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Writers' Cafe / Talk Write Podcast, Season 1, Episode 8
« on: December 08, 2020, 08:19:08 am »
Another episode is in the can. Last night, my narrator, Nick Sullivan and I had Trop-Author Nicholas Harvey and his narrator, Kim Bretton on our live interview show. We stream live at 6:30 PM Eastern on the first Monday of every month. Last night we talked about writing, recording audiobooks, NASCAR, scuba diving, and rum. If you'd like to know what all these things have in common, watch the show.
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Writers' Cafe / Talk Write Podcast
« on: April 29, 2020, 02:02:41 pm »
I've been working on this project since the first of the year, been thinking about it for several years, and now it's about to happen. I had a studio built in our walk-in attic and bought a powerful new laptop, lights, cameras, mics, and furniture. You can visit us at

My narrator Nick Sullivan will be my co host and our first guests will be the wildly successful author Cap Daniels and his narrator, Kyle Tait. The first episode will be this Monday, May 4, at 6:30 PM Eastern Time. Subsequent episodes will be the first Monday of every month, at that same time.

We successfully live streamed to Youtube in a dress rehearsal, this past Monday, after several non-live tests of equipment. There are still a few bugs to work out, but it was a success. We're now just four days from the first live episode. It will be carried in quite a few places, even on Pyrate Radio, but if you want to make sure you don't miss it, subscribe to my Youtube channel and click the notification bell. We plan to be very prompt, so if you're looking at my Youtube channel at 6:26, you should see a live, four-minute countdown video start about then. When it ends, we're live. Not recorded, edited, and uploaded later. Live with all the bloopers and laughs.

My daughter Jordan, is the producer and anything the channel makes is hers. To monetize Youtube we need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 viewing hours in the last year. We currently have 577 subscribers, so we're halfway there. To subscribe, click the link below, and don't forget to set your notifications to get the alert reminder when we go live.

Writers' Cafe / 5,000 Words per Week Club
« on: November 05, 2019, 10:05:08 am »
My old thread has been sucked to the bottom. I haven't posted on it since about the first of the year. So, here's my schedule for the coming year, a thousand words a day, five days a week, with numerous vacation weeks. Rising Tide will be the 20th book in the series.

Edited to reduce image size.

You may have heard of CDL, Open Library, and Internet Archive. Taken at face value by the public, CDL looks very utopian. Who doesn't love to read a good book for free? However, Open Library and Internet Archive have taken this to a new level, scanning and digitizing thousands of books, all owned legally by libraries, so that the library can loan digital copies to readers, just like a physical book. This is also fine, as long as the library doesn't allow the one physical book they have the rights to, to be borrowed while the digital copy is out, or as long as the library doesn't make another digital copy for another reader, or the reader doesn't make copies for friends or book clubs. You can see where this is going. The Controlled Digital Lending program is anything but controlled.

NINC has gone on record, aligning ourselves with National Writer's Union and other author and publisher organizations around the world, in opposition to this form of semi-legal book piracy. The below links are to the newly released public appeal from NWU and a very thorough explanation of what CDL is and isn't on the Frequently Asked Questions page. I hope you will all look this over and share it with everyone you know.


Writers' Cafe / Just what does the word "community" entail.
« on: July 23, 2018, 01:52:34 pm »
Merriam-Webster defines community thusly:

1 : a unified body of individuals: such as
a : the people with common interests living in a particular area; broadly : the area itself

    the problems of a large community

b : a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society

    a community of retired persons

    a monastic community

c : a body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society

    the academic community

    the scientific community

d : a body of persons or nations having a common history or common social, economic, and political interests

    the international community

e : a group linked by a common policy
f : an interacting population of various kinds of individuals (such as species) in a common location
g : state, commonwealth
2 a : a social state or condition

    The school encourages a sense of community in its students.

b : joint ownership or participation

    community of goods

c : common character : likeness

    community of interests

d : social activity : fellowship
3 : society at large

    the interests of the community
Our community, this group of Indie authors is under attack, and has been for some time. By community, I don't mean the KBoards community. This is just one of the places we, as Indie Publishers, congregate.

There are unscrupulous people out there who think nothing of smiling to your face, while their hand is in your pocket. We are all victims to some degree or another. Maybe you're in Select and having money literally stolen from you every month. Maybe you're not and are suffering lower sales due to the high volume of unscrupulous people who turn out trash on a daily basis, giving all Indie Publishers a bad name.

There are only two sides to this. You can't hide from it. You're either against this kind of behavior or you're for it. Lately, it seems that KBoards has tried to take a neutral position. This does nothing but embolden those who will try every trick in the book to separate an honest person from their money. I can understand that. KBoards has no dog in the fight and doesn't want to be sued. Lawsuits are expensive. I know this first hand, having been sued for doing nothing more than supporting a fellow Indie Publisher.

But, as I said, there are only two sides. For and against. Neutral isn't one of them. I'm sure this post will be modded to hell and back, or just flat out deleted. I may even be banned for making it.

So be it.

If the fear of an expensive lawsuit, for supporting a cause that is just and right, is the determining factor, I cannot in good conscience, feed money into this neutrality. I've pumped thousands of dollars into helping fellow Indie Publishers and spent thousands of hours helping others. But, I will not stand for neutrality with my work. To that end, I have removed book links from my signature line. Maybe they don't earn KBoards a penny, maybe they do. I don't know.

But, I will no longer support a sub-community that does not support the Indie Publishing community's welfare out of fear.

Writers' Cafe / Marketing Outside the Box.
« on: December 16, 2017, 01:26:20 pm »
Everyone's trying to get a BookBub promo, ENT is awesome, and OHFB sells books. Mailing list, AMS and FB ads, RaffleCopter, the list goes on and on. There are thousands of ways to get your books and your name in front of people. I want to take a minute and talk about marketing outside the box. What do you guys do?

Besides the aforementioned AMS and BookBub, I own part of a radio network with a target audience that's closely aligned with my readers, people who enjoy life on the water. I bought stock in Pyrate Radio ( several months ago, and the relationship has grown. One of my favorite musicians is one of the program directors and his music gets a good amount of air time on the network that has over 80 stations and repeaters, all over the US and Caribbean. Eric Stone is very popular with the cruising crowd and once owned a bar that figures prominently in my books, Dockside in Marathon, Florida Keys. He listens to my audiobooks while touring the country, playing his trop-rock original music. I've done a number of book signings at his old bar, and once lived aboard my own boat, anchored just a hundred feet from it. So, when I asked Eric if he'd write and record a song for me, he agreed and long-story-short, he'll be in Nashville recording it on Monday. He did a Facebook Live concert the other day, and apparently one or two of my readers were in the audience and knew about the song he was writing for me, and asked him to play it.

The Rusty Anchor Bar & Grill

Sorry, something's wrong with the Youtube imbedding feature, so the link will have to do.

Writers' Cafe / 5,000 words per week club.
« on: November 02, 2017, 04:20:47 pm »
We went from a 1K word per day club to a 3K per day. What about those of us who just don't want to crank out that much? I understand the concept behind high output, but I do things differently.

When I write the end of the last chapter, it's actually the third draft, since I edit the previous two day's work every weekday, before writing anything new. When it's done, it's ready for beta reading that same day, and is a fairly clean manuscript. Five thousand words a week is a short novel in ten weeks, or a fairly long novel in five months. By working M-F, if I fall behind because of life, I can work weekends to catch up and better schedule cover, editing, and formatting.

I've slowed my output to only two releases this year, in April and August. Next year I'll release two more, in January/February and another in late spring. In 2019, I'll probably release three, since the first release will be in January. I take a full week off for NINC, the Key West Mystery Fest, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring break. Plus, I take 6-8 weeks off in the summer.

So, come on, slowpokes! Speak up! Are you trying to slow down and enjoy life with the income your writing provides?

if you live in Florida, or like me, write about Florida, we need you. A GoFundMe is being set up, Florida Writers' Hurricane Relief Fund. We'll be taking donations from our readers, to pass along to as many pre-selected individuals and businesses in the Florida Keys that we can find. Particularly those who now have homes that aren't habitable and whose place of employment is closed due to hurricane damage. Insurance will come through, but it takes weeks or months. In the meantime, these folks gotta eat and pay their bills, buy gas for generators, supplies to protect their belongings until the insurance money comes in.

This is a "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" fundraiser. All participating authors will be asked to donate, as well as solicit their readers for donations. Links to each participating authors websites will be on the page, and we're asking everyone participating to add a link to the fund to their page.

I know these people. I lived on a boat in the Middle Keys for some time, when I was a younger man. They're not afraid of work and are helping one another cope as best they can. By now, you've seen the pictures and videos of neighbors helping neighbors. It's time for us, authors who write about this place and call it home, to step up.

If you know me, you know this is going to be a legit fundraiser. If you don't know me, or have doubts, ask around here. John Cunningham and I are kicking it off with some hefty donations. I'll post more, once it's set up. But, to be part of it, we need your names. We're public figures and people are attracted to our brands.

Reply here if you'd like to take part and let me know what you're willing to pledge. We wanted to kick it off with everyone donating $500, but I know many can't afford that. But, I need an idea of what we can do, so we can include that in the information, along with your name and web address.

Writers' Cafe / How to REALLY succeed as a full time author.
« on: June 23, 2017, 08:04:05 am »
It's been a long time since I actually started a thread here on KBoards. Over a year, I think. But, I just got the email from Written Word Media with the 2017 Author Survey, which I took part in, and wanted to share it. This report reinforces what I and many others have been saying all along, it takes more than just hard work. That's definitely a part of it, but there's more to the story. So y'all who are struggling as emerging authors (we were all there once) have a look at WWM's results.

My dad, Earl, was a 9th grade dropout. Not because he was dumb or anything, he was actually a pretty smart man. His father died of black lung when Dad was just 15, so he had to go to work to help support the family. Dad passed away when I was 21, but during those years, he provided me with many pearls of wisdom, some of them just plain old common sense.

One of those Earlisms was, "Look at what successful people are doing, and do that." So, when I started as an indie publisher in 2013, I did just that. Four years later, I'm earning mid-six figures and before this year is out, I'll move into the seven figure lifetime earning category.

So, don't just take my word. Check out what $100K+ authors are doing.

Writers' Cafe / Cover Reveal!
« on: November 19, 2016, 07:37:23 pm »
The tenth novel in my Jesse McDermitt Caribbean Adventure Series now has a cover. The manuscript is finishing up beta reading and will be going to editing on Monday, with a release scheduled for December 15th. Fallen Hero will be the last in the series with the word Fallen in the title. Many of the characters will continue with Volume One in the Jesse McDermitt Caribbean Mystery Series, about this time next year. It will be titled Rising Storm and will be the first with the word Rising in the title. Same series, just a different series name and adjustments in style. Fallen Hero is the transitional book, more mystery than action/adventure, and beta readers all say they like the change in direction.

Anyway, here's the new cover.

Writers' Cafe / NINC Social Calendar
« on: September 09, 2016, 11:35:50 am »
I know a bunch of y'all on here are planning to attend NINC in two weeks. YIKES! It's less than two weeks!

There is so much going on at this conference. I counted about 270 writers and 70 industry professionals on the attendance list. Post here what your social plans are, when not absorbing information and networking with others.

Thursday evening at 5:45, I'm hosting a Southern Seafood Supper at Crabby Bill's, a short beach walk from the resort. That's about a half hour after the last session and should give us plenty of time before the Night Owl things get underway. Alison Ryan is co-hosting. This is dinner on your own dime, I ain't picking up the tab for all y'all.

Also on Thursday, at 9:00, I'm hosting a Marketing 101 Night Owl session. Your first drink is on me.

Hope some of y'all can make it.

Writers' Cafe / Cover Reveal and Launch Strategy
« on: August 25, 2016, 07:04:24 pm »
Ruthless Charity will be the second novel in the Charity Styles Caribbean Thriller Series and my 11th novel. For branding, each book in this series will be similar to the corresponding volume in the Jesse McDermitt Caribbean Adventure Series, of which this is a spin-off series. This one is similar to Fallen Palm.

The launch will be on or about September 10th. Instead of sending it to my whole mailing list at once, as I have in the past, I'm planning to send it in small chunks to the 2700 people on my list, over a period of four days. The reason for this is to avoid the huge spike and subsequent nose dive between alerting my subscribers and when the Amazon alerts start going out. My last fiction release debuted at #83 in the Kindle Store, with 986 sales in the first twenty-four hours. Then sales dropped to 40-45 per day for three days and the rank sank into the 600s before the Zon alerts started. After that, sales ratcheted up to 100+ per day and it hung in the top 500 for three weeks.

I'm hoping that by spreading the early sales to subscribers over a four day period, rank will stay consistent in the top 400 for all of September with over 2500 sales for the month. I'll post here periodically after the release to let y'all know how this works out.

Writers' Cafe / Key West Mystery Fest, this weekend
« on: June 07, 2016, 07:56:43 am »
Is anyone else going? I went last year and had a great time. We're leaving in the morning and stopping in Central Florida to visit my daughter and her family. Then arriving in Key Weird by early afternoon on Thursday. The first workshops are Friday afternoon. So, if anyone else is planning to attend, let's get together.

Writers' Cafe / Two Year Anniversary as a Full Time Novelist
« on: May 14, 2016, 04:22:34 pm »
It was two years ago today, almost to the hour, that I quit my job after thirteen years as a truck driver. Prior to that, I'd worked more than twenty years, mostly in the heating and air conditioning business, quitting a management position to get away from the stress. During the dry season, I worked an odd assortment of jobs while A/C work slowed down in Florida. From dive master to deck hand and orange picker to bar bouncer.

But, it's only been in the last two years that I've found true freedom and peace of mind. When I quit (a month earlier than planned), we had very little in savings, though my wife and I both worked very hard. No retirement plan other than social insecurity. Our house was falling apart, as was my pickup truck. I made sure my wife always had a reliable car, though. That first month was a struggle, my book sales had only barely surpassed my truck driving income, but I wouldn't get paid for those sales for six weeks. But, we got through it and we've never looked back. My wife was a teacher then and had just committed to another school year starting in the fall. I think the hardest part was when she went back to work, because financially she didn't need to.

I had a lot of help when I first started self publishing, most from right here on KBoards. So, in the spirit of paying it forward, I've helped others where I could and am now writing a book called Blue Collar to No Collar. I'll share a lot of what I learned in this book, but most of it can be found right here in these threads and on my blog. It won't be as much a How-To book, as there are hundreds out there and no particular method will work for everyone. Rather, this book will be more of a motivational read, where I explain what it's like to throw off the shackles of employment and truly be free.

This is an unscripted video I shot last week while out fishing, where I talk a bit more about freedom. I'll follow it up with a few more before the book is published next month.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

One little glitch in the plan and it threw the whole thing out of whack, then I panicked and made it worse.

It's working, my new book is off to a great start with over 1100 sales in less than five days. My best launch by far. But, it could have, and should have, gone a whole lot better.

Writers' Cafe / All-Star Bonus for Books
« on: November 28, 2015, 11:07:32 am »
Does anyone have an idea on what the bottom rung has been for individual book bonuses? I know I'll get an overall bonus this month at 3.5M page reads, but my new release is likely to get one also. It'll have about 700K page reads by the end of the month.

Writers' Cafe / My 10th Publication
« on: November 10, 2015, 01:02:29 pm »
So, I started down this journey many years ago, gave it up for 25, then took it up again 2-1/2 years ago. Last night I published my 9th novel. I also have a box set, but nine seems to be the limit in the sig line.

The launch reinforced my belief that that the newsletter mailing list is the single most powerful muscle we have at our disposal. Just like any muscle, it has to be developed over a long period of time and worked out often. My mailing list is small, less than 1800, but they're engaged and know me. The know in advance when the next book is coming out and have helped to develop characters, plots, and equipment. In short, we talk a lot. My signup says to expect two emails a month, so before everyone goes off on "spamming", I remind you of the definition. It's unwanted emails. If you subscribe to Sports Illustrated is it spam if you get four issues a month? No, it's what you subscribed for and what you expect.

Anyway, Fallen Tide launched last night at 7:45 Eastern time. I had the newsletter already prepared and it went out at 7:51. The affiliate link in the email recorded 350 opens and 226 link clicks, at the 8:00 hour. BookReport showed 184 sales at that same time. In the past 20 hours, Tide has sold 891 Kindle copies. Link clicks are at 837. I attribute the rest to my followers on Facebook, since the book has only now debuted in the Amazon rankings, at #127 and #1 in all it's sub-cats.

That there is an engaged bunch of subscribers.

Writers' Cafe / Pulled the Trigger for the Nineth Time, Late Last Night.
« on: October 10, 2015, 03:48:48 pm »
Before I finally woke up at 0800, Merciless Charity, my first novel in a brand new spin off series, was live and already had ten sales. I'd prepared my newsletter the night before and sent it out this morning, once I had the link to the Amazon product page. I only have 1550 subscribers, but they're very engaged and motivated.

Ten hours later, the email has been opened 823 times, the link for the book has been clicked 527 times, and I've sold 499 copies of Merciless and it's had 409 borrowed pages read, about 1-1/3rds of a full read.

It's already received two reviews, but no debut ranking yet. I fully expect the debut to be in the top 500, at the very least.

This is what an energized, well cultivated mailing list does. It's not a list of people waiting for me to announce the next free promo. It's a list of people that I've developed a relationship with, through twice a month email updates, for the last year and a half, and who are ready to buy as soon as a book is released.

Writers' Cafe / Second cover reveal in a month!
« on: September 21, 2015, 08:26:23 am »
I'd been working on two books at once since July, but doubling my daily output was taking its toll. So, on 9/1, I decided to finish the shorter one and release it in October, then go back and finish the second half of the other book. Two weeks ago, I unveiled the cover for Fallen Tide, due out in November and now, here's the cover for the first book in my new series, Merciless Charity, which will be published in a couple of weeks. The font color in the title may change, but the overall cover fits perfectly in line with my current series' branding.

Writers' Cafe / Cover Reveal! Fallen Tide
« on: September 07, 2015, 07:18:51 pm »
My cover guy nailed everything on only the second draft. I still have a couple of months before it's ready, but this is one less thing to worry about. This is still the low-res draft, but I love it.

The adventure continues in November.

Writers' Cafe / Amazon's Email to Your Followers
« on: July 28, 2015, 09:11:50 am »
A few days after the release of my box set, I got an email from Amazon asking if I wanted my followers from my Author Page to be notified. I clicked the yes box and nothing much happened. Of course, I imagined any followers I might have probably have already read the books in the box set.

A week later, I released my new novel, Fallen Honor. It had 639 sales the night of release and the following day. Nearly all, I attribute to my mailing list. Then it dropped down to less than 50 sales a day for three days. In the meantime, I'd received the same email from the Zon, asking permission to inform my followers and I again clicked yes.

On Sunday, the 19th, that email went out and sales rose to 211. Apparently, Amazon didn't email all my followers, because a friend received the announcement twice on the 20th and 22nd. Sales since the 19th have been a steady 100 to 175 each day. For nine straight days! I never dreamed I had so many followers from my Author Page.

Thanks again, Amazon, for a really great idea. My sales these last two weeks have lead to more revenue than every BookBub day I've had, combined.

Has anyone else received the Amazon new release notification email? What were your results?

I doubt I'm the first. But will others come out of the KU2 closet?

I forget who it was that wanted solid numbers from novelists on the affect KU2 has had on revenue, but to be honest, I'm far too busy to dig it up. Last night at about 11:45, one of my readers turned the 500,000th page and I thought this to be a staggering number. Until I did the math.

Shortly after KU2 came out, Amazon gave us a hint via email on what the payout might look like and that number appears to be in the vicinity of $.0057. So, using that number, I calculated that I'd need 12K pages read per day to equal the average borrows in a June day at $1.35 per borrow. That was with six books, so 2000 pages per day per book, on average would work. Since I knew I'd be releasing a box set and a new title in July, I calculated I'd need 14K pages read per day after the box set was released and 16K per day after the new title launched.

The first few days were low, which made no sense, as those have always been the highest borrow days in the past with all the KOLL people getting their free reads. My pages read finally reached 12K on 7/7, two days before the box set came out. On the day of the BS release, it hit 14K and on the day Fallen Honor was released on 7/15, my pages read hit 16K.

Okay, I thought, so KU2 is maintaining the status quo. Then the numbers started to climb and passed 18K, 20K, 24K, 30K, and 50K. Not a spike, just a steady climb. My new release went viral and has been in the top 500 in the paid store for five straight days now, and eight out of all ten days since it was released. This rank has rekindled interest in the earlier books, increasing both sales and pages read.

Yesterday, it peaked at over 66.5K pages read across all titles with more than 30K pages read between midnight and when I woke this morning. Revenue from KU2 surpassed June's total KU1 revenue on 7/21. Of course, that includes the box set and new release, that weren't available in June. So, I dug deeper.

Total KU1 revenue in June divided by .005 (being conservative), I estimated that I'd need 347,600 pages read of books 1-6 to equal Junes total revenue. Month to date pages read of books 1-6 are just over 332,000 and should surpass June within the next couple of days.

Novelists that have pulled out of Select or who were never in it, are returning and joining. Since I didn't see much of a change at all when KU1 came out over a year ago and the small number of borrows more than made up for that loss, I stayed the course.

Short story, my novels will remain in KU for the foreseeable future. Thanks again, Amazon and KDP.

Excitement was at a fever pitch yesterday. Comments and likes on my FB page numbered nearly 100 with every post I made for the last few days, detailing where the book was in editing, proofreading, formatting, and publishing.

At 9:30 last night, I got the MS for Fallen Honor back from my formatter, uploaded it and clicked Publish. To my surprise, it was live on Amazon within 30 minutes.

I already had my newsletter ready and only needed to copy and paste the link then send it to 1247 subscribers. They'd been anticipating it for weeks, since my last newsletter. Between the last newsletter at the beginning of July and yesterday, I received over 200 emails, asking when it would be published.

In the first two hours after the newsletter went out, it sold 240 copies. So far today it added another 343 sales.

The debut rank just came out on Amazon.

 Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #229 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

    #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure > Travel
    #1 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure > Sea Adventures
    #1 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Sea Stories

Thanks to that initial push, my readers knowing it would be discounted for only 24 hours, visibility will continue to garner about 80-100 sales per day for the next three to four months, based on the results of my last release.

THAT, my friends, is an engaged mailing list! A click rate over 50%, even though most everyone was asleep or at work, since it came out. I expect that to climb a lot over the next few hours, as people get home from work.

Build that mailing list! Build it with organic growth! Engage them on a regular basis and make sure they know in the signup that they'll get a specific number of emails from you, be that once, twice, or four times a month. Not engaging them except on release day, will get fewer opens, fewer clicks, and fewer sales.

I'd much rather have a mailing list of 1000 engaged readers, than 10,000 freebie seekers who see your twice a year email as spam and delete it without reading it.

Writers' Cafe / Cover Reveal
« on: July 12, 2015, 05:13:46 am »
Fallen Honor has been edited, thanks Eliza Dee. It's now with Donna Rich for final proofing and will go to formatting tomorrow. Photography by Ruth Peterkin. Cover design by Tim Ebaugh Photography and Graphics.

Writers' Cafe / BookBub Promo With Multiple Books (Final Update)
« on: May 27, 2015, 04:55:17 am »
I applied to BookBub the day after my last run with them and was accepted for Fallen Pride. This is especially good news, as I donate half the royalties for this book to Homes for Warriors, a small non-profit in my hometown that buys or gets dilapidated houses donated and remodels them from the ground up. Nearly all the work and materials are donated and when the home is complete, it's given to a deserving Veteran and his family, MORTGAGE FREE!

I had two other books that were about to renew in Select, so I decided to do Countdown Deals on the first FOUR books in the series, with blurb mentions in all four. I've done this in the past with two, so this will be a first with this many. Having more than a month of lead time, gave me plenty of time to set things up, but there were a few stumbling blocks. Some advertisers have a 30 day policy of not running the same author and one would assume that means 30 days between advertisements. Three of the ones I wanted to use wouldn't, their sites wouldn't even allow me to apply, though the ad date I was asking for was 32 days from the last one. After emails, one of the three took a manual application and said they'd fix the problem in their site. I did get a few good ads and stacked them ahead of tomorrow's BookBub ad and they'll run today.

Here's the ad list I'm using this time:

The first ads, will be out this morning. I manually reduced the price of Fallen Out, the first in the series to $.99 several days ago, as it's in the Memorial Day week long promo that ThePete is putting on. The next three in the series started Countdown Deals in the US and UK last night and will run through Friday night.

Current rank of the four books:
Fallen Out: #5,172 (Price was reduced several days ago)
Fallen Palm: #12,968
Fallen Hunter: #9,369
Fallen Pride: #7,308

We should start to see movement in Pride's rank with the 3pm Eastern update (their email should be around 10am). I haven't used PeopleReads before and it's the first US ad, so I should have a good handle on their performance before the Riffle ad comes out at 1pm and will let y'all know.

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