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Thank you, Tasche Laine. I'm glad you liked my review. I know you aren't allowed to review Fearless, but please consider passing it on and reviewing someone else on the list. If everyone who receives a review, passes it on, we would all gain something from our experience with the dead Kindle Scout program besides a rejection letter. :)

Absolutely! I couldn't agree more! I have been and am reviewing others here. :)

I completed my first review from this list. I downloaded "CLOSURE" by Tasche Laine from Kindle Unlimited, read it, and placed a review on Amazon. I received an email from Amazon that my review was posted. I just downloaded "Score of Silence" and am beginning to read it. I could really use more reviews for my Kindle Scout rejected book, "FEARLESS" so I'd appreciate having it added to the list. It is available on Kindle Unlimited or I can send an ARC copy to anyone who's interested in reviewing it. Thank you, Terri Proksch (Pen: Terri Luckey)

Thank you very much for the wonderful review Terri Luckey! What a great name!! I would love to help you out with Fearless but I'm not allowed to review yours, since you just reviewed mine. Best of luck to you!  :)


Happy Mother's Day Weekend! CLOSURE is discounted to 99¢ for a limited time. You can pick up a copy today on Amazon!

The Book Bazaar / CLOSURE: based on a true story
« on: May 12, 2018, 05:28:44 pm »
Happy Mother's Day Weekend! CLOSURE is discounted to 99¢ for a limited time. You can pick up a copy today on Amazon!

Books to review:

The books on the top of the list need the most help. (Arranged by lowest review numbers to highest.)

(Mystery/Thriller) - Score Of Silence - M. A. Gardner - in Kindle Unlimited - (Has 0 Reviews)

(Women's Fiction) - Closure - Tasche Laine - in Kindle Unlimited - (Has 5 Reviews)

(Mystery/Thriller) - Secret Of The Lost Key - Paul Kilmartin - in Kindle Unlimited - (Has 1 Reviews)

(Historical Fiction) - No Place In Eden - Hilary Murray - (Has 2 Reviews)

(Dystopian Sci-Fi) - Unimaginary - Patrick Tylee - (Has 3 Reviews)

(Romantic Comedy) - A Return To Fallbrook - T.T. Rankin - in Kindle Unlimited - (Has 5 Reviews)

(Sci-Fi/Space Opera) - Days Until Home - Mark Gardner - in Kindle Unlimited - (Has 5 Reviews)

(Sci-Fi/Superhero) - Sixteen Sunsets - Mark Gardner - in Kindle Unlimited - (Has 9 Reviews)

(Dark Fantasy) - Forged By Fire - Michael Arches - in Kindle Unlimited - (Has 12 Reviews)

(Dystopian) - Atmospheric Pressure - Aaron Frale - In Kindle Unlimited - (Has 15 Reviews)

(Fantasy / Children's) - Shadowbane - Paul Francois - (Has 18 Reviews)

List will be updated once a week.

I tried PMing a couple of people, but the names were 'not found.' How can we find out what the authors call themselves here?

I'm surprised this list is still active. No one has contacted me, and I guess I thought since Kindle Scout is dissolving that this board would probably be forgotten soon. I am still looking for reviews if anyone is interested...

Thank you,


Wow, that explains so much. Good luck to everyone with current campaigns! Maybe they'll go out with a bang and select a bunch to publish at the very end...

Hi, everyone!

I have a question. I'm new, so I apologize if my issue has been addressed elsewhere (I couldn't find it). I received word yesterday that my KS campaign had been accepted, and to check it out prior to launch to make sure there were no problems. Well, I checked it out and my meticulous formatting had been partially undone. I sent a message to KS, but didn't hear back. A few hours later I sent another panicked message, and didn't get a reply. The campaign went live as is--wonky formatting and all. it too late to get them to fix it now that it's live? And how much is bad formatting likely to hurt me (assuming anyone reads the sample at all)?

This is a book that was accepted for publication by a traditional press (I bought it back before it was ever published), was thoroughly and excruciatingly edited, and now looks kind of sloppy and amateurish due to weird paragraphs and chapter headers.  :-[

The Myth of Wile E

They're usually great about fixing errors--even after it goes live. But they don't work Sundays. They'll probably make your fixes tomorrow. No worries :)

HOPPY EASTER WEEKEND! (See what I did there  ;))

I decided to have a virtual book launch party on Facebook Monday. I'll check back in after and let ya know how it went. I'm super nervous!

Also, have you heard of Readers' Favorite? If not, they're worth checking out. They provide Editorial Reviews and they're not as $$pendy as Kirkus. I just received my first FIVE STAR review from them! Here's a link to their site for your convenience:

And here's my review if you're curious:

“Based on a true story, Closure by Tasche Laine follows the story of Tara Carter and Trey Thompson, who grew up together but were separated by unforeseen circumstances. Trey is two months older than Tara, and because their moms were close friends, the kids got to do a lot together. At their tender age, Trey would declare: ‘When I grow up, I’m going to marry Tara!’ But their affection for each other, pure and powerful as could be, would go through the test of time with separation. But they can’t erase the memories of each other, so they keep in contact through letters. It will be twenty years before they get the chance to see each other again.

There is so much beauty in this story and Tasche Laine knows how to help readers connect with some of the moving memories of their childhood. I enjoyed the tone of the story—compelling and clear. It is told in an arresting first person narrative voice—a really irresistible voice—which pulls the reader in and allows them to see events through the eyes of the characters. The use of the epistolary style is skillful and it adds a lot to the story’s development in areas of plot, character, and theme. Closure features very compelling themes, and personal trials and personal development are woven neatly into the story. The themes of family, love, rape, and relationships are well developed in the plot. Readers will be pulled in by the intensity of emotions and the drama that is featured in the writing. It’s a beautiful story, beautifully told.” –Divine Zape, Readers’ Favorite

Have a great weekend!

** Kindle Scout Survivor Books in Need of Reviews **

Books to review:
The books on the top of the list need the most help. (Arranged by lowest review numbers to highest.)

(Mystery/Thriller) - Score Of Silence - M. A. Gardner - in Kindle Unlimited - (Has 0 Reviews)

(Women's Fiction) - Closure - Tasche Laine - in Kindle Unlimited - (Has 0 Reviews)

(Mystery/Thriller) - Secret Of The Lost Key - Paul Kilmartin - in Kindle Unlimited - (Has 1 Reviews)

(Historical Fiction) - No Place In Eden - Hilary Murray - (Has 2 Reviews)

(Dystopian Sci-Fi) - Unimaginary - Patrick Tylee - (Has 3 Reviews)

(Romantic Comedy) - A Return To Fallbrook - T.T. Rankin - in Kindle Unlimited - (Has 5 Reviews)

(Sci-Fi/Space Opera) - Days Until Home - Mark Gardner - in Kindle Unlimited - (Has 5 Reviews)

List will be updated once a week.

Thank you for doing this for us CF!  My paperback is live, so I can receive reviews now. My ebook is in pre-order and launches April 2nd. The paperback doesn't seem to be visible to the public yet, so here is that link:

If you'd like to review CLOSURE before April 2nd, just email me and I will send you a free pdf or epub. My email is:  [email protected]

Should I mention that I'm nervous for this launch?? (FIRST book jitters!!)

Thank you to everyone on here! I've been gleaning great advice from these threads! :)


Ruth - thanks for nominating TUNING IN!

just two days left - I'm on pins and needles - really appreciate everyone's support on here :)

(and, two slots opened for me so I nominated Once in an Olive Moon and On Holy Ground)

Hey everyone, I've been staying active with the nominations. It's been fun to support fellow writers when I can be on the sidelines and not so invested! I keep my slots full, just don't announce it every time. But I have to say, I WANT TO READ TUNING IN! If you haven't yet, do yourself a favor and check this out! Good luck Richard! They have to publish something eventually or scouts will stop participating--it might as well be yours! (and should be)  ;D


Liked, but don't hold your breath that they'll leave you alone.

Thank you! I reached 100. :)  And thanks for the warning. Haha. Good ol' Facebook

I Liked your page, but you may still keep getting messages. Just ignore them. I remember when I was at about 350 likes I got a message saying, "You're almost at 500 Likes, promote your page."  LOL

Ugh. Good to know. Thank you Kay! It is kind of funny though... Facebook tells us not to SPAM, and then they SPAM us! Whatever. LOL

I tend to believe entering and not winning transmits a negative message to readers/nominators.  Most have no clue as to how difficult it is to get a publisher. The only thing to combat that would be to give a free book to everyone who nominated it,  Good Luck to All, Dan

That's my fear too. Which is why I'm leaving my friends and family alone for the moment. My own dad asked why my book wasn't good enough for kp. How do you answer that?

So . . . I know this isn't the forum for this, but you guys are so great I'm putting it out there anyway. I have a new author page on FB and I keep getting ridiculous SPAM notifications from FB to boost my page and that I don't have enough 'likes.' A friend said that once she got to 100 likes, FB left her alone. I'm at 96 right now. I only need FOUR more. So, are 4 of you willing to 'like' my author page so FB will leave me alone? Pretty please? Oh, and I'll like yours too if you want! :)  Here's the link:

Thank you!

It took them 4 days to send out the email for my book after I notified them it was ready. I think I let them know on a Thursday or Friday, so it may be that they don't send out notifications over the weekend.

Thanks, that's helpful. :)

I put my book on Amazon for pre-order yesterday. I notified Kindle Scout. They still haven't emailed my nominators and notified them. Do they not work weekends? Anyone know how this works? (she shouted into the abyss...)

If you're interested, here's the link for CLOSURE:

Thanks guys! I love reading this thread, you guys are the best! :)

I wonder if someone could clarify a couple of points that have been mentioned in this thread.

What exactly does being Shortlisted mean?

Are the only potential selections by KS those novels that were shortlisted?

Do only shortlisted selections get feedback or do all novels submitted prior to 2/28 receive feedback in rejection letter?

I was not shortlisted but sincerely hoped to be provided feedback in my inevitable rejection letter as I have seen good insights from KS in those letters people have bravely posted.

Shortlisted books are the ones that got the editors attention because they received many nominations and were in H & T often.

Yes, as far as I know, only the shortlisted selections received feedback.

However, KP has been known to publish selections that were not H&T, but it is my understanding that being H&T helps get their attention, as they do not read all submissions.

Hope that helps,


I had the same experience with doing a pre-order. When it was finally released, it ended up as a #! new release it its category. Having individual sales spread over that same time would not have accomplished the same thing. But when all your pre-order sales are tallied when you release, it makes a difference.

This was helpful, thank you for your input! :)


I have seen comments for and against the pre-order strategy but I've never done this before so I'm not sure whether it was the right thing to do. What I did know was that I wanted to get that "The book is now for sale" email out to people as soon after my campaign closed as possible. In some ways I was lucky that they rejected it so quickly!

Because my feedback only pointed out a couple of small updates I allowed myself two weeks to get it done and one extra week of wiggle room. I received just under 50 pre-orders yesterday, I assume they all have come from Scout (or from fellow authors here), and the book raced to #1 in the new releases of the coveted Historical Middle Eastern Fiction category (!) so I feel pretty good about the choice.

#1 in your genre--wow, that's great! You should feel good about that! Thanks for the info, very helpful.

I have an author/friend, who has also been working on a 'memoir' that she's calling fiction...and it's under a fictitious name.  When she publishes, it will probably be under the pen name for the memoir.

Huh, that's an option I hadn't considered. Thanks  :)


The thread isn't as active as it used to be, but there is a ton of information about marketing your book post-Scout on the thread I created after my first campaign back in 2016.,243477.0.html

Thank you Kay! That's a great thread, thank you for starting it--I posted in there over a week ago. And yes, it is a lot of information to process. I find your posts very informative and helpful. Thanks so much! I see you're already up and running--good for you! My book isn't ready yet. I decided to incorporate some of the changes I got in my feedback email before I publish.

Looks like I've got a bit of work ahead of me. Deep breath. Here we go!


First off: thank you, everyone, for your kind words. This is a great community.

@Walter, this feedback from the KS team mirrors what I heard from a couple of traditional publishers/agents I spoke to. They couldn't see an obvious market for it, which I why I went indie, and why I balked at the one trad deal I was offered -- I didn't think the terms I was presented were ever going to work. Kay's comment is dead-on: you don't want to get stuck with a company that doesn't know what to do with you.

Right now I'm working on Book Two. I'll independently release Book One (pre-order is already up on Amazon; will launch on the 26th) and I'm working on setting up an independent publishing company, similar to Amber Cove, which was created by another user on these forums. I'm sure there are lots of authors who find the indie space overwhelming and are looking for someone who will help back their work.

JT, Sorry to hear KP didn't select your book. I was gone 8 days and am playing catch up now. What's their deal? (rhetorical) They haven't published ANYTHING since Feb 9th! I noticed a few of us who were in the campaign together (like Kay and Jill) already put their books out there, but that you chose to put yours up for pre-order. How does that work? I haven't self-published yet, this is all new to me, so is it beneficial to do a pre-order? Does that generate buzz? Get reviews?

I have to make some changes on mine before I release it. So, potentially, could I put it on Amazon now as a pre-order and keep making my changes? That way, the readers who nominated my book get a published by date, instead of just forgetting about me while I make my changes and then I publish it at some unknown date in the future...  Sorry, sort of thinking out loud here. Haha. Any tips you could give would be great. Thanks :)


Tasche: I thought your story was very sweet, and I look forward to reading it when you publish.

Thank you Trisha, that means a lot. I just got back from being off the grid for 8 days... now it's time to roll up my sleeves and get on with it. I'm making some changes before I publish so it won't be available immediately. I have a lot to learn about self publishing too!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Kindle Scout experiences & Nomination Requests (MERGED)
« on: February 28, 2018, 10:25:36 am »
Because we all like to analyze Kindle Scout's mysterious procedures, I'm sharing this information. I noted all fifteen books with campaigns ending the same day as mine so I could see how long everyone spent in the waiting room. Mine got the axe first thing the following morning (Friday) although it still shows In Review. I forget to check Saturday, but by Sunday evening, three books had disappeared from the website. Monday, Tasche reported her book had been rejected, but like me she's still showing "In Review." Tuesday, another book was rejected and disappeared.

It's strange that some are rejected, and notices go out immediately, but some are rejected and remain In Review. Maybe the editors leave shortlisted books on the site as a courtesy? While in stealth-rejection mode, I've published the paperback, sent out a few ARCs, and prepared my next newsletter. I'll tell newsletter subscribers the book was rejected, but I'm not posting on my Facebook author page until Amazon sends the "not selected" email. The longer they delay, the more I'm getting done. Twelve days seems to be about the maximum books go without changing status, so I'm guessing Tasche and I see a status change by March 6th.

Thank you for sharing that with us, Kay. I found it very helpful! Especially how you're choosing to publish and launch... since this is my first rodeo, I'm a bit nervous. I know next to nothing about marketing but am reading books and learning rapidly. I don't have an email list, newsletter, or fan base so this should be 'interesting' to say the least.

I'm choosing to do some rewriting, per the editors feedback, but first I'm taking a week off--sort of a forced vacation away from it. I'm flying down to CA to celebrate my daughter's 20th birthday with her, leaving today. I might even go dark! (shocker!)

Take care & good luck with your launch,


My debut book was rejected by KS yesterday. It was also rejected by 28 agents (who never requested the ms, they rejected the query letter). The problem is, it's a memoir disguised as fiction--and I break some genre rules. If I truly want to market it as fiction, I need to add more dialogue and actually 'fictionalize' more of it. I thought if I left it the way it is and just said "based on a true story" that would work, but not according to the feedback I got from the KS editors. So, here's where I'm stuck... I seem unwilling to depart from the truth, yet equally unwilling to use my own name (the protagonist, aka me, has a fictitious name. I'm told you can't do that with memoir, it makes it less credible). Now I feel that if I release it as fiction--as it is--I'll get raked over the coals, because it doesn't follow true fiction elements.

Looks like rewrites are in my immediate future.

Thanks for letting me think out loud.


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