobs leading up to where i am going to have the next job be the major part of the book. I'll definitely have a main bad guy for him then. There has been one minor adversary who ended up dead.

I'm wondering if I should somehow introduce the main bad guy earlier. maybe some foreshadowing?

This thought came to me last night as I was thinking of my writing and I realized, "what is my conflict in the book?" So far it's been little minor scenes of conflict but no major arc.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

Writers' Cafe / Scrivener on sale!
« on: March 13, 2014, 09:06:34 am »

Saw this on Simon Whistler's twitter feed.

Writers' Cafe / KDP and your Amazon account question
« on: March 01, 2014, 12:30:10 pm »
I haven't signed up with KDP yet. I see that they want you to login with your regular amazon account.
My wife and I have separate amazon accounts but her's has Amazon Prime, so when I order something it's usually through her account.

Should I have a special amazon/KDP account for Publishing?
I'm wondering if there is a pitfall or issue with what account you linked with KDP?


Writers' Cafe / How do you break up your writing?
« on: February 22, 2014, 01:11:55 pm »
I'm working on my first book. I've been using a combination of scrivener and google docs. I usually break up things up in to sections of about 2000-3000 words each. The largest section I have is 5000 words and sometimes it's hard to find something in there when I am checking continuity.
I try to break it up into where I think a good chapter break would be.
I'm just wondering how others break up their work or maybe you don't?!


Introductions & Welcomes / Hello from Florida!
« on: January 25, 2014, 12:41:12 pm »
Seth from Florida here. I'm a lifelong reader and am trying to write some in between taking care of my kids.

I hope i found the right place to get some help and maybe help others. ;D

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