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Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Page Numbering System...
« on: October 31, 2008, 03:35:48 pm »
Alt-B is the shortcut to set a bookmark, BTW.

And Alt-B will clear the current bookmark. I just learned this yersterday.

Being somewhat OCD when it comes to formatting, I bookmark all the formatting and spelling mistakes in my non-DRM books and go in and correct them myself. I reread books a lot, and I just don't want to be subjected to the same thing several years down the road when I read a book again.

I'm retired. I have a lot of spare time.  ;D

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Buying Philosophies
« on: October 31, 2008, 11:05:56 am »
Most of the Kindle content I accumulate from sources other than Amazon, since I like to read older works (but not so old they could be called classics).

The problem I have found with buying one book at a time is that 5 books I have purchased have subsequently disappeared from the Kindle store. One because I complained that the formatting was atrocious, and four apparently because of copyright reasons.

The one that disappeared after I complained also disappeared from my Kindle within two hours (yeah I got a refund)...... Fortunately, I had backed up everything the day before, so I could reload the book and finish it.

The other four were Rex Stout collections that I purchased over a period of 4 weeks. Several days after I got the last one, they were gone from the store. I emailed the publisher (Rosetta) and they said only that they were no longer available and to contact the original publisher.

I guess my current philosophy of buying is: Don’t put off buying digital versions of older stuff I really want, but I don't feel that I have to buy the new things immediately.

I'm glad I got the Rex Stout books in advance of my intent to read, I would not have them otherwise.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Page Numbering System...
« on: October 31, 2008, 10:48:13 am »
The explanation that I have seen quoted the most is that the location numbers reflect the data in the file in 128-byte chunks. I.e., location 100 would be 12800 bytes into the file.

I just went and did some calculations on page filled with text, and the 128-byte theory seems pretty darned close to what I'm seeing.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Same ole, Same Ole on Amazon
« on: October 30, 2008, 02:36:02 pm »
Engineering types do not read manuals. Nor do they write them.

Au contraire. I read and have written manuals.  ;D

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: To Turn Off or Put To Sleep
« on: October 30, 2008, 02:34:36 pm »
As far as I gather, the only difference between sleep mode and turning it off is that in sleep mode, the Kindle will still check the wireless connection to see if you have any subscription material to download (if the wireless is turned on, naturally). I normally leave it in sleep mode.

I'm not sure that the Kindle is actually "off" when the power switch in the off position considering how long it takes to get back to operating mode when it's reset. Being a long-time computer geek (got my first computer in 1981), I realize that Linux does a really good job of "garbage collection" without having to restart, but I just feel better doing a reset once a month, just as with my Mac and Windows machines.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Same ole, Same Ole on Amazon
« on: October 30, 2008, 12:38:50 pm »
The only reason that I feel more at ease here is because some of the people on the amazon broad are get a little unfrindly at times.  I feel I can post here with out being snap at for my thought.

Yeah, but I try to give the Amazon people a little slack, because it can be very trying to see the same question day after day (almost hour after hour) by people that zoom in and don't bother to look at any previous threads or read the manual before they ask a question. I've sworn off the forums there several times after getting exasperated.

To put this in perspective, I used to read the operator's manual of cars I was going to buy before I would sign the papers. Maybe I'm just a careful shopper. I read the Kindle manual before I ordered it, also. It's the only way I can get info on whether something will do what I expect, there is way too much spin in product descriptions and advertisements.

Yes, I'm an engineering type.  ;D ;D

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: BIG books
« on: October 30, 2008, 10:37:54 am »
Before you read my book let me warn you that the heroine has a dirty mouth.

Thanks for the warning.  :)

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: People are getting snippy!
« on: October 30, 2008, 10:24:22 am »
I was amazed that some used their geiger counter on their Kindle to provide an answer. Who knew? LOL

So am I, considering there is nothing in the Kindle that could produce any type of radiation detectable by a geiger counter

(who worked for 35 years at a company that used geiger counters)

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Sharing book
« on: October 28, 2008, 10:39:56 pm »
 ;D ;D

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Kindle only available in U.S.
« on: October 28, 2008, 10:37:38 pm »
The Sprint EVDO (aka Whispernet) service is only available in the US (and not everywhere here, by any means). To use another wireless service such as 3G, the Kindle hardware would have to be changed, not to mention the providers would have to buy in on the unlimited service that Amazon gives here in the US.

There are also copyright issues. Publishers frequently only have the rights to sell a work in specific countries. For instance, Scholastic is the exclusive US publisher for the Harry Potter books, the English publisher can't sell the Potter books in the US, not can Scholastic sell in the UK. As you can see, the publishing rights can be complicated and have to be negotiated. There are export restrictions on hardware that might be involved, also. Some pieces of hardware cannot be legally sold/sent outside the US.

So it's not as if Amazon made some arbitrary decision to only sell in the US on order to punish everyone else. I'm sure they would love to be able to sell world-wide.

The Book Corner / Re: Favorite Book?
« on: October 28, 2008, 04:07:14 pm »
I don't have a single favorite, but here are a few at random that I read over, and over, and over......

Way Station by Clifford D. Simak
19 by Roger Hall
Don Camillo by Giovanni Gaureschi
The First Glencannon Omnibus by Guy Gilpatric (a cheat, since it has three books in one)
Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny
Levels of Knowing and Existence by Harry L. Weinberg (non-fiction)
The Black Mountain by Rex Stout
The Dog Who Wouldn't Be by Farley Mowat
The Time Masters by Wilson Tucker
Shackles by Bill Pronzini
The Chinese Orange Mystery by Ellery Queen
The Three Coffins by John Dickson Carr

Not one of which is an ebook.  :'(

EDIT: I take it back—Shackles is now in a Kindle version.... I'm off to buy it. ;D ;D

People are so quick to hack and discover. No one likes what is handed to them!

I think it's more just curiosity. It's a rare device—electrical or mechanical—that survives more than a month or so at my house without being taken apart or at least opened to see what's inside.

Introductions & Welcomes / Re: Where in the world are you?
« on: October 28, 2008, 02:53:04 pm »
I'm in Austin Texas, where I've lived for 50 years, give or take. Prior to that: Army brat—lived all over, including a stint in France.


Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: We should all say hello to Harvey!
« on: October 28, 2008, 02:28:39 pm »
 :) :) Hi, Harvey!!  :) :)

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Authors Guild and Google Settlement
« on: October 28, 2008, 02:24:37 pm »
The part I don't like is:

"Readers will be able to browse from their own computers an enormous collection of books. "

I'll pass if this means I’ll have to also read them from my computer.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Words I've learned because of my Kindle
« on: October 28, 2008, 02:05:53 pm »
I learned irruption a few days ago. It was in a James Blish SF novel from the fifties, and shows up in Mark Twain's Innocents Abroad, as well as H. P. Lovecraft and a Thousand Nights and a Night.

I thought it was poor proofing until I looked it up.

ir·rupt  (-rpt)
intr.v. ir·rupt·ed, ir·rupt·ing, ir·rupts
1. To break or burst in.
2. Ecology To increase rapidly and irregularly in number:

Ya gotta love being able to just type a word into the search field and have it search the dictionary as well as everything else.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: What I Am Reading...
« on: October 28, 2008, 09:52:48 am »
Someone, refresh my memory on Arsene Lupin. That sounds so familiar but I have no idea what it's about. I wonder if I read it in French back in high school?

Gentleman jewel thief. Subject of a number of movies, as well as the books (published around 1910).

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: What I Am Reading...
« on: October 28, 2008, 01:41:34 am »
I'm currently reading three books:

1. Moby Dick (I've never read it—and I'm in my mid-60s, heh)
2. Double Star by Heinlein
3. The Secret Adversary by Christie

I've read Double Star before, but it was in the sixties. Secret Adversary I've seen on the Mystery! series on PBS a number of years ago.

My main reading is classic mystery and science fiction—i.e., pre 1980 or so. Having said that, coming up next is James Hilton's Lost Horizons and Thorne Smith's Topper.

Luci- I've got Arsene Lupin somewhere in the 25 pages of my Kindle Home page to read soon.

Yogini2- I read the second of Scalzi's trilogy last month... the third is waiting for me to get to it. Have you read any of John Stith's work? Just about everything he has written is on the Kindle, including his Hugo-nominated Redshift Rendezvous.

Introductions & Welcomes / Re: From the Amazon Boards
« on: October 28, 2008, 01:24:33 am »
Your name is... interesting. Sounds German or Dutch, or from somewhere in that general area.

Good ear.  :) It's sort of Germanic with a Danish ending. Used to be Dethleffsen, I hear. My Dad's family is from the Schleswig-Holstein area (yes, the cows come from there) between Denmark and Germany. Or was from there. I hear the entire area was pretty much leveled in the last Big Unpleasantness. I lived in France during the 50s, but didn't get up there.


Introductions & Welcomes / Re: From the Amazon Boards
« on: October 28, 2008, 12:32:34 am »
Count me in as another refugee from the Amazon board (yes, the constant repetition of questions was getting to me).

Glad to see familiar faces here.

(aka M. Detlefsen on Amazon)

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