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  • Fear Chronicles: A horror series by Chelsea Hoffman
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Fear Chronicles by Chelsea Hoffman
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Check out "Planet Omega," by Chelsea Hoffman: Rated 5 stars on!

The second episode in the Fear Chronicles series, Planet Omega, surpasses the original with more information, fear and mystery on 150 additional pages. A full-length novel penned by Chelsea Hoffman, Planet Omega takes readers to a post-apocalyptic society where terror becomes a part of everyday life.

Something's not quite right in the worn-down, jaded community of New Anchorage. The city suffers from cannibalistic outsiders and disease brought on by seasonal rainstorms deluging the region. Readers witness, first hand, the terrifying history and doomed future of the small mysterious town through the eyes of Ivory, Spook and other inhabitants.

Imagine being secluded, the last of the humanman race, and fighting for survival in complete isolation... Planet Omega brings these fears to life with a non-stop fright-fest created by the follies of man and the true evil that dwells within humankind