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"Can this really be the remains of an angel? And, if it is, shouldn't we all tremble in anticipation of what awaits at our end?”

The Lord of Always is available on Amazon Kindle for .99c/.99p - promo applies July 14th-21st. Also available to read for *Free* with Kindle Unlimited.

Heavenly Hosts are descending, and they are about to go all Old Testament on our asses!

The Book Bazaar / Gloop! - is *free* on June 25th/26th
« on: June 25, 2020, 12:21:54 pm »
Gloop! is a fifteen thousand word novella. It's currently *Free* on Amazon Kindle - promo applies June 25th & 26th. Also available through Kindle Unlimited.

Alice Cluer has a secret friend...

The Bones of Morden Gray came out in paperback on April 14th, and I launched the Kindle edition on June 1st. The book sits firmly in the Horror Genre, and the following results apply only to the Kindle book launch. Hopefully there'll be a few bones worth picking for you guys and gals.

I decided to set the book as available to preorder for four weeks prior to the June 1st release, with a few promotions staggered into this period.

Preorder Promotions & Results

BKnights, May 2nd - 33 copies sold. Very happy with this as the promo cost under $10.

Bargain Booksy, May 12th - Interesting side note, Booksy contacted me and asked me to defer the promotion as they believe their preorder promotions are never quite so effective as when live. I declined as just wanted to keep the preorder edition moving. Any bump in sales was a good thing at this stage. End results - 73 copies sold. Super impressed with Booksy!

Book Doggy, May 20th - 40 copies sold. Once again, very pleased given the cost of the promotion.

Price Dropped Books, May 30th - a total bust. Literally, no sales. I didn't realize at the point of booking, but these are the same people as Genre Pulse. I'll get back to this further down the page, suffice to say the ad garnered nine clicks - not sales, but clicks! Which doesn't really stack up well when you look at the other figures.

June 1st and Onwards.

Awesome Gang and social media., June 1st - 16 copies sold. Disappointing results given the work I'd put in. The only previous time I used Awesome Gang (three years ago) I saw modest but worthwhile returns. This time, I suspect they never garnered any sales.

June 2nd, more social media. 12 copies sold.

Many Books and Ereader IQ, June 3rd - Total of 44 copies sold, and this put me at #1 in Hot New Releases Horror.

Fussy Librarian, June 4th - 61 copies sold. Good old Fussy. Always worth a punt.

Robin Reads, June 5th - Footnote: I applied to ENT for the same date, hoping to double-bubble on the sales, but unfortunately they declined the dates allinging to my promo. 55 copies sold.

FKBT, June 6th - 20 copies sold.

Genre Pulse, June 7th - I know, right? Although, to be fair, I have previously had good results with GP. Anyhow, 7 copies sold - although 4 of those copies were showing on the dashboard before GP ran their ad. :-[

At this point I lost the #1 position on Amazon

Book Runes, June 8th - 7 copies sold.

And so we get to the UGLY!

AKA. Choosy Bookworm, also booked for June 8th, but with alternative dates of June 8th,9th,10th, with my promo ending at midnight on June 10th. They took payment immediately for the ad, and have pretty much spammed my inbox from every day since, pleading, begging, telling me how much more I should use their services - including their failed review service.
However, and here's the rub, they failed to run the ad.

Despite three follow-up emails, all I have received back from them are automated responses from 'Jay' telling me how busy he is, and that he receives hundreds of emails each day - which I can only assume are mostly complaints about his companies shoddy service.

To further rub salt in the wound, they finally ran the ad on Friday, June 12th, almost thirty-eight hours after my promo finished. The book had reverted from the .99c sale price to $4.99, and consequently the Choosy Bookworm ad garnered no sales - the six sales I registered that day were all showing on the dashboard prior to their ad running.

I've since emailed the elusive Jay, telling him that if I don't receive notice of a refund before end of business today I will take things down the official route. I'm not expecting a reply as he's probably too busy to respond.

So, in summary, what started out as a very enjoyable launch was soured by a very poor experience over the final days. Please, feel free to pick the bones out of this, and hopefully some of these sites will prove worthwhile for you. YMMV - although there's enough here to advise you who to avoid.

The Book Bazaar / Carmilla: A Dark Fugue - *Free* to download
« on: June 13, 2020, 01:51:04 am »
  Carmilla: A Dark Fugue is a short standalone to the Novel Carmilla: The Wolves of Styria. It can be read and enjoyed independently of the novel, and is currently free to download on multiple platforms.

Such deeds as these he has undertaken, did I ever truly know the man?

The Book Bazaar / New release: The Bones of Morden Gray - .99c/.99p
« on: May 27, 2020, 08:09:37 am »
The Bones of Morden Gray lands on Amazon on Monday June 1st, and can be picked up for the pre-order price of .99c/.99p The paperback is available now for $12.99/£9.95

It was just supposed to be a bit of fun...

An out of hours visit to a remote funeral home. A depraved undertaker whose predilections go beyond a desire to resurrect the dead. A murdered girl bonded to the fiend who stole her life. And a desperate son on the verge of discovering a terrible secret about his missing mother…

When the dead rise.

When perennial slacker Timothy Harker is forced into accepting a job as a junior undertaker, he soon becomes convinced that the building in which he works is haunted. He sets up six friends for a late night visit, planning a series of pranks aimed at terrifying his companions.

It’s time to run.

It doesn’t take long for them to prove the building is haunted, but there is far more to fear than the unfortunate souls trapped within the borders of Gray, Skies and Toliver.
In a house of pain, horror and death, seven friends fight for survival, banding together in order to uncover long-buried secrets, and to reveal the dreadful truth about the bones of Morden Gray.

Writers' Cafe / I didn't think we could do this?
« on: July 20, 2018, 05:49:27 am »
I didn't think we could do this? (Warning, Amazon link to boobs and bits!) :

Sorry, link removed as we cannot directly link to NSFW content.  Those interested can go to Amazon and search for the author Kumar Jackson

Writers' Cafe / Seeking blurb advice & opinions.
« on: June 25, 2018, 06:30:13 am »
Okay, so I decided to let my muse run wild. :-X Anyhow, the result is a hybrid Dark Fantasy/Horror/Weird Fiction/Cosmic Horror/Love Story. I know, sounds like a bad business model, right?
Still, it's written now, although Christ knows how I'll market it. The story is loosely based around Gnostic teachings, wherein our world is overseen by a Demiurge. The closest thing I could compare the story with is The Scarlet Gospels, at least in tone.

Do either of these blurbs work? Is there enough meat on the bones? Help, advice, please?

Can this really be the remains of an angel? And if it is shouldn’t we all tremble in anticipation of what awaits at our end?

For Frank and Roz Tanner, booking a honeymoon at Penhale House, set amid beautiful Cornish landscapes, should have been the perfect getaway.

But the house sits on a nexus point; a gateway to demonic realms.

Amid a turbulence of twisting realities, and facing legions of fallen angels and nightmarish servitors, Frank and Roz become separated.

Frank turns to a local pensioner for assistance. But the enigmatic George Smoke is a man who offers more questions than answers.

Confronted by fallen gods and cosmic abominations, Frank faces a battle for his wife’s soul. It seems a fight he is destined to lose… but he must succeed. Saving Roz is the key to everything.

Can this really be the remains of an angel? And if it is shouldn’t we all tremble in anticipation of what awaits at our end?
Frank Tanner is in a war he cannot win. Then he rediscovers the pouch, the one buried away in the back of the dresser for more than fifty years, and the memories he buried with it.
As he studies the marble sized object within the bag, it rekindles thoughts of a different time; of those early years with Roz, their honeymoon in Cornwall, and the enigmatic George Smoke. As the ties binding Frank’s memories continue to unravel, he remembers the nightmare of Penhale House, built on a nexus point to hellish domains, and the desperate fight for Roz’s soul.
In those dark days past, confronted by fallen gods and cosmic horrors; theirs had seemed a fight destined for failure. But they did survive. They survived the impossible.
Frank Tanner may be losing his mind... but he can still dare to hope.

Is anyone else seeing this? Every page I look at I'm seeing the top spots being dominated by new releases (highlighted as Just Released or Recently Released). Is this a new feature, or am I just slow on the uptake?

AMS was already feeling like a money pit. I've halted most of my ads. The two I have left were running at 26% and 56% consistently for many months. I follow all of the top tips - except 'publish regularly' - yet the last eight weeks has seen them crash to 63% and 93%. I know they've been published a fair while but something has clicked fairly recently on Amazon, because my visibility has crashed through the floor. All of which may be nothing at all to do with this latest change, but I needed to vent. ;)

Nightlife is a 7,500 word horror short, *Free* to download on Amazon Kindle. Promo applies February 5th/6th.
Jason Briggs has fallen out with his girlfriend and fought with his mates. All he had wanted was a fun night on the town. Now, things are about to go from bad to worse.

Dark Albion is a collection of eight twisted tales, involving bizarre science, government conspiracies, ghosts, and a family of shape-shifting rarities. The collection also includes the Amazon Best-selling novella, The Boy on the Beach. The Kindle edition is priced $2.99/£1.99, or can be read free with Kindle Unlimited.
There is also a Goodreads Giveaway running for the chance to win a *signed* copy of this book. Giveaway closes midnight January 15, 2018.

Mary Webb has uncovered evidence of something too crazy to be true; the conspiracy theorists are right, the human race is being ruled over by a secret cabal of reptilian shape-shifters.
It seems insane. But Mary has proof the threat is real.
Should she run the story, or just bury it and get on with her life?
And can she stay alive long enough to make a decision, either way?

The Boy on the Beach is a dark mystery rooted in folklore and mythology. The novella reached #1 in the Amazon UK Horror Chart (paid), and is currently *Free* to download on Kindle. Promo runs December 19th-21st.

When Juliet Carlson escapes her husband's latest brutal outburst, she hopes to find solace on the cool sands of an isolated beach. But once Juliet strays too close to the water's edge, a horrifying truth is revealed.
She is not alone on these sands, and if she survives this night the world will change forever.

"The child has been torn asunder, and those kneeling beside him,
bodies stained crimson in the moonlight, they plunge
head first into the breach; the girl, with a mouth wider than her face,
is first to draw her prize, and as she turns to face me, a loop of something dragged between her teeth,
her face is blood on snow, and her eyes black death."

Writers' Cafe / AMS: No Data Available. Anyone Else?
« on: September 20, 2017, 12:28:14 pm »
So my (modestly consistent) borrows crashed today. Checked my dashboard to see which ads needed tweaking, and nothing, nada, zilch! I don't even have any books listed on the dash. Everything is blank. I'm guessing it's a bug that will get sorted, but is anyone else affected?

The Damnation Game is currently priced .99c/.99p on Amazon, or read *Free* with Kindle unlimited. Promo price applies August 18th-23rd.

The living and the dead reside in separate houses; but the walls are wafer thin.

Kate Stringer is a woman in mourning, her murdered husband the latest victim of the notorious Catholic Jack slayer. A nationwide manhunt remains underway, but the serial killer continues to remain elusive. Now, unknown to her, Kate too has been targeted by the maniac. However, other forces are in play. Things moving in the shadows, with an agenda of their own...

From those broken places, where trauma and distress cloister, they watch with accusing eyes. And if they judge us, they may look to share their pain.

The Book Bazaar / Carmilla: The Wolves of Styria
« on: August 11, 2017, 04:13:08 am »
Carmilla: The Wolves of Styria is priced $2.99/£1.99 on Amazon, or read *Free* with Kindle Unlimited.

When fate draws together the lives of two young women, their mutual attraction quickly flourishes into a bond which threatens the boundaries of social etiquette in 1860’s Styria.
As their relationship continues to develop further, they remain oblivious to the growing terror which surrounds them, as throughout the province other young women begin dying in mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile, others are falling victim to the apparently random attacks of a rampaging pack of wolves. When, finally the truth is revealed, the scene is set for a battle between two ancient evils.

Please note: This derivative novel is a re-imagining of J. S. Le Fanu's original novella, Carmilla, and introduces an array of new characters and plot-lines. For anyone wishing to check out this new world imagining, Carmilla: A Dark Fugue is a standalone short that runs parallel to events in the novel, and can be read for *Free* as an introduction to the savagery and tragedy unfolding in this world.

The Book Bazaar / Big Bad: *Free* eBook on Amazon
« on: July 18, 2017, 10:58:57 am »
If you like Kindle horror that delivers a 'bite', then now might be the time to download a copy of Big Bad. The short is available for *Free* between July 18-20th, and is currently sitting in the *Top 100 Free Downloads* over at Amazon UK. You can pick up a copy via the links below:

The Book Bazaar / The Cthulhu Child
« on: June 30, 2017, 03:16:18 am »
The Cthulhu Child.

The time of the Old Gods is all but forgotten, blurred by the shifting mists of history.
Fast forward to today, and a wrong turn on a country lane is about to expose Jennifer Bueller, and her daughter Megan, to an unpleasant truth: Yes, times have changed, but even ancient deities will adapt in order to survive.

Abandoned space gods, an unfaithful husband, a sociopath rapist, and a broken society with a social welfare system that presents horrors of its own; lastly, though by no means least in this eclectic collection of stories, a flash fiction homage to James Herbert, featuring his most frightening creation.

The Strange Case at Misty Ridge was released on April 19th, and is available via Amazon (including Kindle Unlimited).

The dead are never still, they exist just beyond the corners of our eye, in the barren wasteland beyond our own phantasmagoria, and we, for the most part, remain oblivious to their plight.
When a young woman turns up at Jack Keswick's door, claiming her home is infested with troublesome spirits, his investigation leads to a haunted cottage, the restless dead, and the revelation of a maleficent force that will forever change his perception of reality.

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