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Writers' Cafe / Lesfic Authors & Readers Party
« on: December 30, 2016, 08:28:59 am »
Hi guys.

I'm hosting a lesfic Facebook party on Sunday, January 8, 1pm - 11pm EST.  We've got 10 great authors participating, several of whom have had #1 Amazon bestsellers, and at least one who's won a GCLS award.  Authors will be giving away ebooks, Amazon gift cards, and paperbacks.  Please spread the word far and wide to anyone you know who might be interested!

Here's the link:

Writers' Cafe / Amazon Giveth; Amazon Taketh Away
« on: April 22, 2015, 04:28:33 am »
Hi guys!

So my book The Portal and the Panther was doing pretty well as a perma-free title.  Then without explanation, Amazon reverted the price to 99 cents a few days ago.  No prices changed anywhere else (it's free on Kobo and Play), and the downloads were (relatively) strong and driving sales for book 2, so I don't know why Amazon had a change of heart.

Is this a common thing for Amazon to do?  Is there anything I can do to keep my perma-free perma-free? 


Introductions & Welcomes / Greetings from down South
« on: February 17, 2015, 04:22:30 am »
I'm feeling bad for all of you 'Mericans above the Mason-Dixon today.  Here in Columbia, SC, we missed the buckets of snow you got and just enjoyed a drizzle of rain...

I've never been a big forum person, but here I am anyway.  In December I published the first two novels in my YA fantasy series.  It's hard to say if they're "doing well" or not, having nothing to compare it to, but they are selling a few copies each day, which I suppose is a place to start.  Regardless, I wanted to get into the KBoards community to meet other indies and improve my understanding of the industry.

So thanks for having me, and I hope that wherever you are, you're warm!

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