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Writers' Cafe / Which passage sounds better and why?
« on: November 26, 2014, 05:03:58 am »
I obsess over my writing too much sometimes. Can someone give their opinion which opening passage in my chapter 11 sounds better. It's not edited completely.

1. The bleeding hadn’t completely stopped but his house phone was ringing. He got up and hobbled to it, grimacing at all the ceramic slivers wedged inside, hopeful it was Carmen coming to her senses, or even Thad finally taking this serious. Anyone else could [expletive] themselves. The punctured arch of his foot hurt like the dickens, as the old English saying went. 

It was Thad and he was p*ssed.

“Slower, slower,” Mario insisted. “Doing? I’m not doing anything. Are you still sore about Valerie High?” he joked but a swell grew in his throat.
“Three pictures,” Thad repeated. “They’re old but look recently developed. It’s as if . . ."
“Hold up, bud.” Mario needed time to think. “What . . . what color is the water tower?”

2. “Slower, slower,” Mario insisted. “Doing? I’m not doing anything, Thad.” Are you still sore about Valerie High?” he joked, though a swell was growing in his throat. He was lucky he’d split his foot open and had been here to take Thad’s call.

“Three pictures,” Thad repeated, his voice calming some. “They’re old but look recently developed. It’s as if . . ."
“Hold up, bud.” Mario needed a moment to think. Holding a napkin, he grimaced and blotted at the arch of his still bleeding foot, which had ceramic splinters trapped inside. It hurt like the dickens, as the old English saying went. “What color is the water tower?”

Writers' Cafe / Need Authors for Black Friday Group Promotion
« on: November 22, 2014, 02:13:32 pm »
I need 10-15 authors who want to get in on a BLACK FRIDAY Social Media Sale. The Facebook and Blogging event will go on all day. The idea is to provide one or more of your books at discounted price the entire day and expose your work to new fan circles. Each author involved will be posting his / her own work and also the other participating author works on their social media sites at predetermined intervals throughout the day.  So say if authors Bob, Judy, Mike, Blake Crouch (HA!) and Chris were involved, I would post each of their works separately and at a predetermined time during Black Friday. Each author would do the same but not necessarily in the same order.  Here are more specifics:

•Minimum of 5 authors needed to participate. The max is around 20. I’m looking for high quality writing and I will hold the right to accept or deny who be part of this.
•Accepting the following Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Short stories of the same, Speculative, Science Fiction, Fantasy.  (No romance or children’s books. Young adult may be okay.)

•Everybody involved pre-writes an related to their book, or books they’d like to showcase.
•You must reduce the price at least 50% during the day of the sale.
•During the day each participating author will showcase other works with one post (including their own) spaced at pre determined intervals.
•The showcase will be timed differently for each participant meaning your book might be posted on one authors FB or blog page in the morning and then in the evening on another authors page.
•Every participant will email their ad and accompanying cover photo to me and I will disperse them to all the other participants for the Black Friday showcase.
•It will probably work best to pre-schedule all the posts.

•Each author at his/her discretion may offer other incentives on their FB / Blog page that day including a free copy of their book if a reader LIKES their page or SIGNS UP for their mailing list. This info should be included in your ad.

So who’s in? Let me know what book(s) you’re planning to include by a link to your book here. Once we have an established group, I will PM everybody with my email and more details.  This is a great opportunity for all of us to expose our works to other reading circles. Who’d say no to FREE MARKETING!

Writers' Cafe / Doing my first giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card
« on: August 23, 2014, 08:33:39 pm »
My first author giveaway is live! Never done one before and using Rafflecopter for the first time. Right now I'm in the midst of launch week and trying to spread the word about the book and growing my author platform. Let me know what everyone's thoughts are.  Has anyone done these? Where do you post about them to get people interested? (Besides goodreads and Kboards)  Any thoughts would be really appreciated.

Its on my FB fan page right now.

1 free entry for liking the page
3 free for signing up to my email list
5 for purchasing the book

It's at

I am doing my first Author giveaway! Hurray!! And it's free to join!  ;D
It's going on right now till the end of August.  This is to spread the word about Alone at Midnight which I launched earlier this week.  Using rafflecopter and will draw a winner on August 31st.

The raffle is simple

1 entry is FREE for liking my fanpage, 3 Entries for subscribing to my email list, and 5 entries for getting Alone at Midnight which is on sale for $0.99 until the end of August.

To signup, go to
or       and hit the giveaway tab.

Writers' Cafe / Advertising Results - First Day Book Launch.
« on: August 20, 2014, 07:53:57 am »
I began prepping for my first book launch for Alone at Midnight almost 4 weeks ago. Since this was my first one, I really only could do what others have done here on Kboards and what I've gained from scouring google for other success/failure stories. As we all know, the results vary widely and the only common thread seems to be that those who are successful already have quite a large target audience and email list.

For me that is not the case. I began networking (not even blogging yet) and have a total of 10 fans, one whom is my mother-Thanks, Mom. In any case, I did the following things for ALONE at MIDNIGHT.

Prior to launch.
Posted on as many free sites as I could, many of them were on Author Marketing Club and some others.
Also sent out to my email list and gave them access about 1 week prior to the actual launch date to get the ball rolling. I think I had about 5 of the 10 followers purchase my book.

Day 1 - Began only with some posts on Goodreads and also began a 7 Day banner on Digital Book Today which if you log on, you will see  featured in the top right corner.

Day 2 - Began a featured promo with ListMyEbook.

Day 3 - Posting to my social network - Facebook Personal page. (Since I am new I will be opening my Author Page as I roll out to my social network.

Day 4 - Nothing Planned. Maybe a lot of connecting on various reader sites.

Day 5 - Kindle Daily Nation Ad - (this was the big one I think I paid $75 dollars for.

That's it! I know this isn't the ideal book launch but this is what money allowed and in the future I am sure I will add a blog tour to the list as well and possibly a contest. 

As of today I have sold about 4 copies since the book launch which isn't all that great but I expect the numbers to climb as I post to my social network. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

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