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In again, same info :)

Tuttle, I'm so glad you enjoyed !   When It Happens to You: A Novel in Stories is one of my favorite books from 2012. 

Hi Tuttle!

I'm cheating a bit, since I recommended this one for Geoffrey last month, but I love this book and it is still $3.99 :)

I can loan The Dirty Parts of the Bible to you  ($2.99 if you'd rather purchase a copy).   A Depression era coming of age story (but not depressing).   If you saw the Coen brothers film O Brother Where Art Thou, this has a similar feel. 

If you want to read non-fiction this month, I have two suggestions:

On sale for $3.79.   While I liked their first book, Freakonimics  ($9.69 Kindle) better, this is an interesting read.

$5.46 Kindle.   A fascinating read on how the Oakland A's used statistical analysis to create a winning team on a low budget. 

If none of these appeal, let me know!


Book Klubs / Re: November 2012 Group Book Count
« on: October 31, 2012, 02:35:15 pm »

The Vanishing Point  Val McDermid  11/2
Oxford Messed Up  Andrea Kayne Kaufman  11/4
What I Did For a Duke: Pennyroyal Green Series  Julie Ann Long  11/5
Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Charley Davidson Series)  Darynda Jones  11/8
Still Life with Shape-shifter  Sharon Shinn  11/10

Did October really have 31 days this year?   The month sure felt shorter....

Same info as before :)


Tuttle,  I loved !   The book was wonderful cover to cover :)

Thanks for the pick!


Hi Tuttle,

I'm going with...

A non-fiction book about a non-verbal stereotypical low functioning autistic girl, how she learned to communicate, and how she fits into the world (and now gifted classrooms in school).

I also picked up Stewards of the Flame as it was free :)




I finished When it Happens to You and I have to say that I'm impressed.  I loved that their stories had nothing to do with Greta and Philip's divorce but had everything to do with it at the same time.  I love that I wanted it to be much longer so I could love on it some more.  (did I mention that I loved this book?)

As an aside, how dare Molly Ringwald be so freaking interesting.   This just makes me want to stalk hang out with her all over again after I crushed so HARD on her and John Cryer in Pretty in Pink.

I'm so glad you loved the book!!!  Yes, I wish the book had gone on for another hundred pages (or two, or even three).  Molly Ringwald is awesome!



When It Happens to You: A Novel in Stories was my favorite read of last month and is now on sale for $3.99 Kindle :)

Hi Geoffrey!

Here are a few options: 

When It Happens to You: A Novel in Stories was my favorite read of September and is now on sale for $3.99 Kindle :)  Not precisely a brain candy book - it made the cut because it is a relatively fast read (and I loved it).

Rules of Civility: A Novel, set in post Depression Manhattan, totally sucked me in.  $9.99 Kindle.

I debated including this as a choice as I liked parts of the book, but didn't love it.  Bond Girl made the cut as it is currently on sale for 99 cents and there are some very funny moments in the book (such as the vending machine bet). 

If none of these appeal, I'm happy to offer up more brain candy :)




If I'm not too late, I'm in :)

Book Klubs / Re: October 2012 Group Book count
« on: September 28, 2012, 08:57:19 pm »

The Memory Thief: A Novel  Emily Colin  10/1
Mad River  John Sandford  10/4
The Grief of Others  Leah Hager Cohen  10/6
How I Came to Sparkle Again  Kaya McLaren  10/12
Carly's Voice  Arthur Fleischmann and Carly Fleischmann  10/25
The Twelve (Book Two of The Passage Trilogy): A Novel  Justin Cronin  10/30

Hi Annalog,

I enjoyed and have placed a digital hold on the second book in the series :) 

Thanks for expanding my reading horizons!



Sorry Easy didn't work for you!   Thanks for giving it a try :)



Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey was published in 1967/68. I no longer remember how many times i have read this book (and most of the series) ;)I chose a cover that matches the one on the paperback I read back in the early 70s. The book is currently $7.99.

Hi Anna,

I just downloaded Dragonflight as my official book for September and have added Crystal Singer to my TBR :)

Thanks for the picks!


Hi Toni,

I had a hard time narrowing my suggestions down this month, so if none of these appeal I have more waiting in the wings :)

Kelley Armstrong wrote the bittersweet Bitten as a standalone in 2001 before Urban Fantasy was a hot genre.   I've read the entire Women of the Otherworld series and Bitten remains my favorite. 

Have recommended Easy before in the game (and can loan you my copy if you are interested). 

This is my "get from the library" pick, as it is currently $11.99 Kindle.   I loved this novel told in a series of short stories: once I finished the last story, I went back and reread the book.     

Let me know if you want additional suggestions!


Book Klubs / Re: Sept 2012 Group Book Club
« on: August 31, 2012, 01:29:05 pm »

I'm in as well - same info as usual.

Geoffrey, I hope your September will be filled with only good stuff! 


Just finished (and enjoyed) .  

Shutter Island was much creepier than Lehane's Mystic River and Moonlight Mile - at times the writing reminded me of Stephen King or Dean Koontz :)

Thanks for the pick!


The plot of Shutter Island is very clever and Dennis Lehane's work is fun to read.

Hi Jeff,

I was tempted by all three choices!  I read Clan of the Cave Bear so long ago that I almost opted for a reread.  In the end, the description of Shutter Island sucked me in.  As an added bonus, I'm first on the wait list for a Kindle copy from my library :) 
Thanks for the picks!



A YA horror-humor hybrid on sale for $2.99 for the month of August.   Hold Me Closer Necromancer received a starred review from Booklist and won several awards.   I loved the movie Shaun of the Dead and the bantering in this book reminded me of the film. 

Below is a link to a free "prequel" - a very short story and the first few chapters of Hold Me Closer Necromancer.   

Greetings Betsy!

Thanks for the Goodreads link!   Here are three selections, in no particular order:

I just finished Broken Harbor  (awesome, but bleaker than Faithful Place) so Tana French is top of mind.   The bad news...the book is $12.99 Kindle despite being out in paperback.    The good copies were available from my library, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed your library has Kindle copies available as well.   I've loved all four of French's Dublin set police procedurals, but Faithful Place is tied with The Likeness for my favorite.

My wild card pick for you - a YA horror-humor hybrid on sale for $2.99 Kindle during the month of August.  Received a starred review from Booklist and won several awards.   If you saw (and enjoyed) the movie Shaun of the Dead, you'll like this book.   I have a warped sense of humor, so I'd suggest sampling before purchase...

I saw this in your TBR on Goodreads.   While it is the second book in the great Lady Julia Grey series, Silent in the Sanctuary can easily be read as a stand-alone.   Definitely the most restful of the three books I've suggested.   

If none of these appeal, let me know and I'll send along other choices :)


Hi Geoffrey,

Finished the awesome yesterday. The opening passage blew me away :)

After I finished Parable of the Sower, I reread the first section of the book to catch some of the layers of meaning I missed on the first pass.   I can see why the book is in your reread queue.     

Thanks so much for the pick!



Book Klubs / Re: August 2012 Group Book Count
« on: July 31, 2012, 08:10:05 pm »

Broken Harbor: A Novel  Tana French  8/1
Arranged  Catherine McKenzie  8/3
The Fallen Angel  Daniel Silva 8/5
Dare Me: A Novel  Megan Abbott  8/8
Where We Belong  Emily Giffin  8/9
Shutter Island  Dennis Lehane  8/11
Seating Arrangements  Maggie Shipstead  8/13
Ransom River  Meg Gardiner  8/16
Summerland: A Novel  Elin Hilderbrand  8/19
Dream Lake (Friday Harbor)  Lisa Kleypas  8/20
Heartbroken: A Novel  Lisa Unger  8/21
Kill You Twice (Archie Sheridan & Gretchen Lowell)  Chelsea Cain  8/26
Vigilante (Shane Scully Novels)  Stephen Cannell  8/27

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