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The Book Bazaar / Re: Science fiction writers meet here.
« on: November 26, 2012, 11:04:39 am »
Hi! I'm a total noob here, so if I do something wrong, (which wouldn't surprise me) just let me know, okay? I am the author of three novels, Detour To Dusk, a vampire thriller, Story Time, a scifi, PA thriller, and (just today) Onio, a story about a half human Sasquatch who falls in love with a human girl.
I am the commander of the S.S.Wordsmyth on the MOA forum on Amazon, and also have a website where I really like to support my fellow Indy's by running short story contests, and showcases. Please, feel free to visit my thread or go to
Featured below are my book covers-- Thank you for letting me post here, and good luck to all of you with your books and sales! Nel

Hmmm--- guess I don't know how to post an image here. Oh well! ???

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