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Writers' Cafe / Re: page count for kindle
« on: July 18, 2020, 06:27:19 am »
For ebook editions: Once you publish your book, Amazon will calculate the pages based on word count. It will vary from the paperback, because these are kindle 'pages'. They'll give you a rough idea of how many pages equals a full read through on a KU borrow.

Your paperback pages are much more set in stone, as when you upload your formatted PDF for the paperback, you know exactly how many pages there are for your trim size.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Podium Audio
« on: July 17, 2020, 07:56:27 pm »
Podium is the real deal. They're essentially like a trad publishing house specializing only in audio. They license the audio rights to your book. (for 7 years.) They pay for production and marketing, and you receive royalties.

And word in the author community is it's an honor to have them seek YOU out instead of the other way around.
Caveat, I signed an 11-book audio deal with them for the 24/7 Demon Mart series back in April. The first 2 books were recorded in June and the audio will go live in August. They are apparently looking to expand their comedy/ humor offerings, particularly in horror/fantasy/sci fi, which is what they specialize in.

So far, they have been easy to work with. They handle all costs of production and promotion, and they snagged a narrator that I am absolutely over the moon about. (he's a legit actor who is the voice of many of my fav. anime and cartoon characters.)

Writers' Cafe / Re: number of pages for print books
« on: July 16, 2020, 05:06:22 pm »
We might be able to help you if you are more specific.

1. Where are you uploading it and previewing it?
2. Have you formatted it for paperback and the proper trim size? Or is it just regular Word doc?
3. If you did format it, did you download any sort of template?

Writers' Cafe / Re: How many Bookbub subscribers are really authors?
« on: July 16, 2020, 09:27:44 am »
If you're talking about those Facebook [mutual admiration society] groups where every member is an author and you're just shouting in the void, I agree it is a concern, and you're probably wasting your time being in those groups, but Bookbub has a database of millions and a proven record that actually *moves* books. I'd say there are thousands of other things you'd need to worry about before worrying about how many authors there are on Bookbub. Their system works and they sell bucketloads of books.

This ^^^

Plus, I don't subscribe to Bookbub, but I follow authors and routinely buy/borrow lots of their books! And I review them on BB, too, so then their books get sent to my followers.

Did anyone else not get the fund update email?

I didn't this month, even though I did in previous months.

The overall fund went up $2 million, to about $32 million, so it seems more people have paid for their KU subscriptions. Remember, Amazon had a free trial for KU during the shut down. Maybe some of those folks stuck around.

I'm super happy and surprised by the increase. That's an extra $100 for June I wasn't expecting.


Nope! That's my FAN Group. The link to the author group is here:
Funny Indie Authors

We have started a small facebook community for comedy writers, to help each other out, if you're interested. The link is here

Writers' Cafe / Re: Do you plan to include the virus into story?
« on: July 13, 2020, 06:35:08 pm »
Nope. My readers are looking for an escape and a few laughs along the way. So no way.
I did slip a Tiger King joke into a recent release, though, but that's as close as I'll get.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Aaargh! At my wit's end!
« on: July 08, 2020, 02:46:01 pm »
I'm so sorry this is happening to you.

I sent your book to my mailing list people on July 2 and I noticed the night before it was paid. I didn't realize it had been set to free, raised, set to free, then raised AGAIN, or I would have sent you a message!

I hope Amazon irons it out. But you will likely have to stay on top of them to make sure they do. They've had a lot of hiccups lately.

Yes. We are all guilty of the constant refresh. I still do it! Even though I try not to. Because it isn't productive. Try to get in the habit of checking once in the a.m. and once at night. Because yes, there are batch updates.

So... can I ask. if you have newly released a book. What is your launch plan and marketing strategy?
Yes. DO set up an AMS campaign. And DO remember that the first 90 days of your release are critical in juicing the Amazon algorithm, and in convincing Amazon that your book is worth recommending. (Even free traffic counts.)

I suggest you target your ads to the books you really want in your also bought section. And if you do a free promotion, at least schedule a promo newsletter to send traffic to it.

Hey all. I am STILL looking for horror comedy and comedy fantasy authors who are interested in forming a community and working together on promotions and more. We are a small niche and a small community, so I'd love to meet others and join forces. A rising tide lifts all boats! If you're interested, post on this thread or PM me and we can figure out the best ways to form a group and communicate!

Call Amazon right away. NOW! You need to shut that scammer down ASAP.

Then go in and claim your books in ACX.

Just a thought. I'd switch off the Bookbub ads and fire up some Amazon ads instead.

At least in my experience, Bookbub is a distant third behind Amazon and facebook ads on the list of most effective sites. They tend to serve well for the first week or two, then taper off.

If your book is short, make sure readers know. AND see if it qualifies for any of the short read Amazon categories.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Website for book and future books
« on: July 03, 2020, 06:46:09 am »
I have a site with Sela theme. Nothing deluxe, but it gets the job done and is easy to update.

I find the tools easy to use and you can make your site look pretty much however you'd like depending on the theme you choose and the customizing options in the dashboard.

(There's a difference between and is simple drag and drop. The .org site is if you are self hosting on another server, and you need more developing skills.)

Writers' Cafe / Re: Guys - Bookbub help, please!
« on: June 24, 2020, 12:28:29 pm »
Nice, so Amazon decided to randomly stop price-matching, causing it to be paid again instead of permafree. Sigh.

Emailed KDP, told them about it. Now US site has it as permafree, but UK doesn't... Honestly, two years at permafree, and they decided to suddenly take it out the one and only time I get a Bookbub?

Luckily, still three weeks away yet, so plenty of time for them to rectify it. Gonna nag them every day.

OMG, I'd be having a heart attack.

Do the calculation for the period after your ML brought in the fans. So if that was pretty much over on May 31 for example, just measure June forward once you have enough sales of book one after that where results are meaningful. (ie. the answer to "when" will be different for everyone depending on the number of sales.) This will give you a ballpark answer about how new readers are responding. Once you have a longer history on the series, just do the whole thing because the numbers converge the farther you get from the last release.

Once you have the percentage, then you multiply that by the book cost. You do that for each book. This tells you your lifetime value of a new reader on the series.

For simplicity, a trilogy of books where your royalty is $5. 50% readthrough on 1 to 2. 50% on 2 to 3 (which means 25% from 1 to 3.) So Book 1 nets you $5. Book 2 nets you $2.50 and Book 3 nets you $1.25. You add those up to say the lifetime value of a new reader into your series is 5.00+2.50+1.25=$8.75. This is how people afford their seemingly insane bids on ads and why single books struggle to break even on ads.

Thank you. That is super handy.

I had estimated the sales of book 1 (not KU read through because I feel that takes longer) using year-to-date sales of book 1 in 2020,  given I didn't advertise book 2 at all, so all of it would be from people moving from 1 to 2. But, as you mentioned, if I did the calculation in December, it'd be more valuable than now.

I'm glad you mentioned the time between releases in your calculation.

I'm struggling with this right now: WHEN do I calculate read through? Book 1 dropped in October, and Book 2 in May, so how long do I wait to calculate read through, because surely not everyone--apart from those on my ML-- know book 2 is out. And it's been out less than a month, so it seems premature to calculate now.

Also, I forget which 'expert' in the self pub field said "good" read through rates are:
KU: 50 to 60 % book 1 to book 2
Sales: 35 to 40 % book 1 to book 2
They said anything greater than that is a unicorn book.  Of course, it's just a guideline.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Guys - Bookbub help, please!
« on: June 23, 2020, 01:41:03 pm »
Thanks DM! Looks like I'll be adding some small, extra promos before it if I can then, haha.

And absolutely, I'd love to team up! Once the dust has settled from this, lol. Got to try to finish the tenth book before the promo goes live on the first, haha.

Totally understand. I'll PM you at some point, and I followed you on twitter so we can chat that way if it's easier. GOOD LUCK, and please report back on your Bookbub. Your results might determine if and when I apply for one in the same category!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Guys - Bookbub help, please!
« on: June 23, 2020, 12:19:27 pm »
Um, first CONGRATS on the Bookbub. You should now schedule some other promotion sites around your Bookbub date to juice the Amazon algo. One day spikes are no bueno, but several days in a row? That's Amazon algo gold.

But also, HOW did I not know about this series?

And second, do you want to team up for a promo sometime? I write horror comedy and I've got a few other horror comedy geeks who team up with me for promos every once in a while. You look like you'd fit right in!

Please do let us know the results. I've been reluctant to apply for a Bookbub because horror comedy doesn't fit cleanly in horror or humor, and I was afraid to go for it.

Hello, Denise. Yes, this was a standalone - most of mine are. And, yep, I enrolled in KU from launch. I just figured running one promo a week during the build up couldn't hurt, and it seemed to work. I figure I'll give KU three/six months and then evaluate where I'm at. Though Misty Ridge pulled in good numbers on the page reads for almost two years, so let's hope Morden Gray manages something like! :)

Hmmm. Did you also have a mailing list or any other way to advertise your preorder?

Sorry if I ask a lot of questions. I --and many others-- are always interested in book launch details and you write standalones. Most of the advice out there is for series launching.

Sorry about your problems with Choosy Bookworm.

BUT I admit I never thought of running a promotion on a preorder. Do you primarily write standalones? Was this a standalone? First in series?
Are you planning to go into KU at launch?

I once had books listed there and got zero sales or revenue. Also, when I decided to put books in KU, they were both painfully slow to de-list and held up the process by more than a month. Just FYI.

When creating a manual or Auto ad, select the option for Standard ad. No custom text (ad copy) because there will be multiple products in the ad.

Thank you! I will try that. I'm not sure if it creates what I'm looking for, which is like this: A banner at the top of search results with a tagline and selected books. I'm not sure if I need a different type of account to do this.

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