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Let's Talk Kindle! / Any news about a new bigger Kindle?
« on: March 01, 2017, 01:21:44 pm »
Hi, I am an owner of a Kindle Voyage which is my fourth Kindle :)
Last weekend I saw the Kobo Aura One in a nearby store and I fell in love with it. Wow what a nice big screen!! :-*

Now is my question, is there any news about Kindle that they (will) making a bigger Kindle like the Kobo Aura One?
I love the Kindle software, mailservice etc. (Kindle was my first ereader so I don't know anything else, so don't miss it ;) ) I'm 36 years old and I notice that my eyes prefer a bigger lettertype, but when I change it on my Voyage I have the 'problem' that I often must change the page (duhhhh)
That's why I'm attracted to the Kobo Aura One, it looks great, also the backlight/nightlight option. I think I will downgrade qua software compared with the Kindle but overall I think a lot about buying the Kobo.

So if there is any news about a bigger Kindle I will (maybe) wait for it.

Does anyone know?

Thanks and sorry for my English.....I'm from the Netherlands....

Best regards,

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