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Writers' Cafe / Re: How Can I Get Your Attention?
« on: April 03, 2009, 05:08:44 pm »
I agree with everything that's been posted on this thread. A sticky thread on author tips would be great.

Would it make sense to have a separate area in the boards called Member Authors? Then authors could post their pitches there without taking up thread space on Book Corner. Not only would it be a good way to find authors that are new to Kindleboards, but the self-promotion could be limited to that part of the boards.

Thanks to all of you for reading my books!

I just received my Kindle, and it's very cool. After I have a chance to play with it, it's back to the keyboard. Makes me want to write even more!

I've gone through and scrubbed my books once again for the few typos I could find, and the clean copies are now uploaded to the Kindle store. If you download the books today or later from the Kindle store and find a typo, it's definitely one I don't know about, so please email me and tell me about it.

My experience with typos was frustrating enough to drive me to write a blog post about it. Thanks to the alert readers who helped me find them.


Thanks, Chynared21, for the wonderful Amazon review! And thanks to everyone for reading my books. I've been overwhelmed by the response I've gotten from the members of Kindleboards.

Let's read The Ark. I think it offers some interesting discussion topics. The book is 73 chapters, including the prologue. How should we break up the weekly reading schedule?

I should find out by the end of the week when the Book Klub will start. I'm looking forward to it!


Thanks, Maxx and Rhiathame! I did try to give each book a different feel appropriate to the storyline. Thanks for noticing. If you feel the books are worthy of a good review on Amazon, I'd certainly appreciate it. It might help other readers take a chance on a new author like me.

I've been asked to lead a book klub discussion, which I'd love to do, and I've opened a thread in the Book Klub forum to get an idea of which novel people would like to discuss with me.


I've been asked to lead a book klub discussion, which I'd love to do. Since I have three books out, I thought I'd get an idea from people about which book they'd like to discuss with me, The Ark, The Palmyra Impact, or The Adamas Blueprint.

Please chime in if you'd like to participate and give me your vote on which book we should discuss.


Thanks, JP!

Linda, no worries that the Kindle will get in the way of my telling stories. My only greater addiction than reading is writing. If I could make it a career, I'd be ecstatic.


Thanks to everyone for your support! I'm happy that you're enjoying my novels.

I just ordered a Kindle 2 last night, so I'm excited to join the ranks of Kindle readers as well as Kindle authors. I can't wait to get it! I've seen a Kindle 1, but never a 2, in person.


The Book Corner / Re: Amazon Kindle listing glitch
« on: March 28, 2009, 10:20:04 am »
Thanks for the help! I appreciate it.


The Book Corner / Amazon Kindle listing glitch
« on: March 27, 2009, 08:22:22 pm »
I have a problem with my Amazon listings, and I wanted to see if anyone on the boards has the answer.

Thanks to readers who have bought my novels, my books The Adamas Blueprint, The Ark, and The Palmyra Impact are listed as the numbers 2, 3, and 4 bestselling technothrillers for the Kindle. When I look at Amazon, the books are listed very high (and correctly) on this technothriller list:

But they're listed very low (and incorrectly) on this technothriller list, which you get to by navigating from the Amazon Home page by selecting Kindle Books, then Mystery & Thriller, then Thriller, then Technothriller:

The same thing happens on the Fiction>Action & Adventure list and the Mysteries & Thrillers>Thrillers>Suspense list. I'm afraid this glitch might be affecting my sales because potential buyers are not seeing my books listed in their proper rank on the list. Any ideas about why this glitch is happening and how to correct it?


I'm hard at work on my next novel, eating and sleeping be damned! We'll see if my agent can find a publisher for it.

In the meantime, thanks to LDB and Silver for those great reviews of The Palmyra Impact on Amazon. I'm honored that you would take the time to do that, even after your sleepless nights!


As it stands right now, if you've already bought the book, you cannot get an updated version down the road.

Luckily, your updates are only a few minor typos and such - nothing for anyone to get worked up over.

Still, Amazon should allow people to get updated versions of stuff they've already purchased. Apparently, people used to be able to get updates. Not anymore though. This is really ridiculous on Amazon's part, if you ask me.

Yes, with the help of LDB (Thanks! Great quote!), I've found and corrected a few typos, but they are indeed minor. I'm sure Amazon is holding back on letting people get Kindle updates because of non-fiction books that come out with new editions each year that they'll want to sell. However, I think it would be a great feature for authors like me who'd like to correct errors or add small updates.

Thanks to everyone who has bought the novels!


I purchased all 3 of them (on my TBR list yet!) - when corrected copies are on Amazon, is there a way to download them without repurchasing? Thanks!

That's a good question I had myself. I know you can erase books from your Kindle and then re-download them from Amazon, but I don't know if you will download the exact same book you had, or the current version that's on Amazon. Anyone else know the answer?


I wanted to let everyone know I've been alerted to a few typos in my books. I'm fixing them as quickly as I can by re-uploading the books to the Kindle store once I've corrected them. Sorry if they are distracting in the versions you purchased.


Thanks to all of you who have bought my novels, all three are in the top five bestselling technothrillers for the Kindle! I'm very grateful.

Great quote, LDB! I'll have to use that.


Thanks for the warm welcome! One question I've received is whether my books are a series. They are all stand-alones, so you can read them in any order. The most recent book is The Ark, and the oldest is The Adamas Blueprint, which I finished in 1995 (you will notice that some of the technology is specific to that era). I would recommend starting with the story that you feel has the most intriguing description.


The Book Corner / Re: Books that made you laugh.
« on: March 22, 2009, 06:22:58 pm »
America: The Book by Jon Stewart
I am America (And So Can You) by Stephen Colbert
Any book by Dave Barry

All of them make me laugh until I cry.

Thanks to everyone who has bought my books! I hope you enjoy them. If you feel any of them is worthy of a good review on Amazon, I'd love for you to post there.

Here are some blurbs about my books from authors I read myself.

The Ark

James Rollins, NY Times bestselling author of THE LAST ORACLE and THE JUDAS STRAIN — "Boyd Morrison's novel, THE ARK, is a stunning thriller with a premise as ingenious as it is flawlessly executed. Lightning-paced, chillingly real, here is a novel that will have you holding your breath until the last page is turned. One of the best debuts I've read this year."

Jon Land, bestselling author of THE SEVEN SINS — “THE ARK features the perfect blend of historical mysticism and clever, classical thriller plotting. Imagine the famed Ark rediscovered and reinvented to form the seeds of a modern day conspiracy. Boyd Morrison manages that flawlessly in this blisteringly-paced tale packed with the best twists and turns the genre has to offer. The search for Noah's Ark may continue but the search for the next great thriller writer ends here.”

The Palmyra Impact

Douglas Preston, New York Times bestselling author of RELIC and BLASPHEMY — “THE PALMYRA IMPACT opens with a bang--literally--and then takes the reader on a watery thrill ride of terror. This is top-notch suspense, with crisp plotting, believable characters, and well-researched science. A classic disaster novel, up there with the very best. A piece of advice to the reader: don't take this one to the beach...”

James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of THE LAST ORACLE and THE JUDAS STRAIN — “Boyd Morrison’s THE PALMYRA IMPACT is a disaster novel stripped straight out of today's headlines. As a mega-tsunami sweeps for Hawaii, readers will be caught in the riptide as Kai Tanaka fights for his family's survival. Not to be missed!”

John Case, New York Times Bestselling Author of GHOST DANCER — “Boyd Morrison delivers the goods. Expertly researched and gripping, THE PALMYRA IMPACT is a pulse-pounding tale delivered by a born storyteller.”

Jon Land, bestselling author of THE SEVEN SINS —
“It's been a long time since I've read a novel as technologically satisfying and downright scary as Boyd Morrison’s THE PALMYRA IMPACT. Morrison's smooth and savory mix of science and suspense brings the absolute best of Michael Crichton to mind. THE PALMYRA IMPACT could be this generation's Andromeda Strain, a terrific page-turner tucked neatly inside a cautionary tale of our own fragile place in the ecosystem. The future, to paraphrase Yogi Berra, isn't what it used to be, but the promising Boyd Morrison will be a writer to be reckoned with for as long as it lasts.”

Chris Kuzneski, New York Times bestselling author of SWORD OF GOD —“THE PALMYRA IMPACT is the best thriller I've read this year.”


Thanks for the kind welcome! The Kindle and the Web offer great opportunities for new authors like me, and I was excited to find out about these boards through a serendipitous Google search.

The Book Corner / Re: Bargain Books March 2009
« on: March 21, 2009, 12:51:10 am »
Thanks to CS, Xia, and SongbirdVB for supporting my writing and for alerting me to this fantastic Kindle board. Due to your kind posts, I posted a link to my novels in a separate thread.


It's great to see Xia back on the attack with several awesome bargains. ;D Here's one I've found recently. I thoroughly enjoyed the sample.

The Adamas Blueprint
Author: Boyd Morrison

Price: $0.99

Description: Kevin Hamilton has a big problem: someone is trying to kill him, and he has no idea why.

Kevin, a Ph.D. student in chemistry, is stunned by the news that his graduate advisor, Michael Ward, has died in a fire. Then Kevin receives a cryptic email message from Ward, sent just before his death. According to the message, Ward was being chased by someone intent on obtaining a notebook with the results of a supposedly failed experiment Kevin and Ward had worked on together.

Before Kevin can make sense of the message, Ward’s attackers try to kill him. Labeled a crank by the police, Kevin escapes the gun-wielding assailants and unwittingly draws his girlfriend, a medical student named Erica Jensen, into their sights. Their flight leads them to the notebook, which reveals that Kevin unknowingly participated in one of the most important discoveries of the century, a chemical process called Adamas that is worth billions of dollars.

Alone and on the run from deadly assassins, Kevin and Erica have to stay alive long enough to prove to the world that Adamas actually works...

EDIT: The author's other two books are also a bargain - at $1.59 each.

The Book Bazaar / THE VAULT now available on Kindle
« on: March 21, 2009, 12:44:39 am »
<The following post was written after I first posted my books onto the Kindle store in March 2009. I have now earned a publishing deal with Simon and Schuster for all three books, and the books have been temporarily removed from the Kindle store; they will be re-released soon. I've removed the Amazon links so that there won't be any confusion about why the links are broken.>

My name is Boyd Morrison, and I wrote the thriller novels The Ark, The Palmyra Impact, and The Adamas Blueprint. I am trying to break into the publishing business, and I've made great progress so far with a literary agent and blurbs from NY Times bestselling authors. While I'm writing my next book, I decided to offer my books for the Kindle so that people can start reading my work.

I priced my books at $0.99 for my first novel, The Adamas Blueprint, and $1.99 (currently marked down to $1.59) for my second and third novels. My books are also available for download on my web site at, so that people without a Kindle or iPhone can also read my novels.

I would call my thrillers action/adventures or technothrillers, and the authors that inspire me are Clive Cussler, James Rollins, Doug Preston, Lincoln Child, Michael Crichton, and Dean Koontz. I am always trying to improve my writing, so I welcome any feedback you would care to give me at [email protected]

Here is a short synopsis for each book:

The Ark - A relic from Noah’s Ark gives a religious fanatic and his followers a weapon that will let them recreate the effects of the biblical flood, and former combat engineer Tyler Locke has just seven days to find the Ark and the secret hidden inside before it’s used to wipe out civilization again.

The Palmyra Impact - When a massive explosion rocks the uninhabited central Pacific and launches a series of mega-tsunamis toward Hawaii, the clock begins. In one hour, Honolulu will cease to exist. In that same instant, Kai Tanaka, the director of the Pacific Tsunami Warning System, begins a desperate race to save the lives of a million people, including his wife and daughter.

The Adamas Blueprint - One of the greatest inventions of the 20th century becomes a death sentence for grad student Kevin Hamilton when forces beyond his comprehension set their sights on the billion-dollar chemical process he unwittingly created.

Boyd Morrison

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