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Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: August 08, 2020, 01:34:13 am »
Good morning. It is nice in here with the windows open, AC off and fan on. We had some rain and thunderstorms Friday evening. This was after I'd used the exercise bike and gathered my laundry together with the intention of dropping it off at the laundromat. They are open until 10pm but I didn't want to get it wet. The thunder started while I was in the shower.

I waited until 11pm to take the garbage out. There were at least 8 people outside without masks, some with drinks and appearing to be at a party. The super was also out there gathering up garbage and recycling. I gave them the evil eye. My building is not a bar or restaurant.

Received 3 Talenti coupons in the mail today. Each one is for a free pint (maximum value 5.99). I'll use one at a time at Whole Foods. They have the lowest prices on Talenti and a good variety. They expire in November. Good excuse to start buying now. This was the only good mail of the week. I'm missing two New Yorker magazines. They usually came on Tuesdays. Something going on with the mail, worse than it was a few months ago when so many carriers were getting sick.

Hope you enjoy Saturday and stay safe.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: August 06, 2020, 02:40:05 am »
I just finished an audio book. I haven't listened to many of those but started an Audible account in February. I prefer reading on kindle though.

Telracs, it would have been hard for me not to know we were in Isaias' path with the Echo speaker having the yellow ring light notifications too many times. I have to ask what my notifications are in order to turn off the yellow light. It kept moving the tropical storm watch 30 minutes further on for the start and finish of the storm. I ended up unplugging the two Echoes. I didn't want to turn off notifications, because they tell me if something is being delivered that day (from Amazon, of course) or if it has been delivered (then I know it is downstairs and I can pick up). I also watch some local TV on NY1 (all news and weather) and listen to the radio.

Got up very late again on Wednesday because I'd gone to bed at 9am. I was so glad to get outside this evening while it was still light, because I'd been in since Sunday. I went to the wine store, Amish Market and Westerly (Westerly for wipes, which I never needed but found them to be convenient for quick cleaning). I saw a white deli cat on 9th Avenue between 51st and 52nd. Are you familiar with the sidewalk openings to a store's cellar? This white cat likes to sit either on the top stair or just outside of it. Hadn't seen her for months. There was an article in a local, which is a magazine for Hell's Kitchen, that was about the sidewalk repair policy in the city. There was a photo in it with the same 9th Ave. white deli cat. I took a couple of pictures of the cat when I saw it tonight, posted to facebook. The article stated that the city had been responsible for doing sidewalk repairs and replacements until Bloomberg changed it so that private establishments had to do the work, so it's not getting done as often. It was more about it creating a worse situation for commuters who walk or use public transportation as opposed to having cars or car service. I never would have thought of that. I opened the article for the picture of the cat. In case anyone is interested, I'm posting links. I just noticed the white cat has some gray on his head.  Hope this link will open the photo from the magazine:

and this one opens one of the photos I took of the same cat:

This is the article in

I will check to see if the links work after I post.

It is nice and comfortable now at 75 degrees, with windows open, fan on and no AC. I hope Napcat's AC is working well now! Have a great, safe day.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: August 05, 2020, 02:12:58 am »
Good morning.

Loonlover, is TSC Tractor Supply Company? (I did a google search and that looked like it might fit).

Andra, thanks about staying safe on east coast. We survived. It's hard to tell how bad it was from here and I did not go out all day. I heard it start raining at 11:30am and then poured for just a while. I looked out back at the trees that were blowing but not as hard as it was out in the open. These trees are between our building the taller one behind us (about 12 stories).

I think I mentioned that my super had told me Saturday that a next door couple had bedbugs, had the apartment treated and an inspector was coming to check it on Tuesday and that they were going to check my place as well. I was nervous about it but it worked out fine. I'd had little sleep when the woman came with a black bedbug detector dog! She was wearing a mask and I put one on too. The dog sniffed around myi apartment and did not find any. He only looks for bedbugs, not anything else (I told the inspector that I'd had a water bug a few days ago but it walked on a sticky trap, so that was the end of him.) Then she said. you're find, no bedbugs. I asked her what he would have done if there were any and she said "he sits down." They left, I was relieved but could not go back to sleep.

At noon I watched a little TV. The Mayor was having a press conference about the resignation of the health director, Oxiris Barbot. Watched some updates about the storm Isaias. Went back to bed at 1 and that was it for the day. Got up the latest ever:  7:45PM. Used the bike.  Stayed in for 2nd day in a row.

I wish you all a safe, good Wednesday. (Tuesday seemed like Saturday to me. Some of our recent big storms have been on Saturdays.)

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: August 02, 2020, 10:48:46 pm »
Hi and good morning.

I did not pull the sofa out. Got up so late and used the exercise bike and soon after went to the market (Morton Williams on 9th) to get some necessities. I seem to run out of bottled lemon juice a lot these days. I watched Perry Mason. I'm in the homestretch of a book about my father's WWII fighter group (359th in Europe). Going to go read now.

In our area we are anticipating the arrival of tropical storm Isaia (how did they pick that name and the pronunciation on the TV had me stunned). Expecting it early Tuesday, just before the bedbug man comes (from my previous post and I don't see or feel any!) It was quite humid and hot Sunday evening but below 90.

Have a good day

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: August 02, 2020, 01:14:36 am »
I had a strange day on Saturday. The super called after 11am and I did not pick up. Forgot to turn off the ringer when I went to bed a few hours earlier. I called him back much later on. I kept dreaming or was half asleep thinking his last name. Weird. He said that 4C next door had bedbugs, had their apartment treated for it but the place is coming back Tuesday morning to inspect it and they want to look at my apartment.  Yuck. I have not seen or felt any indication of bedbugs. Been lax with housecleaning though and no one comes by normally. I did some super cleaning in the bedroom this evening. It knocked me out. Mostly swiffering and using wet wipes to go over the floor and other surfaces. Before that I vacuumed the carpet in living room with small shop vac. Just don't feel like taking out the big vacuum.

Thinking that  should pull out the sofa in the living room tomorrow and clean behind it. Haven't done it in some years.

When I had a mouse two years ago, I was afraid to move the sofa because I had the idea he was living back there. He'd come out from that side of the room and run across to the other then run along the brick wall. I told the super I didn't think there were any bugs, except for one waterbug (yuck again) the other night that walked onto a sticky trap -- DEAD. I had run after it but was too slow and after a few minutes he walked on the sticky trap. Super said "that's different." I keep two sticky traps flat on the floor on the windows side, just in case of a mouse (mice). The last time I saw the one two years ago (who stayed for months) i had an encounter after I sprayed peppermint spray near baseboards. While I did that it ran out from the side of the stove and I went after him with the peppermint spray. Never saw him again, so I think he left. A friend told me if there is one that there are more, but I'd only seen one. I had also set regular traps and didn't catch it (had the sticky ones made into little boxes, and that's no good, they hop over them). Exterminator came and set up new traps that it never went into, but by that time I never saw it again.

In addition to this stress, I saw a link to two NY Times stories in May about rats. One was about an increase in rats all over the country going after each other because their restaurant garbage was not available. They might have just attacked the garbage in front of residences. My super told me there was much more garbage and recycling during these months. The other rat article was about NYC. I already knew that they are everywhere here if you go out walking at 1am (which I no longer do since retirement) and particularly in the subway.

Last night I had some of the Talenti gelato that I wrote about a few days ago and it was delicious. Belgian Chocolate.

If you got this far, thank you and I'm sorry about all the gross. I write things here that I would never write on facebook!  Have a good Sunday. Storms are predicted here.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: July 30, 2020, 10:03:14 pm »
Thursday Talenti responded to my message on facebook. They said they were sorry that I couldn't open the container and asked me to give them the bar code #, the name of the store and the sell by date and my address. I tried again before I responded to them with the information. I couldn't turn it and once again ran the top under warm or hot water and then I opened it. I told them that I opened it but that I'd given it a good try the night before. Maybe they will send me a coupon for a free or discounted one.

This evening I went out around 10pm, since I had not been out all day. Bought blueberries, raspberries, ginger and cherries at a street produce vendor on Broadway and 63rd Street. Broadway was closed to vehicles, because they were paving the uptown side. On the way home I stopped at CVS and bought a container of Edy's chocolate chip mint. I've been noticing lately that some stores sell certain flavors for $1.20 less (vanilla, for example). There was no sale on Edy's, but I got 35% off with coupon they'd sent me online. The store was nice and empty, almost 11pm. I saw the deli cat on the way home (she was inside the closed deli) and the palm reader's cat. On my block there is the deli, barber shop and palm reader are in a row one after the other. The rest of the block is all residential and there are apartments over those businesses.

We have been promised by weathermen that the heat wave will break and the high on Friday will be 81 in New York City. Supposed to be good for a week.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: July 30, 2020, 12:25:58 pm »

mlewis, I probably would have gotten a hammer out and just broken the plastic, screw on top of the Talenti! It has that plastic film after you get the top off, doesn't it?  You wouldn't have to worry about getting in plastic bits in the gelato. Then you have an excuse you eat the whole thing so you don't have to put some other covering on it when you're done. :D

Crebel, I like the way you think!

It is 90 degrees here now. I got very little sleep (left the AC on but was uncomfortable anyway) and had a 2pm call with an advisor. I had John Lewis's funeral on the TV with the sound off and turned the sound on after the call was over. I was surprised that it was still on and thought it had started at 11am. I have recorded from 11a-1p but haven't looked at it. I have Mets baseball on now. Might have to take a nap.

Hope everyone is doing well today.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: July 30, 2020, 12:38:13 am »
I think paying with cash is going out and rushed by the virus. I noticed a small bakery today that had a sign in the window "no cash."

Crebel, you made me laugh.

Loonlover, my caffeine of choice is Diet Pepsi. I gave it up two years ago for a while. Then I was careful about how much I drank. Now I don't care. I just don't drink it at night. I never owned a coffee maker. Used to keep instant coffee in the refrigerator in case it was needed. Main reason is that I don't drink it often and a lack of counter space. There is one other reason from pre-2000 that I won't mention.

I just tried to open a jar of Talenti gelato (Belgian Chocolate). In the past when I couldn't open it, I ran the top under water (warm or cold, didn't matter). I tapped on the side of the top and ran water several times and gave up. My wrist is unhappy with the effort. I wrote on their facebook page to ask for help. Once in the past, they sent me a coupon when this happened. The consolation tonight was that I had some vanilla Edy's. I was going to have them both in a mug.

Heat wave goes on. It just made it up to 90 today. My AC worked better today because I left it on while sleeping. It was in mid-80s when I went out at 7:30. Just awful. I did a few errands and went home. Wine store on 10th Ave. and Amish Market on 9th. 9th was rocking. Wednesday night. Not only the outdoor tables of restaurants, but people walking there like they did pre-Covid. At one point I stopped to let about 8 people by and said something about the crowd.

81 degrees now at 3:30, going up to 91 later. Today Echo told me to enjoy the sunshine (after I asked for the time). I said "Alexa, it is too hot out" and she said "I don't know that one." I said "you don't know much."

I wish you all a good day.

I got my new Fire HD 8 Plus (32GB) last Friday. I like it but had forgotten how awful the facebook app is, particularly when reading and responding to comments. Have to keep pushing the back arrow to go back afterwards. Also scrolls down slowly compared with my laptop or iphone. I am reading a book on it that has pictures (mostly text though). I hope to use it for Netflix and other streaming now and then in the bedroom where there is no TV. The Fintie cover is good, lightweight and less than half the price of the Amazon cover.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: July 29, 2020, 02:22:06 am »
Good morning.  Our heat wave has been going on two weeks, although there was a break last Saturday when I could open the window but still used the AC.

I had to change the battery in my smoke detector last year because of the chirping, but then it chirped some more. I bought new batteries, but it still chirped. Showed it to the super. It didn't chirp for a few minutes while he was here and after he left it started again. The managing agent provided the smoke detector (this is the 2nd one I've had) but won't buy another. I turned the battery around and it was quiet, but it is probably not working. I cannot handle that noise. Once a long, long time ago (in the '80s) the one in my parents' house was chirping and my father refused to take the battery out until he got around to buying a new battery and he was not in a  hurry to do that. I wanted to scream.

I stayed in Sunday and Monday. Got up very late those days and used the exercise bike. I needed a walk though to stretch out my legs. I got a walk in Tuesday evening to go to Whole Foods. Needed more things at Rite Aid but brought the food home first so the milk would not go bad from the heat. I got in 3 miles just doing those errands. Used the indoor bike earlier.

I still have not gone to CityMD for covid test. I'm hearing there is a long wait, more than a week, for results, so I don't want to go. I needed it to schedule my breathing test at the hospital, but I could put that off.

I've been watching some baseball. I was a good Mets fan in the '80s (easy when they were good). Went to a lot of games then. When watching on TV, the announcers help to make it good. ESPN the other night was boring and they were losing by a lot. When they are on SNY, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling are on with Gary Cohen. I am trying to watch more now in case we don't have it soon, considering all the Covid cases on the Florida Marlins.

When I was working on Maiden Lane (2014-18), we could see the Statue of Liberty from the offices on the west side of the floors. Our word processing office had no windows though. The best views were of the Brooklyn Bridge on the East River from a conference room. We were on the 39th Floor.

The Fire 8 HD and Plus are on sale now. I do not now for how long though.  The plus with 32 GB is $80 and the regular 8 HD is $60. It is not a must-have for me, but I just found last night that my Fire HDX 8.9" not only won't hold a charge, but the glass has popped out on each side and I can't get it back in. It happened while it was just sitting there charging.  I had not used it for a long time. I wanted to look at pictures in a book I'm reading. I should trade in but am lazy about waiting for them to evaluate it after I ship. I would like to just send two of my three fires in for a gift card, but they don't do it that way.

The 8HD Plus with 64 GB is still not available until August 5th.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: July 22, 2020, 09:24:48 pm »
Happy Birthday, Telracs! Sorry that I did not realize it on the day (the 21st?). I have 3 friends whose birthdays are July 22nd. One of them in NYC I called last night (Tuesday) although I was not feeling well. Felt better during first part of conversation. (I have trouble now with long phone calls because of my earaches). I had not called her for 2 months, because i cannot get off the phone with her until I say I HAVE TO GO!!! Decided to call to say happy birthday and limit to 15 minutes. Talked 3 hours. I had said I have to go a number of times during the time we were on the phone. Finally, my phone conked out, battery very low. Last year we went to a Broadway show after going through standing room line (Book of Mormon a week before I went to Salt Lake City for flute convention).

Cheers to Crebel for your son's negative covid test.

I stayed in two days in a row. Used the Lifecycle. We had a tremendous thunder storm Tuesday evening and it lasted a long time. It was so dark out at 6:45 and never got light again. I didn't even check mail downstairs. Played flute for 45 minutes tonight.

Napcat, I have a shop vac that I bought this year. I saw it online as a remedy for pulling something out of the sink. There was a moisturizer clear cap that fell down there and was still there after a year! It worked and came right out. It could use a longer electrical cord and extension wand (they have the wands on Amazon). Now I know how to handle a very small animal if necessary. In 2018 after a lot of May rain there was a mouse in my apartment and it didn't leave until months later. Now and then I would see it run across the room at 4am and then do the run along the wall. I used sticky traps but should have laid them flat. I made the boxes and then I heard that they just run over them. My super told me to make a tent of them, and that did not work. Later I put out snap mouse traps with peanut butter. An exterminator came and set his traps with bread but I never caught it. He told me the sticky traps only work flat. I put two out in corners and never saw it again after 10/18, so it must have left. I was a mess from that, very edgy and lost sleep (usually saw it before I went to bed). It was at the time I had a pulmonary embolism and I was nervous anyway. One thing good in this unpleasant time is that there have been no rodents or other creatures so far. I still keep two sticky traps out and change them now and then, just in case.

Monday early AM (before bed) my slow drain in the tub backed up when I used the bathroom sink. I was upset and had my ENT doctor appointment later that day. Had to bail out the tub after a shower. I called the super Monday. He came and fixed and I got him to change the shower head. I bought a new one in January and never put it in. Now I love my shower. These days supers are not doing anything in apartments except for emergencies. This was one.

It got up to at least 94 on Tuesday. Now 75 degrees, humidity 87%. Going up to 91 later today.  Have a good day, everyone.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: July 21, 2020, 02:27:33 am »
Good morning. I hope everyone is well and that all covid tests come out negative. I haven't had mine yet but need to get on the stick for it so I can have the breathing test at Mount Sinai West.

I went to see ENT doctor Monday with my audiology test in hand. He explained how much hearing loss, although he didn't use numbers and I don't see them on the report. Just that my hearing is probably fine in the activities I'm doing now, but if I went to a party or noisy indoor restaurant I might not hear a conversation a few feet away. I guess it was good to know this, but I was there about ear pain and had to let him know that. He was the one who wanted the hearing test and I only got it so that he would treat me for pain. Now he says for first time it is TMJ syndrome. I was incredulous but polite. I told him then why if I let too many hours (say 8) go by without 2 Advil,I have ear pain, sometimes 6 hours or less. He said that shows that it is TMJ if Advil helps! He suggested that if it doesn't improve or gets worse that I see an oral surgeon and he gave me a name. I am trying to believe it now in the hope that I can find something online. A few months ago I saw a video for musicians about massaging the jaw for TMJ. Maybe there are more. My jaw doesn't hurt though. He did see a bit of ear wax and he removed it (from the "bad" ear), and that also gave me some hope that I'd feel better, even though it was very unpleasant. It's been years since a doctor had to remove wax.

Telracs, the outdoor table configurations on 8th, 9th and 10th Avenues are all different. They are using the street now (even while traffic goes by and 9th Avenue has the water main equipment pens out there in the street. So you can get a table almost flush up with an equipment pen chain link fence. Some have the street tables and sidewalk tables. Most of the ones that have both have the sidewalk tables up against the restaurant. The Chinese restaurant Mee Noodle Shop at 53rd/9th only has takeout and no tables outside. This leads me to believe that the table service is not all that profitable, since there are not as many tables out there as they used to have inside.

When I got home this afternoon, there was the jury summons in the mailbox. I was thinking all the way upstairs about the sore throat or sniffles I am going to have on whatever the date is. Then I saw that it's August 12th at 1:30pm and started to consider it more realistically as maybe I could do this. But it's GRAND JURY. That could be a long time, and they are backlogged from being shut down so long. I have never been on grand jury duty. I would need to take the subway, which I have not done yet.

I've been hearing that the subways are the cleanest ever now.  A friend from my neighborhood on facebook told me today that she took it to Brooklyn for first time. She said that it's the cleanest she has EVER seen it and she is in her 50s. I also saw a thread in NextDoor about it and others say the same although some have said that there has been litter on the platforms. But so far the homeless are not living on the trains, since they close it from 1am-5am for cleaning. When the time comes for me to go on it (not this week), I plan to wear mask, gloves, stand up and when I get out of a station, I will toss the gloves in the garbage and use hand sanitizer.

It is 81 degrees at 5:15AM, humidity down to 51% and the temp is going up to 91 later. I am not sure how high the temp was when I was out Monday afternoon because I was too concerned about other things to check, but I knew it was in the 90s. Here they always count the number of days it's 90 or above and call it a heat wave. I realize that in the south and southwest that 90s is just summer.

NapCat, I do not know how you pulled that off. Any method to catching a small snake? Did you hold it or trap it in a box or something. I'm with Crebel about this! The closest to sheer terror like this for me in the past year was last fall when I went to the 181st St. subway station at 1am after visiting a friend up there. There was one woman on the platform sitting down on a bench and there was a rat scurrying around on the platform. I froze and just stood where I was and eventually it ran past me and over to the tracks. I decided never to go in there that late or stay that late visiting or take a shared car service (this before covid) home.

Have an excellent day.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Push-to-Kindle 2.2 beta released
« on: July 18, 2020, 12:34:32 am »
I used to have that and used a lot on a previous laptop. I am not sure how to get it back. I didn't know you had to pay though.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: July 18, 2020, 12:28:42 am »
Telracs, yes I am more sweaty after I get home, or after I arrive somewhere else (today it was an appointment at pulmonary doctor). I kept wiping my forehead with a bandana while waiting to see the doctor, all while keeping the mask on. I was thinking that at home it was because of all the stairs in an unventilated hallway. But now I recall that when I worked on Broadway and 56th that I used to arrive sweaty there. Had to rush and it was the 2nd closest job to my apartment.

I am going to have a breathing or pulmonary test at Mount Sinai West soon, but I have to have a Covid-19 test first in order to do it. Doctor didn't find anything wrong and says I had no damage to lungs or heart from the pulmonary embolism two years ago. I went because of occasionally getting short of breath while walking uphill and always on the 3rd and 4th flights to my apartment, especially now with mask on. Also noticed right after the pandemic got going that i don't have as much breath to get through musical phrases on my flute. He said those were two very different things. I should find out something about breath capacity for flute when I have the test and see him again after that. He said that the lack of conditioning since I stopped swimming in March and the weight gain contribute to the shortness of breath. Had to get on the scale there. I told him that I started using the Lifecycle last week.

Stopped at Whole Foods after the doctor. It is better to go there in the evening just before their 9pm close. I waited in line outside. It was more crowded in there than it ever is (lately) at the Morton Williams store. I also noticed this evening that the Amish Market, which is smaller even than Morton Williams was not at all crowded. The restaurants along 9th Avenue were busy with outdoor tables. Friday night madness. Some of these places only have two tables outside. It was so humid out today. I ate at home.

It will get into the 90s the next 4 days and then 87 the day after that, according to phone weather app.

Anna, I hope you finished at jury.  Wishing everyone well for today.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: July 16, 2020, 08:34:19 pm »
Thanks NapCat.  I will wear my Scardy Cat badge with honor. 

you mentioned getting the antibody test.  i thought about it, but as i said, i have a weird immune system.  i just don't titer.  Meaning, even after multiple mumps/measles/rubella vaccinations, and 2 series of hepatitis vaccinations, i don't show antibodies.

Telracs, not sure if you were referring to me, but I meant I was thinking of getting the Covid-19 test. I don't trust the antibody test since I've been hearing there are a lot of false results. I still haven't gone for it. Since it is not required and none of my doctors have even mentioned it, I don't feel a push towards it. The line I saw once discouraged me from going.

I used the Lifecycle today and had intended to get in a short walk outside and some flute practice. I didn't do those. I slept more than usual, since I got sleepy earlier than usual last night. I have pulmonary appointment Friday afternoon. I asked for it and want to find out if I am deficient in some way from the pulmonary embolism two years ago or otherwise. I've been told there was no damage. Also want to find out why I don't have as much air to get through a musical phrase in my flute playing. I have to wait until Monday to see the ENT doctor.

My father's birthday was July 16, so I've been giving some thought to him and posted a photo on facebook of him at work when he was a draftsman before WWII. He got his architect's license in 1954 (according to my brother in a text today). He was born in 1918, so he would have been 102. Died on the same day 30 years ago (1990). He was 72. My brother Stan was the first man in our family to make it to 73 (this April). Actually the first of any of us siblings, since I am now 68. Our great uncle (grandfather's brother) made it to 81, which was pretty good considering he smoked almost all his life. Short Camels. He was single. We lived with him in his house. My grandfather was 65 when he had a fatal heart attack. I was 6, so I didn't get to know him that well. He lived two blocks from us.

We had great weather today, in the 70s, and I did not have the AC on all day. Heat wave is predicted for the weekend and beyond. Hope everyone has a good, kind and safe day.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: July 15, 2020, 02:55:09 am »
Telracs, are there any places close to nature or water in walking distance from where you are? Brooklyn Bridge Park sounds nice, but I haven't taken any trains yet either. Not even a bus. I realize that essential workers have had to take them all along. I saw a feature last week on NY1 about some new things added to Brooklyn Bridge Park, including water sprays.

I didn't get out at all on Tuesday and didn't use the indoor bike either. Got up pretty late and got a surprise call from a high school friend who lives in Seattle. I let the conversation go on too long, more than 2 hours. Even while using the speaker phone this is hard on my ear. I took more Advil when I finished and did not have time to play flute at a reasonable hour.

My brother Stan (lives in GA) had new stents put into his bladder on Monday. He had stage 4 bladder cancer last year and has been in remission since the chemo treatments that he finished up late fall '19. He had clots in his leg before Thanksgiving (cancer can do that). On Tuesday he sent a text to his grown kids and me that his recent hip problem that was thought to be a bruise is more serious and he needs a hip replacement. This sounds like a lot for one man to go through! He sounds very optimistic and says he feels great. He was going for physical therapy for the hip. His companion O. (who doesn't seem to have a last name!) had two hip replacements in 2018-19 and stayed at his place for recovery. He is going to have the same surgeon. O. is much younger by about 25 years. Stan is 73.

72 now, going to 80 degrees later, 78% humidity. I have had my AC on and off. I get cold and turn it off. Then put it back on when it feels too humid. Hope everyone has a good day.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: July 13, 2020, 11:22:54 pm »
Andra, as I read your post, I thought how nice it would be to go to Hawaii after this covid business is "over."

My plans for this year (before Covid) were to visit a friend in Portland, Oregon and go to the flute convention in Dallas. the convention was cancelled early on and the next one will be in DC in August 2021. That is where it was to be in '21 anyway. Dallas won't get the flute business for a while. When I go to the flute conventions in DC, I go by Amtrak train.

Telracs, you really know your candies. I have often looked into Sugar's windows (before they closed). The used to have plush Grumpy Cats. I have one of those that a friend gave me a while back. Lately I am still eating Prince of Peace Ginger Chews and Werther's hard caramels (good for ear pain, believe it or not). I have also recently discovered Werther's sugar-free chocolate/caramel hard candies, but I have not seen them in big bags. I went to Rite-Aid on 8th Avenue tongiht specifically for Werther's hard caramels. They had a sale, two 12-oz. bags for $5. Second time I have caught that sale. I get the Prince of Peace Ginger Chews at Amazon, but saw them in a store Saturday for the first time. Amish Market on 9th Avenue at 49th/50th Streets.

I have been recording old Seinfeld episodes to DVR on Channel 11 (syndication). I have watched two of them tonight. I just realized that I always have 7 episodes and that is because the DVR saves only 7! it has been deleting the oldest of 7 while it continues to record the newest ones. I am enjoying these and sometimes laugh out loud. When I was at the dentist last month, he had Seinfeld on Hulu in the room where I was getting fillings. He said that when he played some Seinfeld on his TV at home recently, his kids did not find it funny. Generational thing, I guess, but his kids must be very grown up. My dentist is around my age (late 60s). Perhaps he meant grandchildren.

Anna, I have not been to Arizona yet, but the one time I visited Las Vegas, it was for an August flute convention, and the temp got up to 108 almost every day. I am sorry that I missed the convention that was held in Phoenix in 1998. I went to Malta and London that year and thought that was enough for my budget. One of my great flute friends lived in Tucson for 30 years and then moved to Portland, OR. She didn't like the summer heat, and her daughter and son-in-law are in Portland.

Hope you all enjoy your day.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: July 13, 2020, 01:51:02 am »
Good morning.

I think it was sunny all day Sunday but cloudy when I went for a walk in the evening before sundown. It was supposed to be a Manhattan Henge evening with the sun being exactly between streets to the west before sundown, but the sun was hiding. I took my new camera with me. I don't know it very well but I took more than 80 pictures on auto, some with flash and with the 16-50 mm lens that I adjusted on each photo. I found out that I don't even know how to start a video. There is a switch to do video or still photo but after that there must be a way to start and stop the video. I wanted to get the moving water of the Hudson River. Have to sit down with the manual and Nikon videos. It is a Nikon Z50. I have had it just about two weeks and this was the first time I have taken any pictures.

The weather held out nicely until after dark while I was in CVS getting a prescription at 8th and 57th Street. It was pouring so hard when I wanted to leave. A lot of us waited a while. I left while it was still raining but bearable. Forgot to take an umbrella. 

I watched two episodes of Beecham House and one of Grantchester last night. Both on PBS. I will catch up on Perry Mason (HBO) tomorrow.

Hope your day is kind, safe and  . . . fulfilling.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Tea Thread
« on: July 12, 2020, 01:06:00 am »

Since my birthday is coming up, I think I will cheer myself up with this colorful porcelain teapot from Amazon, too.

That teapot is a beauty. Did you order it?

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: July 10, 2020, 09:34:44 pm »
Happy Anniversary, Loonlover and II.

We have tropical storm Fay here, although I am not aware of a strong wind. I've stayed indoors. Slept most of the day and used the exercise bike. Weatherman on TV said it rained more today than in the entire month of June and that this is the earliest that they've used the letter F for a tropical storm (or hurricane).

75 and cloudy now. My phone app shows T-storms coming up in the afternoon.

My Echo app has been giving numerous notifications (yellow ring) Thursday and Friday. They are all about the tropical storm watch and it keeps moving the watch time later.

I hope you enjoy the day.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: July 09, 2020, 02:43:09 pm »
Happy Birthday, Crebel and II!!!  It is also my grand nephew Fletcher's 1st birthday. My brother visited with him Tuesday and texted some photos to me.

Had my hearing test this afternoon. It was pretty quick and I have a sheet of paper to give to my ENT, but I just made that appointment and it's a week from Monday, 7/20. There is some hearing loss, but what does that have to do with all the pain? I still hear more than I want to around here (neighbors, loud people on the street, loud music coming out of cars), so it is not time for a hearing aid just yet. Just want to lose the pain.

I stopped at a farmer's market across from Lincoln Center after that. Bought a curried chickpeas turnover (or empanada) and heated it up when I got home. Also got a quart of cherries. Bought blueberries and bananas from the street vendor who is always there on Broadway.

Telracs, the Sugar! place on Broadway near Best Buy (near 61st) is going to open Saturday. They had a sign. However, I realize this is probably not your cup of tea. I don't shop there because I could get the same things discounted in drug stores. There will some day be a Target opening on Broadway at 61st. It was going to open in 2019 but never did. A local online paper said it was opening some time in July but it only says on it "Coming Soon."

Alexa told me that there is a flash flood warning for tomorrow. Another notification says Tropical Storm Fay is here tomorrow. Now I see it on a local TV station weather report.

Hope everyone is staying cool and healthy.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: July 08, 2020, 10:07:12 pm »
Good morning. It is very humid here. I waited until the evening to go out, about 7:15, and I think it felt like the most humid so far this year. When I got home it was just 79 degrees and it is still 79 now. I didn't have any problems breathing though (with mask on).

Tuesday I called TruHearing (a referral service for hearing tests) that Humana had referred me to. Told them that the audiologist last week cancelled me, was closed due to a staffer's illness and that I wanted to go to a different place. They were very unhelpful. At first they started giving me the name of a place that was out of town and probably several states away (from the sound of the address). Told them which zip codes I could walk to. Then they told me they only work with getting hearing aids! Told them no and said I would call Humana.

I called Humana and a helpful person there gave me a few names and numbers and sent me a PDF by email with list for my area. Today I set up an appointment with one on West 67th Street. This is a place where I visited an ENT 4 years ago for a similar ear problem. I have an appointment Thursday afternoon. Hallelujah!

Wednesday afternoon i had an annual visit with a cardiologist (due to family history). I was going to get a Covid-19 test at City MD on W. 57th Street afterwards, but there were at least 25 people waiting in line outside. It was too hot and humid to wait. This evening when I was out there were only three people outside, but I was feeling too sweaty and humid. I might go one evening when that is the only thing I am setting out to do.

While using my exercise bike this evening, I rediscovered some music by Arianna Savall on my ipod. Here is one song on youtube. She sings and plays harp. Early music. A friend I used to work with at a law firm introduced me to her music and loaned me a CD.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: July 06, 2020, 09:46:54 pm »
Thanks, Crebel. I used the bike again on Monday. 28 minutes on Sunday and 26 on Monday but with many breaks. I feel much better tonight. Good luck in getting back to your treadmill. I thought that outdoor walking would be enough for me, but I lost so much fitness by not swimming and before all of this I was swimming a mile or 6/7 of a mile 4-5 times a week.

We had very dark thunderstorms late in the afternoon Monday. I did not go out at all. My app is telling me that there may be more of t-storms soon.

I got an Amazon delivery of 3 separate packages today, as scheduled but missing are the Prince of Peace Ginger Chews. Then I saw on Amazon site "delivering by 8pm today" when it was already 9. Clicked on the tracking and it said it wasn't shipped yet. Delayed. Should get an email when it ships. I love those ginger chews and ran out Saturday night. The packages I received were a bit wet from all the rain but not damaged.

I am watching Lucy Worsley from Sunday evening about Marie Antoinette.

Thinking about getting Disney+ for Hamilton for a month but have been hesitating. I have much more than I can watch. I saw the show in 2018. The friend who I saw with it emailed me today that she has been watching it. She is pushing me towards the edge of signing up for it.

Now at 12:45 AM it is 73 degrees F with 84% humidity. Going up to 82 later today and possible thunderstorms. I heard that it had gotten up to 96 degrees on Monday before it clouded up and stormed.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« on: July 06, 2020, 01:08:38 am »
Good morning.

Late Sunday after I used my indoor bike (Lifecycle) for first time in over two months. I am hoping to regain my fitness level that I'd lost from not swimming for 3-1/2 months. The last time I attempted to use it I got out of breath at 4 minutes. That scared me off of it. I wasn't using it much since retirement two years ago but used to do 20-30 minutes before getting ready for work. Retirement brought with it easier access to lap swimming at the pool. You know the rest. I was also thinking about my annual cardiologist visit coming up Tuesday afternoon. i did 28 minutes and took a lot of breaks. Did some reading and listening to music during it.

I found that I could leave my apartment at 8:30pm and still make it to Whole Foods and shop before they close at 9. I did that tonight. I went Saturday but they'd closed early for the 4th and put no sign outside. There were other disappointed people who showed up when I did at 8:30.

At 4AM it is 79 degrees, 63% humidity and going up to 89 later today.

Have a safe and kind day.

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