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Thanks Valmore & Dan  ;D


What a great forum. Came across "you" searching Scrivener vs. Jutoh for ebook compiling. Found some helpful information and starting looking around and found more helpful info! Thank you to whomever's concerned with such things. :D

So who am I and why am I here? I'm a visual artist that recently started self-publishing kindle fix formatted books using Kindle Comic Creator (kcc). The book series (Art for Contemplation) is an experiment using one painted image per book to explore in depth a particular piece. The intention is to allow others to experience to some degree what an artist does when she/he contemplates her/his own creation.

Why bother? Well I find it very relaxing just letting my mind wonder inside a painting for 10 to 30 minutes when I allow myself too ;) and by me the artist using my own work I can guide the viewer/reader around the piece visually (taking advantage of kindle's panel feature)...

Thanks again,

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