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Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: UPDATE? Should I Be Curious?
« on: June 23, 2020, 04:13:31 am »
Updates are usually to correct formatting or editing issues.

Also, I think some publishers put out newer editions of older books and add or change front and back matter. In that case, they may update older kindle editions to include the new material.

Updating a book should not cause any issues on your device. BUT pay attention to the notice you get when you click to do so. Sometimes it says that any notes or marks will be lost. If that's important to you, do NOT update. Pay attention to the message each time; there are 2 or three different ones, as I recall.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: Where's The Doctor when you need her?
« on: June 22, 2020, 04:04:45 am »

Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting (Kindle) / Re: Dead Kindle
« on: June 22, 2020, 04:03:19 am »
You can buy a replacement battery. If you're comfortable opening up things that aren't really designed for it, you may be able to replace it. Try New battery includes a 'how to' video and, I believe, any specialized tools.

Or contact Amazon. Explain you received it as a gift and have kindle support walk through some standard checks with you. If it's truly dead, they may replace it. (Certainly will if it's less than a year old.) Otherwise, ask what sort of credit they'll give you on a trade in. If not working it may only be $5 or $10 bucks, but that's better than nothing.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Library Extension for Firefox
« on: June 21, 2020, 11:59:00 am »
I've been requesting books for years but to date I have never had even one purchased. I've pretty much given up bothering.

That's a shame. But, again, it's only been the last few months I've had any luck. Before that probably 90% of what I asked for 9at least) they 'decided not to purchase'. I've actually been surprised that the last 4 things I requested they decided to buy!

Mind you, I'm only talking about the local county library. I've not gone to the trouble of requesting anything at the neighboring libraries, except through Overdrive. And I've no idea how/when/if such requests get to people who can do anything about it.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Library borrowing on Kindle -- a PSA
« on: June 21, 2020, 11:56:35 am »
I've noticed the same. Wonder if something has to be done of the library side and it's not getting done with all the virus reaction. My library has been closed for months. Can still borrow ebooks, return, put on hold, etc., but couldn't even return a physical book borrowed before the shutdown until recently, and now they have this convoluted process for borrowing physical books where you wait outside, text them, and sit there for 20 minutes until someone brings the books and puts them in your open trunk.

Maybe ... but, I don't see why that would affect anything. The on line borrowing stuff is pretty automatic, I'd think.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Library Extension for Firefox
« on: June 21, 2020, 09:52:00 am »
This also works on Amazon UK, even though you can't actually borrow Kindle books from UK libraries. It will tell you if there's a an epub or audio version available.

I initially thought it didn't work as all the books I looked at on Amazon said that no copy was available at the library but eventually one or two did show up. I'm not sure if that's because I have unusual reading habits compared to most library patrons or because the digital side of the library is very limited. This does make it doubly handy for me though, because I got to the point where I couldn't be bothered to check if a book was available at the library when they almost always weren't. Now I can see instantly.

Yes ... that's my feeling as well ... I can see without going to the trouble of searching Overdrive or the library's site directly. Almost none of the self-published/small publisher series I read are in the libraries; maybe 2/3 of the big publisher titles. I have access to 4 different libraries so usually one or two have any given book even if they don't all carry. But often none of the 4 have bought it because it's not on any best-seller list.

That said, I have requested books and have recently had good luck getting the libraries to purchase them. Oddly, while it's easy to request through the Overdrive listing on the library site, it's actually more effective, I've found, to request directly to the library. At least then I get a notice as to whether or not they've decided to buy it.

Kindles are very personal.  For me the Voyage is better in ergonomics and style. But the newest PW has a better screen, I feel, and somewhat better lighting. Otherwise, it's a tossup. Both models continue to get updates to the operating system.

Note the original price of the Voyage was MUCH higher originally at $199.00. It's OLD tech ... originally released in fall of 2014. Really, the PW4 is as much an update to IT as it is to the PW.

If price is a consideration, look on Amazon for certified refurbished models. I've had good luck with 'em.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Library Extension for Firefox
« on: June 21, 2020, 04:47:08 am »
I think I've shared this before but here it is again in case I'm misremembering and/or people didn't see it.

I mostly use Firefox as my browser and there's an extension/add on called "Library Extension" that you can get for it. Once activated, and set up with your libraries, it works with both Amazon and GoodReads (probably other sites as well).

So, when you're on a book page, the extension does a check of the libraries you've listed and shows you, right there on the product/information page, whether the book is available at the selected libraries. It will look for both eBooks and audio books. If it's available immediately there will be a 'borrow' button; if not there's a 'view' button. Either one takes you to the libarary's page where you can borrow, wish list, or hold it.

Again: it works both on Amazon AND on GoodReads. I suspect it works on other book selling sites as well and maybe other book organization/review sites as well. It is, for me, the easiest way to figure out if a book that's caught my eye is available to borrow!

Let's Talk Kindle! / Library borrowing on Kindle -- a PSA
« on: June 21, 2020, 04:40:54 am »
So, most of us know that we can borrow kindle books via Overdrive from many libraries -- at least in the US. Shortly after the feature became available, they added the ability to return the books directly from the Kindle. Many of us embraced this as quicker than having to go to the library/overdrive site to find the book and manually return it. BUT, I've discovered it doesn't always work.

I noticed it a month or so ago -- I'd returned a book and it was gone from my kindle and shown as 'borrow expired' on the manage content page of Amazon. BUT I happened to be at the library website which showed it as still checked out to me. Which, of course, means that my copy isn't available to anyone else. :( Since then I've paid closer attention and made a point of checking and it's consistent: you 'return' it from kindle and it shows 'borrow expired' in you content, but the book is still checked out per the library website.

I assume it will automatically return at the end of the borrowing period. But if you, like me, would like to return it early so it's available for another library patron, you might want to check directly via the library site. I am pretty sure that it used to work properly; no idea when it stopped.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Buying a new Kindle while abroad?
« on: June 16, 2020, 05:55:17 am »
It used to be that if you were a US person traveling abroad, you could tell Amazon and still have access to the US store, vs having to purchase things via the local country store. If you have access to Amazon US and can buy and order books for kindle from them, you should be able to buy a kindle as well. The difficulty might be where to ship and how much they charge.

I don't know if, any more, there is a difference among kindles sold in the various countries. Almost certainly not if you're getting a WiFi only model. There might possibly be if you want one with a cellular connection since cell networks have different protocols in different countries.

All that said: if you're coming back in a couple of months, and the Voyage is working fine, I'd be inclined to wait.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: 8GB PW w/ special offers on sale
« on: June 16, 2020, 05:50:31 am »
FWIW, the sale is still on, but I note that only the black model is $99.99. The colored models (3 options) are $109.99. I'm not sure if they are more regularly or not.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: List of Books on Paperwhite
« on: June 16, 2020, 05:49:38 am »
O.K. Had to do a little playing but I think I found it.

If you have "home view", which has your current book as a larger cover plus two others, along with reading lists and various promoted titles, you probably want to turn that off. Go to:

Device Options
Advanced Options
Home & Library
Home Screen View

Just tap to toggle it off (or on).

Now, when you go back to home screen you'll see a page of 6 cover images. Touch the 'sort' option at the upper right. There you can choose from 'grid' or 'list' as well as telling it how to order them. 'List" will show your books without the covers.

Note you CAN do this if you use the 'home screen view' but in that case you won't get to your list without swiping right a couple of times. With Home Screen View off, you will open the kindle to your list of books.

Hope that helps. :)

Let's Talk Kindle! / 8GB PW w/ special offers on sale
« on: June 15, 2020, 06:57:06 am »
$99.99 today!

Kindle PaperWhite

Or get the 32GB version for $124.99 ... which is $5 less than the price for the 8GB model regularly.

Thanks Ann and Lin,

I think it must be a goner, because I've charged it several times with no effect. I use the same cable on my Kindle Fire and Mobile, and they both work fine. The power light shows up on the Kindle.

I'll try pressing the power button for forty seconds, and see if that wakes it up. Then I'll attach the cable again. Fingers crossed that it works this time.

I can't remember when I bought it, but it's my fourth Kindle. It must be a few years old now.


It's working now! Talk about Sod's Law. It must have heard that I was consulting the oracle because it caved it, and started recharging as good as gold.

Thank you so much. xxx

Glad to hear it. :D

Might want to think about buying a back up, though. ;) (Don't tell the first one! :o )

So, a lot of these suggestions are probably obvious and you've probably tried them, but here goes.  FWIW, what you describe sounds like a flat battery.

Plug it in and make sure it's charged. Maybe try a different cord/adapter/or receptacle than usual as it's possible something has gone bad.

Be sure the receptacle is powered (I have some on a switch and I have been known to forget and plug something in there and be briefly confused as to why it's not working).

Do a full restart. If you're relatively sure it's fully charged, but can't get to a screen, press and hold the power button until it cycles. Might be 20-40 seconds.

If you can't get any response, my guess is the plug input on the device has gone bad and it can't take a charge. So it seems to work just fine, but at some point it has no power and just doesn't.

You said you bought "a cover" but I'm thinking you mean a warranty? If you bought it via Amazon, chances are information about the warranty will be included in your order information which should still be on Amazon. You just have to remember when you bought it and find the order. If it's through Square Trade, they are pretty good, so if it's still covered, contact them with all the information and they'll sort you out. (We had a ST warranty on a TV bought at Costco and they arranged to have a new one sent without any argument.)

You haven't said exactly what model kindle it is or when you bought it -- they pretty much all have touchscreen at this point, but some older models were as well, starting with the Kindle "Touch" which was released in 2011. The base kindle model went touchscreen in 2014. Even that's a while ago and the warranty may no longer be in force. I'm assuming you have a newer model, but did want to mention age as I don't think the warranties are indefinite. :)

Of course, if it's within 1 year of purchase, which is the warranty EVERY kindle has, definitely contact Amazon first if you can't get it to work.

Good Luck!


One thing I've noticed though is that the wi-fi on my Kindle will sort of shut off if it goes into sleep mode, only to start back up again once I wake it up. Is this a drawback of the newer deeper sleep function Kindles have now? Wondering if I should disable that.

I've seen similar behavior. I wouldn't have described it as wifi shutting off, exactly, but I do notice -- mostly with my Oasis which I generally only use for an hour or so before bed at night -- that when I wake it up, it will take a few seconds to D/L anything new from the day. It's actually my 'default' device (mostly because it's first alphabetically and I can't make anything else stick ::) ) so if I buy or borrow something during the day, it DEFINITELY gets sent there. When I turn it on, the first thing that happens is new material shows up. So, I guess it could be that wifi is OFF all day, so when turned on, the first thing it does is turn wifi ON and call for any changes/new content and take care of that straight away.

I don't notice it as much with the PW, probably because it rarely goes so deeply asleep during the day. But I've noticed similar behavior if, say, a pre-order arrives overnight. It's not precisely THERE on wake up, but shows up immediately after.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge than I will weigh in, but I thought that's more or less what choosing the "Kindle Cloud Reader" option does?  I have never used the Cloud Reader, did not register it to my account, it just became one of the download options a few years ago. 

Wouldn't downloading with that option automatically put it in Manage Your Content and Devices to then you can send it to whatever specific device you want at some future time?  In effect, downloading it to your Amazon account/Cloud but not to any device.

That's how I understand it, though, like you, I don't really use it. I just send it to my default kindle. Haven't had any problems. I'm generally on my home wifi. I wonder if it makes a difference if you're on a public/unprotected wifi network or trying to download via the cell network.

Thats to bad Linjeakel. You got all exited. I don't do graphic novels or comics at all, so I wouldn't read those anyway.
I noticed the different titles when I added it to my goodreads shelf. Took me a bit to figure out why there were different names on different covers, kept thinking I didn't have the first in series for some reason. I like the name Rivers of London much better, why did they have to change that title? Pretty sure american readers know where and what London is, right?  :-\
Now I worry that they changed some language in the text, I hope now. Can you tell Ann if they did any americanizing in the actual book text?

It seems to me that the language is very British. They say "bollocks" a lot, for example. ::) And it's very much in the voice of Peter Grant who is from central London, if not quite Cockney. It doesn't feel Americanized to me. I think they just changed the name of the first one when he went on to write a whole series -- so they gave the "Rivers of London" name to the series.

Thanks! These sound awfully fun. What’s the St Mary’s series? 

Edit to ask what the In Death series is, too. A search brings up lots of diverse stuff.

Here's the first of the Chronicles of St. Mary's:  11 full length books and a number of shorts.

And here's the first of the In Death Series:

There are at least 50 of them.

It's called either Rivers of London or the Peter Grant series. Essentially, it's a 'police procedural' set in and around London in the present day. EXCEPT, this particular police constable is assigned to a specialist unit where they investigate crimes with unusual connections. Basically, his boss is the last registered wizard in the UK (who looks to be middle aged but has stories from very early in the 20th century that feel very like he was actually there) and he's become a wizard in training. As such, he learns to examine crime scenes for traces of magic usage and/or not completely human involvement. It's told from Constable Grant's point of view and he's got a down to earth and quirky sort of humor -- much like in the St. Mary's series. Also, he's decided to bring the study of magic into the 21st century, using science to analyze how magic works and what effect it has on modern conveniences.

It's quite a fun series -- there are currently 8 full length books as well as a couple shorter ones. In addition, there are apparently some 'graphic novel' titles that connect to the series. All the novel length ones are available via Overdrive, but the older ones aren't priced too badly, currently $7.99. I've linked to the first one below.

The link maker was developed/coded by the original owner of this site, who died several years ago. It has since been sold to an organization that apparently makes money by owning bulletin boards. NONE of the coding/design/navigation has been updated since (except to switch to their own affiliate links). Specifically, Amazon changed something in how such searches work to link items on their site. Of course, current ownership has not updated the link maker, which is probably why you are having problems.

However, there is a manual version that, as far as I know, still works. See the italicized note below the search box on the main link maker page. The word 'here' is a link to the manual version. All you need is the ASIN and Title for a text link or do a 'copy image location' and enter that for an image link.

If THAT doesn't work, I'm afraid you're out of luck. You can try emailing the ownership, but they are generally pretty unresponsive. But I did just try it with a random book and it seemed to work.


For me, spending a lot of time trying to fix something when I probably only paid a couple of bucks in the first place just isn't worth it. So when I find books that are badly formatted enough (or badly edited enough) that they're essentially unreadable, I return them to Amazon and explain they're defective. Often I can get my money back even if it's been more than a week. And if not, well, books that poorly done probably didn't cost me much anyway. I just delete 'em from my device. I also may leave a review on Amazon saying I couldn't read 'em and why.

True Story: there's a series I used to read religiously every time a new book came out. One time, the book looked much like your first example -- only worse -- no indent at all. I returned it, reported it to Amazon, reported it to the publisher, reported it to the author (through GoodReads). They never fixed it. So, I don't read that series any more.

BTW, I don't see any problem with the example on the right. If it's just the wide margin, that's barely an irritant for me, though I generally do prefer narrower. And deeper than 'normal' indenting I also don't consider an issue. :)

The Book Corner / Re: Amazon First Reads -- June 2020
« on: June 06, 2020, 09:58:40 am »
Ah, that's interesting - I never use the 'want to read category' on GR. The ones on my list that I haven't yet read are mostly books I already own anyway or are the next in a series and are categorized accordingly. Hmm ... maybe I should go through my wish lists on Amazon and put them in the 'want to read' category and see if I get any notifications.

Because of course, I really need something else to add to my TBR pile ...... :-X :-\

Most of my 'want to reads' are also ones I already own and just haven't gotten to. BUT, the notification at least reminds me to check and see what else they're giving away. ;)

I will say that MOST of the kindle giveaways are Amazon imprint titles. Rarely any 'big publisher' books; they seem to stick to paper book giveaways.

The Book Corner / Re: Amazon First Reads -- June 2020
« on: June 05, 2020, 08:11:37 am »
Thanks for the tip about GoodReads Giveaways - I didn't even know they existed!  :o ;D

Every now and then I'll get a notification that something on my 'want to read' shelf is available for giveaway. Usually it's a print book, which I usually don't want, but it prompts me to check the kindle giveaway books. That happened today and I noticed this month's Prime titles there .... so I thought I'd share. :D

The Book Corner / Re: Amazon First Reads -- June 2020
« on: June 05, 2020, 04:26:46 am »
I've noticed this before, but don't recall if I've shared:

You all know that all of these books do end up in KU and available as either Prime Reading Borrows or KOLL. Well they ALSO are listed (most of them) on GoodReads as Kindle Giveaways. They usually have around 100 copies they'll give away and the odds are not generally astronomical.

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