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Writers' Cafe / Where to Promote a Free Book - Fast?
« on: August 08, 2014, 11:22:51 pm »
Decided to do a 1 day freebie promo on a title at the last minute. Starts 8/9.

Where can I do a fast (more or less instant) last minute promo to increase free downloads?

Writers' Cafe / First Person for each MC - Chapter X: Character Y
« on: July 25, 2014, 08:35:15 am »
I just bought the first book in an extremely popular Paranormal Romance series, Vampire series, by Bella Forrest.

Each Chapter is in the First Person and let's you know who's voice is saying "I" by putting the name of the character after the chapter name.

Chapter 1: Sophia      Chapter 4: Derek

I've never seen that before.

If you've ever written or seen this style of writing before, what's your take on it?

Just found this Fiverr gig. Will probably go up in price after designer gets 10 sales. At six currently.

Erotica Book covers

Writers' Cafe / Tips for promoting a Podcast about writing?
« on: July 06, 2014, 12:04:29 pm »
I've been super happy with the downloads of the Indie Book Rebels podcast.

I've got a huge show coming up this week and feel guilty that, with rare exception, I never get any listeners calling in live to speak with the guests.

The show is coming fast, this Thursday, Simon Whistler (Rocking Self Publishing Podcast) and Bryan Cohen (Sell More Books Podcast.) on Podcasting to Indie Authors

Anyone got suggestions for how I can get interested people to tune in live during the show, maybe also how to reach/promote outside of kboards?

Writers' Cafe / What's your take on Fan Fiction / Kindle Worlds?
« on: July 03, 2014, 01:14:14 am »
What's your take on Fan Fiction / Kindle Worlds?

Just very curious...  8)

Writers' Cafe / How important is the first line?
« on: July 02, 2014, 08:27:31 pm »
Is the first line of a novel really all that important? Do readers who have been tempted by a blurb, or a book cover, actually put a book down because they didn't think the first line grabbed them enough?

Have you ever put down a book after reading the first line, or conversely, kept reading because of the first line?

What exactly is an 'Alpha Male' and have you ever put one in your book(s)?

I see the 'alpha male' listed in mostly romance and erotica books, but I'm wondering if they show up in other genre's as well - even if they are not described as such in title or blurb or keywords.

In your opinion - what makes an Alpha and Alpha? Are there books with Alpha females?

Is there any demand for the 'non-alpha' Main Character?

The Book Corner / Have you ever bought a book from a Content Farmer?
« on: July 02, 2014, 09:34:48 am »
I was researching books written about famous people by Indie Authors and came across a bunch of bad reviews for a book on a popular singer, Ariana Grande and got curious about the concept of books made straight from Wikipedia and found this article, E Books the New Frontier for Content Farms and it got me wondering...

How do people react when they buy one of these books. Is it obvious it's farmed content?

Have you ever bought a book from a Content Farmer? If so - how did you react?

Writers' Cafe / How many scenes in a chapter?
« on: July 01, 2014, 04:59:40 pm »
I'm outlining a romance novel idea that sort of came to me when I pried myself away from kboards for a few hours today... and now that I've written out the opening scenes, I'm trying to decide if they should all be in one chapter, or in several, or what?

How do you decide how many scenes go in a chapter?

How long should the 'typical' chapter be - if there are any rules.

Here's the word count of my scenes (not fully hashed out, but described) in order

Scene 1 - 700 words MC meets Guy (he's a dick, she treats him like you'd treat a dick, turns out he's the boss)

Scene 2 - 500 words MC finds out from co-worker how she F'd up, goes home expecting to be fired

Scene 3 - 800 words MC get's called into work early, goes to HR, instead of getting fired, she's been reassigned as the Boss's new Personal Assistant, finds box in her room (a hotel room) - she works in a hotel - with a note.

Scene 4 - 700 words - MC opens box, stunned by contents, needs to consult with Concierge friend for advice on her first assignment

Scene 5 - 800 words - MC tells Concierge friend her situation, shows him the note from the box and gets advice on solving the problem, but only come up with a possible solution

Scene 6 - 600 words - MC runs into boss who's impatient about her solving problem, she says it's solved, even though it isn't, hoping Concierge's plan will work

Scene 7 - 800 words - MC returns to the hotel, the plan worked, but her phone had died and Concierge friend is freaking because the 'boss' has been trying to reach her for hours. She leaves her phone downstairs to get charged and goes to the main suite. Boss is inside with some important people, they don't want her there but HE insists, so she has to hear about this problem he's dealing with.

Scene 8 - 600 words - He apologizes for putting her through that, notices how she looks in the new uniform, informs her she's to be at his beck and call 24/7, then steps into the bathroom and comes out a few minutes later in a bathrobe, announces he's going for a swim, and expects to see her 'availability on the yellow legal pad' when he returns. (she's smitten - of course, even though he's a jerk!)

So, each of these scenes aren't fully written, so they'll probably double in length. Should they each be their own chapter or???

Thanks for your help! (I love kBoards!)

Writers' Cafe / Where do you go for Flash Fiction?
« on: June 30, 2014, 09:51:03 pm »
I'd like to create a list of sites/blogs/online journals that either are all about Flash Fiction.

I'm looking for sites that provide challenges, contests, prompts, strategies or just plain publish Flash Fiction.

Here's one I've found.

Freeze Frame Fiction Journal
--Brand new, they actually pay tiny amount for the accepted submissions.

Critique Your Writing by P.N. Elrod

(Don't just read that image, but check out the page. The tone is extremely pretentious and all, I get that - however, the suggestions at the bottom as to 'what not to do,' seem useful enough that I'm bookmarking this post so I can refer back to them. Especially the tip about not having character names that all sound the same, or start with the same starting letter, or are a similar length. I hadn't thought of that before.)

I think I tried to make an italic, using "Control I" but slipped and hit something else, and ever since I have this annoying extra window on the right side. I can't find the X to shut it. Any idea?

Writers' Cafe / How do you write when you're depressed?
« on: June 27, 2014, 05:40:51 pm »
I'm down for whatever reason. Can't seem to summon the energy to write. It all seems pointless. Any tips?

Writers' Cafe / Do people self-publish from Prison?
« on: June 25, 2014, 03:16:51 pm »
Anyone know of or heard of any authors publishing books from behind bars?

Writers' Cafe / How to promote KDP Select Free Days?
« on: June 25, 2014, 09:57:51 am »
What's the latest wisdom for promoting KDP Select Free Days?

Does someone have the email for requesting the discounted BKknights Fiverr deal? (and a link to the More Praise for BKknights' tread - I tried search, but couldn't find it)


(I've got a short story published, and so far no sales...) - so I'm trying the free promotion days.

Here's the latest version of my paragraph. Does this work? Am I formatting the thought correctly?

The woman helped the old man out of the car and into his wheel chair.  As she pushed him down the concrete walkway, the old man kept his head down. He didnít want anyone on the street to notice him. Iím never going to get used to this darn contraption, he thought. Itís proof of my cursed, pathetic life!

I've been ordering a lot of erotica lately (for research purposes only, don't you know) and I always check out the back matter to see what kind of mail list signup system the author has.

One author didn't have a sign-up list at the back, just a simple request to communicate via email.

You know, some people like to get in contact with story writers, tell them their fantasies, even talk dirty a little. If you want to do that, you can always reach me at (email). I love hearing the sexy, naughty thoughts my fans have. It always inspires me to write more.

I guess, once a reader starts communicating with an author via email, you've 'captured their email' and can move them to a bcc list. Is this common?  Anyone else do something like this (with or without the invite to talk dirty?)


Writers' Cafe / Anyone want a free ad spot? (limited time and space)
« on: June 22, 2014, 12:01:46 pm »
I've looking to fill a few free ad spots for the podcast. I have 4 now, and will accept another 3 or so.

Basically, all you need to do is reply to this thread that you want one - then message me. I'll send you an email for you to send your recorded spot. Use audacity or wavepad to record a promo that basically follows this format.

"This is "Your Name," author of "Latest Book," a "genre or series description" and "I am an INDIE BOOK REBEL!"

So, if it was me, I'd say....

"This is Arrington Flynn, author of the upcoming Mosaic Witch, Paranormal Chic Lit Series and I'm an Indie Book Rebel!"

Once I get these in, I'll randomly pick one to play in the middle of a podcast or two, and you'll get a little exposure as people listen to the shows.

Currently, we've had over 1000 downloads and we're growing every day.

I only want about 3 or 4 more of these, so hurry if you're interested.

Later, once the show really takes off - only guests will get to have the privilege of an "I'm an Indie Book Rebel" spot for free, and I'll start charging everyone else.

Writers' Cafe / Please help me polish my blurb
« on: June 21, 2014, 10:00:05 am »
I'm hosting Mark Gardner on Tuesday to help him get the word out about his Kickstarter campaign, and learn more about his other books.

I wrote this blurb for the show description.

Can you guys help me polish it?

Also - I can change the title of the podcast as well after IBR#8..:
Indie Book Rebels #8 - Writing Fiction & Crowdfunding - Mark Gardner

Writing fiction is challenging enough. But when the story is out on the page, the editing is complete, the cover perfected, a self-publishing author's job has just begun. Instead of just handing the book off to a publisher and letting them work on getting the book into the distribution pipeline, an indie author is also in charge of marketing their book. The whole process from beginning to end, with editing, cover design and marketing costs, can put an author into debt with no guarantee that book sales will take off. More and more authors are turning to Crowdfunding to offset some of their personal financial risks, by asking the crowd to help launch their latest book.

In this episode of Indie Book Rebels we're going to talk with author Mark Gardner who's in the middle of his first crowdfunding campaign to raise both funds and awareness of his newest fantasy novel Champion Standing.

Go here to contribute to the Kickstarter Campaign for Champion Standing

Show link:

If this has already been discussed, forgive me.

A very intriguing additional distribution site if your book is photo/image/illustration centric, or cries out to be in hardcover.

Heard about it from here:  - there's a podcast, I'll get to....

....indie author can sell their beautifully made print books in any store across the globe with the press of a button using Blurbís easy to use book creation tool. Imagine the possibilities not only for childrenís book authors, graphic novelists and comic books artists, but for independent authors of all genres to create rare editions of their books at various price points...

Art & Photography Books - like "Alien Sex"

Children't Books - like "Francine & Matt"

Coffee Table Book

Build the book....

Sell on

With Direct Sell, you decide what the markup is over the base price of your book, and you keep 100% of the profit for a printed book (or 80% of the price you set for an ebook). We take care of the entire e-commerce flow and give you tools to track your book sales. And every month you clear a certain level of profit, we'll send you the money via PayPal. It really is that easy.

Limited Competition

Have you ever posted your work for critique on Scribophile?

I've been over there checking out the site and there are a ton of writer's having their WIPs critiqued, or 'work shopped', on a chapter by chapter basis.

If you've ever used that site - what experiences did you have?

I was checking out some of my future guests for the podcast and noticed that William Richards' books can be purchased using Bitcoin.

Now, I don't have a single Bitcoin to my name, but at a networking event recently, I learned that apparently it's a big deal to those who are into it, to shop and buy things from business and other places that accept Bitcoins. Perhaps having your book in one of these Bitcoin directories is a smart way to expand readership?

Thoughts? Anyone tried this? Anyone use Bitcoins themselves to buy things - if so, what kinds of things?

Today at 3pm Pacific, be sure to join us as we speak with kboard authors' Jolie Du Pre and Marilyn Vix about writing paranormal fiction.

Episode #6 Indie Book Rebels - Paranormal Shows, 1 of 2

VM Black & Lola StVil will be talking about writing Paranormal Fiction on Indie Book Rebels #7 this Friday.

Love to have you call in live during the show.

Or, feel free to reply to this thread if you have any questions you'd like me to ask.

Has anyone ever received income from the ACX Bounty program?

You can getóor splitóa $50 bonus payment if a qualifying audiobook you produce through ACX is the first purchase by an AudibleListener member!

Tell your friends. Use your online social network to tell everyone you know and earn --$100, $1000, or more. Your viral marketing drives how much you make.

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