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I think that Amazon has gotten too big and has rushed the Oasis and for some reason has totally lost ability on getting the product in good working order to the public. Personally I find it unacceptable to sell something than not be able to replace a defective product for months. For another to advertise this as a caddy of readers and have issues is beyond me. Three hundred dollars is not a large sum but more than the average reader. The whole thing is out of hand and Amazon is to blame. I understand that engineers have to make a buck but where does it end...Oasis is a nice reader but was came with my hype that IMO it does not live up to, especially if you have a slight screen issue and you just accept it, not good doing business like that...

thanks for all the nice write ups, great info!

this is a second , first opinion as my first Oasis went back, this one has some minor lighting issues at the top but overall I think its ok. I'm a bit of over zealous on making sure its perfect  :( and I need to work on that as nothing on life is. The reader IMO is the best Amazon has released and I thrilled with the reading experience...The battery is still an unknown but I have faith that amazon if need be will put up a software patch if need be...I have plenty of good books so back at it...

I read mostly on the pw3 but the voyage is a close 2nd and in all I have 8 some dups as I use to leave a k5 and the touch at work, started with the k2, I have 2 k5's and 2 pw2's but going to give one to my daughter as she likes Patterson and I usually always gift her a new book when they come out...fwiw I still think the k5 had the darkest text but I am now a big fan on the bookerly font...

well I did return my original Oasis 1st of the month but after a week I missed it and reordered it from Amazon this time on the 5 payment deal this way I don't feel so guilty  ;D , new update is this Friday, on a kindle watch  8)

well I finally decided that the Oasis while a nice reader did not justify the price and returned it to best buy. I already have the Voyage and PW3 and the basic, I just felt like the price was more for the battery cover while the screen is good its IMO not radically better than the other 2 readers, I rarely take trips so no biggie to just recharge...just my 2 cents

no I'm getting the same type of charge to the Oasis from the cover,

I did some math on the hours I read with what has drained from the cover and the Oasis and I do read at 13 and I would guesstimate about 25-30 hours , its a rough estimate and your mileage may vary...

just checked the bbuy site and it available in store pick up or express could have it tuesday...

Mine has moved to "In Transit" and it apparently is in Louisville, KY right now.

I'll cross my fingers for you, I'm sure it will be there today and try not to check for the truck every time you hear a vehicle drive by  ;)

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Best Buy has Merlot and Walnut Oasis
« on: April 28, 2016, 02:04:05 pm »
Mine is "Awaiting UPS pickup". :D

Met up with Betsy for lunch and got to fondle hers -- I'm not convinced I'm going to love the Oasis as much as I love my Voyage, but it sure is a nice device. I do expect I'll keep it and will sell my PaperWhite . . . .

mine was in that status for quite awhile and didn't update to picked up by UPS till almost 10PM and I only checked it every half hour  ;D good luck...

I just fired up my reader about 40 minutes ago and initial impression is WOW great job, IMO very even lighting so no issues and I read at 13 and FWI I had to go through 7 readers on PW1 before I accepted one. It is a smoother screen to read on and boy is it light weight wise even in the cover. Mine picked up the update a couple minutes after I connected to wifi. Very impressed with it and will test more later when I get back to my book oh the buttons are very easy to use and give a very slight IMO this is what a premium reader should be...

I have one out for delivery from best buy, can't wait usually mid afternoon delivery (UPS)  here so will be watching any truck that comes by, I ordered the black, I'm basic it would of been nice if they had it in a blue but black is fine...

I ordered from Best Buy next day should be here tomorrow, canceled my order with Amazon couldn't wait...I have no idea who they use but I'm at home , retired and my wife is recovering from knee replacement. Been a rough week hoping this brightens up the week...

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Voyage vs Oasis
« on: April 24, 2016, 08:55:49 am »
I have the k7 basic , the 2015 paperwhite 300ppi and the voyage and I like the voyage just a bit better its just compact and I bought the new Oasis because it will be nice and shiny and its new, extra battery and some neat stuff...I'm a 63 year old kid  ;D

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: KBoards Kindle Oasis Giveaway!!!
« on: April 20, 2016, 03:33:05 am »
I like coming here because everyone is so upbeat and makes me  want to buy something my wife will think I don't need , always a fun place to visit , especially on a kindle watch... ;D

I caved in early yesterday ordered the walnut due the 27th...lot going on here wife has knee replacement on Tuesday and been in a bad I just decided to treat myself as I'm sure I'll have plenty of time while she is doing rehab...however I want it now, where is it...all you folks talking about it got me there so I can blame you guys but I'm sure I would of been buying sooner or later...happy kindle watch...

after reading all these remarks I think I'll just go back to books were you have to take what they give I said KISS method works here and when is enough 2 cents

well when is enough enough? is all I can say and yea I usually pony up later but that said I have already replaced a broken voyage just last week so I'm good and I can't see where this ends perhaps like a lot of technology like apple making a 6" iphone than reverting to 4"...maybe the kindle after this one will look like the k5 :) ...just my 2 cents...

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: You don't own your Kindle books, says Amazon
« on: January 26, 2016, 01:31:07 pm »
DRM is fine if it were more than just a license I have with Amazon to read a book. Would not mind the price either as I would actually have something to so called put my hands around. I could back it up etc. One of the facts that bother me is people want cheaper prices (who doesn't)  and no DRM but they want quality books from their favorite authors. I would rather see my author do well as they are apt to write better books but as it is no one wins. I'm sure they don't make much as it is and with things getting more digital financially things have to change or there will be poorly written books and authors wondering why they bother to start with...I wish there was a magic answer for everyone but there isn't. Capitalist at work , it is what it is...just my 2 cents...

don't expect expert ads for books on a screen saver. Go to the amazon web page than you will perhaps get some real suggestion. IMHO this is amazon trying to explain away putting a non feature in a reader that IMO again is already at full price, should not have to pay 20 bucks for to get rid of ads. I get ads on TV I would pay to get rid of those too. The internet in bombed with ads why would you want them when you go to read? sorry just my 2 cents...

I'd buy the basic, I use it the most when I'm away and I still think it has the darkest pw3 I just got a couple months ago and I'm happy with the voyage...the only upgrade to the PW would be the 8gig mem IMO that's overkill unless you're on the 1st rocket to Mars ;)

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Any 2015 News?
« on: November 02, 2015, 10:06:34 am »
FWIW amazon has sales on the paperwhites and voyages so maybe a new version is coming and soon. I would doubt I would get either as I just updated my pw to pw3 and I think my voyage is fine as it is...on other e readers BN released the nook glow-plus and its water proof with the same specs as the pw...

Let's Talk Kindle! / new pricing-anyone notice
« on: October 28, 2015, 03:30:39 pm »
I didn't really take notice of it till the most recent and both books I bought were 14.99 but the publishers have amazon, BN and Kobo signed to new pricing and all the newer releases that I was going to buy are now 12.99 to I don't mind paying a bit more but on Novemeber 3 the Connolly book is 14.99 and the hardback is there something I'm missing?

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: My new PW3 is here (photos)
« on: July 01, 2015, 11:11:27 am »
I have the new PW3 and mine is white or as white one could expect, I compare it to the voyage to me its the same. IMO the pw3 is snappier than the voyage but that maybe the software. BUT that is what I see no 2 people will see the same thing the same way...its your call and your money. If you feel it needs to be returned call Amazon they are great at doing what's needed, if you want to wait do that and see how everyone feels about it. Do what makes you feel comfortable...

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