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Writers' Cafe / Need Advice on Picking Premade Covers
« on: July 17, 2018, 10:09:11 am »
No, this isn't a post asking for cover designers with premades or links to premade websites.  Sorry.  I already have some places I'm interested in buying covers from, but my dilemma is different.  I have difficulty deciphering a genre or subgenre of a cover sometimes.  Kind of awkward when I'm a reader and writer.

Some genres are easier to tell for me like fantasy and science fiction.  On the other hand, subgenres are questionable.  I remember someone posting advice for a fantasy cover and didn't see anything wrong with it.  All the others said it was portraying the wrong fantasy subgenre and I honestly couldn't tell.

Another example, when researching on Amazon, I saw covers that I thought were fantasy, but were showing up in horror/mystery & thriller/etc.?  To be fair, they are kind of fantasy based on the titles and blurbs(?), but the other genres did catch me off guard.  I must be missing something.

Now basically to the point of the post.  I monologue for quite a bit.  I'm currently looking through GoOnWrite for premades.  Another twist I didn't mention before is I'm not starting with a story in mind.  I want to try picking a premade and write a story based on it.  So I'm looking for help on how to pick premades or at least figuring out the specific genre/subgenre of the covers I'm interested.

I do plan to write in multiple genres, but I'm currently focusing more on fantasy or paranormal right now.  I'm not sure of the responses I'll get, but I figured this was the best place to ask.

Do you sometimes pick a cover based on the genre not subgenre you think it portrays like picking a fantasy cover instead of focusing on an epic fantasy cover?  For those who pick premades based on a story you already have, do you pick a cover as long as it's close enough even if it might give the wrong idea?  For those who pick premades because they like how it looks like me, do you then come onto Kboards/readers/etc. to ask for advice about the genre of the cover?

Writers' Cafe / Standalone, Serial, and Series Questions
« on: July 04, 2018, 02:42:33 pm »
Hi, a new user here, but a longtime lurker.

Despite reading through several posts, I still find myself confused.  Maybe I'm overthinking things and I might end up confusing others, but some clarification would help.  So there is no confusion about what I'm talking about, this is what I think of the following terms (I am not saying they are the correct definitions, but this is what I think):

Standalone - a completed work where there is a beginning, middle, and end
Serial - several stories that usually end in cliffhangers and need to be read in order (not novel length)
Series - several standalone stories that are connected together in some way

Short Stories <10k
Novelletes 10k-20k
Novellas 20k-40k
Novels >50k

People like to compare serials with TV shows, but aren't there TV shows where it doesn't matter the order you watch the episodes?  Would you still call it a serial or would series be the better word to use?  Then there are series that have to be read in order or can have cliffhangers.  Shouldn't they be serials even if they are novel length?  What about ones where some stories that have something in common like setting or characters need to be read in order, but the rest are basically standalones? Are those series or serial or do they need to be separated?

For editing, how far do you go depending on the length of the story?  Self editing is a must.  For novels, I've seen people go through a bunch of different editors or just need two editors (line and proofreader).  Would you still go through the same process for novellas, novelletes, or short stories or do you trust your editing skills to be enough?

Can't forget the cover questions.  Standalones I feel are pretty simple.  You can DIY, buy premades, hire illustrators, order custom covers, etc.  With serials, you can get away with basically the same cover with slight changes like text and color or image.  Would it be bad form to just only change the text?  For series, different but similar covers is expected.  What about standalone series where only the setting is the same?  Is it possible to have covers not be similar?  A crazy example would be you have a world where there are aliens, supernatural/paranormal creatures, Gods/Goddesses, and magic/super powers/genetically enhanced humans interacting with each other.  If you write one story about space travel and another about a romance with a vampire, can you get away with different covers or would it be expected to have them be connected in some way?

I think that's all I can think of at this moment, but may have more later.

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