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I know this has been discussed many times in the past... but I've never had to have a Kindle replaced so I confess to not paying close attention to the discussions.  I researched here in KBs about getting your books and collections moved to your new replacement Kindle, and everything I've read talks about having to re-download all of your books from your Amazon archive... and then you go to the "Add Other Device Collections" button and your books will sort into the appropriate collection(s).
     But, this morning when I talked to a Kindle CS rep, he said that I wouldn't need to re-download all of my books.  He said that when I registered my replacement Kindle and de-registered my original Kindle, that my books would then be on the replacement Kindle and I wouldn't have to go through downloading my books again (I have over 500 books on my current Kindle).  I questioned him about it, to make sure I understood what he was saying correctly since it is the opposite of what has been posted here..... and he repeated the same information again.
     Can someone please tell me your experience with your books and collections and what you had to do with a replacement K3???   Thanks!!!!!!!

Kindle Accessories / Kindle sleeves from a child's denim jumper
« on: March 29, 2011, 11:41:34 am »
Okay... here goes... from an amateur...
The first two pictures are the front & back of the jumper.  Next will be three photos of the two sleeves I've made - fronts-backs-interior.  I cut the bib and the straps off the jumper and used a narrow wale corduroy to line the one sleeve and to be the back and lining of the second.  I also used it to line the detachable strap/handle that I made from the two jumper straps.  The bib is attached along its bottom & sides and open at the top to create a front pocket with a velcro closing like the sleeve.  I couldn't find a navy blue frog closure for the first tote, so I bought some braid/trim and made my own frog... loop on the inner top flap and knot on the one attached to the front of the tote itself.  I also added red rhinestones to the upper wings of the two butterflies to help tie in with my lining material.  What a fun project!!

The Book Corner / Pre-ordered The Outlaws for free - was billed today
« on: December 28, 2010, 07:29:40 am »
I just thought I better post this in case it happens to anyone else.... be sure to check your email from Amazon to make sure you got this book for free if that's how you pre-ordered it.  The full title of the book is The Outlaws: A Presidential Agent Novel by W. E. B. Griffin.  I pre-ordered it for free in November and the release date was today, December 28th.  When I received my email from Amazon, it showed that I had been billed $14.99 for the book.  I called Kindle CS and had a difficult conversation with a rep who was having trouble with English so I had to give him the information and explain about four times.  But, the final outcome was that they have credited my account with the $14.99 that I was billed in error. 

Let's Talk Kindle! / Question on sharing an account
« on: September 20, 2010, 08:40:15 am »
I have never shared my Kindle account, but I am giving my son's girlfriend a K3 for her birthday and we are considering whether she should be on my account or have her own.  Obviously, even though our reading tastes aren't always the same, I have quite a few books that we'd like to be able to share.  If she gets, say, 20 books that I have already purchased.... but then three months from now decides that they are in better shape financially and she would like to get her own account to make things simpler..... what happens?  Obviously I would deregister the K3 from my account and she would add it to her new account.  Would she then lose the 20 books from my account from her K3?  I realize that they wouldn't be archived at Amazon on her new account..... but would she still have them to read as long as she doesn't delete them?
     Thanks for your help.... this is uncharted territory for me and I confess I haven't read the discussions on sharing an account because I haven't had anyone to share my account with until now.

I thought I would post this in case it has happened to others.  I just got off the phone with CS and they don't know what happened at this point and will get back to me.  I had over $100 on an Amazon gift card... yet when I bought a book for my Kindle, it was charged to my charge card rather than coming off my gift card like it always does.  So, I went to my Amazon account and it shows my gift card balance as $0.00.  I called CS to find out what is going on.... and my K3 pre-order has already been charged to my account using up my gift card.  It isn't supposed to be charged to me until the item ships.... and CS doesn't know why I've already been charged.  I told the rep that I'd be VERY happy if that means that they're shipping my K3 to me.  She said that would apply to me and about a million other customers.  So... no K3 shipping yet..... but I've already been charged.

The Book Corner / Stephen King's Under the Dome is now $16.99??
« on: May 15, 2010, 08:11:35 am »
I know that Kindle book prices have been all over the place lately.... but this is just plain crazy!  The pre-order price for this book last fall when it was released came down to $7.20.  And now, over six months later.... it's $16.99!  What in the world are they thinking??  I have another book that I've been wanting to buy for a long time.  It is the first in a series of 11 (so far) books.... has been out for 11 years now... and the price on it is double the price of the paperback.  Plus, it's $2 more than the price of the more recent books in the series which also makes no sense to me.  I definitely won't be buying it.... but the bad thing is that my library doesn't have the book either.  Guess I'll have to pay for an interlibrary loan if they can find some other library that has it.  UGH!!  Anyone else struggling with these frustrations??

I'm hoping that my KK isn't malfunctioning on me.  First, let me say I did finally need a replacement battery a little over a month ago - my original battery lasted 16 months for me. So, my battery is only one month old.

But now, I'm having flaky things happening with my "available space" numbers.  I'm always buying more books than I read thanks to bargain and free books... so I always have an available space issue and often have to store books at Amazon to make more room on my Kindle for new books I want to read.  I had made some room by reading and deleting books, so I turned on Whispernet yesterday to download my latest acquisitions.  I got the message that my download didn't complete because I had run out of room yet again... and my KK showed that I had 1 MB of space left.  I finished reading another book last night and deleted it and my KK showed I had 3 MB of space available.  This morning, it was showing that I have 25 MB of space when nothing happened with my KK overnight... no deletions... no usage.  I NEVER have 25 MB of space!

Has anyone else experienced this problem??  I did turn on Whispernet this morning to see if it would download the rest of my books (to see if the additional space was actually there) and it was successful.  And now, it's saying I still have 12 MB of available space left.  Any idea what is going on??  Thanks!

I have to admit I pre-ordered Atomic Lobster because it was free.  There was no description or (obviously) reviews.  I've been reading it this week and can't put it down.  It's like Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series on steroids.  With dozens of "sub-stories" going on - that are all related - it keeps the action hopping and the reader laughing (in spite of a pretty good dose of violence/drugs/and sex).  I can't believe it, but I'm loving this book!!  Tim Dorsey is masterful in his writing.... and I love good writing in many different genres.  Now, I discover that this book is #10 in a series with the same "unique" main character, Serge Storms, and his collection of acquaintances.  
     It looks like the other books in the series (even the very first ones) are $7.99 for Kindle and #12 comes out in February.  So, it's going to cost almost $100 (a lot for me) to buy the series.  I even checked my library's catalog online even though I really hate having to read a DTB now that I have my Kindle.... but they only have two of the 12 books - #5 & #8 - which makes no sense.  I could inter-library loan request them but that now costs $$ - plus my gas and time to go get them and then return them.  So, if I want to read them, I might as well buy them for my Kindle.
     Has anyone else read books from this series and is it worth my $100 to buy it??  I'm a person who really tries to read a book series in the order that it was written... does that work best for this series??  Thanks for your help and advice!  I'd love to hear what others think about this surprising book/series!!

The Book Corner / Amy Bloom Short Story
« on: December 09, 2009, 11:27:18 am »

Can anyone figure this out, because I can't.  When you click on this for Between Here and Now, it takes you to the pre-order for Where the God of Love Hangs out.  It says on the cover that Between Here and Now is "From the Collection of Where the God of Love Hangs Out".  So, this appears to be an excerpt.  But it shows the same number of pages (DTB) for both titles, making it look like it's the same book.  Any insight??

Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting (Kindle) / Content manager help needed!
« on: November 13, 2009, 10:37:32 am »
I've read through our previous discussions on content manager and don't see my problem addressed before.  I have a KK and was getting down on available room thanks to all of the recent free and bargain books.  I had about 4 MB of space left.  I finished the LOTR trilogy and went to my Content Manager and removed it from my Kindle.  Normally, it would then show up with the "Amazon" location listed under the title.... but instead, it disappeared from Content Manager completely.  I then noticed that the only books in my Content Manager are the books that are on my Kindle and I got a message stating I was getting low on space.  I checked, and I have "Show All" checked as my Content Manager preference.... but it isn't showing all books.  So, I got busy and removed a lot of TBR books from my Kindle and now have 23MB of space freed up.  Still only have the Kindle books in my Content Manager.... removing books and making room made no difference.  I have now done a soft restart (Alt-Shift-R), have completely turned my KK off and then back on again, changed my preference to "Show Kindle Only" and then back again to "Show All"...... and no matter what I do, my Content Manager will not show all.  Has anyone experienced this before and do I have any other options before I call CS??  I like being able to re-download books I have had to delete to make more room when I am ready to read them.... and want all of my Amazon purchased books in my Content Manager.  UGH!!

Book Klub: Outlander (series) / Outlander Overload!!
« on: October 20, 2009, 10:45:03 am »
You know you need a break from reading the Outlander series when this happens to you:  Last Sunday, I went with DH to a Rock/Gem/Mineral show.  While there, I ran into a friend I hadn't seen for almost 20 years and he was telling us that he has been buying gemstones because he's afraid our economy might "go south".  He said, "I plan on using them if our current currency loses its value."  And my very next thought was.... or you could use them to help you through the stones.  I thought.... OH NO!!  My brain has turned to parritch.  But, dinna fash..... it may be four more years before the next Outlander book comes out and you'll re-read the whole series once again.  There is hope that my Outlander brain might return to its pre-Outlander condition before then.
     Anyone else have Outlander brain after these last 10+ months??   ::)    Dinna fash.......

The Book Corner / MANY more Stephen King books now Kindleized!!
« on: October 15, 2009, 11:01:55 am »
I have been clicking "I want to read this book on Kindle" for The Eyes of the Dragon for almost a year now... and it is finally available..... along with MANY more of Stephen King's novels.  Per an interview with Stephen years ago, he one day realized that he had never written a book that his (then) teenage daughter could read, so he wrote The Eyes of the Dragon.  It is written as a fairy tale - with Stephen King touches..... and it's wonderful for adults too!!
     So, if you're a Stephen King fan and have been disappointed that your favorite books have not been available for Kindle up until now.... be sure to check out Amazon..... you may be pleasantly surprised like I was!!

The Book Corner / Free Cook's Illustrated FINALLY Released
« on: February 24, 2009, 10:44:48 am »
I have turned on my Whispernet and checked several times today.... but so far it says I have no new downloads available.  I thought that our free pre-ordered The Cook's Illustrated How-to-Cook Library was supposed to be delivered today.  I don't always have a good Whispernet connection in our area so I thought I would see if anyone else had received theirs.

Kindle Accessories / Book Stand Previously Shown??
« on: January 24, 2009, 10:20:58 am »
Some time ago, someone had posted a picture of what they use for a book stand (that was not originally for holding books). I can't remember if it was an easel or a plate holder..... but I thought it was something I might be able to find at our local "five-and-dime" store.  I also remember thinking that it was something that would fold flat and go in my bag along with my Kindle for traveling.  I have looked through our discussions in accessories and have also done a search.... but cannot find it.  Can anyone help me out??   Thanks!

Let's Talk Kindle! / Kindle T shirt that matches the Kindle box??
« on: November 23, 2008, 01:01:41 pm »
Sorry if this has been discussed before.... I haven't seen it in the time I've been on KindleBoards.  I know we now have KindleBoard T shirts and they are great.  But, one time on eBay I saw a T shirt for sale that matched the box our Kindles come in..... the one with the letters of the alphabet "cascading" down.  It was too small a shirt for me so I didn't buy it.... but am wondering where this shirt came from and if they are available for sale??

Not Quite Kindle / Avatar
« on: November 10, 2008, 01:20:45 pm »
I admit to being totally technology challenged... have been using Harvey's instructions and working for hours trying to use one of my photos for my avatar.  I uploaded some personal photos to photobucket and finally figured out that they are too large to use.  So, I have re-sized them and now can get that to work.  But, my picture becomes distorted.  It is a vertical/rectangular picture but it seems like it is being "stretched" into a square which distorts it.  I see lots of other avatars that are vertical and rectangular..... so can you tell me what I'm doing wrong please!!!  I want my picture to stay rectangular...... not square.  Also, please advise a "Newbie" where everyone is getting their clip art birthday pictures from for their birthday party avatars.  I have so much to learn and am so grateful for the KindleBoards!!!!!  Thanks for your patience and advice!!!

Not Quite Kindle / Lifelong love of reading or new adventure??
« on: November 06, 2008, 02:16:07 pm »
I cannot remember a time when reading wasn't my favorite thing in my life.... whether it was my mother and grandmother reading to me when I was very young..... or my reading every book I could get my hands on once I could read myself.  And yes, library day was WAY better than gym day in grade school!!  So, I'm curious about my fellow Kindleholics...... have you always loved to read or has it been a more recent discovery??

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