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The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle
« on: October 28, 2010, 09:20:17 am »
I finally managed to find the time to read "The Ark".  Fantastic!!!! 

Thanks, GreenThumb! I just turned in THE VAULT this week, and I'm eager to hear what my editor thinks about it.

Don't know why the cover for ROGUE WAVE isn't appearing on the Kindle version (it is for the paperback version). We're checking into that.

Writers' Cafe / Re: I need your advice on Print on Demand
« on: October 17, 2010, 05:17:28 pm »
If it's tracked by ISBN, there shouldn't be a problem. The publisher has to have a new ISBN for your work. They can't use the Create Space ISBN. Plus, you can change the name of your book which Boyd Morrison did with The Ark when he was picked up by S&S. It's now Rogue Wave. 

Gertie, I actually only self-published electronically, so I never registered for an ISBN because of the exact reason that Kristin Nelson raised: I didn't want publishers and booksellers to see that my books had only sold a few copies if that had happened. I was planning to write more books, and publishers and booksellers look for you by name. They would see the old books that hadn't sold many copies and might think the new book wouldn't do any better, hurting my publishing chances. So there is a risk to registering for an ISBN when you self-publish.

We kept The Ark as the title when the S&S version came out in May. The title of The Palmyra Impact was changed to Rogue Wave.

The Book Corner / Re: James Rollins
« on: October 10, 2010, 08:33:32 pm »
Jim is going to be at Bouchercon in San Francisco this week if anyone would like to meet him or get books signed by him.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Have books become folk art?
« on: August 24, 2010, 01:36:48 pm »

Well crap.

I'm sorry Boyd, I definitely did misread what you were saying. I implied stuff you didn't put into your post. I apologize.

And you make several good points. I agree that most decisions to drop indie in favor of trad or vice versa are not so clear cut. And yes, it is all a risk. Indie or trad. There are no guarantees in this business.


No worries. And I realize that the market has changed dramatically in the past year since I got my publishing deal. I'm not saying my decision would be any different now, but last year the iPad and Nook didn't exist, the Amazon Kindle UK store was a long way off, and the idea of making a living self-publishing ebooks was in its infancy.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Have books become folk art?
« on: August 24, 2010, 01:20:52 pm »


While I respect everything you're doing... I have to disagree that a trad publisher is what you want if you want to make a living. I want to make a living, and I'm pretty close to it already. If I made every month what I made in June, I'd be making a living... at least for my area of the country. I'd be making the kind of money we've BEEN living on.


Actually, I don't think we disagree. What I said was "if you are writing books to make a living (so that you can ditch your old job), you'll certainly have to consider the financial ramifications of staying indie versus going with a publisher." I was specifically not endorsing one route or the other. If you're selling $500 worth of books a month, and the only traditional publishing offer you get is for an advance of $2000, it seems pretty clear that you should stay an indie. On the other hand, if you're making $500 a month and a publisher offers you a $500,000 advance, it seems pretty clear that you should go with the advance. However, most situations will not be that clear cut, and there are other factors to consider, which I pointed out. A one-time windfall, even if you never earn out the advance, has to be weighed against the risk you take that your sales might fall in the future. Just because you are earning $500 on the book each month now does not mean it will earn that much in the future; it may go up because of increased e-reader sales and a bigger market, or it may go down because of more competition. I think most people here are betting on the former, and I would to, but it's still a risk. Nothing goes up forever; just look at the stock market or home prices.

And when you sign with a publisher, you are not giving them your rights. You are selling the rights, and contracts are negotiable. If you aren't offered what you think your book is worth, you always have the option to walk away, which is exactly what Joe Konrath has done. Indie publishing has given authors more negotiating leverage than they've ever had before, and that's a wonderful development.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Have books become folk art?
« on: August 24, 2010, 10:07:15 am »
I think what everyone is in violent agreement about is that whether to stay indie or go with a traditional publisher depends on your goals and on the financial opportunities that each give. If your goal is just to write and get your books out there where readers can find them, e-publishing lets you do that in a way that doesn't cost you thousands of dollars paid to vanity presses to get a few thousand copies that will molder in your basement. Instead, you can now make some decent money selling ebooks, which will reward independent writers who produce good books that are well-packaged and cleverly promoted. (One story I haven't seen in the media is how vanity presses are probably in even more danger than traditional publishers; I wouldn't be surprised if we see the end of many vanity presses in the next couple of years, and I'm talking about the true vanity presses that take advantage of unpublished writers, not Smashwords, Lulu, or Createspace).

But if you are writing books to make a living (so that you can ditch your old job), you'll certainly have to consider the financial ramifications of staying indie versus going with a publisher. In my case, I wanted to reach as many readers as possible, and though ebooks are growing at an exponential rate, most sales are still currently in stores. In two years, those numbers will be very different, but for right now that's the situation. In addition, I'd be surprised if I ever would have gotten deals for The Ark in UK, Germany, Holland, Italy, and all the other countries without a US publishing deal. Although I'm not anywhere near the league of Stieg Larsson's sales, you can get an idea of how the US market compares to the rest of the world by looking at his numbers: he has sold 4 million books in the US, but he has sold over 40 million books worldwide. That percentage is not uncommon for authors of thrillers, which are what I happen to write. Yes, with the advent of Amazon Kindle UK, I could have put my books on that store as well, but I never would be able to put my books on Amazon Kindle Deutsche because I would need a German translator. And remember that Amazon Kindle UK wasn't even a faint glimmer when I got my publishing deal last year (47 Internet years ago).

So truly take a deep look at what your goals are before you decide to take either the indie route or the traditional publishing route. Either way, you'll get to do what you love, which is write. But the effort, hassle, financial rewards, prestige, and desired readership should all be factors you consider in your decision.

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle
« on: August 17, 2010, 10:38:19 am »
I'm pleased to share the US cover for Rogue Wave coming in December 2010 (it will be available on Kindle, of course, but it's not available for pre-order yet). I also wrote a blog for Heritage Key in advance of the UK release of The Noah's Ark Quest if you want to see my top 10 reasons the search for Noah's Ark is the ultimate archaeological thriller.

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle
« on: August 13, 2010, 08:57:48 am »
For the Taiwan release of THE ARK, the translator wrote on awesome blog about all the technology I used in the book. Spolier alert! It gives away some of the items that will become important in the story, but if you want to see a massive dump truck literally flattening a pickup, a freefall lifeboat launching, or a video on the monastery at Khor Virap, check it out. The blog is in Chinese, but you'll still be able to get the gist of it. It's so great, I may rewrite in English for my own blog.

Ann, I just turned in the final page proofs for ROGUE WAVE. Even after re-reading it for the hundredth time, I'm still very proud of that story, so thanks for posting about it. Also, I just saw the cover image for THE VAULT. It looks fantastic! I can't wait to share it.

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle
« on: July 24, 2010, 04:13:18 pm »
I read The Adamas Blueprint long ago, it was good enough, but The Ark was much better!  I'll let y'all know when I read Palmyra.  It'll be awhile, I have many other KB authors to sample first.  I left a review of The Ark, Boyd, not that you needed it!


I appreciate the review, Betsy. I'm always happy to get one.

Tyler and Grant will be back in the next book, but Dilara will be too busy with Noah's Ark to join the adventure. I'm thrilled to announce that we now have a US title for the next book: THE VAULT. Details to come!

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle
« on: June 19, 2010, 12:35:26 pm »
The Ark is out in Germany, Denmark, Australia, and New Zealand, and it will come out in the UK in August and Italy in September.

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle
« on: June 19, 2010, 05:56:53 am »
Thanks for looking out for me, everyone!

I'm in Munich now doing research for the next book, and Die Arche just came out in Germany. It's very weird seeing it in stores here.

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle
« on: June 17, 2010, 04:03:21 am »

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle
« on: June 02, 2010, 04:15:18 pm »
I could have had it for 20% off.  ;D  Boyd, I mentioned The Ark in the last 2 interviews that I've given. You're the best thing to come from these roots since . . . April Hamilton.

Ed Patterson

Thanks, Ed! I appreciate it.

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle
« on: June 02, 2010, 04:08:43 pm »
Still cool to see it in a store. Maybe only two copies means they've been selling them!

And how funny that the Man Skills book above it shows a Swiss Army Knife, which is just a little too simple for Tyler, who uses a manly Leatherman.  ;)

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle
« on: June 01, 2010, 09:22:18 pm »
I'd love to see anyone who can make it to NYC. Should be a fun signing at Mysterious Bookshop on July 9. It's a HarperCollins event, but the bookstore invited me to crash it.

One Shot is the first Lee Child I read, and it got me addicted. I think I read all the Reachers within a few months after that. I'm looking forward to 61 Hours, right after I finish the excellent vampire thriller Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth (we signed together at Poisoned Pen in Phoenix, which was very cool).

Thanks for telling me about the book sightings. It's probably asking a bit much for the NYT list, but it's great to know the book is getting in front of people. And it must be connecting with some new readers. So far, the new Amazon reader reviews have been wonderful.

I also just found out that The Ark will be published in China, Czech Republic, and France, which brings the total to 18 foreign markets!

And I don't mean to tease (well, maybe a little  ;) ), but I just turned in the prologue for Tyler Locke 2 (which will go in the back of The Ark paperback), and my editor loved it. Can't wait until I can share the title with you!

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle
« on: May 30, 2010, 08:59:07 am »
JP, unfortunately my book tour budget didn't allow a trip to Chicago this time around, but I'll try to add it next year.

I'd like to share some good news. So far, the reception for The Ark has been great! In the Wall Street Journal, it's listed as the number 8 hardcover mystery in the country.

And the Denver Post listed The Ark as the number 6 overall hardcover fiction bestseller in the city!

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle
« on: May 24, 2010, 01:32:15 pm »
Sierra, how cool! I had no idea it was being offered by a book club. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Thanks, Ed! And thanks to Ann for posting that interview.

The book tour is going great. I'm in Houston now, with a signing at Murder By The Book tonight. Then I head to Phoenix for a signing at Poisoned Pen on Wednesday night with Christopher Farnsworth, author of Blood Oath (his book is not on Kindle, unfortunately). I've been to LA and Denver already, and I'll be doing another signing at Seattle Mystery Bookshop on June 4. In the meantime, I'm working on Tyler Locke 2, and I'll soon be copyediting Rogue Wave (nee The Palmyra Impact; I hope to have a cover to share soon). I'm having a blast!

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle
« on: May 11, 2010, 09:58:04 am »

I pre-ordered and mine came overnight in Cyberspace. I'll download it this afternoon with my NY Times. And I must say, all other reading shall be put aside as you will not even make the TBR list, so long I have waited for this - having missed the original run. You give every Indie hope, having bubbled to the top and arrived. I'm so proud of you.

Edward C. Patterson

Thanks, Ed! That's so nice of you to say. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks, Gertie and Geoff!

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle!
« on: May 11, 2010, 09:23:53 am »
Today The Ark is available on the Kindle! Again! Thanks to all who took a chance on me and read my books last year.

One more cool thing: The Ark is the featured ad on the online book section of the NY Times!

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle!
« on: April 27, 2010, 09:20:52 am »
How this for timely? The UK Daily Mail is reporting that someone has found Noah's Ark!

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle!
« on: April 26, 2010, 01:44:40 pm »
Boyd, I am incredibly happy for you or any author who gets a nice deal, but I can't help noticing from your first thread, where your books are 99 cents, and now with a major publisher, they are $11.99. Is this accompanying editing and other factors worth the 1,200 percent markup? I am not judging your content in any way, just echoing a philosophical question I've heard over and over: "How much value does a publisher add?" I have no doubt to you they add the incredible value of getting you in bookstores, but how much better are they making the ebook?


This is a tough question, as everyone in the industry is finding out. What is the true value of an ebook? Is The Ark better now than it was last year, when I listed it for $1.99? I would say yes, but that's for each reader to decide. The cover is definitely better, although it's based on my design from last year. It's copyedited much better, as all the readers who helped me find typos in last year's version will attest. As with any economics question, we could turn it around and ask, was it priced too low at $1.99? Maybe not, based on the fact that I was an unknown author with no marketing or advertising support. If I'd had priced it higher, very few people would have taken a chance to try it out. There are a lot of factors that go into this equation, which makes my head hurt. That's why I was glad to get out of the publishing business and back to the writing business. My goal has always been to get my books in the hands of readers, in whatever format I could, and I felt that going with a publishing company was the best way to do that.

Regarding the price of a novel, whether it's ebook or pbook, every person has to decide how much something is worth to them (is it worth paying $200 for a ticket to see a U2 concert from the nosebleed section? for some people, yes; for others, no). In the end, I suppose it just comes to how much you value the time you spend being entertained by whatever medium it is, whether it's a book, song, movie, or video game.

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle!
« on: April 26, 2010, 01:06:56 pm »
Is it normal for the Hardcover and Paperback to be released on the same day?  Since I already have the indy release of the Kindle edition, I probably won't re-buy, but I may pick up a hardcover so I have a 1st edition piece of history!

I have no idea why Amazon lists a paperback release. The Ark won't be in paperback until next year. I've asked my publisher to remove it to avoid confusion.

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Ark now available on Kindle!
« on: April 26, 2010, 11:20:42 am »
Boyd, did you have to make any/many revisions to the book for the new publisher?  I can't remember now and am too lazy to re-read the whole thread. :D

Just thinking that the original version I already have is probably 'good enough'....but then again I'll probably buy the new one eventually anyway.  ;D

I didn't add or remove a single chapter, but we did edit to tighten things up a bit, so that it's even faster paced than last year's version. We also changed a few of the names. The most significant are the villain and his church. It's Sebastian Ulric now instead of Sebastian Garrett (we thought Garrett and Grant were too similar), and The Holy Hydronastic Church became The Church of the Holy Waters, which I like a lot better.

The Book Bazaar / Re: My novels The Ark and Rogue Wave coming soon
« on: April 26, 2010, 10:23:21 am »
You all who have not bought this book must do so. . . it is worth the $11.99 the Publisher is charging. . . . .

And, Boyd, I'm gonna do my darndest to get to your signing in NY in July. . . . .

Great, Ann! I hope to see you there.

Yes, I'm sure the price will be a turnoff for some people because I know pricing has been a big issue lately. As a debut author in a big organization, I don't have any say in the matter (part of the tradeoff for getting print books out there instead of self-publishing my ebooks), but I hope that the readers who do decide to try The Ark will feel like they've gotten their time and money's worth.

But I have to say, as much as I'm a fan of ebooks, the DTB looks very cool sitting on my kitchen counter!

The Book Bazaar / Re: My novels The Ark and Rogue Wave coming soon
« on: April 26, 2010, 10:08:45 am »
I'm happy to say that THE ARK is now available for pre-order on Kindle! It's not linked to the hardcover and audio versions yet, but I hope to get that fixed soon.

THE ARK (Kindle version)

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