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Hi all.

I'm poking around the KDP dashboard. I need to generate a year-to-date 2020, and a full-year 2019 sales report for each of my titles on Amazon. But, I can only see the option to do monthly or only 90 days back.

Am I missing something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Writers' Cafe / How do I make a group ad for my entire series on AMS?
« on: June 09, 2020, 04:26:20 pm »
Okay. I'm having trouble. I have seen AMS ads --one ad, for multiple books in the same series. I've also overheard authors talking about it, but when I am in the AMS dashboard, I get lost.

How on earth do I set up a single ad for multiple books in the same series? I have been through the FAQs and I have poked around on the dash, but I feel like there is something I'm missing.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi all!

I have set up a month-long Valentine's themed sale for romance box sets in February.

If you'd like to be included, the box set must be on sale (preferably $4 or less) for the entire month of February.

This is a promo for romance box sets or stories with a very strong romance subplot. It must have a strong fantasy or supernatural element as well.

Preference given to paranormal romance, fantasy and urban fantasy. There's no minimum newsletter size, however, everyone is required to share  in their newsletters and social media at least once during the promotion. No erotica please.

Hi all.

We are running a 99 cent promotion running Dec. 26 to Dec. 31 for 99 cent ebooks that are are supernatural/paranormal/magical AND funny.

The humor and comedy should be a central part of your story.

We ask that you share to your mailing list (size doesn't matter, as long as you share), and to your social media accounts, and that your book be 99 cents during the promotion window. Thanks!

I must be missing something.

I have been using Book Report with KDP for years. Now, I am trying to connect it to my Author Central Account. I go to settings, but when I hover over the button that says to connect, it won't let me click or connect.

We've done everything we can think of. We've removed, then reinstalled Book Report. We've logged in and out of KDP and Author Central.
I've gone into extensions and scanned for updates. All updated.

Nothing works.

Is there something I'm missing?

I'm using Chrome.

24/7 Demon Mart: The Graveyard Shift
A frightfully funny comedy.

Lloyd Wallace is the most clueless crossing guard the intersection of hell and earth has ever seen. So clueless, that he doesn't even realize the beer cave in the corner store where he works is the gateway to hell.

The gate needs a hero, but Lloyd's a zero, a loser with a capital L. He's ten thousand dollars in debt and lives with his parents. He's been fired from every job he's ever had. He was the first thing his ex-girlfriend tossed to the curb when she upgraded her life.

He had no money and no prospects until the night he accidentally slayed a one-eyed tentacle monster hellbent on world domination. And, impressed by his pure heart and bravery, the suave but devilish owner of the 24/7 Dairy Mart gave Lloyd a job.

His coworkers—a karate-chopping bombshell and a talking roach with a really bad attitude—need Lloyd's help to keep the demons in line. Can he man up and become a world-saving hero? Or, will he remain a couch-surfing zero? The fate of the world is on the line. What could go wrong?

24/7 Demon Mart is a new horror-comedy / humorous fantasy series for fans of A. Lee Martinez (Gil's All-fright Diner), David Wong (John Dies at the End), Tom Holt, Christopher Moore (Practical Demonkeeping), Mark Cain (Circles in Hell series), and Heide Goody (Clovenhoof).

If you love Exorcist-level demon vomit, brooding Lovecraftian hell monsters, and plenty of laughs, this novel is for you. The Graveyard Shift is the first book in the 24/7 Demon Mart horror-comedy and dark satire fantasy series.

Get it on Amazon (ebook and paperback):
Or, at Barnes & Noble (paperback):

Hello all!

I've created a StoryOrigin promo for KU comedy/humor/satire books in the horror and fantasy genres. (As long as it's funny and has magic or supernatural elements...) The goal is visibility, page reads, and to create a community of us in this niche market who can (hopefully) work together in the future. The promo runs from Oct. 31 to Nov. 29. Books in KU are eligible, even at full price, and there is no minimum mailing list size. If you're a close genre match, please join us!

Writers' Cafe / Review tools on StoryOrigin
« on: September 29, 2019, 07:48:58 am »
Those of you who have used the reviewers tools on Story Origin:

How do reviewers discover your book page?

Do you have to advertise it to your own list or join a group review promo to get eyes on it?
Is there a way for StoryOrigin review reader to see it otherwise?

There is no FAQ on the site to walk me through this.


I had a summer-long free run and have raised the price of my ebook back to normal on all other retailers. Despite updating my book and pricing information, Amazon will not raise it back to list price. It's still free.

Any ideas? Any tips or tricks?

Writers' Cafe / Bookbub has a competitor now?
« on: August 22, 2019, 05:35:56 am »
ran across an ad for

Checked it out. They are presenting themselves as a competitor to Bookbub (at least on the reader end.)
Owned by Open Road Media. Information on that company says it was started by Jane Friedman, who is rather reputable in trad and indie pub circles.

Any thoughts? Looks like they are mostly shilling their own titles right now.

Writers' Cafe / Are there any horror comedy/ funny fantasy writers here?
« on: August 20, 2019, 06:02:31 am »
Hey all. I am STILL looking for horror comedy and comedy fantasy authors who are interested in forming a community and working together on promotions and more. We are a small niche and a small community, so I'd love to meet others and join forces. A rising tide lifts all boats! If you're interested, post on this thread or PM me and we can figure out the best ways to form a group and communicate!


Hi all.

Are there any other indie horror comedy writers here? (think books like: John Dies at the End, Practical Demonkeeping. Authors like A. Lee Martinez and Christopher Moore.)  If so, reply here. I'm hoping we can create a team and work together on fun and targeted promotions, etc. to build each other up in this niche market. I'm thinking Story Origin promos together, blog tours with each other, newsletter swaps, and whatever else we can come up with.

Yes, in my signature, my first series is UF. Ignore that. My new series is straight up horror comedy, and that's the direction my career is taking me for the foreseeable future.

Writers' Cafe / Looking for summer newsletter swaps for UF, PNR
« on: June 10, 2019, 07:37:47 am »
Hi all.

I'm looking for newsletter swaps for my free first in trilogy YA Urban Fantasy. I need

1. A wide, free or 99 cent UF, PNR (YA or NA preferred but adult works too, just not too steamy) to include in my welcome sequence to new subs (que of 350 people waiting.) I offer something by another author in this because I don't have enough of a back catalog to use solely my own books.

2. I have a newsletter going out around July 3 and am looking for one or two free or 99 cent books to include along with my update.

My book is free all summer, and any newsletter send between now and August works for me. My NL is 900 (not including the new folks of 350 plus) and is well scrubbed and managed.

PM me!

Writers' Cafe / Build your own BookBub for YA Urban Fantasy.
« on: June 07, 2019, 05:39:17 am »
Hello all. This is my version of a post that I once read here that has since been deleted. I found it very useful. I hope my experience can help some of you.

I am at the tail end of a "Build Your Own Bookbub" experiment, where I attempted to cobble together an effective free run for book 1 in a now-complete trilogy. (Free run on Jess, Rising, Book 1 of YA urban fantasy trilogy. Book 3 came out in April.)

Goals: To get book 1 into the hands of as many readers as possible. To jumpstart-start the series and give it one real chance. To remind people I'm still out here writing, after a year between releases due to stupid cancer. To gain some followers on wide sides. (I just went wide.)

So here's what I did:
This is the book's first and only free run thus far. I didn't put it in YA categories for promo, opting instead for the fantasy categories. The results by date are Zon only. Wide results in the wrap up for each week at the end. (I hope this helps you in your journey.)

May 13: sent newsletter announcing sale to mailing list of 518 people, posted notice on my blog.
Free downloads: 59
Sales of books 2/3: 2

May 14: Discount Book Man ($0), BookRaid (pay per click, $20 max)/ReadingDeals (free)
Free downloads: 649
Sales of books 2/3: 0
(honestly, this number blew my mind considering these weren't what I'd consider my strongest promo outlets.)

May 15: Fussy Librarian ($28)/ ManyBooks ($29)
Found out Zon didn't price match to free in Canada or Australia.
Free downloads: 809
Sales of books 2/3: 5
*Best day on Kobo: 68 downloads*

May 16: GenrePulse ($17), fantasy category/ Ereader News Today ($40) paranormal cat/ BookDoggy ($18)
(Price now free in Canada and Australia!)
Free downloads: 1,078
Sales of books 2/3: 3
*Kobo: 55 downloads*

May 17: BookCave ($29)/ BookRebel ($31)
Free downloads: 1,093
Sales of books 2/3: 4
*Kobo: 53 downloads*
*Best smashwords day: 10 downloads *
*Nook/Barnes and Noble 44 downloads*

May 18, 19: no promos
Free downloads: Saturday 312, Sunday 121
Sales of books 2/3: 3

*** Week 1 results all retailers***
Free downloads: 4,121
Paid sales book 2/3: 17
Free downloads: 253
Paid sales book 2/3: 0
Free downloads: 155
Paid sales book 2/3: 1
Free downloads:148
Paid sales book 2/3: 4
Free downloads: 127
Paid sales book 2/3: 0
Free downloads: 40
Paid sales book 2/3: 0

Total free downloads: 4,844 
Total paid sales: 22 
Plus, 1 new review on Zon and 3 new ratings on Goodreads.


Week 2 Promo Results

May 20: no promos booked
Free downloads: 95

May 21: Freebooksy ($100)
Free downloads: 1,516
Sales: 1
*Best Nook/ Barnes and Noble day with 65 downloads*

May 22: Robin Reads, ($65)
Free downloads: 1,076
Sales: 2 ebook, 1 paperback

May 23: no promo: Downloads: 241, Sales: 0 (AMS ad started, 2 downloads.) 2 new Amazon reviews, 1 new Goodreads review.
May 24: no promo: Downloads: 92, Sales: 3 , 2 new Goodreads ratings.
May 25: no promo: Downloads: 81, Sales: 0
May 26: no promo: Downloads: 73, Sales: 3 ebooks, 2 paperbacks

*********Week 2 Results, All retailers*************
Free downloads: 3,174
Paid sales book 2/3: 10 ebook, 3 paperback
Free downloads:67
Paid sales book 2/3: 0
Free downloads: 101
Paid sales book 2/3: 2
Free downloads:132
Paid sales book 2/3: 0
Free downloads: 53
Paid sales book 2/3: 3
Free downloads: 5
Paid sales book 2/3: 0

Total free downloads: 3,532
Total paid sales: 15 ebook, 3 paperback

***************Total Promo Results, all retailers****************
Total free downloads: 8,876
Total paid sales: 37 ebook, 3 paperback
New Zon reviews: 6, New Goodreads Ratings: 6, plus ratings on iTunes and GooglePlay.

Total spend: $377
Sales as of 5/26: $78.83 (approx.)
"Loss"= $298.17
Price per download: Paid .033 cents for each free copy I gave away.

Current status: I've decided to keep the book free for the summer. I'm still getting downloads on book 1, and sales of books 2/3.
Sales as of 6/7 (all sites): $153.27

Jess, Redeemed, has arrived, and The Guardians of Salt Creek trilogy is now complete.
Available wide at Amazon:

Writers' Cafe / I'm going wide for the first time, advice welcome.
« on: March 06, 2019, 08:50:20 am »
I've decided it's time to go wide. Why?

I have two books out (third is coming out in April, finishing the trilogy.). My KU borrows and reads have fizzled to nothing.

1. My current (only) trilogy is YA, and YA doesn't seem to do so hot in KU.
2. I get borrows, but those never seem to turn into page reads. So... I'm just languishing unread on people's Kindles.
3. I'm not really making any money in KU or being exclusive to Amazon. Ergo, I have nothing to lose.
4. Outside of KU, I have a lot more flexibility to get eyes on my book. More promo, more places to give it for free if I want to, etc.
5. I want to try something new. Amazon is/was a great place to learn to self-pub and to experiment early on, but wide is a new adventure with more to learn. I'm looking forward to that.

My plan
1. Give the series a slight facelift via a new cover for Book 1.
2. Update backmatter in all books, pushing next in series instead of reviews.
2. Release wide, going direct as much as possible and Draft2Digital for the rest.
3. Release the third and final book in the trilogy (in April).
4. Do a free run with advertising, shortly after book 3 is released in April, to try to get some wide traction. (Will try for Bookbub but still go free without it.) I'm also going to try some Instagram experiments and giveaways to see if they generate buzz. Just experiments. 

For relaunch, I opted for a light makeover, as this is my 'starter' series. I've learned a lot writing and publishing these three books, including cover mistakes. This is the 4th new cover for book 1! I want to give them a better chance in the world, but the wide makeover and relaunch ads are the last makeover they'll likely get. It's time to move on and write a new series in a new universe. And yes, I do think Chris Fox has some sage advice when he suggests all new projects should fit into your author brand, to increase the likelihood of crossover appeal. That nuggest has helped me organize and prioritize the zillion ideas in my head. My next series will be paranormal/supernatural as well, but will be adult.

Going wide is a bit of a headache. It takes time to upload and alter docs
I've hit some hiccups already.
-I got epub error messages from Nook, even though the epub scans showed no errors with the book. I ended up uploading a word doc, and that worked just fine.
-Draft2Digital at first said it couldn't publish because of a metadata error. Turns out there wasn't a space between the D.M. and the Guay in my author name, which was easy to miss given the font they use.
-My books2read universal links didn't work when I checked them in my kindle last night, so I decided to take Patty J's advice and linked directly to the next-in-series book/buy page on my own web site. That seems to work, and looked much better than I thought it would on my kindle screen.

Anyway. If you go wide, know there will be some hiccups, and you will spend a day or two uploading, filling out descriptions, and working through error messages!

I don't expect sales to go gangbusters just because I'm wide, but I'm happy I've done it. I think it'll be a good long-term strategy (as long term as I can be with terminal cancer, but I digress!) I'll keep you updated on how it goes via comments on this post. (Likely starting after the promo in April.)

To start, here is my series cover 1 branding makeover before and after. (It's like the reveal on a makeover show!)

Here is the original series branding:

Here is the series with new cover on book 1:

Any advice on going wide would be appreciated. And, now I'm wondering "How do I make my books free if I get a Bookbub?"

Guess I'll have to learn quickly, won't I?

Writers' Cafe / I've decided to go wide, after much contemplation
« on: January 29, 2019, 09:19:27 am »

I've thought a lot about it and decided it's time to go wide. Why?
1. My current (only) trilogy is YA, and YA doesn't seem to do so hot in KU
2. I get borrows, but those never seem to turn into page reads. So... I'm just languishing unread on people's Kindles
3. So I'm not really making any money in KU or being exclusive to Amazon.
4. I feel I need to be out of KU in order to reach teen readers.

My first book is out of KU as of today, Book 2 will be out on Feb. 3, and then I'm releasing Book 3 hopefully in a month or so (cancer permitting). Book 3 will have never been in KU.

I plan to go direct whenever I can. Enter Overdrive.
Once I'm wide and book 3 is out, I plan to try to apply for a free bookbub on book 1 (if I can get Zon to make it free?? Any tips on that appreciated).

To reach teens I plan to:
1. release book one, one chapter per week, on Wattpad to reach my target teen readers.
2. up my Instagram game. I'm 'releasing' several paperback copies of book one into the wild. Meaning, leaving them places with a note in the front saying it's a free book, if you find it, read it, then leave it somewhere new for someone else to find, and post a pic of where you left it/read it/ found it on Instagram with certain hashtags.

I'm leaving one in Columbus, Ohio and in Honolulu, Hawaii, so it should be interesting to see where those end up and if the pass along game works.

I'm languishing in KU, so I figure I really have nothing to lose by trying wide and hopefully setting book 1 (eventually) to permafree. Plus, I think it will be fun to experiment with novel marketing ideas.  I'm willing to be unconventional if it gets me some eyeballs, so I'll keep you updated.

My next project is adult UF, so my current trilogy is my final and only YA project.

I'll keep you posted, and any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Hey all. I spend a lot of time in the hospital hooked up to IV machines, reading books. I've decided I could better use that time to enjoy indie books while helping other indie authors. I can't rely on Amazon these days to give me good recommendations or help me discover the gems hidden low in the rankings, so I'm turning to you.

I'm looking for indie books I can read, then highlight on my blog and on my Bookbub page. (Yes, I do have a Kindle Unlimited account)

I write paranormal-- romance, UF, ya, and supernatural horror (no slashers)-- and if your books fit into those categories either PM me or post a link to your book here.

If they're a good genre match with the above or just in general look fun, I'll pop them on my kindle, read them, then recommend them via my Bookbub page, my blog, Goodreads, and twitter.

No strings, although if you wanted to do the same for one of mine at some point in the future, I wouldn't complain. I'm planning a couple new releases this year, health willing.

So if you have a book that's foundering in the Amazon phone book and could use a little boost, hit me up!

Writers' Cafe / Here's what happens when you do nothing
« on: December 06, 2018, 10:12:59 am »
As most of you know, the well-planned launch of my indie writing career fizzled last December when I was diagnosed with cancer and became too ill to get off the sofa. At the time, I'd just released my second book, and was halfway through editing the third (last) of the series. I'd mapped out and planned a 4 book release schedule for 2018 and had just begun to build followers for my blog and on bookbub, get reviews on Amazon/ goodreads, and grow my mailing list.

Then it all went to sh*t. I had to step away from the keyboard to fight for my life. I literally have done nothing since. No marketing. No new releases.

But the interesting part? During my year in survival mode, my followers, subscribers, reviews, etc. have increased. They grew slowly and steadily throughout the year. I have many more followers on each platform than I did when I was actively trying to woo them.

My book sales aren't gangbusters, but I get some sales and page reads every month with no promo, and it seems like many of those folks end up following me one place or another. I take that as a compliment.

I admit my numbers are small. Last December, I had 10 Bookbub followers. Now I have 77. I went from 32 fb page followers to 140. My organic mailing list went from 5 to 60. Reviews for book one went from about 7 to 18 on Goodreads and to 14 on Amazon. My blog went from no traffic to steady traffic and I added about 100 twitter followers.

I'm not recommending doing nothing, certainly. But the takeaway might be that if you write solid books that people connect to, even if they don't sell a ton, you'll make real fans along the way ,even if you muck up the marketing part. It's the long game, and each fan adds up!

Writers' Cafe / cancer update, thanks for the support.
« on: November 29, 2018, 11:53:54 am »
Guys. I just wanted to give you an update. It's been 11 months since my diagnosis with stage 4 terminal kidney cancer, and it's been a wild ride. I nearly died, literally, in June, because my cancer meds made my brain swell. I was in the hospital for a total of 13 days that month, three of which I don't remember because I had seizures. Things looked pretty dark then.

But, I started immunotherapy (the guys who developed it just won the nobel prize) and I am happy to announce that my tumor has shrunk nearly 50 percent and has not spread to other areas AND I feel like a normal, not sick person now. It doesn't change the long-term (terminal) ending of my cancer, but I have been given the gift of more time, and the bonus gift of feeling-good time.

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement.

I'm back at writing/editing again and anticipate my next book will be out right after Christmas.

Here was the original thread, which I posted to. I posted this again separately because the original thread's title had  changed.,259761.0.html

Writers' Cafe / Copyright after death?
« on: May 21, 2018, 02:12:16 pm »
Hi y'all. You may know from some other posts that I have stage 4 incurable cancer. I'm essentially a goner.

Here is my question. My will states that any intellectual property will transfer to my husband upon my death. The clause was added so my books don't end up in some legal limbo.

Occasionally, Amazon and Createspace ask for proof of copyright. My will doesn't specify any titles. Should I add some sort of notarized document stating specifically what books/titles/ pen name etc. will transfer to him upon my death. You know, some sort of specific notarized, easy to email one-page document? I want to make it as clear and easy as possible for him to prove copyright ownership should the issue come up again. My will seems to vague.

Hi y'all!

The second book in the Guardians of Salt Creek series is live! If you like Beautiful Creatures, you'll love this new Ya fantasy mystery series. (Check it out on Amazon here:

High school doesn't get any easier after you come back from the dead.

Seventeen-year-old Jess Flowers has come back to life after being brutally murdered. She's saved her friends and her one true love from a vengeful killer. She's ready to start over, move on and leave the horror behind her. But happily ever after? Not even close.

The viper-tongued prom queen is hell-bent on making Jess pay for every life Salt Creek has lost. The freaky new kid seeks sweet revenge. The bloody, violent murder of innocent people hasn't stopped. Another killer is stalking Salt Creek, and it's up to Jess to solve the mystery. She sees clues, in dreams and visions, that others don't.

Jess is a theikos, a race of people who have been endowed with extraordinary powers. She's also the guardian, sworn by fate and oath to protect the town—if she can survive senior year.

Follow along with me as I relaunch my Guardians of Salt Creek Ya PNR/UF book series. Here's the history:

I launched my first book in May and I did everything wrong.
- I had a bad, homemade cover that I thought was awesome.
- I didn't build any sort of an audience leading up to launch. No mailing list, no zon followers. Zip.
- It's a YA series. Yeah. Hard sell, right? But, I'm committed to finishing, then I'll move onto adult.

The second book in the four-book series launches Nov. 11. My goal is to get enough momentum to get the series out of the 'phone book' on Amazon and at least get some legs on it with KENP, some sales, some future fans.

Both books are in KU at the moment.

Here are the cold hard stats on Book 1
Total sales all time: 71 (26 CS paperback, 44 ebooks, 1 BNN paperback)
Total KENP all time: 6,299 (16 whole book reads)
Total reviews:
-Book 1: 11 Amazon, 8 goodreads
-Book 2 reviews: 4 Amazon, 2 Goodreads, from my small ARC team.

I prepared for Book 2 launch by audience building!

Amazon author page followers (estimated): 2,400 via giveaways of my books and other books
Mailing list: 1,500 (super engaged: 224, medium engaged: 403, unengaged: 869, organic:4)
FB fan page: 90
Goodreads followers: 18
BookBub Follows: 1 ! But I'm actually excited about it because it's organic.

The plan:

Book 1: Jess, Rising goes on sale for 99 cents Nov. 12 to Nov. 19.
Book 2: Jess, Resurrected launches as new release at 99 cents Nov. 11
Hired Ya Bound Blog Tours to do a book blast on Book 1 from 11/13 to 11/17

Promos: (Ad for Book 1 at 99 cents, all in YA/Teen categories. All paid promo is on book one in the series.)

11/13 Reign of Reads / AwesomeGang/ ChoosyBookworm / Ebook Armadillo/ MyBookPLace
Sent newsletter to 503/1500 subscribers [/b]
Book 1: 6 sales
Book 2: 5 sales
Goodreads giveaway entries: 734
YA bound entries so far (estimate): 85 people

11/14 GenreCrave / ENT
Sent newsletter to 130 more subscribers

Book 1: 28 sales
Book 2: 12 sales
KENP: 299
YA Bound entries: 157 (approx)
Got No. 1 in one category and briefly got the bestseller tag! Page reads trickling in.

11/15 Ebook Soda / Booksends/ Ereader IQ/ Genrepulse YA
Sent newsletter to 860 unenganged
Book 1: 14 sales
Book 2: 6 sales
KENP: 96
Ya Bound raffle entries: 184 (approx)

11/16 Ereader Cafe
Book 1: 4 sales
Book 2: 3 sales
KENP:  0
Ya Bound Raffle Entries: 225 (approx)

11/17 Price Dropped Books/Just kindle books/ Ereader Nation/ ManyBooks/ Pretty Hot
Book 1: 7 sales
Book 2: 3 sales
KENP: 738

11/18: Regina's NL cross promo for supernatural mysteries
Book 1: 5 sales
Book 2: 3 sales
KENP: 113

Book 2: 1 sale
KENP: 206

Grand total
Book 1: 64 sales
Book 2: 33 sales
KENP: 1758 (309 on book 2)

YA Bound Book Blast raffle entries: 315 people (approx)
BookBub followers: 34
New subscribers to organic mailing list: 9
New members of facebook fan group: 22

Book 1 best rank: 9,970
Book 2 best rank: 19,847

Now falling fast. Alas. No stick, just churn

Book 1: 1 sale
KENP: 488

Book 1: 2 sales
Book 2: 2 sales
KENP: 1618

Book sales: zero
KENP: 317

Book sales zero
KENP: 1048

More TAIL- sales, zero, KENP 11/24-11/27
11/24: 222 KENP
11/25: 238 KENP
11/26: 377 KENP
11/27: 820 KENP
11/28: 180 KENP
11/29: 319 KENP
11/30: 155 KEN

December KENP (no sales)
12/1: 318
12/2: 21
12/3: 87
12/4: 436
12/5: 541
12/6: 13
12/7: 136

Total promotion cost: $521
Total spend on paid newsletters: $266.50
Total YA bound spend: $88 ($63 plus, $25 Sephora gift card as Rafflecopter prize)
Amazon giveaways to build followers: $106.50
Newsletter building giveaways: $60

These costs were spread out over time. I also bought new covers with consistent fonts and branding across the series. These are a huge improvement over my first cover.

-new eyes on the series
-new fans and new followers for later releases.
I'm in this for the long haul, so if I can make each launch better than the last, I'll be satisfied. Of course, I'd also love to sell lots of books, and that is the ultimate goal.

Long term plan:
Book 3 launches Feb. 1, 2018
Book 4 launches in June 2018 (Free run on book 1 then)
New UF series launches Oct. 2018

So follow along with me. This could be a total failure, but it's worth a try, right?

Writers' Cafe / Amazon series page?
« on: November 02, 2017, 04:13:03 pm »
I jsut put book 2 in my series up for preorder. I contacted Amazon and requested that they create a series page for me. I got this email in return, which seemed like an odd email to receive back for that request. Creating a series page isn't a technical issue to investigate, is it? Is this normal?


Thank you for contacting us.

We'll need a little time to look into it. I've reached out to our Technical Team to investigate this issue.

We'll contact you with more information by the end of the day on Thursday, November 9.

Thanks for your patience.

Writers' Cafe / What authors are 'killing it' in YA?
« on: October 19, 2017, 08:04:35 am »
I've heard from many people that it's harder to make it in YA as an indie.

So, I want to know who's doing well in YA?

What has helped you succeed in this part of the market?
How did you reach your readers?
What are the unique challenges of being indie and YA?

Any insight would be very helpful!

I'm currently writing/releasing my first series. It is YA PNR and UF.

Writers' Cafe / Do Book Blitzes, Blog tours, giveaways work?
« on: September 26, 2017, 06:36:35 am »

I'm releasing the second book in my YA UF/PNR series Nov. 15, and I have two questions as I'm planning my launch.

1. Do I have to launch at 99 cents or put the first book on sale to be successful? Is there ever a way off the 99 cent discount train?

2. Do book tours and Book Blitzes actually work? The services seem like they'd be great, but... What is the reality? Does anyone have any experience with that? (A week-long book blitz sounds appealing in theory because I could get more eyeballs on the book and the giveaway.)

3. I have two giveaways planned for this launch. First, I'm giving away 20 copies of the ebook of book 1 in a bid to get more amazon author followers, then after launch, I'm giving away a prize pack with signed paperbacks, Amazon gift card, and a sterling silver necklace linked to the storyline of my book ($100 value total).

How have your giveaways worked out? What did you gain/lose doing them? And what would you do differently next time?

What are your experiences?

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