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My 5 volume Dystopian series, Coastal Event Memories Coastal Event Memories is a near term science fiction novella series that tells the story of the first generation of Coastal Event survivors. They live through a 300-foot sea level rise, days of category 4 hurricane force winds, weeks of torrential rains, a magnitude 10 earthquake, multiple catastrophic volcanic eruptions, and an electronics devastating EMP storm.

Some of the survivors thought they were prepared for The End of the World As We Know It (TEOWAWKI), others were just lucky, and a few young women were forcibly taken to a DHS bunker. None of them could fathom the world they have now encountered.

You won't find any fairies, magic, or fantasy in my books, just Hard, occasional adult, Science Fiction. 

You can find them on Amazon under A.G. Kimbrough

Writers' Cafe / Re: Help creating kdp paperback cover?
« on: August 04, 2017, 10:23:17 am »
Finally, the cover saga has ended. My last hurdle was the spine font size was too large. After reducing it, the cover was accepted, and the paperback version of Last Emergence is now published.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Help creating kdp paperback cover?
« on: July 31, 2017, 01:12:13 pm »
I'm working on my first KDP Paperback Cover using the KDP Cover Creator. I have done a couple of covers on other books through Createspace.
In theory, it is easier than Createspace. I found that the KDP Cover Creator automatically creates the cover template based on your input for book size, paper type, and the number of pages, which automatically sets the spine width. It also prints the test on the spine. You upload the Author's picture .jpg file, and a .jpg file of the front cover.

I used gimp to create the 6x9 ebook cover, which I increased the image the image size to 6.25 x 9.25. Both .jpg files were dropped into the cover template,

The next tasks were to enter the back cover text. I did not find a way to paste it from a .doc file, so I typed it in. The thing to be careful of, is to keep the text within the text boxes. It will not accept the cover if it goes beyond the text box.

After I was able to preview the cover, it looked good. I then hit Publish, and it cranked away for a day before it bounced, and sent me a message that my cover image had less than 200 pixels per inch, and would be fuzzy in print.

I returned to Gimp, adjusted the cover image resolution, and tried again. It bounced again, and I realized that my Author picture image was only 72 v 72 pixels per inch.

I fixed that problem this morning, and the saga continues.

If money is an issue, as it is for this old guy living on SSI, I suggest you make another try on DYI using the KDP Cover Creator. If you don't have Photosho[ or other graphics program, Gimp is a free download, which works for me. You can input images, massage them, add text and covers, and resize them without much pain.

I'll post a saga update on this project as soon as I finally get the printed version of Last Emergence published.

The Book Corner / Re: Michael Connelly - Harry Bosch
« on: July 29, 2017, 12:23:15 pm »
I'm a fan of all Connelly's work, but use my local library to save money and shelf space.

Writers' Cafe / Second Time Around
« on: July 23, 2017, 02:10:36 pm »
After retiring for the 4th time I dusted off an old file and published a novel that I started in the late 80's. I made a lot of newbie errors and received a handful of justifiably poor reviews.

After another million words, and nine other better books, I recently completed an extensive rewrite and edit process, and re-published it in both print and Kindle formats. I also reclassified it as Young Adult Hard Science Fiction, since it does not contain the degree of adult content of my other books.


After the Star Fell is a Young Adult Science Fiction Novel set 3000 years after a large asteroid was sent to impact the earth. In orbit, survivor descendants, of three space stations, watch, as two groups of humans claw their way back toward civilization. When they rediscover radio, the aliens will detect them and send another asteroid, as they have done several times in the past.

The space station inhabitants lost their ability to withstand Earth’s gravity many generations before. In a desperate attempt to forestall the inevitable, two survivors of the unsuccessful space defense battle are revived from a 3000-year cold sleep and sent back to earth.  This is their story.

I plan to send Advance Review Copies to some of my beta readers, and anyone here who requests it, in the hope of gaining some decent reviews before embarking on any paid promotions.

My question for my fellow KB'rs is:

Am I wasting my time and money?

I haven't done much in the way of promotion on any of my books yet, but plan to start soon. I don't want this book setting in my account with the worst reviews and no sales. If I can't turn it around, I'll have to kill it.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Using a Kickstarter for your book
« on: July 02, 2017, 03:45:35 pm »
I just looked at the site & couldn't find a way to look at writer's pages. I didn't spend a lot of time, but my first impression is that it's a hard sell, slick promotion to separate writers from their money.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Too Many Projects OnGoing At Once!
« on: July 02, 2017, 03:32:46 pm »
I started my first book in 1990 and didn't publish BB-39 until 2012. It didn't take 22 years to write and polish, but life does have a way of shifting priorities. I didn't get serious about writing until I retired for the fourth time, and had a lot more control of my time. I currently have three projects in work, and I hope to publish two of them this year.

I still battle time priorities since I would much rather write than promote or polish. I do find when I get bogged down on one project, it's most productive for me to set it aside and work on another until I again reach a stopping point.

Good luck on your writing journey.

I can't draw a straight line without a CAD system, so I spent six months creating a CAD drawing of the USS Arizona (BB-39) for my Greatest Generation novel BB-39. I have used GIMP with clip art for a couple of covers, and also to do a concept for a real cover designer.

Writers' Cafe / Re: ACX help
« on: June 27, 2017, 12:02:24 pm »
I used ACX for my Greatest Generation Novel BB-39 in 2012. I follow their instruction and posted my information for prospective audio producers, and received 4 offers to produce the BB-39 audio book on a shared royalty basis. Each of the audio producers made a demo of the first chapter, and I selected the one I liked best. We went through chapter by chapter, revising as necessary until I was satisfied with the complete work. I have been pleasantly surprised with the additional income, and plan to use ACX on my next two projects.

A.G. Kimbrough

I have used Open Office for all of my books with only one problem. The automatic indent function stops working when I save the document as a .doc file. I have had no problems with 200K+ files. The ability to directly convert to .pdf is another good feature.

Writers' Cafe / Re: For Authors Who Want Book Reviews
« on: June 26, 2017, 10:07:34 am »
Thank you! This is a great resource.

A.G. Kimbrough

Writers' Cafe / Re: seeking great worldbuilding, share your books
« on: June 17, 2017, 04:46:22 pm »
My books are of the Adult, Hard Science Fiction variety, but several are set in post-extermination event worlds, including the Coastal Event Memories Five Volume Series, where small bands of survivors deal with a changed world that is beyond their wildest comprehension.

Volume I, tells the stories of a band of a present-day extinction event survivors, in California, who survived due to a combination of fate, tenacity, and a will to live when millions perished. Their world changed forever, and they must face the challenges of surviving while retaining at least a small part of the technology and civilization which had been reaching for the stars.

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