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After The Days Of Infamy is an Alternate History Novel spanning the late 1920s into 1944. It will be the initial book in a three book series. I am a Naval History buff and the author/publisher of the Greatest Generation Novel BB-39, and several hard SF Books.
This book departs from reality with the 1932 discovery of helium on the Japanese island of Hokido. A secret agreement between Japan and Germany results in a technology exchange that enables Japan to develop a fleet of huge airship aircraft carriers.
The two attacks on December Seventh are made by over 300 planes from a fleet of four airship carriers. By the end of that week, a series of devastating strikes up and down the West Coast leave the aircraft, shipbuilding, and marine industries in ruins.
This story does not include steam punk, fantasy, time travel, magic, elves or faeries. It does include some adult content, as well as fictional actions by the USS Fletcher and the USS Iowa. The deviations from historic technologies are based on what could have been accomplished with the availability of helium and a push in that direction.
After The Days Of Infamy is now available in Print and Kindle eBook forms from 

Writers' Cafe / BookShots, a New Niche??
« on: September 04, 2017, 11:19:06 am »
My wife is also an insatiable reader, who keeps a list of new releases at our local public library. I usually go by there weekly, to drop off and pick up our reading material for the following week. Yesterday, one of her new books was a soft cover by James Patterson, that was only 5" X 7" X <0.5". It was in the Women's Murder Club Series, one of my wife's favorites, and only 125 pages. She read it in an afternoon and found it a fast paced thriller which followed the series, but, the story quickly came to a climax, without the number of false trails that would usually be followed before the real killer was exposed.

She was surprised and asked me if the BookShot format was something new. I had never seen it before, and was curious, and found that Patterson and his publisher were committed to creating a new Niche. The BookShots format is less than 150-page Novella's that sell in printed form for under $5.00.

They released several books in this format, by Patterson and Company, plus several from Romance authors from the same publisher this June. They have several more in the pipeline. They are currently selling them online in eBook and print formats. They said the ultimate goal is to have widespread outlets once occupied by pulp fiction paperbacks (supermarkets, drug stores, etc.).

I had not considered offering my novellas in print, except as a bundled series. I wonder if this print format could become the next big thing.

What are your thoughts on this concept?

Writers' Cafe / Second Time Around
« on: July 23, 2017, 02:10:36 pm »
After retiring for the 4th time I dusted off an old file and published a novel that I started in the late 80's. I made a lot of newbie errors and received a handful of justifiably poor reviews.

After another million words, and nine other better books, I recently completed an extensive rewrite and edit process, and re-published it in both print and Kindle formats. I also reclassified it as Young Adult Hard Science Fiction, since it does not contain the degree of adult content of my other books.


After the Star Fell is a Young Adult Science Fiction Novel set 3000 years after a large asteroid was sent to impact the earth. In orbit, survivor descendants, of three space stations, watch, as two groups of humans claw their way back toward civilization. When they rediscover radio, the aliens will detect them and send another asteroid, as they have done several times in the past.

The space station inhabitants lost their ability to withstand Earth’s gravity many generations before. In a desperate attempt to forestall the inevitable, two survivors of the unsuccessful space defense battle are revived from a 3000-year cold sleep and sent back to earth.  This is their story.

I plan to send Advance Review Copies to some of my beta readers, and anyone here who requests it, in the hope of gaining some decent reviews before embarking on any paid promotions.

My question for my fellow KB'rs is:

Am I wasting my time and money?

I haven't done much in the way of promotion on any of my books yet, but plan to start soon. I don't want this book setting in my account with the worst reviews and no sales. If I can't turn it around, I'll have to kill it.

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