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Writers' Cafe / I give up
« on: August 14, 2020, 02:33:10 pm »
Being wide that is.

At this point, for 99% normie authors being wide simply doesn't make any sense anymore. The difference between Amazon sales vs sales at other retailers is ridiculous. Also book discoverability at retailers like Apple, B&N and Kobo is simply pathetic.

My experience being wide has really been a disappointment. I still think Amazon having this much power is not good for us in the long term, but in the mean time, we have bills to pay.

Just wanted to rant and vent.  :(

Hey guys and gals since Apple has now opened up their portal for PC users, I am going direct with them. When uploading through D2D or Smashwords, the book goes live almost instantly (even for erotic Romance). Whatever delay happens, it happens on the aggregator's end but almost none on Apple's end. But the 10-15% cut the aggregators take is adding up fast, so I am taking the plunge to go direct.

Any idea how long it takes Apple to review erotic Romance titles these days? I am talking about typical Amazon Genre Romance, not hard core erotica. All the info I found by searching this board are years old now...

Any information will be appreciated :)

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