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Thanks for sharing this, Sally! I've been kicking myself for not grabbing it the last time it was offered.

Writers' Cafe / Re: 21 Months - 100,000 Sales - What Happened
« on: October 12, 2015, 10:55:44 am »
Thanks for sharing this, John, and congrats on your success.

Way to go, Logan! Glad you stuck with it long enough to see such success.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Bundle Cover / Bundling question
« on: December 15, 2014, 06:44:43 pm »
Really nicely done! It would certainly pique my curiosity about your books.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Input on Kindle Worlds
« on: December 12, 2014, 06:35:03 am »
My only published books are in the Veronica Mars Kindle World so I don't have any firsthand cross-over data. I do see non-KW books of other KW authors in my also boughts, when they write in the same genre, so I think there is potential for it.

Like Carol, my stories sold like hotcakes in the spring when the Veronica Mars movie and the new Rob Thomas/Jennifer Graham book were released. In recent months, though, they're selling in the single digits per month. My September release sold significantly fewer copies in its first 30 days than previous releases.

I also notice some Worlds sell far better than others. Judging from the staggering (to me, at least) number of reviews some of the Wayward Pines books have, they must be selling by the truckload.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Kindle Worlds Titles Back On Line
« on: December 05, 2014, 11:19:33 am »
I received this message from Kindle Worlds:

"I've been able to confirm that your titles are live and available for purchase in our Kindle Store, in order to confirm this please click on the links below:


Previously we were experiencing some difficulties with some Kindle Worlds titles as some weren't available and others not searchable, but our technical team has been able to resolve this. I'm sorry for any inconvenience that this might have caused."

I checked and my books are back in the store--yay!--and findable.

They don't show any sales rank at the moment so I'll mention that in my reply to Kindle Worlds.

The new Kindle Worlds page in the store looks nifty, except I think my book should be featured in one of the scrolling ads. ;-)

Writers' Cafe / Kindle Worlds Titles Went Poof
« on: December 05, 2014, 06:18:45 am »
Last night I noticed my four Kindle Worlds titles disappeared from Amazon's store. A quick look at the Kindle Worlds page showed only about 20 titles remaining available across all umpteen Kindle worlds. I thought it was probably just some glitchy reorganization of the page or the underlying data, but it has not been resolved.

I just sent a message via the Kindle Worlds contact link and will update if I hear back.

Has anyone better connected than I am heard anything?

Writers' Cafe / Re: I did it! First novel is live on Amazon!
« on: November 17, 2014, 08:20:53 pm »
Congrats, Nadine. Hope this is the first of many stories in you.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Tips for creating covers
« on: November 07, 2014, 08:35:30 pm »
Very cool, Scila. My covers going forward will be more appealing, I hope, thanks to your concise explanation of what works and why.

Three years from now, I think I would rather put the $119 towards the newest generation Kindle than get my old one replaced. Unless you, or your household, are unusually likely to drop it, I wouldn't pay that much.

My wife has the first generation Kindle Fire. It still works, but is noticeably slower than the newer Kindles in our house so I see her using her two-year-old smart phone over her Kindle for tasks that my eyes would prefer the larger screen for.

Congrats! It's great to see hard work paying off.

I've played around with Amazon's cover making tool, and appreciate how quick and easy to use it is. But I like to have more control of the placement and composition of text than it allows, and wish the image library was more inspiring.

I like your first cover for its color and the mood it sets. It's eye-catching and recognizable as a thumbnail. The other two don't grab my attention, and Thistle's cover doesn't suggest any genre to me.

If you have time to invest in learning a page design program, it would probably pay off in covers that are closer to your vision. I find myself spending lots of time, though, hunting for the perfect stock photo without great success.

Best of luck with your relaunch.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It worked!

I'm not a very techie kind of guy, and am intimidated by anything more complicated than facebook. This is one of many crossed off my to do list.

P.S. I love your hat!

Without knowing the exact names involved, I favor your idea to add a middle initial or name. As a reader, I would be annoyed to discover two authors in the same genre with pen names so close as to be easily confused. Not addressing the issue might result in negative reviews down the road, as in I was expecting A but got B, then discovered B was trying to trade on the popularity of A. I understand this was not your intent, but people who haven't read or disbelieve your explanation could jump to hasty conclusions.

Where do I send money for this? I still have dreams like this, until the punkin hits the bed and kicks and/or pulls the covers off and it's still dark outside.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Novella or push to get it to novel length?
« on: May 24, 2014, 03:50:22 pm »
As a reader, I generally appreciate conciseness and almost never enjoy meandering or unessential tangents in fiction. My paper to-be-read pile still hasn't gotten unpacked from last year's move, and my digital pile grows more days than it doesn't. Books that don't get keep my attention tend to get set aside, never to be picked up again, so I would stay away from adding words to reach an arbitrary number (unless a publisher required it, though then I would question how good an idea it would be to work with that publisher). In short, I would say stop when your gut tells you to.

As long as your endpoint finishes the story you set out to tell, I would have no problem with a sequel. It might be useful to have some reactions to your first story while working on your second or while deciding what your second story will be.

I've had the same issue with my 7" Kindle HDX that I got at Christmas. Its the only device in our house that regularly loses its WiFi connection, and it seems to happen when I have paused active use and then pick it up again. It's aggravating to have to turn WiFi off and back on a couple of times a day.

Congrats, Dan!

I'm sure they are the first two of many.

Writers' Cafe / Re: If it's not too personal...
« on: May 10, 2014, 05:33:04 am »
I'm 50 and can remember when I thought people in their 50s were, if not on death's doorstep, over the hill. I'm finding that experiences, such as raising a child or watching people I loved fade away, have given me perspective I didn't have earlier in my life. Wondering how fuzzy memories of my youth have become is, I suspect, the other side of that coin.

Introductions & Welcomes / Happy Marshmallow
« on: May 05, 2014, 07:41:26 am »
Hi everyone,

I have been fascinated by the ongoing changes in publishing since I got my very first Kindle Keyboard a few years ago and began to read about the indie publishing revolution. The Writer's Cafe has been a source of information and inspiration to me, and I would like to belatedly thank everyone who has contributed to those discussions.

I have always enjoyed writing, so much that I wrote a horrible thriller novel years and years ago on a Smith Corona typewriter with miraculous proprietary diskettes that held about 20 typewritten pages each.

Having been in mourning ever since the cancellation of the TV show Veronica Mars, I was ecstatic at the news of the movie made possible by the Kickstarter collaboration of Rob Thomas, the cast, and the fans AKA marshmallows. The news that Kindle Worlds program had signed Veronica Mars caught my eye, and I am having a blast exploring the seedy underbelly of my favorite fictional town, Neptune, California, with Veronica and the gang.

Looking forward to getting to know the wonderful community on KBoards.

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