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Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: kindle edition now counts as paper edition
« on: August 31, 2020, 07:12:35 pm »
A final update:

The tech support folks at the Zon were working really hard to figure out WHY it wasn't working the way it was supposed to. Multiple chat and email communications, all very professional and courteous.

The customer service folks at WaPo were pretty clueless ... to be fair, I think the disconnect, in retrospect, was at Amazon. Something to do, I suspect, with how long I'd had a kindle subscription. They never really could figure out why it didn't just switch over -- it SHOULD have worked. But because it didn't, WaPo had no subscription info for me.

Anyway, the upshot was that they cancelled my existing subscription, will refund the $11.99 I paid August 21 for the most recent renewal -- which was after the changeover was to have happened, and I re-subscribed to the new Digital Access version for $5.99. So more for less money; always a positive thing. :)

I have access via apps on both my phone and tablet, access to the website overall, and the kindle version arrived as usual this morning to my device. I'm awaiting the refund to hit my CC and then I can close the book on the whole thing.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: New Paperwhite Won't Charge Over 82%
« on: August 31, 2020, 09:49:16 am »
Before contacting Amazon I'd perform a restart, maybe even two: one using the software and one by pressing and holding the power button. ONLY so if you're asked, you can say you've already done that. But yeah, if it is only showing a charge to 82% I think that's a fair thing to request a replacement for. Note that they will likely require you to return the one you have -- they'll provide a postage paid label -- within 30 days. They'll likely send the new one out straight away. I say "new" but it's actually more likely to be refurbished. Still, that means it will have been fully checked before being re-distributed.

Used to be you could get pretty good response by emailing [email protected] Not sure if that email address still works. You can also go through help via the website. Chat can work well but you probably want to tell the 'bot early on that you need to speak to a human. :) Or have them call you.

They're great. Shame half are comic books so I miss out on those stories (I just cannot read them as it means bouncing my eyes all other the place).

Yeah ... I've skipped the graphic novels ..... not my thing.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: kindle edition now counts as paper edition
« on: August 29, 2020, 10:33:47 am »
So ... updating this as it turns out there's been a HUGE problem. When I posted on the 13th I thought all was good but: NOT! >:(

Firstly: the WaPo kindle edition I've been paying for has run $11.99 per month. Which is fine. It's now called "Digital Access" and is only $5.99 per month. I wouldn't complain, except that my subscription renewed on the 21st of August at the $11.99 rate. I COULD HAVE cancelled it and bought a new subscription for $6 less! :o

Secondly: it's not working. I can NOT actually access any content, either on their website or via the app, using my Amazon credentials. Extensive chat and email contact with Amazon yields the conclusion that there is a 'glitch' which they are working on. Additional communication with the Washington Post and after lots of back and forth and proving of subscriptions, they tell me the kindle edition is NOT actually eligible for access to the web content. So I'm paying more and getting less. FWIW, I think they have old information -- someone hasn't gotten a memo. :-\

Anyway, I have now escalated the whole thing to a higher level at Amazon customer service (including copying the correspondence to [email protected]) and am hopeful for some positive result.

I am rolling my eyes at the irony that Bezos owns both Amazon and the Washington Post, but the one doesn't seem to know what the other is doing. ::)

Fire Talk / Re: Fire 8+
« on: August 28, 2020, 09:46:52 am »
HAH. All you have to do is look at it just the right way and it will change away from your preferred setting. And you can touch, swipe, poke, hit it and it won't change for anything. Annoying little grumble grumble grumble.

And I think, but not positive, the options are dictated by each specific book so some have all options and others only a partial set. You may not be allowed some options in any given book.

Some books do NOT have pages, for sure. And some don't have 'time in chapter' because they don't have chapter tags in the file. But those are both the minority, and usually books formatted for kindle earlier in the ebook era, vs relatively new 'printings'. :)

Fire Talk / Re: Fire 8+
« on: August 28, 2020, 07:41:31 am »
That is typically an option you can cycle through by tapping down in that corner. On mine it goes page, location, time in chapter, time in book, nothing.
And it seems to change itself when I am not paying attention...

It's very sensitive to an errant finger touch and will switch off your prefered setting. Sadly, it is less sensitive, I find, to a purposeful finger touch and sometimes requires actually going into the menu system to get it set back where you want it. ::)

Interestingly, I don't have nearly the problem in either regard on my eInk kindles.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Paid for reading Kindle
« on: August 26, 2020, 02:59:37 am »
A few minutes ago I got an email telling me I completed the August reading and my $5 credit was waiting. I got a book from my reminder list, $5.99 - $5.00 so only 99c plus tax. They could do that every month! :)


I'm sorry but I'm afraid I'm going to be one of those people.

I've only read the first book of course, but I just didn't feel engaged by it at all. I confess I was skimming a bit by the time I got to the second half.

I quite liked the main character, the Inspector, but I found the villagers to be either cliched or so over the top eccentric that they just didn't ring true. I wondered if the later books had a different setting then I might like them better but I see they're all set in Three Pines. It doesn't make me eager to read them.

I found I was more interested in the mystery of what was in Jane's house than who killed her and once that was revealed I struggled to get to the end. Had it not been so highly recommended it would probably have been a DNF but I wanted to give it every opportunity to grab me as it apparently has other people, so I persevered.

It's odd, isn't it, that we can agree on some books so completely but then fail to grasp what the other sees in something else.

Fair enough. You can still be my friend. ::)

The villagers do sort of start out as 'types', but as the series goes on, you begin to see much more depth. And, not all of them take place IN Three Pines, though there's generally some connection. I might suggest you try the second and see if you like it better. :) But, of course, you probably have a full TBR queue already ...... ;D

I don't have KU, but I borrowed a book a couple of weeks ago. Whether it was through Prime Lending or KOLL is unknown to me, as all of these different programs are a confusing mess IMO. I actually welcome any streamlining being done in this regard.

This was the book:

It's definitely not available to borrow through the Amazon site (unless you have KU, which I don't), but I was able to borrow it directly from my Kindle a few weeks ago. I don't know if that's still possible. It's no longer showing up in my library (assuming it ever did), so I can't add it to my Already Read folder.

Sounds like you borrowed through KOLL. KOLL books can ONLY be borrowed via a Kindle. Once you read it and return it, they don't show up in your Content section on Amazon. As I understand it, KOLL is a feature of Prime Membership for those who also own a Kindle device. (Or maybe you don't even need to be a Prime member? Actually not sure about that.) "Kindle device" for sure means any eInk kindle; I'm not sure it still means any Fire device.

If you borrow through Prime Reading -- where you can borrow up to 10 at a time and keep 'em as long as you like, those show with a "Prime" 'sticker' in your content page and, in fact, you can sort to show only those borrows. (Change 'books' to 'Prime Reading'). If you then change 'all' to 'returned' you'll see any you previously borrowed and returned. It won't let you file them if they're returned, though. (As it won't for returned library books.)

If you go back to showing 'books' and then limit to 'borrows', you'll see library books and Prime books. Library books will show and be so marked if they've been returned. You only see 'live' Prime borrows. You'd see your current KOLL borrow, if you have one.

As far as I've been able to find, there's no way to know what KOLL books you've borrowed previously. Unlike Prime borrows and library books, there's no way to see ones that were borrowed and returned. Once returned, it's like they were never in your account.

That said, it should be that if you made notes or highlights, they'd still be attached if you borrow again or buy the book. I assume there's a way to see such notes; you might be able to sort of keep track that way -- I very very rarely make any notes or highlights, though, so don't even know where to go on Amazon to look for them.

And ... for the record ... Prime Reading is still prominently shown as a benefit of my Prime membership. So, I feel like the author of the article linked in the OP is in error. :) In fact I just borrowed a couple more books just now. ::) (A feature (or bug, depending on your point of view, I guess) of the system is that if you borrow a book and it later goes OUT of the Prime Reading catalog, it will stay in your library and you will have access to it until you return it.)

The Book Corner / Re: Anyone a Historical Mystery fan?
« on: August 21, 2020, 01:35:35 pm »
Well, I think we are all in agreement regarding " and ' and . ;D  (Except I desperately want to put another "." at the end of that last sentence, but it just seems wrong.) ???

As to libraries .... I am sorry, Linda, that yours doesn't carry the St. Cyr books. :( Like Tw007, I've borrowed all of them from my library.

The Book Corner / Re: Anyone a Historical Mystery fan?
« on: August 20, 2020, 02:52:33 pm »
I think there's a lot of crossover nowadays between British and American punctuation standards. For me, the thing is to be consistent.

I've seen a lot of older books published in the UK where there is NEVER a period (full stop) after Mr or Mrs whereas it's pretty much always been the norm in the US. But maybe that's different now? I've not really noticed it in newer books, I admit.

As to quotation marks, the rule in US is ALWAYS put the punctuation (. , ; ?) inside the closing quotes. But, again, in British usage, I've often seen the quotation marks on the inside, depending on the circumstances. Not so much in dialog, but when using quotes for emphasis, or when using quotes to refer to the title of something.

So, when it's dialog, like

She said, "Go to the store."

it makes perfect sense to put the period inside because it's actually the ending of the quoted sentence. And, of course, a second period outside the " would be really silly. :D

But in a sentence like this:

The book was called "My Trip to the Store".

I think having the period on the outside makes more sense. The title isn't  "My Trip to the Store." but, rather "My Trip to the Store" so the "." is not part of it.

US English teachers I've known would have one do it like this

The book was called "My Trip to the Store."

I've never thought this made sense in US usage.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Paid for reading Kindle
« on: August 20, 2020, 04:01:55 am »
Thank you, Ann. I'll try that. I was going to mention that there was one other offer from Amazon on Tuesday, but then I could not find that email until later. It was for $5 towards one of a selection of books on my wish list.
Ann, I installed the Library Extension. Pretty cool. They do have 3 e-book copies of the Lynne Olson book that I would have had to pay $7 for. Not ready to read yet though.

You're welcome! :D

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Paid for reading Kindle
« on: August 19, 2020, 04:48:35 am »
I got another email from Amazon today offering $5 off one of certain books by Lynn Olson. I have 7 days to decide. I put one of them on my wish list, but am not sure I want to buy it for $7 when I have a lot of books I want to read. I might be able to get it from the library but would have to check. Since the first of these emails came to me, I have added more books to my wish list in the hope they will keep making offers.

Re: having to check the library, I have an add-on that works in my browser called Library Extension. It's very cool. Here's the link:

You can install it for Chrome or Firefox and it works with Amazon and GoodReads (possibly other book buying sites). You set it up by telling it what libraries you want information on. When you go to a book description page, it adds information at the right side of the book page that says whether the book is available as an ebook or audio book at the libraries you've specified. If the button says 'borrow' that means it's currently in their collection and available. Click through and borrow it or wish list it. You will have to sign in to that library directly, of course. If it's in the catalog but not available right now, the button says 'view' and it takes you to the library page where you can put it on hold. Makes it much quicker to search even than using the main OverDrive site. :D

How do you get to the KOLL page?

I did look in the Kindle store on my Oasis, navigated to the SciFi category & tried a couple of books -- one of them did have the 'Download with Kindle Lending Library' button (as well as option to buy) & another button that just said "read now". I didn't press any of them as I was just exploring a bit.

I admit it's not obvious ... and I feel like it did used to be, so maybe they are moving to phase it out.

Go to the kindle store -- ON your kindle. There are 6 menu items (books, prime reading, deals, etc.) and I feel like KOLL used to be there, but I might be remembering wrongly.

Regardless, you can still get there by going to the menu (three vertical dots, upper right). One of the options is "Included with Prime".

When you tap that you see "New and Notable in Prime Reading" and then "Kindle Owners' Lending Library: Borrow for free:" Tap "see more" to get to the whole list where you can further narrow down the list with "Refine".

The KOLL list has some 6800 titles. The Prime Reading list has 30. I feel like KOLL books, once they're on there, stay. Prime books go in and out. I don't know how many KU has as I'm not a subscriber and it won't let me look at the book list on Kindle without being one.

What I do is this: if I see a book that looks good but don't want to buy right now, I put it on my "Kindle wish list". If it shows as being available in KU, I put it on a different list called "KOLL/Prime Reading". I can access these lists from my Kindle via the menu. Being in KU isn't a guarantee that the book is in KOLL, but it's a good indicator. I've only rarely tried to borrow a book that does show as in KU, and not been able to through either the KOLL or Prime Reading program.

BTW, I just checked all this again this morning (via my PW, latest model, current OS): Aug 19, 2020, about 7:30 a.m. EDT. :)

That article seems to only be talking about KOLL. And I don't find it to be accurate.

But, again, I just borrowed a book through KOLL at the beginning of August. And I still can access links to KOLL via the 'store' on my kindle. It took a few taps but I got to a page marked "Kindle Owners' Lending Library: Borrow for Free". So, I won't know for sure until September, but it seems to me it's still there -- at least as of right now (Aug 18, 2020, 6 p.m. EDT), for me, in the US. :D

The Book Corner / Re: Anyone a Historical Mystery fan?
« on: August 18, 2020, 11:24:54 am »
I don't know that I notice one way or the other. I am pretty much bilingual when it comes to American vs British English.

I will notice if it keeps jumping back and forth  -- you know: they talk about wearing sweaters in one chapter and jumpers in the next. The only time that works for me is if there are clearly both American and British characters and they use the words that make sense for who they are.

I guess as long as the overall atmosphere is right, I don't even notice much in 'period pieces'. I've certainly never been distracted by Americanisms in any of the St. Cyr books. And there are definitely period words and phrases -- "tiger" comes to mind immediately, meaning his young groom/carriage boy.

Iím currently in book 11. I noticed last night that it was nearly 2 am and I was still alert. It felt like Iíd just picked the book up a few moments earlier, but it was hours.

I stopped reading the first book, part way in. I thought it was going to be cozy, and lost interest. But I kept seeing comments about how good they are, and a friend said NOT cozy. So I gave it another go. I am so glad I did.

Fair warning though... donít read them in bed if you have to be anywhere the next day.

yeah ... it's cozy-adjacent, I'd say ... but definitely not what you normally think of as cozy -- no amateur female investigator with an on-again-of-again love interest and love/hate relationship with the local constabulary. There is much discussion of food, but no cats -- dogs and ducks instead. :D Still, I'd say it's the characters that keep it from being too much like a police procedural or even remotely 'hard boiled'.

I currently have half a dozen books borrowed .... I guess I should go see if I can borrow another one. :D

Note that Prime Reading is different to KOLL. For PR you have to be a prime member ... can borrow from a curated subset of KU books, up to 10 at a time, take as long as you need to read 'em, return 'em whenever.

For KOLL, you must own a Kindle device and can borrow a book a month from what's pretty much the whole KU catalog. I just did so at the beginning of August and got no warning that it was going away. I suspect if/when it does, those Amazon customers who have utilized either program will receive notice.

FWIW, there is still a "Prime Reading" page for me on Amazon:

There's also a "Prime Reading" menu item if you go to the kindle store main page, and it's still listed as a benefit of Prime Membership. And if you go to the store on a kindle device, there's a menu item for Prime Reading.

You can't find much about KOLL on the website but I did just check on my kindle. I chose a book that is part of KOLL .... I can't borrow it because I already did once for August, but it still shows the 'borrow for free' button with the 'monthly limit reached' notice below that.

So .... if these programs are going away, Amazon does not seem to have announced it yet, and they both still seem to be available for me.

*nods* -- she does


Really, this is about the only series that I get hugely excited about. :D

Well, and the Genevieve Lenard series I really like as well. ::) I buy those straight off, but they're really well priced.

Oh, and Ann Cleeves -- but even so, I can wait in the library queue for hers .....

I have heard of people who didn't like the series (based on the first book) .... I don't understand them, but there you have it. :)

The Book Corner / Re: Favorite Female Mystery/Thriller/Suspense Writers
« on: August 18, 2020, 06:52:55 am »
I decided Louise Penny needed a thread of her own, so I started one: ;D

New Gamache (by Louise Penny) out in a couple of weeks.

All the Devils Are Here

I have literally been waiting for this since January when I pre-ordered it. There are not many authors I'm willing to pay full price for, but Louise Penny is one of them. I heard a rumor that paper copies may be delayed due to USPS issues, but the kindle edition should show up on time.

Here's the link to my gushing over Book 15 from last fall. :) This is number 16.,224393.msg3848119.html#msg3848119

edited: out today, Sept 1. :)

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Paid for reading Kindle
« on: August 18, 2020, 06:37:13 am »
I got two emails from Amazon this morning (actually, I think they came in last night).

One was $5 off a book by the author of a different book I'd bought a few weeks ago. Non-fiction. I'd got that other book when it was on sale for around $3 ... but I'm not sure I'm interested in any of his other stuff. Still, I guess I'll take a look. (I know: that's just what they want me to do!)

The other was $5 off a selected book from my wishlist. They basically picked 5 and said I could have $5 off one of them. They were all books that had been on it for ages. :) Like so long ago I listed them, that I couldn't even find them. ::) They were all books listed between $10 and $13 regularly, so the $5 off brought them down to $5 to $8.

Both offers are good for 7 days.

The 'cover' of my daily newspaper doesn't always show up right. Sometimes on first waking up the thing, it takes a minute for the proper images to populate my home page, but that's about it. My feeling is that's because my kindle is getting kinda full.

The ONLY things that consistently show 'generic' type covers are things that have NOT come directly from Amazon. So free downloads through BookFunnel, articles skimmed from the web, etc. I don't really mind this as it helps me know where they came from, but I wonder if that's the issue, since you are pushing them through Calibre. I haven't used Calibre myself, so no idea what it does, or is supposed to do, in the process. But it does seem to me that the device might see that as a 'foreign', i.e. not Kindle/Amazon, purchase and default to the generic cover. If it didn't used to do that, maybe there's been an update to either the Calibre software or the Kindle OS.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: kindle edition now counts as paper edition
« on: August 13, 2020, 05:52:32 am »
So, just to follow up.

I did need to download new versions/updates of the phone app for the click through thing to work, but all is good now. Funnily enough, my Kindle edition now reads "Digital Acces" vs "for Kindle" as it used to. O.k. by me ... :D

Let's Talk Kindle! / kindle edition now counts as paper edition
« on: August 11, 2020, 10:10:31 am »
So .... was that sufficiently clickbaity. :)

Here's the thing: I've had the kindle edition of the Washington Post from July 2009 when I got my first Kindle. At that time, the on line WaPo had no paywall. So if I read an article and wanted to see the pictures that went with it (kindle edition includes only a limited number and only in b&w) I could go on line and do so. I had to 'register' but there was no cost to do so.

Sometime around 5 years or so, give or take, the on line content began to require a paid subscription. You could pay just for on line, or it was included if you subscribed for home delivery of the paper edition. But a kindle subscription didn't count.  >:( Grumble grumble.

I complained -- in a very nice way, of course -- to both Amazon and WaPo and the responses were less than encouraging. Perfectly polite and full of commiseration but Amazon couldn't really do anything and WaPo basically said it wasn't the current policy. Mostly it was annoying because if someone linked to a WaPo article on social media, I could follow the link, but couldn't read more than the first paragraph or so without paying. Which I wasn't going to do.

But YESTERDAY I got an email from Amazon that said:

Thank you for subscribing to the Kindle Edition of The Washington Post. We are happy to announce a new reading benefit at no additional cost, called Digital Access. With Digital Access, you can read everything The Washington Post offers on its website and mobile apps by simply logging in with your existing Amazon user name and password.

Offer details
Your subscription to The Washington Post Kindle Edition now includes unlimited access to and The Washington Post apps. You also will continue to receive daily Kindle issues of The Washington Post that can be read with the free Kindle mobile app, on any Kindle E-reader, or on any Fire tablet.

So, YAY! I can now access all the WaPo content by virtue of subscribing to the publication in a Kindle edition.

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