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The Book Corner / Amazon First Reads -- May 2020
« on: May 01, 2020, 05:52:34 am »
Thriller: Don't Make a Sound

Contemporary Fiction: If You Must Know

Legal Thriller: Legacy of Lies

Book Club Fiction: Sorry I Missed You

Historical Fiction: Golden Poppies

Memoir: Your Blue is Not My Blue

Literary Fiction: A Man

Children's: The Refuge

The Thriller, Legal Thriller, and Literary Fiction are possibilites for me. Will wait for the reviews. Alas, still no Cozy or Historical mystery.

Fire Talk / Re: low storage?!!
« on: May 01, 2020, 04:35:48 am »
It's been years since I had a Fire ... have you done a complete restart? That's the only thing I can think of off hand.

The Book Corner / Re: Amazon First Reads -- April 2020
« on: April 30, 2020, 09:24:16 am »
I DO ban spammers and delete their posts. Sometimes I see them when browsing; sometimes they're reported, so please do so when you see them. Becca does as well, when she can, but I know she's busier with kids and a job and now everything at home. But she does keep an eye on things, especially in the WC. Most spammers seem to post in what's the middle of the night here, so I see the reports from Linda or other UK folks first thing in the morning. OR I see 'new' messages that are clearly spam and deal with 'em straight away.

BACK ON TOPIC: I didn't get one this month. But, hey! Tomorrow is a new month! :D If ever there's a time for a whole bunch of cozy mysteries, it's now! ;)

Do they even know about it?  ::) Has anyone requested it?  :D

No clue. But they should have gotten the same message I did from Amazon. I didn't care because I don't use the function -- my little affiliate account was actually set up by Harvey years ago as a way to somewhat reward those of us who were moderators. But you'd think someone who has a website and relies on accurate linking to Amazon to make money would have acted.

Thanks. So will management be doing the upgrade?  :)

I'd say it's extremely unlikely.

The Book Corner / Re: Amazon First Reads -- April 2020
« on: April 29, 2020, 06:07:01 pm »
Pretty lousy month overall... I grabbed the Romance, because even though it seems like a very silly and trite rom-com formula setup, it was the only sample that actually held my interest for more than ten seconds.

This entire post makes me very sad. :(

What is the point of buying the rights to a community as special as KBoards if you're not going to do anything with it except let it languish?
Is there a possibility it could eventually disappear without warning? I really hope not!

They won't shut it down as long as it makes money for 'em.

Just saw this on an Amazon Affiliate page:

"If you have been using Amazon's Product Advertising API (PA API), you must upgrade all of your applications making calls to PA API 4.0 to Amazon's Product Advertising API version 5.0 (PA API 5.0) immediately. As of March 31, 2020, we have completed shut down of PA API 4. After this shutdown, your applications calling PA API 4 will no longer be able to retrieve Amazon product information; and you will receive an error message when your applications make calls to PA API 4.0. Please ignore this message if you have already completed the upgrade or have never used PA API."

I expect management DIDN'T upgrade and that explains why the link maker isn't working. I don't check the page that often -- don't get a lot from the affiliate code I have and don't care that much -- so no idea how long the announcement has been there.

The Book Corner / Re: Read the World
« on: April 21, 2020, 10:08:54 am »
Thanks, Andra. Hard Rain looks good to me.

The Book Corner / Re: Amazon First Reads -- April 2020
« on: April 17, 2020, 08:56:36 am »
I've gone ahead and added info about the old manual link to the thread in Forum Tips and Tricks.

Becca's more or less in charge of the authors so if she wants to sticky something she can.

Re: link maker.

It's true there's a problem pulling info from Amazon for the automated version. But the old manual version still works. See the italicized note below the search box on the link maker page. The word 'here' is a link to the manual version. All you need is the ASIN for a text link or do a 'copy image location' and enter that for an image link.

The Book Corner / Re: Amazon First Reads -- April 2020
« on: April 17, 2020, 05:20:01 am »
I don't know that there is, officially, an individual who is an an admin. There's vsAdmin who is supposed to be, real name Phillip, but he hasn't done much except, soon after the purchase of the board, curtail some of the powers Betsy and I had. She WAS an admin, but most of those powers were stripped. I was a Global Mod and some of mine were as well.

Betsy pretty much backed away shortly after the transfer -- lots of personal stuff happening that took up her time and, as for me, it just wasn't enjoyable any more. I knew when I began dreading logging in, that it was time for me to step away. But when I advised management I'd no longer act as a moderator, there was no response but a tepid 'thank you'. My name was not removed from any of the places where I was listed, and I still have the same permissions. So there's definitely a lack of interest in what happens here, it seems to me.

At this point, if I see obviously spammy posts I delete 'em and ban the member. Becca Mills is still keeping the WC corralled, but it's been much less chaotic in there of late -- many of the real problem people are gone, not necessarily voluntarily, and there are only a handful she feels like we need to still keep an eye on.

Neither she nor I have any power to fix anything broken on the site. Never did.

Bottom line: don't expect the LinkMaker to be fixed any time soon. Or, really, any response from the management on anything. They're pretty much absentee landlords at this point. :(

MEANWHILE. You can manually make a link. Go to the link maker page, and note the italicized words at the bottom of the search field:

(Note: the older, manual version of Link-Maker is available here.)

The word 'here' on that page is a link to Harvey's ORIGINAL Link-Maker and I've just confirmed that it does work. It builds the links for you to copy and paste.

A text link just uses the ASIN. For a picture link, "Image URL" also requires you go to the book page and 'copy image location' (NOT copy image). A bit more cumbersome, but it works.

The Book Bazaar / Re: Free Book Finds 2020
« on: April 17, 2020, 04:26:14 am »
Bach, Beethoven, and the Boys

If it Ain't Baroque

These are two books on music history. I am assured by several music teachers I know that they are quite good -- informative without being dry or boring. Lots of humor.  The books are in KU but, more importantly, and relevant to this thread, they will be offered FREE this weekend.

When the Fat Lady Sings is another of his on opera and is free now. Not sure if that's the regular price.

The Book Corner / Re: Anyone a Historical Mystery fan?
« on: April 15, 2020, 03:55:44 am »
I got notice this morning that I'm at the top of the queue for the latest St. Cyr ... it's now borrowed and on my kindle. :)

I have the first Lady Darby but haven't read it yet ... need to get on that! :o

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Kindle DX question
« on: April 14, 2020, 12:03:19 pm »
Can't say for sure, but it seems like a DX should hold well more than 522 books. Maybe it needs a re-start or a hard re-boot to clear out stray data?

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Kindle (Voyage) Update - 3/4/2020?
« on: April 13, 2020, 03:17:16 pm »
When I first had the update nothing had changed but I noticed today the Aa menu is now different - on my PW4 at least, haven't checked the others out yet. (It may have done it ages ago, I don't really change the settings much as I keep everything set the same for all books).

There don't seem to be any new options to speak of, though it seems more awkward the way it's set out now. Not sure what the purpose of the change was - change for change sake maybe, so we feel we're getting something new?

Prompted by the above, I checked my PW (latest). Yeah, it's different, but doesn't appear to be changed, if you get my drift. I don't really change anything on the menu so I have no idea how long it's been this way.

It appears to have added some adjustments that had to be accessed via the settings menu before. Don't see any other obvious changes in the settings menu, though.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Kindle 2nd Generation Update
« on: April 12, 2020, 12:50:01 pm »
Here's the information, as taken from the Kindle software update page, regarding the current firmware version for the 2nd generation Kindle:


    Your serial number starts with B002 download this file.
    After your device has fully updated, download and install the Kindle Services Update.

    Note: If you have a software version before 2.3, download and install Software Update 2.3 first, and then complete the steps above.

    Your serial number starts with B003 download this file.
    After your device has fully updated, download and install the Kindle Services Update.

    Note: If you have a software version before 2.3, download and install Software Update 2.3 first, and then complete the steps above.

Here's a link to the same page:

If yours is on 2.5.3, it is lacking an update, but, practically, you probably won't see much difference. For, example, it will NOT have many of the features available on newer (since 2016 or so) kindles. To update it you'd have to download the file and connect your kindle via USB to your computer to manually update it. It can not be done wirelessly.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: What are you doing while staying home?
« on: April 09, 2020, 03:54:49 am »
I don't feel 'stuck at home'. I'm an introvert at heart, so I'm content at home. :) Reading. Catching up on series on Netflix and Acorn (currently, "Murdoch Mysteries" set in Canada at the turn of the 20th century). Hubby is rebuilding the porch -- though he's also still working. In the evenings we watch old westerns on MeTV (or other channels) or newer movies that have been broadcast that we recorded.

Really, I'm not having any difficulty keeping myself occupied/amused/busy.

The link-maker has not worked for at least 2 weeks, maybe slightly longer.  I don't know if it's an Amazon problem not allowing the connections to be made because of availability of non-digital items, whether Admin has larger problems on their plate because of the world-wide pandemic, or they just don't care about KB as an on-going site. :(

I think it's option C.  :-\

The Book Corner / Re: Amazon First Reads -- April 2020
« on: April 03, 2020, 06:28:03 am »
Yeah ... I'm pretty sure I'm gonna pass this month. I took a look at the one called "Science Fiction", but the blurb reads more like Fantasy. I edited the OP to reflect that.

The Book Corner / Re: Amazon First Reads -- April 2020
« on: April 03, 2020, 05:04:48 am »
I agree CS ... even the months they call one a 'mystery', it's never historical or cozy. Always more of the darker variety. :(

The Book Corner / Re: Anyone a Historical Mystery fan?
« on: April 02, 2020, 03:19:34 pm »
I think WWII is considered historical now ..... but that's a good question: what's the definition? WWII was before my time, but not my parents.

Thanks for the Bilyeau links, Koi -- both those look good. And one is in Prime so free for me. :)

The Rosalind Thorn one is already on my wish list ... at $11.99 it's a bit more than I want to spend and it doesn't appear to be in any of my libraries. :(

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