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Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Kindle 4 vs Paperwhite
« on: December 13, 2012, 12:28:33 am »
Thanks for asking this theo1358! :)

I was thinking that what you added Hadou
is exactly what is true with regards to improvements!
My husband and I received our Kindle from my mother in law,
and LOVE it! Having stated that, I would love to not have to
have a back-light on to read so my husband doesn't have to
deal with the light. I am holding off on getting the Paperwhite
because I am intrigued by the Kindle Fire HD. Our kids are a
in love with those, and wanted one for Christmas, but will have
to settle for after since it's just sort of an ordering nightmare
to get one, and that with toys is a bit The debate within
myself over what new Kindle I will get will go on, but for now
I'll enjoy the original.
Happy Kindle'ing to you both! :)

Thank YOU everyone that has replied so far! :D
I really appreciate the welcomes!  :-*

By the way, I am checking all of your books out (to the authors here) :D
As time permits of course. I am glad that there is a "Wish List" on I can tag your books with.

Introductions & Welcomes / Greetings Fellow Kindle'rs! New Kid Here.....
« on: December 12, 2012, 06:47:32 am »
I am Nikki -
I am 41, and try not to act like it too often.
I am a Boo.
Wife  to my husband Daniel of 13yrs, together 14yrs
Best Friend.
Mother to 4 amazing kiddlings - Robert (11 yrs) Sally (9 yrs), and our twins Kari  and Mike (6 yrs).
Court Jester in the family construction company as needed.
Writer - not published, but diligently working and motivating myself in that direction.
Lover and student of politics.
Movie and music fanatic.
Avid reader & lover of books. (Well duh
Comedian and lover of humor.
General pain in the A**,
and so much more!

Please bear with me when it comes to poking around message boards. I am not as proficient in
them as my husband is. It just comes down to pacing myself, and remembering to visit them when our
4 kids are at school. I look forward to sharing our Kindle adventures, procurements, and everything
that is to share in the ties that bind us as Kindle owners/lovers. I have LOVED and APPRECIATED the posts
and free e-books for my Kindle from "Kindleboards" the Facebook page, and am really glad I stumbled
on this message board when I was looking for some information on my Kindle. I swear, on my honor, pinkie promises
to abide by the rules, and use the grey matter in my cranium to pay attention and give due diligence
to finding/reading already posted topics, questions. So that redundancy isn't something I contribute to as much as

Thank YOU to everyone in advance that runs this message board, and/or contributes.
:D Happy Kindle'ing Everyone!
 :)  ::)  :o - Oh and I am an emoticon

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