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I like the woodsmoke with Rosa.. These cases are gorgeous .. Choices choices.. An hour ago I didn't even know they existed :)

I'm still amused you can't customise the iPad cases on the iPad .. Lol

what do we think of woodsmoke and clear? I keep looking my Iphone and I really like the clear I think they have the brightest shine next to my pink ones..I can't decide  because I like the ones you guys mentioned as well

the grey is pretty with the pink and I am looking at the friar brown as well.. I like the mulberry but I am worried I would get sick of it after a while because it is so bright.... choices choices.. keep throwing combos my way.. this thing is a work of art.. stunning.. bad bad board :)

That is pretty, I am a girly girl though so I wanted pink.. the mulberry is the closest.. but your right that combo looks good as well. I wish it were a little bigger on the site so I can see some others.. you guys are bad.. I had NO idea this existed until today.. it's really gorgeous.. but keep throwing ideas at me.. I am open to all :)

Oh I found it alright.. now I am wondering what colors.. its really not easy to see on the site.. any ideas on color combos.. I am totally confused.. I like the black with the white/clear crystals but am now leaning towards the mulberry and white crystals.. I need ideas :)

Anyone have a link to the crystal cases I have looked everywhere online and cant find them ;0

Archives / Re: WTB Ipad Cover
« on: May 20, 2010, 12:55:54 pm »
Just a tip.. AVOID THIS COVER.. I orderd it in white and though the leather is nice it has one serious flaw if you notice the snap at the top it  snaps when closed.. however when open (to see the Ipad) it can EASILY slip out.. it is not secure and God forbid if you do that and turn it without thinking.. it can hit the floor fast. its a totally open end.. I put velcro on it .. also on the white (or red) the black box )which is there to adjust the stand just looks bad.. its like this odd black square .. not attractive at all and if you cover it you can't use the stand.. It was okay for now but not worth the investment.

In the photo it looks like the snap will be able to snap with the cover open.. it ONLY snaps when the front is closed.. in that picture it just lays there.. it has no closure at all

Kindle Gracie, just thought you might like this  :)

Archives / Re: Kindle DX , Rarely used.. with cover Options
« on: May 20, 2010, 12:47:06 pm »
Its in good shape.. I hardly used it.. the warranty is good until the end of June.. it is a US version but it does have the AT&T 3G I have never had a problem with it.. I just find I am
"gadget heavy" with Iphones, Laptops, netbook, Desktop and the Kindle of course and now the Ipad.. and those are just MY toys. lol

My poor DX is lonely

Kindle Accessories / Re: Ok Call Me "CRAZY" but......
« on: May 20, 2010, 12:42:46 pm »
post pictures! I just ordered the same case for my Ipad.. if I like it I will get one for the Kindle (but I already have so many cases for it) but loved the color;.. I am thinking we will see them in about a month.. I got an eamil saying 15-20 WORKING days.. since that color is a custom one for them.. guess we just wait :0

I have the Platinum on order but it sounds like it will be a month.. I got an email saying it was a custom case so it would be 15-20 working days.. so I am thinking a month or so. I hope its worth it

what is that skin.. its gorgeous.. what a fantastic combo.. I have a platinum on order but its nice to see some detailed photos.. the baby is too cute!

Kindle Accessories / Re: Gold case for K2?
« on: May 18, 2010, 04:47:30 pm »
I have the MEdge also and I love it.. very elegant.. sort of a champagne color.. Gliver is about right.. its beautiful and durable

Kindle Accessories / Re: Does anyone have the Noreve in Platinum?
« on: May 18, 2010, 04:11:51 pm »
you people are bad..  you know I am going to need one of these for the Ipad;.. ,my daytimer is this same color (I think).. so now I must be forced to order.. LOL

Archives / Re: Kindle DX , Rarely used.. with cover Options
« on: May 16, 2010, 02:40:56 pm »
I have just updated the price to reflect the option without covers

Archives / SOLD: Kindle DX
« on: May 10, 2010, 06:33:07 pm »
Item is sold

Kindle Accessories / Re: I ordered my first Oberon
« on: April 19, 2010, 08:21:13 pm »
That is gorgeous!

Kindle Accessories / Re: Curious About Oberon
« on: April 19, 2010, 08:20:29 pm »
I know that sometimes the website has photo issues that can happen but the Hounds is a one sided cover.. the dragonfly as far as I know is still the same as well.


I understand what you are saying and I an not a prude but I don't speak that way  (let alone display it)...nor would I want my clients , friends or family to think I do..   so I guess I don't see the humor, it seems crude to me.

Please understand I never said I had an issue with them carrying the line nor did I say anything about it degrading the site.... as pointed out they have bloody skulls, also not my thing and I can't pretend to understand the appeal of that skin.. but we are all different.

I posted because I just wondered if I was the only one who found them tasteless., as another poster pointed out, wondered if it was just me.  I am finding out I am not the only one that feels this way.. so I was just getting a feel for others thoughts on it either way.

But then again I am not a fan of language humor.. I don't like comedy that has to drop an F bomb every other word or course ways of expression and even in movies if there is a ton of swearing I simply don't go.. I am just one of those people that don't see the need for it... I just never found it funny.

I do find the drawings cute and somewhat easy to relate too.. but not with the word crap on it.. just my opinion, which is why I posted and why I asked to see if anyone wanted to share their thoughts on it.


I want to get my HANDS on the hummingbird design.. any ideas how to go about that.. its a stunning skin

Dana.. how funny I saw that bloddy skull too and thought WHAT?? oh and I did just find out life is crap website also has another brand. "life is poop".. lol.. well I guess that answers my questions :)

I went to the website to see if it was possible for them to do the skins without the slogan or a "life is hard".. etc.. turns out thats the name of the website.. Life is Crap.. its a shame they have the cutest drawings, shirts.. etc.. and some of it funny.. but everything has that slogan on it and like you said I would never carry that (I also take my Kindle to church.. lol can you imagine?) Not to mention clients see it everyday.

I did leave them an email telling them while I realized it was the trademark they may want to think of an alternate to those of us that do not want that slogan on an item.  I wonder if I will hear back

I was browsing through Decalgirl today. had not been there in a while but I noticed a new series with some cute drawings but all the captions read "Life is Crap".. is it me or is this depressing (and a little crude).. why would you carry it.

I like some of the drawings and think they would be cute but I wouldn't want to have Life is Crap written on anything I own.. I am sure it appeals to someone but it seems so "in your face"

what do you guys think?

The Book Corner / Re: Jodi Piccoult
« on: March 02, 2010, 06:01:24 pm »
It won't be out for about four months.. S&S is  holding off on the ebook editions to boost hardcover sales.. I saw this in a Wall Street Journal article recently.

Several publishers are going this way but I think it will bounce back.. this was not an issue at one point but hardcover sales are down. .. they are doing what the music industry did when it went through its radical change..

Now you dont' see a delay from Itunes to CDS.. I predict if we continue to let these publishers know REFUSE to buy the hardbacks and even in some cases the Ebook of delayed too long they will have no choice but to change their ways.

I like skins.. they are two different things but I don't like the feel of silicone... its like a cheap rubber and I think it detracts from the look.. thats just me.. I would much rather have a gorgeous glossy skin

Kindle Accessories / Re: Best Kindle Cover
« on: March 02, 2010, 05:56:25 pm »
Im not going to be popular here but after seeing a few people with cracked Kindles due to the hinge system I am avoiding it . There have been at least three I have read and when I talked to CS about another issue I asked about this.. they were not exactly advertising it but said that had come up before.. its not worth it to me.

I am a fan of (no shock there) also Medge has a nice platform flip cover.. there are options.. but with the hinge I would proceed with caution.

Archives / Re: Still looking for a used Oberon for Kindle 2 w/corners
« on: March 02, 2010, 02:13:30 pm »
that is pretty!

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