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Fourteen months ago I released my first book into KU without any audience and it took off by word of mouth. I was new to the writing world, shocked at the unexpected popularity of the book, and had no idea what to do to engage readers. It took me several months to figure out I needed a Facebook page and MailChimp list and although I've accumulated an engaged, organic following in the past ten months (~2000), I missed out on a large number of potential readers for the series I created months after Cake took off. I often hear from early readers that they've stumbled onto my second and third books and that they had no idea I had a series. By marketing Cake, I'm able to reach new readers, but what I'm wondering is if there's a way to reach the 'old' ones who might be interested to know I have turned the first book into a series. Any ideas?

Writers' Cafe / Should I release finished book or wait for audiobook?
« on: June 26, 2017, 01:33:12 am »
Just seeking advice about my upcoming release. I have book three edited and ready to release. Problem is I have my narrators lined up to begin recording July 3rd. Audiobook production generally takes two weeks and then another week or two to make it through ACX. I was advised by my narrator to release everything together for maximum effect in audiobook sales but that would mean sitting on a finished book for another month.
My first two audiobooks released months after the ebooks and both did well despite the extended time between ebook and audiobook release but I didn't have a choice those times since my narrators have long wait lists. This time I booked them when I was only halfway done with the manuscript so now I have the chance to release everything together but I'm not sure I should. Any advice would be appreciated.

Writers' Cafe / "Look Inside" issue
« on: February 14, 2017, 12:27:40 am »
Is anyone else having trouble bring up the 'Look Inside" feature? It gets stuck on loading and eventually comes up with an error message. Not sure if it is just my computer or what.

Writers' Cafe / Audiobook Piracy
« on: February 10, 2017, 08:32:45 pm »
When I typed in my audibook in yahoo search to see if a blogger had posted a review, I noticed my audiobook pop up in videos. i clicked on it and was surprised when it took me to Youtube where six separate videos (by two different posters) were all uploaded within the past month, and had over 2700 views. I'm new to the audiobook world but am I correct in assuming that this is copyright infringement? I own the audiobook and I did not give my permission for it to be used. I reported the six videos to Youtube but am wondering how they were allowed to be put up there in the first place. Did they have to claim to be me?
Has anyone else had this issue and did Youtube remove the audiobook?

Writers' Cafe / Does anyone sell copies of their own signed books?
« on: January 23, 2017, 09:37:51 pm »
Occasionally I receive requests from fans for a signed copy of my debut book. Not knowing exactly how to handle this, in the past, I've just sent out a signed copy for free. That was when it was rare to receive such a request, but now they are coming in more frequently and I can't just keep sending them out because the cost will add up. One fan asked if I had a website where I sell signed copies. I don't. Nor am I a big enough name to join a book signing tour. So my question is how do others handle this request?

Writers' Cafe / Has Audible finally shut down gifting your own promo codes?
« on: December 14, 2016, 06:01:08 pm »
I understand that it's technically not allowed to redeem your audiobook promo codes then gift them to another but it seems many authors do it anyway. Yesterday I was attempting to do just that (for the first time) and the promo code I entered was denied. I also noticed the youtube video describing how to gift an audiobook is gone. Anyone else have this issue?

Writers' Cafe / All Star Bonus Email
« on: September 20, 2016, 09:20:26 pm »
Just wondering if anyone expecting a bonus for August has received an email.

Writers' Cafe / Show Don't Tell? How important is it?
« on: August 27, 2016, 10:46:48 pm »
I'm a new indie author with a debut novel released three months ago. It has been doing quite well. I'm not a trained writer and just wrote my book for fun. On a whim, I released it (I know, sorry) and was surprised by the positive response. I now have hundreds of reviews and a few of the 'contructive criticism' ones complain that I 'tell' instead of 'show'. Most of these reviews come from other writers who are REALLY unhappy with my lack of classic writing skills. Sorry ::)
Honestly, I wasn't actively trying to 'tell' my story. I'm just not a schooled writer and can't remember the rules I learned in my college creative writing class twenty years ago. As a reader, I've never been a fan of showy books, so when I sat down to write my own novel, I just penned the story I'd want to read. And, interestingly enough, there seem to be a LOT of readers out there like me. The vast majority of my reviews don't mention, or even seem to notice, this flaw in my writing and are focused solely on the characters and the story.
My question is, how important do you think the 'show don't tell' writing rule is for the average reader?

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