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Writers' Cafe / Thank You - My Writing Challenge to sixth graders
« on: October 30, 2014, 06:08:05 am »
This is a thank you note to everyone here whose posts include amazing variety and quality. I don't share often enough, but I come everyday and read and learn.

I was trying to get my daughter and some of her friends (ages 11-12) to do NaNoWriMo/young writers with me this year. It morphed into me running a creative writing challenge for the entire sixth grade at the kids school. Working with the school librarian on this optional challenge we expected 10-15 participants out of 100 students. So far we have between 50 and 60 kids expressing intention to write every day in November. Even if only half of those see the project through I will be thrilled.

This week I have been meeting with kids interested in writing a story but are struggling to get started or have other questions. In every single conversation I have thought back to threads and discussions on this forum as part of a response. You all know that in general the answer to most writing questions is 'it depends on what the story requires'. That can be a tough sell with sixth graders so the open dialogue here has helped me to have conversations about their questions and not try to spit back an 'answer.'

So, thank you to everyone who so openly shares the wealth of their knowledge and experience, it is truly appreciated.

Writers' Cafe / Dialogue with an accent
« on: July 21, 2014, 05:19:04 am »
I just found out one of my characters has a thick Russian accent (slowly raises the pantser flag). I feel like I have read books where they write the dialogue phonetically and others that add tags that note a heavy accent (could be imagined because I can't cite any sources). What are some ways that you've handled accents in dialogue?

I don't want to try the phonetic approach, I think it would come out comical and I'm not trying to make fun of anyone. Can I just make a note of the accent when he first speaks and never mention it again? If another character misunderstands due to the accent I would 'show' this to the reader but I don't want to keep dropping reminders if the other characters aren't affected.   

Writers' Cafe / My first 1 Star Review
« on: April 02, 2014, 02:19:25 pm »
I got my first 1 start review today and it didn't hurt at all (okay maybe it hurt a little).

I published my first book in March of 2013 and then kind of let it sit. I was too nervous about it to ask anyone for a review and I had learned enough to know that reviews are critical to book sales. Then in the fall I got a few unsolicited reviews and they were pretty good so I finished the second book and submitted the first to some reviewrers. Now with my eighth review I got 1 star. Unfortunately there isn't anything constructive in it so it isn't useful for anything other than getting past that milestone.

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